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How Do I Dispose Of An Old Lawn Mower

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How To Safely Dump Old Petrol

How to do Maintenance on Lawn Mowers

Your town, city, or council should have some kind of procedure for this, which you can look up on their website. You can also google hazardous waste disposal to find further options.

Follow their instructions, but typically youll have to do something like this:

  • Make sure the petrol is in an approved container .
  • Call ahead to the waste disposal site to check hours, rules, and what else they take you may be about to get rid of old cans of paint or car batteries at the same time.
  • Drop it off in the right place via the approved methods, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from getting a flammable liquid off your hands without poisoning the environment.
  • How To Dispose Of Old Lawn Mowers

    28 January, 2010

    Riding tractors and walk-behind mowers cut the time it takes to mow the lawn, but no matter what type you use, eventually it needs replaced. Deciding what to do with the old one depends on the condition its in and how enterprising you are. Some mowers can be sold for a little money, but you may prefer to donate it or recycle it.

    Donate Mowers To Local Charities

    I volunteer at a local animal rescue organization on the weekends. They have 3 locations that house dogs and each location has large yards for the dogs to play in. We usually get at least 1 lawn mower donation each month. Sometimes the mowers are not in running condition so we just move them to our scrap pile for donating to the local scrapyard. Needless to say, we always have decent mowers at each location.

    Wherever you are at, there will be some type of charity or church that will be in need of your old mower. There may even be a place across the street or just down the road, so always look for that option.

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    How To Find The Best Lawn Mower Hauling Service

    LoadUp recycles everything we pick up that we possibly can after hauling it away by taking everything to local recycling facilities, donating it to local charities, or disposing of it in other environmentally-friendly ways.

    Were also proud to offer exceptional customer service in addition to being the greenest junk haulers we can be. LoadUp is trusted by over 47,000 customers across the US, and its easy to see why from our customer reviews.

    Pro Tip: Got an old grill to recycle? Have it picked up and recycled by a junk removal service.

    Loaders are fast, friendly, professional, and incredibly efficient. If you want licensed junk removal experts who are completely insured and background checked, then youre going to want to book your lawn mower removal appointment with LoadUp.

    Other junk removal companies provide an estimate but will require you to let them come on-site and show them the mower and any other junk you want disposed of, and they quote you based on the volume of space your junk takes up on their truck.

    Not only is this a waste of your time, but it also gives the junk removal service a chance to overcharge you and to increase the price even further with fees and surcharges once its time for them to haul your junk away.

    How To Dispose Of A Lawn Mower

    How Do I Get Rid Of Old Lawn Mowers

    One of the things you should consider when disposing a lawn mower is to do it based on your preference. This way, you wont be stressing over it if you cannot commit to the level of difficulty your chosen disposal choice has. Go for a way thatll give you minimal stress and one that suits your budget, time, location, and energy.

    However, take note of some important points before deciding for a disposal option for your old mower: Some areas or states may have special rules for disposing old mowers due to environmental concerns. You may want to contact your local waste manager to ask for possible disposal options. Also, never put your old lawn mower on the curb as youll get fined for doing so. Putting your broken mower on the road poses safety concerns for drivers in your neighborhood.

    If your lawn mower uses gasoline, you should drain it first before throwing it. Oil residues and dangerous fuel are bad for lawn mower disposal. Keeping the oil creates leakage that may seep through catch basins and water systems of waste disposal centers. You dont want to bring chemicals or pollutants into the environment. Other option is to look for a professional to do the oil draining instead of doing it by yourself.

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    How To Donate Your Old Lawn Mower

    You can call around to different charities in your area to see if they have any need for a gently used lawn mower, whether they offer pickup services, and what rules and restrictions they have for donating a lawn mower, such as if they accept riding lawn mowers or even old lawn tractors.

    While some charities do offer pickup of donated items that are difficult to haul in a car, chances are you will likely need to haul your old lawn mower to a donation center to drop it off.

    In fact, no matter how you decide to go about recycling your old lawn mower, its highly likely that there will be some hauling involved on your part.

    Because most people dont own a truck or other hauling equipment, its a great idea to consider having a to safely dispose of it for you instead.

    Curious Jax: How To Get Rid Of An Old Lawn Mower

    Question: How do I properly dispose of an old gas push lawn mower that is no longer working? Would the city take it away if I put it out by the curb on trash pickup day? And do I need to drain the gasoline and oil? I appreciate any information you can provide. D.C., Jacksonville

    Dear D.C.: The city will pick up your old mower, but there is a caveat. You need to flip it over and drain the gasoline and oil, said a representative of the citys question-answering service, 630-CITY .

    RELATED | Read more from Curious Jax

    You can dispose of the fuel by taking it to the citys Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 2675 Commonwealth Ave. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays. For more information call 387-8847 or visit the departments website.

    Depending on the neighborhood, the mower might grow legs and walk away before the city can pick it up, the representative said tongue-in-cheek, referring to people who look for castaways that they can repair and use.

    When you place your mower curbside, be sure not to block the roadway or storm drains. Make sure it is at least 3 feet from poles, fire hydrants or other obstacles.

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    Lawn Mower Recycling With Fulton Metals

    Spring has sprung, and sunny days have begun. The grass is growing and growing from all the April showers that bring May flowers. Its time to give that lawn a good ol trim. You go to your garage and try to start your lawn mower to cut the yard. Alas, it doesnt work. You call the repairman. Its irreparable.

    Now what? You have this hunk of junk metal in your garage thats taking up valuable space. Do you pay someone to take it away to the dumpster, or do you just let it sit and rust away? Recycle it! Thats the most responsible thing you can do for yourself and for Mother Nature.

    Scrap Or Spares: Getting A Bit More From Your Mower

    How to Maintain and Winterize a Push Lawn Mower

    This is a two-parter solution. You can either get rid of the whole lawn mower in one go by selling it to a scrap yard or scrap collector, or you can take it apart yourself and sell the individual parts for spares or use the spares yourself if you have a need for them.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods:

    Selling the mower for scrap is going to be the easier of the two options that will require the least amount of your time and energy, whereas taking a mower apart will take a lot of time and effort and selling the individual parts will take more time and effort still. Taking the mower apart yourself will also require some expertise and tools that not all of us have.

    If however, you do take the mower apart yourself, you can set aside any parts that are useful to you and save yourself having to buy them from elsewhere. You can also expect to make a tidy sum from selling off the spare parts as long as your mower is not too old or damaged and youve found a good market for them.

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    Why Is Throwing Away Your Lawn Mower Bad For The Environment

    Two reasons. Firstly, anyone abandoning his or her mower without going through the proper disposal process probably either doesnt care or doesnt know that they should empty out all the fluids.

    Petrol lawn mowers will have gas sitting in one compartment and engine oil in another. If these fluids are not removed, you know that at some point they will find there way into the ground or the nearest body of water. Improper lawn mower disposal is not just bad for the environment either the liquids represent a health hazard to humans. If that werent enough, its also a fire hazard.

    Secondly, the metal and plastic parts of the lawn mower wont do the environment any good sitting in the ground. Every bit of scrap metal recycled reduces our need for new metal just a tiny bit.

    Start Off With A High

    It might seem like a downer to have to spend a lot of money on a lawn mower, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Buying a more expensive mower from a reputable brand and retailer will mean your lawn mower will have a longer lifespan off the bat and will likely be more durable and reliable.

    You may think youre getting a good deal if you buy a cheap mower, but the odds are its cheap for a reason it might be old stock, or simply lower quality which will lead to more issues in the long run.

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    How To Dispose Of Gas In A Lawnmower Step By Step

    You have been trying hard all day by pulling the lawnmowers pull cord repeatedly, but it wont start? You have tried some fixes like changing the lawnmowers oil, replacing the air filter, and even the sparkplug. But everything looks fine, but still, your lawnmower wont give a buzz. If your machine hasnt been put into use for a long time, then the chances are that the lawnmower has got bad gas. In this case, you need to dispose of the bad gas and refill it with fresh gas. Removing the gas from the tank is also necessary for some other fixes. This blog post will help you with a step-by-step method of removing the gas in your lawnmower.

    How to dispose of gas in a lawnmower, step by step:

    • Step 1. Locate the gas tank.
    • Step 2. Verify if you have bad gas.
    • Step 3. Clean the area around the gas tank.
    • Step 4: Dispose of the gas from the tank.
    • Step 5: Dispose of the gas from the carburetor.
    • Step 6: Install the fuel line back.


  • 10 Final Remarks:
  • Recycling The Old Mower

    How Can I Dispose of Old Lawn Equipment?

    The parts of the lawnmower are mainly built of plastics or metals. So there is an option to always remain to recycle the old mower.

    Some large chain stores in some big cities offer to recycle the old, broken, and damaged lawnmower. But you have to book in advance for the service online.

    Before booking, just vacant the mower fuel tank and gas tank completely to remove all the gas and oil residue.

    The service providers will demand some payment for the recycling service. Just pay the amount, handover your old, damaged lawnmower to them, and enjoy the newer look of your old mower.

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    Scraping Your Old Lawn Mower

    If none of the above options will work for you, you might be able to sell the parts of your lawn mower to a scrap metal dealer. Lawn mowers are made with parts that often contain valuable metals such as aluminum and steel. Most scrap metal dealers buy mowers and pay out based on current market prices, which can fluctuate daily.

    You wont make as much money off of your old lawn mower at a junkyard when you sell it as one piece as you would were it broken down into the individual parts and pieces.

    So, unless you have the time and know-how to take apart your mower, you may want to think about trying to sell it to a local small engine mechanic instead. Youll probably get twice as much for your old mower when you sell it for parts than you would taking it to the scrap yard.

    Got other lawn equipment to get rid of? BOOK A PICKUP

    Buy A More Efficient Lawn Mower

    Even the most efficient gas lawn mower is bad for the environment. If you are ready to buy a new lawn mower, consider choosing a manual lawn mower. Mowing your lawn manually wont create any pollution although it will take a bit more effort!

    Additionally, because there are fewer moving parts, a manual push lawn mower should have a considerably longer lifetime than a gas lawn mower. Plus, there are fewer plastic parts, so theyre easier to recycle once they do reach end of life most of it will be scrap metal that cant be recycled.

    If youve got too much grass to consider a manual lawn mower, an electric lawn mower might be the right choice. Cordless options enable you to use them even on large lawns, and they cause considerably less pollution than a petrol mower. This option is even better if youre getting your energy either direct from renewable resources or use an energy supplier that focuses on renewables.

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    Limitations Regulations And Other Specifications

    • Gas-powered equipmentDrain all oil and gasoline, and remove the battery before bringing it to a Drop-Off Center. Drop-Off Centers accept motor oil and filters for disposal, but NOT gasoline or oil and gas mixes. These must go to the Environmental Depot by appointment only..
    • Battery-powered equipmentRemove the battery before bringing it to a Drop-Off Center. Batteries can be placed in the appropriate battery disposal area at CSWD Drop-Off Centers. Check operators manuals for instructions and safety information before attempting to disassemble the battery housing.

    Old Lawn Mower Disposal

    How To Maintain & Winterize a Riding Lawn Mower

    Your old push mower or riding lawn mower has served you well over the years. Unfortunately, its broken down over time, or maybe youre just ready to upgrade to a newer model. If youre like a lot of people these days, youve probably hired someone to mow your lawn for you and just dont need your old lawn mower anymore.

    There are plenty of good reasons for upgrading your lawn mower. Most of the older mowers that people still use today are much more harmful to the environment and less efficient than current lawn mower models. So how do you get rid of an old lawn mower?

    Simply throwing them on the curb or in a dumpster just isnt an option. A riding lawn mower or push mower is too big for the garbage bin. Plus, it probably has dangerous fuel and oil residues still in it. The good news is that there are a number of disposal options available for old lawn mowers.

    Searching for old lawn mower disposal? BOOK A PICKUP

    Making the decision to get rid of your old lawn mower is easy enough, but finding the best way to dispose of your mower can be pretty tough.

    Not everyone has the right vehicle to haul an old riding lawn mower or push mower to the local dump or recycling center. Additionally, most city garbage pickup services wont pick up an old lawn mower if you put it out on the curb, and if you do put your mower on the curb, youll get fined for it.

    Below are a few suggestions for disposal so that you can finally get rid of that old lawn mower.

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    How To Recycle Your Lawn Mower

    Before you store, scrap, or recycle a lawn mower, the first step you should take should be to remove all the fluid within. Place a container beneath the engine drain and pull out the plug, then siphon all the gas left in the tank. If youre not sure how to do this, check the instructions that came with your mower . Or if its working you could keep using it until the fuel has run out.

    Remember to use seal-able containers you dont want to allow gas or engine oil to flow freely on the ground as theyre a hazardous waste. Reuse or dispose of the fluids in an appropriate manner .

    Once youve removed the fluids, youve got a few choices:

    Option : Lawn Mower Recycling

    Recycling a lawn mower is by far the most time-consuming method. We always recommend choosing efficient and environmentally conscious ways to recycle equipment and machinery. Items made up of multiple materials tend to be a pain.

    If you choose to recycle a lawn mower, chances are you will need to take it apart. The first thing you should do is take the spark plug out and drain the oil and gasoline. Due to the simplicity of a mower engine, this step should be relatively easy.

    Many auto parts stores offer free oil recycling. Disposing of old gas from lawn mowers isnt as easy. You will need to take it to a hazardous waste center. If there isnt a lot of gas left in the tank, you can just run the mower until all of the gasoline is used. This method helps you avoid a trip to the waste center. Learn all about hazardous waste recycling at Earth911.

    While your mower is still flipped over, remove the blade from under the mower deck. Make sure that spark plug is pulled out!

    Next, you should remove all of the plastic from the lawn mower. Most of the time this will be the wheels and deck covers. These can either be recycled or thrown away in your regular trash.

    Depending on the type of metal that is left, you might be able to make a few bucks by scrapping the metal. Even if its not worth anything, you can responsibly recycle the machine.

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