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Are Dandelions Good For Your Lawn

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Don’t Spray the Dandelions in your Yard | They’re there for a reason!
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Why Dandelions Are A Problem For Your Lawn

  • They absorb much of the water that your grass needs to survive.
  • They are very easily spread through seeds carried on the wind.
  • The root system is deep and strong enough to resist many extermination methods, and often breaks off easily if you try to pull it out. If you dont remove the whole root it will quickly regrow.
  • Dandelions have a short germination period of 7 21 days, allowing them to infest your lawn in a very short time.
  • They destroy the even and smooth look of your lawn.
  • They are tough, persistent and competitive and can often grow where other plants cant.

How To Kill Dandelions With Herbicide

There are two basic types of herbicide that can be used on dandelions. The first is a selective broadleaf herbicide. A broadleaf herbicide will only kill broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions. A broadleaf herbicide is good for killing dandelions in lawns, as the herbicide will kill the dandelions and not the grass.

The other kind of effective dandelion herbicide is a non-selective herbicide. Non-selective means that the herbicide will kill any plant that it comes in contact with. Non-selective herbicide is effective for spot dandelion removal, such as killing dandelions in flower beds and in walkways.

When using any herbicide for dandelion control, it will work best to apply the herbicide before the dandelion has developed flowers. Once dandelion flowers have emerged, the dandelion is far more resistant to herbicides and the herbicide, broadleaf or non-selective, will not be as effective.

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How To Eat Dandelion Leaves

Mature dandelion leaves can be on the bitter side. Blanch the greens first, then saute them in oil with garlic. Young greens can be eaten raw in salads or in sandwiches.

Instead of worrying about eradicating the weeds from your lawn this year, think of the weeds as a free, highly nutritious food source. Go ahead and let the kids blow on the dandelion puff balls theyre helping to spread free food for all.

Apply Natural Weed Killer To Dandelions

8 Common Weeds Your Chickens Will Love (&  8 Poisonous ...

There are no selective organic herbicides on the market. If you choose a natural weed killer, you have to treat each weed individually or risk harming your turfgrass and nearby plants. You can also make a DIY natural weed killer, or simply use boiling water.

  • Like chemical weed killers, natural herbicides should be applied on young dandelions and moist soil.

  • Spray individual plants, taking care to avoid the surrounding grass and nearby plants.

  • Once the plant has withered, loosen the soil around it with a hand trowel if needed and pull to remove the taproot.

Holmes suggests another non-toxic alternative. You can also apply iron to control dandelions, which works through iron oxidation, which causes plant necrosis that ultimately kills the weed, he says. This will not negatively affect the grass, and may actually have a positive effect on your lawn by turning the grass a darker shade of green.

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Spectracide 96262 Weed & Feed 20

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  • FEEDS LAWN: Fertilizes with 20 percent nitrogen formulation.
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  • QUICKFLIP SPRAYER: Just connect to your hose and spray just grip, flip and go.
  • COVERAGE: 32 ounces treats up to 7,500 square feet of lawn.

How To Kill Dandelions For Good

As a kid, dandelions are bright and pretty flowers that turn into fun seed-blowing plants later in the year. But once you have your own house, they can be the bane of your lawns existence. That is, unless you have the patience to wait a couple of years for dandelion wine to ferment or you plan to harvest their leaves for salad.

Assuming neither of those scenarios is an option, you are going to want to get dandelions out of your yard as soon as possible. Once they go to seed, those tiny little spores can fly all across your yard, allowing this weed to take over your grass in a short amount of time. Luckily, dandelions can be killed for good, and all it takes are some ingredients you most likely have lying around your house.

Dandelions belong to a family of weeds, which are referred to as broadleaf perennials, a notoriously hardy and difficult class of weeds to kill. The main reason for the dandelions resistance to removal is a deep root system that will always grow back if left in the ground.

Of course, you could always buy a weed-killing chemical from your local hardware store. But the chemicals in those weed killers can be harmful to your pets, wildlife, and waterways.

The best time to attack your dandelions is early in the season. If you wait too long and they go to seed, as many as 2,000 seeds are released each year by just one plant alone.

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Speedzone Ew Broadleaf Herbicide For Turf

Speedzone EW broadleaf weed killer is a wildly popular weed killer and ranks second on our best dandelion killer list with good reason. It is a terrific 4-way selective herbicide that is taken up through leaf tissue and roots. In addition to 2,4-D, Mecoprop-p, and Dicamba, Speedzone also contains carfentrazone for quick visible results on ~100 grassy and broadleaf weeds, making it one of the best dandelion killers. A commonly-used all-around broadleaf weed killer for lawns.


  • Visible results within hours of application
  • Complete weed control in as little as 7 days


  • Not safe for all warm-season grasses

Speedzone EW mixing rates:

When Should You Remove Dandelions

EASILY Remove DANDELIONS From Your Lawn For Good!

The best time to remove dandelions is when the soil is moist. Youll want to dig up the roots in the spring before they spread. Besides hiring professional lawn care, you can get rid of dandelions by pulling them by hand. Since they spread quickly, you probably should leave them alone if you only have a few dandelions on your property.

Youll need to remove the whole taproot to prevent the dandelion from creating new plants. You can use a trowel or a long-handled shovel to protect your back. When you remove the dandelion from your lawn, make sure you fill in the bare spots left behind with topsoil to prevent other weeds from taking over your yard. You can fill in large holes with grass seed.

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Can You Eat Dandelions From Your Yard

Yes, you can eat dandelions from your yard if you know they are not treated with herbicides or pesticides. Dandelions are on the FDAs list of safe foods, though some people are allergic to the plant.

In fact, I fondly remember collecting dandelion blooms and leaves with my mom when I was a child. She would add the leaves to our dinner salad and fry up the blossoms in a pan with butter and salt.

Both were delicious, and I plan to locate safe dandelions to test out new recipes that use the flowers, stems, leaves, and even roots!

As with any fresh fruits and vegetables, be sure to wash your dandelions thoroughly before cooking to remove debris. Older dandelion plants will put off a more bitter taste and should be steamed or blanched. Young dandelions are best for both tenderness and flavor.

Dandelion As A Hated Lawn Weed

The number one most hated weed in America is the lowly dandelion. Where previous generations would make salads and wine with the dandelion, we now try our very best to eradicate it by all means necessary. The dandelion is hated by homeowners and gardeners precisely because of its genetic superiority: it is a prolific reproducer that can infest a lawn in very little time.

Years ago, lawns were usually a blend of grass species, clover, dandelion, and other plants but such practices are now long out of style, and a lawn with such diversity is usually frowned upon or even outlawed by local ordinances or homeowner association regulations. The chemical industry has also played a large part in promoting the idea that the only good lawn is one that consists of 100 percent turf grass. The dandelion is a casualty of that mentality. Yet who doesn’t smile in the spring when seeing a wild meadow brightened by the “wildflower” known as the dandelion?

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The Botany Of The Dandelion

Easily recognizable by its yellow flower, white puffy seed head and distinct, jagged leaves, dandelion is a typical broadleaf weed emerging in the early spring with continuous flowering beginning several weeks later.

Dandelions can reproduce both from their taproot and by seed. This perennial weed will germinate from seed all season long and can be very persistent and competitive in a lawn. Dandelions can grow in most conditions and soil types.

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How To Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Lawn

A post shared by Wes & Tara on Apr 25, 2018 at 9:16am PDT

Then the white puffballs appeared, and I picked the stems carefully so that I could make a wish and blow it with great gusto, spreading my wish into the wind. Thinking back, perhaps Mom and Gran were not amused with my technique of spreading dandelion seeds.

But wait. Isnt that a good thing? Spreading more dandelions far and wide? We may prefer green grass and weed-free gardens, but what about the birds? And the butterflies? And the honeybees? Not to mention the health benefits for humans, too.

I can live with dandelions, in moderation. As long as they stay out of my gardens. Which I know they wont.

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Treat The Entire Lawn With An Herbicide

You know I prefer more natural methods of maintaining lawns, but there are times when it makes sense to use an herbicide on the entire lawn. I decided to use an herbicide when my new lawn was overrun by weeds, which, much to my surprise, werent dandelions! Use synthetic products judiciously and only when appropriate. Excess use of any product may cause runoff and can impact area waterways and drinking water. To keep your lawn healthy and more resistant to weeds, fertilize with Milorganite, a slow-release fertilizer, which reduces the risk of nutrient runoff.

Tips for Using Herbicides to Kill Dandelions

  • The best time to apply an herbicide is in fall when dandelions are actively storing food for winter. You may not see an immediate difference, but you will in spring.
  • Read the label! Some herbicides will also kill certain grass varieties. It would be a shame to kill your entire lawn when you were only targeting the weeds. Kill dandelions, not grass!
  • Follow manufacturer instructions and municipality guidelines regarding the use of herbicides.

Anyone Under The Age Of 10 Loves A Good Dandelion Patch

I remember skipping down the sidewalk and picking every dandelion globe in my path, giving a mighty blow and watching with delight as the puffs fluttered through the air.

Little did I know at that young age that I was inadvertently distributing the seeds far and wide. To me, the puffs were akin to fairy dust, or a mini snowstorm in my arid hometown of Las Vegas.

And who doesnt love the whimsy of a dandelion clock?

You know: the childhood game where the number of breaths needed to blow away all the seeds is the hour of day. It might be three oclock or ten oclock or twenty oclock, but no matteryou can try and try again until you get it right.

I also remember lying on the grass on a lazy afternoon with my friends, making dandelion crowns for ourselves and our dolls.

Or dipping the flowers in paint and stamping them onto paper to make an abstract masterpiece for the fridge.

Or picking a handful of flowers to bring home and put into a glass of watersomething I still do to this day, as a cheery little bouquet of blooms always makes me smile.

This post updated from an article that originally appeared on April 5, 2017.

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Natures Vital Spring Food Source

First and foremost, dandelions are one of THE most important food sources in early spring for a whole host of creatures.

Our honeybees look to the dandelions in our lawn as one of their very first food sources.

As they emerge from their hives in early spring, they need to find high-quality food sources quickly. Especially after depleting their stored food after a long, bleak winter.

And the dandelion is a pretty incredible food source that fits the bill.

Each and every dandelion flower has up to 100 florets filled with sweet nectar and pollen.

And dandelions feed more than just honeybees.

Bumble bees, beetles, birds, butterflies and a host of other beneficial insects all look to the dandelion as a source of nourishment in early spring.

And when those dandelions are sprayed with chemicals, it can have serious and fatal consequences to their health and well-being.

Do Dandelions Kill Grass

How to Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Lawn Safely

Dandelions may be a delight for the kids, but they can be a nightmare for your lawn. The quickest and least labor-intensive method of getting rid of dandelions is to spray them with a broadleaf herbicide that will kill the entire plant, not just the leaves, without harming the surrounding grass.

How do I fix my lawn full of weeds? How to Fix a Lawn Full of Weeds Mow the lawn, setting the blade at high setting. Apply weed killer directly to the weeds in the lawn using a sprayer. Aerate the lawn with a grass or turf aerator. Put down grass seed and pre-emergent weed herbicide, following the manufacturers application instructions.

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The Edible Side Of Dandelions

Beyond feeding insects, birds and other wildlife, dandelions can be an amazing food source for us humans.

From the roots, to the stems, foliage and flowers dandelions are an incredible, edible food source. In so many ways!

The roots can be turned into a delicious coffee/ tea like brew. The leaves and flowers can make for both a tasty and beautiful salad. Not to be lost in the shuffle, there is always the opportunity to make sweet dandelion wine as well.

And that is only the beginning. There are actually hundreds and hundreds of recipes and edible uses for dandelions. Product Link : The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook

May Promote A Healthy Liver

Animal studies have found that dandelion have a protective effect on liver tissue in the presence of toxic substances and stress.

One study revealed significant protection of liver tissue in mice exposed to toxic levels of acetaminophen . Researchers attributed this finding to dandelions antioxidant content .

Other animal studies have shown that dandelion extract may reduce levels of excess fat stored in the liver and protect against oxidative stress in liver tissue .

However, the same results should not be expected in humans due to differences in human and animal metabolism.

Further research is needed to determine how dandelion impact liver health in humans.


Animal studies have shown that dandelion protect liver tissue from toxic substances and oxidative stress, but more research is needed to determine their effect on liver health in humans.

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What Are The Parts Of A Dandelion

Each flower on a dandelion consists of these parts:

  • Ovary
  • Style
  • Bilobed stigma

Dandelions have a root and leaves, then later form a stem and flower followed by a collection of mature seeds.

The root of the dandelion grows below ground, with one large and long taproot, with several tiny hair roots that absorb nutrients from the soil.

The leaves of a dandelion tend to be longer, with jagged sections missing along the center that makes it easily identifiable. The leaves of dandelions are critical because dandelion plants are photoautotrophs.

The stems of dandelions form and grow quickly as the flower forms and turns to seed.

The most interesting fact about the dandelion flower is that the yellow part we consider a single flower is actually a collection of many individual flowers held together by the involucre or greenish-white bottom section of the head.

The seeds of the dandelion are part of the flower anatomy.

Use Dandelion Roots As A Coffee Replacement

EASILY Remove DANDELIONS From Your Lawn For Good!

Lots of people prefer drinking dandelion coffee instead of coffee made from coffee beans. It rinses you gently. In other words, its more gentle on your tummy than coffee beans are. )

You can brew dandelion coffee in your coffee pot or French press as well. Heres how to make dandelion coffee.

  • Dry the roots
  • Grind them up very fine in a food processor
  • Place the grounded roots into your coffee pot or French Press and brew like normal.
  • This is a very bitter coffee, so use your favorite creamer and sweetener. Youll still be able to get all the same digestive benefits from this coffee as you do the tea.

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