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How To Fix Dry Spots In Lawn

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What Causes Water To Flood Your Yard

Easy FIX for Dry Spots in Your Lawn

When we talk of flooded yards, the first thing that pops into our minds is heavy rainfall.

However, this might not be the only reason, as many homeowners have come to find out.

Other than a heavy downpour or fast snowmelt, one of the following could be the underlying reason behind your flooded yard :

What Is Dry Patch

Dry Patch can look like another disease called Take All.

Its a condition that prevents the soil in your lawn from being able to absorb water. Even after heavy rainfall, the soil will be bone dry. As a result, youll see patches of grass dying and turning brown in amongst what is otherwise a healthy lawn.

Compared to other lawn problems, Dry Patch isnt very well understood and could have several different causes.

Do Apply The Right Lawn Care Products Based On The Issue And Timing

If material is improperly applied to your lawn , this can also cause damage. For example, fertilizer burn is caused when too much product is applied to the grass. Excess product can draw moisture out of your grass and cause it to yellow and ultimately die.

However, all lawn care products have a proper amount and a proper timing associated with them. And some lawn care products may be warranted in certain instanceswhich can differ from lawn to lawn.

You want to make sure that your lawn care company is applying the right products at the right time in order to not only be most effective but also to prevent possible problems.

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How Do I Fix Them

These seven easy steps will help you restore your lawn to its original condition:

  • Remove dead material to expose the soil underneath it.
  • Loosen the soil with a rake or hand tool.
  • Flush damage from dogs and spills with water to move the contaminants through the soil.
  • If necessary, add topsoil to bring the area back up to grade.
  • Sprinkle seed and lightly scratch it into the soil. Top-dress the area with a light coating of additional soil. Gently tamp.
  • Add starter fertilizer and seed starter mulch.
  • Lightly water and follow with frequent light waterings as the seedlings mature.
  • Whatever the reason for your dry grass, follow these steps to restore your lawn. But before fixing these trouble areas, its important to know why they occurred. You wouldnt replace wet carpet without fixing the hole in the roof. The same logic holds true here. Remember, dry grass is only a symptom of the underlying problem that created it. Youll want to correct those problems first. Otherwise, the same dry grass will return.

    Test And Fertilize The Soil

    How to Fix Dry Grass

    To prepare the soil for new sod or grass seed, you need to determine the nutrient levels and adjust them to create the ideal environment for new grass. The best way to find out what your soil needs is to take a sample to your nearest Extension Office for testing. Many offices charge a small fee and return results in just a few days. Results from an Extension Office are often more useful than an at-home test because they usually include fertilizing recommendations. Once you know what your soil needs, go to your local garden store to find the right fertilizer and apply it to your lawn.

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    How Many Minutes Should You Water Your Lawn

    It is always better to water your lawn for longer periods of time, less frequently, than it is to water your lawn frequently for short periods of time.

    That means you are better off watering your lawn for an hour two or three times a week, than it would be to water your lawn for 10 minutes, seven days a week.

    A good guide is to aim for 10 to 15 millimetres of water, twice a week, during periods of no rain.

    You should also consider the time that you water your lawn.

    Early morning, as the sun is rising, is the best time to water your lawn in the warmer months. This will keep your grass wet for an optimum amount of time, ensuring it does not evaporate straight away in the heat of the day.

    Watering your grass in the evening can encourage fungus to grow if the turf is cold and dewey overnight.

    Following these steps will help you restore life to those ugly, brown patches and bring a sense of pride back to your beautiful turf.

    Of course, for all your lawn care products, head to our online store to browse our high-quality range of products.

    If you have any lawn care questions, give our expert team a .

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    What Causes Dry Spots On Grass

    Dry spots in grass are often caused by one of the following:

    • Periods of hot, dry weather
    • Heavy traffic on patches of grass
    • Fungi
    • Lack of proper turf care

    The most common cause of dry spots in a lawn is hot and dry weather.

    The truth is, without ongoing care and maintenance, even just a few straight days of hot and dry weather could be enough for lawns to begin appearing patchy.

    As the hot, dry weather dries out your lawn, patches of grass will being to thin, exposing the underlying soil to the heat of the sun.

    As the soil dries and hardens under the turf, the lawn begins to develop those brown, dry patches.

    Because the soil has dried and hardened, it becomes hard for grass to regrow, even if the hot spell of weather breaks and rain returns to your lawn.

    Whilst hot and dry weather is a major factor, its not always the only cause of these dry spots.

    Dog urine is another common cause of dry spots in grass.

    If this is the cause, it is usually identifiable by the dry spots being localised to a smaller area.

    If you dont water your lawn evenly as part of your turf care regime, this can also be a big factor in the appearance of dry spots.

    Areas of lawn that are subject to heavy traffic may also be prone to going brown, as the turf becomes increasingly compacted. As this compacted grass forms whats called a thatch layer, water is no longer easily absorbed by the soil, meaning it can remain bone dry, even after periods of heavy rain.

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    Everything You Need To Seed Is Pre

    Grass Seed

    Mixture of premium perennial ryegrasses, fine fescues, and Kentucky bluegrasses selected to blend with your existing lawn and adapt to sun or shady conditions.

    100% Recycled Mulch

    Recycled pelletized paper mulch is biodegradable and helps keep the seed moist and in place during establishment.

    Feeds up to 6 weeks

    Includes controlled release nitrogen that seedlings need for fast growth and thick results.

    Install A Dry Well To Collect The Water

    How to Fix Dry Spots in your Lawn

    A dry well consists of a perforated plastic barrel that is buried at least 4 feet underground.

    The barrel is surrounded by stones that allow water to disperse from it and into the ground. A layer of landscape fabric is laid to cover the stones and prevent soil from clogging them. An overflow emitter is often left at the top of the barrel to allow excess water from the storm to escape.

    A 4-inch wide PVC pipe is used to direct water from the downspout and into the barrel, leaving your lawn dry. The pipes are laid inside a 1-foot deep trench which slopes at least ¼ inch per foot towards the hole, allowing water to flow freely.

    A dry well is a permanent solution to drying your lawn fast, and the size of your lawn will determine how many of these wells youll need.

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    Dont Just Apply More Fertilizer

    Similar to watering, a lot of homeowners are inclined to throw down extra fertilizer assuming this will solve how to turn brown grass green. Actually, we find that a lot of homeowners believe the more fertilizer added to their lawn, the better.

    The truth is, most summer lawn diseases are actually aggravated by too much quick release nitrogen fertilizer. If youve unknowingly hired a lawn care company that uses quick-release nitrogen fertilizer , and your lawn is struggling with turf disease, it could make it a lot worse.

    Pump The Water From Your Yard

    Electric pumps are the best solution if youre in a hurry to dry up and use your yard.

    However, you need to observe caution and ensure the pump cables dont come in contact with water to avoid electrocution and property damage.

    When using an electric utility pump you will want to:

    • Place the pump on the low spots in your yard where the water has collected and attach one end of a hose to it.
    • Put the other end of the hose in a dry well or a storm drain where you want the water to go.
    • Once you turn on the pump, youll notice water flowing, and depending on the size of your yard and the amount of water in it, you should expect it to clear out in a few minutes to hours depending on how much standing water you have.

    Alternatively, if youre uncomfortable using an electric pump, or dont have one one hand, you could drain water from your yard using a hose alone.

    This method will only work well if there is a lot of standing water. If you simply have a soggy or muddy lawn its best to use one of the methods above.

    Although it might not work as fast as the electric pump, it still gets the job done:

    • Coil the hose and submerge it into the water while covering the other end of the hose tightly with your palm.
    • Youll notice the bubbles forming, and when they stop, it means the pipe is filled with water and has a powerful suction.
    • Head over to the dry well or a storm drain and release the other end you have been covering with your palm, and the water will start flowing.

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    Fertilising Will Enable The Grass To Better Control Moisture

    Fertilising your lawn not only provides the nutrients grass needs in order to photosynthesise and produce food, but it also helps the plants moisture control mechanism.

    Fertilise your lawn in the Spring and Autumn with a fertiliser with a high percentage of Potassium.

    This will ensure the grass and its roots can hold on to moisture.

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    Urine From Pets Or Other Animals

    How to Fix Dry Spots in your Lawn

    Besides not enough water, pet urine is probably the most common reason for brown, dead grass. The high amounts of nitrogen in your pets urine can burn grass easily.

    These areas can be identified by dark green rings surrounding a brown middle that is almost straw-like. The grass around this area will seem unaffected, and will probably be healthy due to the high amounts of nitrogen in urine.

    Nitrogen is good for grass, but in a high concentration, it has the opposite effect.

    How to Prevent it

    The best way to prevent grass burns is to mulch a small area of your lawn, and train your dog to go to the bathroom in that area.

    If you catch your pet in the act, you may be able to prevent the burn by watering the area thoroughly right after they go to the bathroom.

    Making sure your dog is getting enough water along with their food can also help reduce the grass-killing properties of their urine. You can mix your dogs dry food with water to help keep them hydrated. Its a win-win for your pet and your grass!

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    Will Watering Dead Grass Bring It Back

    Watering alone will not bring dead grass back.

    Ensuring you water your lawn evenly will become an important part of keeping your grass lush and green once you have restored the brown patches, but before we get your turf back to its best, there are four key steps you must take.

    • Aeration with a garden fork or aeration sandals to de-compact the soil and allow nutrients from water and fertilizer penetrate the soil.
    • Use a wetting agent to soak the lawn, which will help increase the water absorption of your turf
    • Thoroughly irrigate/water the turf once you have applied the wetting agent
    • Apply a high-quality grass fertilizer to your lawn. Ensure you follow the instructions on the label of your chosen product.

    How To Treat Dry Spots On Grass: A Lawn Care Guide

    • Lawn Care

    One of the most common frustrations home owners, greenkeepers and anyone else with a patch of turf to call their own have with their lawn is unsightly dry spots.

    These brown bug-bears are enough to make Melbourne turf owners tear their hair out.

    Thankfully for you, at Anco Turf, we pride ourselves being more than just outstanding Melbourne turf suppliers.

    We believe our duty of care goes well beyond simply helping our customers buy turf and lawn products.

    We want every Anco-supplied turf whether it be Sir Walter Buffalo or TIFTUF Bermuda to be lush, green and healthy every day of the year.

    So, with that in mind, in this blog we are going to help you understand what causes those unsightly, brown, dry spots, what it means for your lawn when they start appearing, and how to bring your turf back from the brink and into a healthy, green oasis once again.

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    Do Repair The Lawn With The Right Method

    First, you have to get the problem under control. Whether a pro diagnoses a disease, a pest, or an environmental concern , you need to address the problem so that it doesnt keep coming back.

    Once thats done, then youll need to apply the right method of repair. For the vast majority of cases, aeration and overseeding will restore the dead patches in your lawn.

    While there are other more intensive repair methods out there, which tend to be quite costly, even in some of the worst cases weve seen, aeration and overseeding have been effective at repairing dead patches.

    Of course, its important to ensure that its performed properly. There is a best time to repair a lawn, which is in the fall when new grass seed will be able to thrive.

    Repair Your Current Drainage System

    Using GYPSUM to fix dry spots in the lawn – Success!!

    One of the fastest ways to fix a mushy yard is to correct any problems that may be occurring with the drainage system you already have.

    A visual inspection should be your first step in the process.

    Take a walk around your property and see if you find any blocked or clogged drains, spouts or pipes.

    Pay careful attention to see if you find any connections that have come apart between pipes, drains and gutters. This is a common place for water to escape the planned drainage system and end up pooled in the yard.

    Clear away debris like leaves, grass clippings and mulch that may be blocking the flow of water away from your home and causing the problem.

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    Replace The Turf And Soil Of The Affected Area

    The other option is to replace the turf and soil in the affected areas of your lawn.

    Remove the affected turf, plus 3-4 inches of good-looking turf around it. By removing 3-4 inches extra you can be confident that youve not left any fungi which can go on to infect the rest of your lawn.

    Next, dig out the soil to a depth of at least 20cm. If you can, dig deeper without affecting the sub-base of your garden, dig to 30cm.

    Now, replace the soil with a good quality topsoil and either lay new turf or re-seed the area. If its possible, try to match the turf or seed to your existing lawn. Theres nothing more odd-looking than a patch of lawn that looks completely different from the rest.

    Repairing An Uneven Lawn

    Levelling an uneven section of lawn will make it easier to mow, prevent damage from scalping and eliminate a potential tripping hazard, as well as improving its appearance.

    Top dressing gradually, with 10mm at a time of soil or sand, can be enough for relatively shallow depressions.

    Fixing deeper indentations will require a different method, known as Lift and Fill.

    In this case, the lawn is cut into strips and lifted out. Clean fill is then deposited to the required depth and the lawn replaced on top.

    If youre not sure how to repair uneven spots in your lawn, read our article Repairing an Uneven Lawn.

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    Do Get Connected With A Worthwhile Lawn Care Pro

    If you are trying to figure out how to get dead grass to grow, then the first thing you should do is connect with a professional. Not just any professional, but a professional who really understands lawns and what they need to thrive.

    Why does this matter? Because you need an accurate professional diagnosis of your lawn problem. There are so many different issues that could be causing your dead grass areas, and so many of them have similar symptoms.

    It could be a lawn disease or lawn pests. It could even be an environmental stressor. But before you can start solving the problem, you need an accurate diagnosis. Its the most critical first step to a solution and if you receive an improper diagnosis and start treating the wrong problem, you can actually make the problem worse.

    How To Repair A Lawn

    How To Fix Dry Patches In Your Lawn

    Youve put a lot of effort into your lawn, but it doesnt look as good as it should.

    Before you become disheartened, look at this checklist to see if theres something else you can do to bring it back to its full glory.

    Remember that any lawn repair is best done in spring or summer depending on the climate in your area when the lawn is actively growing.

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