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How Do I Fix Dead Spots In My Lawn

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How Do I Make My Patchy Lawn Thicker

How to repair Brown Dead Grass Dormancy spots. Dead Spots in my lawn after fertilizer application.

Making a patchy lawn grow thicker grass is not complicated at all. The quickest solutions to this problem are overseeding and fertilizing.

Overseeding can help you recover the dead patches of grass, as well as fill up the area with lush and healthy grass. Fertilizing will give you even better results when you combine it with overseeding.

After all, your lawn needs nutrients, and a good fertilizer will deliver that.

How To Repair A Lawn With Seed

  • Using a sharp spade or shovel, cut the area around the dead turf.
  • Use the flat part of the spade to lift off the dead turf.
  • Because you are removing at least a couple of inches of thatch and grass, fill in the area with some clean topsoil to keep it level with the rest of the yard.
  • Rake out the area until it is smooth and there are no big clumps in the soil.
  • Cast a thin layer of seeds on the area, and then gently rake the seeds into the topsoil.
  • Cover it with straw to hold in moisture and protect the seeds from birds.
  • If your lawn seems thin all over, try overseeding it. The basics are the same as patching.

    Patching Your Lawn05:58

    How To Repair A Lawn & Seed Bare Patches

    Water’s only part of what you need to fix those dead spots in your lawn and keep them from coming back.

    Bald. Bare. Thin. Whatever you call it, one thing is certain: Patchy lawns stink. Until automatic, self-repairing lawns are invented, we’ve got the next best thing quick and easy bare spot repair. Read on for the simple how-to, plus a few extras for keeping your lawn looking lush even longer.

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    How To Fix It

    Once the lawn has been damaged, no amount of watering, fertilizing, hoping or praying will revive your once unblemished lawn. Its dead and your dog is guilty of the crime. You will need to replant the grass in those spots.

    Start by raking and removing the dead grass. Next you will need to deal with the contaminated soil. The best solution is to add some lime to the soil and soak it in with water. The lime serves to restore the pH balance of the soil allowing new grass to grow. Now you can add some new soil and seed.

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    How To Fix Dead Spots In A Lawn

    Fixing a dead lawn

    There can be several causes for patchy dead spots in your lawn. Find out why they happen and how to fix them from the experts at Jonathan Green.

    The Jonathan Green name has represented genetically superior grass seed, innovation, integrity, determination, and a commitment to excellence since 1881. Today, six generations later, we remain committed to producing superior lawn and garden products.

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    Remove The Dead Grass

    After youve identified dead spots on your grass, its time to mow them. If you have a riding lawn mower, this will be a simple task for you. You can also dig up the flattened areas with a shovel or some sticks.

    This will assist you in removing the dead grass, which might prevent the new grass from properly taking root.

    If you skip this step, your lawn will not respond well to any of the methods for fixing flattened grass listed below.

    Test And Fertilize The Soil

    To prepare the soil for new sod or grass seed, you need to determine the nutrient levels and adjust them to create the ideal environment for new grass. The best way to find out what your soil needs is to take a sample to your nearest Extension Office for testing. Many offices charge a small fee and return results in just a few days. Results from an Extension Office are often more useful than an at-home test because they usually include fertilizing recommendations. Once you know what your soil needs, go to your local garden store to find the right fertilizer and apply it to your lawn.

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    How To Fix Dog Pee Spots On Lawns

    Fortunately, dog urine grass repair is a quick and easy lawn fix with the right information and lawn repair products. It helps to understand the types of urine spots dogs cause on lawns. Two types trouble dog owners most: green spots and brown spots. Dog urine causes both types, but the reasons and remedies are different.

    How to Fix Green Lawn Spots

    Because your dog’s urine is naturally high in nitrogenan essential plant nutrientFido’s favorite spots can become greener than the surrounding grass. This happens primarily on grass that hasn’t had enough nitrogen from fertilizer.4 Your whole lawn could be that same rich color if it had the extra nitrogen it needs.

    To determine if your grass lacks available nutrients due to soil pH or other reasons, take a soil sample and have it tested. Correct low nitrogen in your lawn by applying Pennington UltraGreen Lawn Fertilizer 34-0-4 every 60 to 90 days through the growing season, or as recommended by your soil testing lab. This fertilizer increases drought tolerance, which is very similar to tolerance to urine salts, while boosting nutrient uptake for a lush, green lawn.

    How to Fix Brown Lawn Spots

    What Causes Dead Spots In My Lawn

    Fixing Dead Spots in My Lawn // Overseeding My Perennial Ryegrass

    Some common causes of brown spots include: Dull Mower: Dull mower blades tear your grass, causing damage and gradual death to the grass. Chemicals: Gasoline, fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides can cause dead spots if spilled.

    Also asked, how do I fix dead spots in my lawn?

    How to Fix Dead Patches in the Lawn

  • Clear out any dead, matted turf and other debris. The grass will germinate and root best when it comes into direct contact with soil.
  • Loosen the soil.
  • Scatter grass seed over the loosened soil.
  • Fertilize.
  • Mulch and water.
  • Secondly, how do I get rid of brown patches on my lawn? Remove any thatch or dead grass with a rake, then apply Revive Granules or liquid spray. After applying Revive, water the grass thoroughly.

    Regarding this, why is my lawn turning brown in spots?

    Your beautiful lawn is dying, and you’ve got brown patches on your grass. Grass turns brown when roots can no longer grab nutrients or water from soil, or when soil doesn’t contain enough food or water. Here are the typical culprits, and tips on how you can green up your grass again.

    Will grass spread to bare spots?

    Once you have addressed the cause of the bare spots, it’s time to repair the damage. In most areas, the best solution is to replant the bare spot with new grass. You can apply grass seed and fertilizer separately. Spread straw as a mulch after planting the grass seed to help keep it moist and safe from birds.

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    Fixing Dog Spots On Grass

    Anyone with a pet dog knows that all the love and attention they provide comes at cost dog spots on the lawn. They are most apparent after the snow melts each spring but they continue to turn up all summer long. Dog spots are round patches usually 4 to 8 inches in diameter but can appear larger when several spots join together. The center of the spot is yellow dead grass surrounded by a ring of dark green grass.

    How To Fix Dog Urine Spots On Lawns

    Sharing your yard with a canine companion can be one of the best parts of having a lawnuntil dog urine lawn spots and other dog damage show up in your carpet of green. By learning how to fix dog urine spots on lawns and prevent other dog-related lawn damage, you and your dog can coexist harmoniously and enjoy a beautiful, lush lawn.

    Get your four-legged buddy on board and follow these basics for simple, effective dog urine grass repair:

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    How To Repair A Lawn

    Youve put a lot of effort into your lawn, but it doesnt look as good as it should.

    Before you become disheartened, look at this checklist to see if theres something else you can do to bring it back to its full glory.

    Remember that any lawn repair is best done in spring or summer depending on the climate in your area when the lawn is actively growing.

    Test Soil And Fertilize


    It is advised to get a soil test to determine the amount of phosphorus in the soil, which assists in the healthy root development of your turfgrass. Unruh says, Perform a soil test to make sure that there is adequate phosphorus available. The University of Florida does not recommend that anything other than phosphorus be applied before planting.

    Once you know the test results and the amount of phosphorus required, if any, spread it evenly over the site. For those who dont feel they require a soil test before planting, you can find grass starter fertilizers at your local garden store which you can incorporate into the areas soil. Their formulas are designed to assist in the healthy development of newly planted grass.

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    How To Fix Dry Patches In Your Lawn

    Jan 29,2020 | Frequently Asked Questions, Lawn Care Tips and Articles, Lawn Maintenance Tips, Seasonal Lawn Care, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Weeds, Pests & Problems

    Is your yard suffering from lawn dry patches? With summer underway and water restrictions in place, you may have noticed the toll the hot dry weather has taken on your lawn.

    Even the healthiest of lawns can become thin, off-colour and develop dry spots over the summer months when the climate conditions deteriorate and homeowners are away on holidays.

    One of the most common questions we get asked in regards to lawn care is about dry dead spots and patches in lawns, specifically what causes them and how to fix them.

    If this is one of your lawn care concerns or youre interested in learning how to avoid dry spots in your lawn, please read on.

    What are the possible causes of dry spots in your grass?

    Not all dry patches in your lawn are created by the same cause. Here are some common reasons you might be seeing these dead spots.

  • Heat exposure, possibly combined with foot traffic and a lack of water absorption
  • Dog urine
  • Grub or pest damage .
  • As this article is being published in the warmer season, were going to focus on the first cause and lawn care for dry spots.

    How does a dry spot happen?

  • Areas of the lawn thin out due to traffic, fungus or uneven water/filtration
  • The thin areas change colour and become bare as they sit in the hot sun
  • The sun bakes any bare patches which makes them rock hard
  • Step 1 Aeration:

    Amend The Soil For Healthy Growth

    The health of your lawn and new plantings depend upon the soil in which it is planted. By placing organic matter into your loosened topsoil you can greatly improve the growing conditions for your lawn’s roots.

    • Enrich the soil with compost or a commercial bagged product from your garden center. The darker the color of the soil more organic material and nutrients there are in it.
    • Work the organic material into the soil using the spade and or garden rake.

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    Hiring The Right Lawn Care Professional To Fix Dead Grass Areas

    When it comes to how to repair grass at your home in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA, it may be a bit more involved than you had anticipated. As we mentioned, we often hear from homeowners who tell us they thought they could just water the spots or throw fertilizer down, and they could be fixed.

    But your best bet is to hire a lawn care service who truly understands the science behind lawns. First and foremost, you want to be sure that your lawn problem is properly diagnosed as time is often of the essence when it comes to the solution.

    If youre ready to work with a lawn care company that knows what your grass needs at your Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA home, get in touch with us to get some free expert advice and learn more about our lawn care program options.

    Ready to get started?

    Should I Call A Pro For My Fall Lawn Care Needs

    How to fix brown patches in your lawn

    When we think about lawn care, we often think about mowing. As the crazy high growth pattern of summer comes to an end, we may not think about hiring a professional to help us transition into fall. But the benefits of hiring a pro team to get your lawn winter-ready are even greater than the perks of a summer mowing crew. A professional lawn care team understands what your lawn needs during the important fall months. We have the knowledge and equipment to handle reseeding, aeration, pH issues, fertilizing and more. And most of all, were able to achieve the results you want. So often, clients come to us after unsuccessfully trying DIY solutions for reseeding and other challenging tasks. It makes so much sense to come to the pros at Epling first. As you think about that final mow, its a great time to think about fall services. Youll thank yourself next spring.

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    Tips For How To Revive Dead Grass

    First, make sure the grass is actually dead, not dormant. Cool-season lawns in northern climates sometimes go dormant in midsummer, especially during droughts.

    Before you take drastic measures to revive your grass, carefully inspect the crownsthe whitish area at the base of the plant where individual blades of grass emerge. If the crowns are still alive, your lawn should revive itself if you water it more frequently. However, if the crowns are brown and dried out, the grass wont green up again, no matter how much you water it.

    If your otherwise healthy lawn has dead patches that need reviving, you can probably tackle the job yourself. On the other hand, you may need help from a professional lawn care provider if youre faced with the prospect of replacing your entire lawn.

    Heres how to revive dead patches of grass:

    How To Fix Dead Grass Is It Dead Or Dormant

    Whether youve had an intensely hot summer, left on vacation for a few weeks, or had a pet leave spots on your lawn, nobody likes to see yellowed or brown killed grass on their lawn. Your homes curb appeal can tell a story to guests and neighbors, so its important to keep your lawn in high standing as much as possible.

    When exposed to extreme heat, extended cold, or minimal water over a period of time, grass begins to dry, recede, and eventually die if proper growing conditions arent restored.

    This dormancy happens because the grass is trying to preserve itself with limited resources, so it focuses on maintaining the rooting rather than the surface grass. Fortunately, before total death there is a period of dormancy where your lawn is just waiting to come back to life with proper treatment.

    If your grass is actually dead, then here is the basic process to fix it:

    • Begin a new lawn by raking the dead grass up so that youre left with just the soil.
    • Spread seed so that they land firmly in the soil you tilled.
    • Apply natural or chemical fertilizer to get it off on the right foot, and water & mulch it with healthy grass clippings or leaves for additional nutrients.
    • Maintain it with proper sunlight & water so that it can grow. It may be a bit uneven to start, but give it a few weeks before you add another layer of seeds spots that havent grown.

    But, is your grass dead or is it dormant? Lets find out read on!

    In This Article:

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    How To Repair Bald Spots In Your Lawn

    Learn how to fix bald spots in your lawn by repairing with seed or patching with sod.

    Does your lawn have bald spots that need repair? We can help you with some easy steps for patching or seeding those problem areas and getting the lush lawn you’re after.

    Shutterstock/Dean Clarke

    Before turf can be treated, you need to determine the cause of the problem. If you eliminate fungi, bugs, grubs or other pests as causes, you may just need some seeds.

    Once the ground temperature warms to about 52 degrees Fahrenheit, seeds will grow. Good seed-to-soil contact will get the seeds germinating fast.

    How Do You Fix Thin Grass

    How to Fix Dry Grass

    You have two main options for repairing a thin lawn: overseeding or sod installation. The option you choose depends on the extent of the problem and your budget. Overseeding works well on large areas, particularly if you are on a strict budget. To overseed, mow the lawn short and rake up any clippings and thatch.

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    How Do I Fix The Dead Patches On My Lawn

    Now there are multiple ways of fixing the dead patches on your lawn. We will spend the following few sections providing some steps that you can take to repair bald spots and dead patches of your property.

    Here are the first steps:

    • Clear any dead grass or turf and other debris from your lawn.
    • Loosen the soil.
    • Mulch your lawn and then water.

    This will ultimately fix your dead patch problem. However, there are other methods as well.

    A quick process in seeding goes like this:

    • Use a shovel or spade and cut the area around the dead patch.
    • Lift and remove the dead patch.
    • Fill the cleared space with fresh topsoil to keep it level with the rest of your lawn.
    • Smooth out the area.
    • Apply a thin layer of seeds on the area and then gently rake the seeds allowing them to get into the freshly applied topsoil.
    • Cover the seeds to hold in moisture and protect against pests.

    This hopefully will bring that dead patch back to life. However, if your lawn is thin all around, you should try and overseed your lawn. .

    If you need to repair your lawn by overseeding it, here is a quick process:

    • Remove any leaves and debris
    • Rake the area if needed.
    • Apply the seeds over your lawn.
    • Spread about inch of compost or topsoil to your lawn.
    • Rake the seeds and soil into your lawn.
    • Water the seeds during the early portion of the morning and afternoon.
    • Water until the seeds germinate.
    • When the seeds finally sprout, water your lawn daily.
    • Apply a light fertilizer before summer starts.

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