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Are Cordless Lawn Mowers Any Good

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Cons Of Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless Lawnmowers Reviewed | The Gadget Show

As with every machine, expect to run into a few issues when using a battery-powered lawn mower to maintain your lawn.

  • You may be restricted to a certain lawn size

Most cordless lawn mowers can only operate for an hour, maximum. If youre using a battery-powered mower to maintain a lawn thats larger than an acre, you may have to stop and recharge your battery often.

  • You will have difficulties mowing on hills and through obstructions

If your lawn has a lot of hills or obstructions such as bushes, ornaments, and trees, you may face issues while using cordless lawnmowers. Your machine would need to exert more energy going uphill, which means it would drain the battery faster. Cordless mowers also dont pack a lot of power, making mowing on steep inclines virtually impossible.

  • You cant mow all grass types

If your lawn has thicker grass, using a cordless mower wont do the job. Battery-powered models are not powerful enough to handle certain grass types.

If youre planning on investing in a cordless lawn mower, we recommend theSTIHL RMA 443.0 C Mower. This 5-star product comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure that you can buy with confidence, knowing that the product is safe and of outstanding quality.

Do you need advice from experts? Call us at 1800-558-400 or send us a message on our.

Cordless Mowers Vs Petrol Mowers

A major selling point of cordless mowers is that they are often far lighter than traditional petrol mowers. The lightest cordless model we’ve tested recently weighed in at a ridiculously light 4.7kg, and you can expect most cordless mowers to weigh less than 11-12kg.

At the other end of the scale, it’s rare to find a petrol mower lighter than 30kg, meaning they should always be lifted by two people and can be very difficult to manoeuvre unless they are self-propelled.

Cordless mowers are much quieter to use than petrol mowers too. Some cordless mowers are now as powerful as petrol ones so they can take on large lawns with ease.

In terms of accessories and abilities, there isn’t actually that much difference between petrol and cordless mowers. Regardless of the choice you make, you should still be able to find a model with a mulching feature, and you’ll have your pick of cutting widths too.

If you like the look of a neatly-striped lawn, you can also find both petrol and cordless mowers with rollers attached to the back for a freshly manicured look.

Still unsure on what to go for? Check out our guide on how to buy the best lawn mower for some handy hints and tips.

Speed Test Winner Milwaukee And Toro

After performing our runtime test, many of the mower operators shared that they wished that their mower moved faster. We decided to test the highest setting propelled speed of the mowers. We set up a 100-yard dash to see who was the fastest. Two crew members were assigned per mover one operator and one to record the time.

0.0 15

Because many of the mowers require several feet to ramp up speed, we started every mower 6 to 8 feet in front of our timing line. Once the wheels hit the orange line the timer started. Once the wheels hit the 100-yard mark the timer stopped. We tested each mower twice and recorded the average time. There were two mowers that were not self-propelled, the Black and Decker and the Kobalt 40V. These mowers did not compete in this test.

Milwaukee and Toro tied as the fastest mowers, with an average time of 51 seconds.

ECHO and Ryobi tied for third place, with an average time of 57.5 seconds, and the turtle in the race was the Snapper mower coming in at 78 seconds.

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Best Cordless Mower Price Winner Black And Decker

Mower, 12.0Ah 18V batteries, Dual Charger, Mulch Plug, Bag, Side Discharge $999.00 16

One of, if not the most sought question is going to be how much money are these mowers. We always mention that one big factor is what battery platform you are working off of. Well, we think that for cordless mowers that might not be the case. There are several brands on this list that do not manufacture power tools and the majority of the ones that do have larger voltage systems for their mowers.

At the time of publication, these prices are mowers that come in a kit form. Some of these mowers can be purchased in big box stores, or on the web at Acme Tools, or other retail websites. Below is a chart of how these mower kits are sold and the components in each kit.

Coming in at the lowest cost is the Black and Decker CM2043C which will run you $347.0.0 and is a great mower for someone who is mowing a smaller area. The mower deck is plastic and is a no-frills mower that will get the job done for your average homeowner. Cutting at roughly 1/4 acre on a single charge, this mower can handle your weekly lawn cut!

With a price of $399.00, the Skil mower comes in second place as the lowest-priced mower. Powered by Skils PWRCORE 40V battery, this mower covered a lot of grass on our tests! Covering more than 1.5 miles of mowed grass, this Skil finished mid-pack. It is lightweight and has a telescoping handle for great storage.

The Capable Battery Powered Lawn Mower For $749

The best cordless lawn mowers in UK 2022

Because the batteries are large 6.0Ah ones, this would be the only 18v battery based system I would consider as a lawn care professional looking for a cordless lawn mower that packs a punch when it comes to power. The AEG 2 x 18V 18 Fusion Lawn Mower Kit may just be the ideal match. Confidently providing high performance thanks to its Advanced Brushless Motor technology, this particular AEG model also has impressive run time. Functioning on two 18V batteries, it also comes with two standard chargers to power through even the most challenging of lawns.

One of the best things about this battery powered lawn mower is that it has a 3 in 1 design, enabling it to catch, mulch plug, and side throw so that you can cut the lawn whilst fertilizing and aerating at the same time. The generous 50 litre catch bag also allows for some decent runtime before having the empty the bag. Cutting power is achieved thanks to a strong 2mm thick steel deck for the toughest of terrains, and a unique deck geometry for lower cutting heights. The 7 position height adjustment lever also means grass can be cut to a multitude of heights to suit your specific lawn. Strengthened handles also allow for a robust operation.

The AEG 2 x 18V 18 Fusion Lawn Mower Kit can often be bought from your local bunnings store.

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Residential Or Commercial Quality

On the surface, theres not a huge difference between commercial quality and residential quality walk-behind battery lawn mowers.

At the high end, power doesnt seem to vary much. In fact, the most powerful weve testedEGOs Peak Poweris technically a residential model.

What commercial battery mowers have going for them is a design and feature set thats much more tuned in to what professionals ask for. Some of that is merely the difference between what homeowners and professional crews prefer on a mower. But there are differences in the quality of the components that brands choose for their separate lines. That said, the best residential models rival commercial quality from what weve seen.

Greenworks Commercial and Stihl rely exclusively on their dealer networks. You get additional support during and after the sale that you wont find at big-box retailers.

Electric riding mowers are a completely different ballgame. With those, youll find a much greater difference in design and performance, along with a massive gap in cost.

Watch Out For Dodgy Models

If you see a cordless mower selling at a ridiculously cheap price, chances are youre going to be better off avoiding it. These will often be poorly-made models that wont do a very good job in your back garden.

Even worse, if you forget to check the small print before purchasing, you could end up receiving the main body of the mower without a battery or charger. The price of individual batteries varies from one model to the next, so be careful you dont end up with a nasty surprise.

Its also unlikely that a cheap cordless mower will have a very long runtime, meaning youll probably find yourself stopping and starting more than youd like if youve got a large lawn. This will also wear your battery life down much quicker.

For more information on the most reliable lawn mower brands, take a look at our guide on which lawn mower brand to buy in 2021.

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Benefits Of A Cordless Mower

Gas-powered mowers require a lot of maintenance, such as oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs, and air filters. Not to mention rising gas prices. Lets be honest, most people dont properly maintain their gas mowers, and put off service until the mower wont start! Anyone who has had to get a small engine fixed understands how inconvenient and time-consuming it can be. All of the above-mentioned maintenance, as well as last-minute fuel purchases, are eliminated with cordless mowers, which are also quieter to operate.

Australia’s Best Lawnmower Brand

Are Cordless Mowers, Trimmers and Blowers Any Good? Ego Review

So which brand of lawnmower should you buy? We’ve put over 100 petrol and battery lawnmowers through their paces and identified the best of the bunch based on our test results and feedback from our members on satisfaction and reliability.

Best lawnmower brand 2021: Honda

Honda was the best lawnmower brand for 2021.

Unfortunately, under our rules for calculating Best Brand scores, we didn’t have enough eligible brands in 2022, so we haven’t awarded a Best Brand for lawnmowers this year.

The Best Brand recommendation is a strong indicator of how well a lawnmower is likely to perform, but individual Honda lawnmowers had a range of scores from 87% down to 70%, so not all models are recommended. That said, Honda lawnmowers have performed consistently well in our tests.

Masport also performed well, equalling Honda’s average CHOICE Expert Rating and achieving above average reliability and satisfaction scores. The other brands fell short in at least one area: Victa scores slightly below average for reliability, for instance, while Ryobi and Rover score below average for both reliability and satisfaction.

Best lawnmower brand 2021 scores

1. Honda 78%

4. Ryobi 77%

5. Rover 72%

It’s important to note that the performance of specific product models may vary quite significantly, so don’t assume that one brand’s products are the best across the many different features, functions and price points.

The following criteria determines the Best Brand recommendation.

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Uks Best Cordless Lawn Mowers Tested: Makita Bosch Flymo Ryobi Worx Greenworks

This article was last updated on May 6th, 2022 at 3:59 am

When I bought the Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower for this test I was skeptical to say the least. Ten years ago I bought a cordless lawn mower and I was bitterly disappointed. Fast forward to today, after personally testing the best cordless lawn mowers extensively again, I can tell you they are a world apart from battery technology a decade ago if you dont believe me, watch me rip down a small front garden with my Makita cordless lawn mower what a test

In fact I would go on to say from my personal experience and testing: You take the good bits of a petrol mower like freedom and convenience, you then take the good bits of an electric corded lawn mower such as quiet, environmentally friendly, and no petrol smells . You roll all of those good bits into one lovely package, minus a bit of top end power, you have the fabulous cordless lawn mower. Terry Smith

Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower

Ryobi Ry40180 40v Brushless Lithium

Okay, now we are talking! The Ryobi 40V Brushless Lithium-Ion mower is a great mower. The cutting deck is a nice 20 inches, meaning you can cover much more ground than the mowers in the ONE+ series.

This mower is really light, and folds in-half for a super compact storage design. This would fit underneath some stairs in your garage, or in a shed or even a closet. It also comes with a nice bag for collecting grass clippings.

And the best part you can pop off the 40V battery and stick it right onto your Ryobi trimmer or blower.

Super top-secret, but you can for a really good price. This is the path that I recommend.

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Cordless Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

In this buyers guide I went through six cordless lawn mower reviews. I didnt feel there were any more products that could improve or affect the outcome of the selections for the best cordless lawn mower.

Are you aware of a model Ive missed or fills a gap Ive overlooked? Please feel free to let me know and we can take a look at changing the article if the new insight warrants it. From my perspective the cordless lawn mower reviews should be relevant and try to save people time. Merely filling a page up with cordless lawn mower reviews because it improves word count or packs out an article is a waste of everyones time.

Should You Buy A Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower of 2021

Cordless technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so if you make the decision to switch to a battery-powered mower you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Cordless mowers come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and you can spend anywhere from £100 up to well over £500. Spending more doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a better model though, and we’ve tested good and bad mowers at almost every price point.

With so many cordless options to choose from, and petrol and electric alternatives seeming to be in decline, should you be considering a battery-powered mower when you next upgrade? We’ve put together some more information to help you decide.

Head to our cordless lawn mower reviews to find out which models performed best in our in-depth lab tests.

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How Battery Mowers Work

Several features have enabled the improved capability of battery mowers. First is the lithium-ion battery, which has grown in size and sophistication, with the ability to better manage the heat and electrical strain that it experiences. And that equals better durability and run time. Next, brushless motors have fewer parts and increased reliability, compared to motors equipped with brushes that slowly wear away. This is especially important given that a mower operates in harsh conditions and high temperatures.

Another factor that has enabled the success of these motors is their electronically controlled output. When the mower encounters tall grass, the motor speed increases automatically, also ramping up the blade speed. The reverse occurs when the load on the mower eases, such as when it enters low or thin grass. Other battery mowers are equipped with a manual switch that conserves battery charge by running the motor at lower rpm . Use this low-power setting at the height of summer when the grass is dry and brittle it may need only a light trim.

Battery mowers are also quieter than their gas-engine counterparts, and since they dont burn fuel, they dont have hot surfaces like an engine or muffler that can burn you.

The Easy To Use Battery Powered Lawn Mower Under $700

For a lawn mower thats cordless and makes the often arduous process of mowing the lawn straightforward and a pleasure to do, the Makita 18V Cordless Lawn Mower kit with 2 Batteries is a decent choice. Typically on the retail market at $699, the battery powered model has a powerful speed of 3,600 RPM with no load. It maintains its power despite having a lightweight design and being very simple to use.

Features include a generous 430mm cutting width and an incredible 13 stage cutting height adjustment to suit a plethora of lawn conditions. The Rotary type 2 tooth blade guarantees a good cut and the supplied blower skin makes the mowing process as convenient as possible. Finally ball bearing wheels help to ensure better maneuverability across various types of terrain.

The Makita 18V Cordless Lawn Mower Kit with two batteries from Makita.

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What Size Cutting Diameter Does Your Lawnmower Need

A lawnmower with a wide cutting diameter means you’ll spend less time mowing the lawn and more time enjoying your weekend.

Petrol lawnmowers commonly have a wide cutting diameter of 4550cm.

Electric and battery-powered models are more commonly available with cutting widths from 3040cm.

A difference of 10 or 20cm may not seem to be significant, but large lawn-owners will definitely notice if you have to make a dozen more runs for each mowing session. If you have a smallish inner-city lawn, the difference probably won’t worry you.

What Is The Difference Between Ryobi 18v And 40v

TORO Recycler 60V Cordless Battery Powered Mower Review

This translates to mean that the Ryobi 40v trimmer will work for you 3 times longer on a single charge than the smaller 18v trimmer. In addition to the 40v trimmer having a bigger gas tank and a longer run time, the 40v trimmers also have more power to cut through long grass and wet weeds.Aug 26, 2020


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