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How To Get Lawn Mowing Customers

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Pro Tip Get Lawn Care Customers Automatically

How to get more lawn care customers. Top 5 marketing strategies for a lawn care business

By far, THE BEST way to get lawn care customers fast AND automatically is by using the best lawn care software.

  • Set up email campaigns for your leads and track the results.
  • Track all of your lead calls and easily add them into your account.
  • Win more jobs with instant quotes and estimates from anywhere via Team App.
  • Fix all of your client relationships using the best CRM software for your lawn care business.

AND so much MORE!

Plus, use Service Autopilot tools like Automations and SmartMaps to take your lawn care business to the next level with AUTOMATIC GROWTH.

Keep Advertising For Your Work

Keep advertising your work. Start adding people from your Facebook group. Show them your work, show them your performance, show them your pictures of your work. Let them know what you do, what is the goal of your work. Thus they can also get inspiration to work with. They can show their curiosity to be a client of yours.

Spread your work to people. Do you know them or not really but they all are your potential customers. They are all in your network. They can help you out. So connected with people anywhere or everywhere you can and advertise to your work.

What Happens During A Typical Day At A Lawn Care Business

The days start very early. Before going to the customers job sites, the equipment needs to be inspected and to make sure it is in proper working order. Typical activities of this type are cleaning the mowers and sharpening the cutting blades. Additionally, all equipment that uses gasoline needs to be filled with a mixture of gasoline and the appropriate amount of oil required. After all the equipment has been checked, the trucks are loaded and the crews are assembled and given the days job orders that have been prepared in advance.The rest of the day is spent working at customers job sites. Naturally, any problems that come up, like truck breakdowns or equipment troubles, need to be dealt with. When the crew return to the office, they should fill out a report of the work completed, making note of any special conditions or requests by the customers. This information is added to the system for billing purposes, and to help in the preparation of future job orders for those customers.At the end of the day, equipment should be cleaned and checked for damage to see if it needs repairs. For some owner/operators, these can be very long work days, until they can hire enough crew to reduce their workload.

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Your Questions On How To Start A Lawn Care Business: Answered

It might sound like a lot but just take it step-by-step, and you can do it! If it feels a little bit overwhelming, our advice is to find experts who can help.

For example, buying insurance doesnt really sound like fun but its part of running a successful lawn care business. A liability policy helps cover costs in case of an accident and shows prospective clients youre a serious professional.

And it can be fast and easy when you work with the right team, like the experts at Simply Business.

Most of all, insurance gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on the most important thing your new lawn care business!

We wish you the best of luck starting your lawn care business. If you need more help or advice on starting and growing your lawn care service, download our FREE guide on how to start a business. Its chock full of advice on everything you need to know about starting a business, with advice including:

How to get a business licenseHow to find the best name for your businessAn in-depth guide to finding your first customersHow to make the most of online marketingAnd more!

Reach Out To Local Businesses

Get the most out of your customers LAWN CARE BUSINESS TALK ...

Speaking of commercial accounts, the end of the year is usually when businesses address their next year budgets. Late fall and early winter is prime time for reaching out to local businesses. Heres the problem though: you cant expect a local business to reach out to you. If they are having their lawn maintenanced already, there is no need for them to research new lawn care companies. This is when you need to do the legwork and reach out to these businesses.

If youve been doing your networking throughout the year, then this is the time to inquire and pitch a new year contract with that commercial account youve been trying to get.

But remember to be confident and professional in your approach.

Now that you know this is the timing, you may want to check out more ways to gain commercial clients.

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Use A Lawn Care Business Software

Using software like Connecteam lawn care business app will help you automate and grow your lawn care business. How so? It makes it easier to schedule recurring shifts, dispatch jobs, track working hours, enhance communication, make reports digital, and much more. Everything you need to manage daily operations is available at the click of a button on Connecteam:

  • Time tracking is efficient as you usually pay your employees by the hour and when your team clocks in and out from their mobile phone, their GPS location is immediately tagged for a more efficient and accurate timesheet and payroll.
  • Scheduling is easier to manage and is rich with information like all the job details, location, specific tasks, and even recurring jobs for customers who need their lawn being taken care of on a regular basis.
  • Workflows are automated so reporting all the details about the job, including before and after photos can be done while on the go.
  • Communication is more streamlined through updates, chat, surveys, and more which is super important when youre not right there with your team at every moment. You need to work as efficiently as possible while delivering amazing customer service, using lawn care business software keeps you on track.

Always Keep Communication Open With Your Clients

Failing to stay in touch with existing customers is an extraordinarily costly mistake.

The biggest asset your company has, along with its employees, is its existing customer base people whove already given you their ultimate vote of confidence:

Their money!


Existing customers are not only a source for current business, but also for referrals.

So its VERY important you keep in touch with customers because they could generate MORE business for you!

One way to keep in touch with existing customer is by sending them a monthly email newsletter.

You can feature almost anything in your newsletter, but here are some ideas:

  • Current specials
  • New changes to your business
  • New pricing
  • New services youre adding
  • And how you help the community.

FREE report: 8 easy ways to turn your email newsletter into a MUST read


Motivate your employees to be friendly to customers when they see them. Just a simple hello shows your customers you appreciate them, and:

Any potential prospects nearby will notice your teams friendliness and remember it!

After all:

People love to buy from those whom they LIKE.

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How To Get Your First Lawn Care Customers

For those just starting in the lawn care industry, your number one concern is attracting clients as fast as you can to your lawn business. After all, without paying customers, your business wont take off. But establishing a foothold among your target customers and standing out above your local competition can be challenging. So whats the best way to get lawn care customers? Securing a loyal client base requires hard work and dedication, but you can overcome the barrier to entry by implementing a few of the right marketing strategies. To help get you on your way to business success, were going to take a look at some tried-and-true marketing strategies and learn how to get lawn care customers fast. Lets jump right in.

How Much Should You Charge For Your Lawn Care Services

Get Lawn Care Customers (Fast!)

For each lawn cut, US prices range from about $30 to $100 depending on lawn size, with the average around $65. For other services, such as weeding, fertilizing, mulching, and gutter cleaning, you should consider a per-project fee or hourly rate, depending on which works better for you. You may even adjust your prices to consider not just the time required but also the level of physical difficulty of each service.

Another option is to charge a flat fee for a package of services, such as mowing, plus weeding, fertilizing, leaf removal, and gutter cleaning all in one go. This could boost revenue and encourage customer interest in services they had not previously considered.

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Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts

Many lawn care professionals overlook advertising efforts.

Smaller teams might not have the time or resources to devote to advertising, and they stick to free or low-cost channels like Craigslist or their local Nextdoor page.

While it doesnt hurt to get your name in as many local public spaces as possible, there are more marketing strategies to consider to bring in leads and clients.

  • Vehicle advertising and signage can be easily created by your local print shop or even ordered online for around $100. A large magnetic sign turns your service vehicle into a moving billboard. Put your brand name, website, and phone number prominently on the vehicles you bring to job sites so that potential customers can see who their neighbors are trusting for landscaping.
  • Direct mail and door hangers are ideal for introducing yourself to new neighborhoods. Door hangers, postcards, and fliers are incredibly cost-effective, and they can cost as little as a couple pennies apiece to make.These are also a great place to advertise any tailored offers or services you have for specific neighborhoods or business. Research the area and tweak offers to fit specific needs, such as lawn care for neighborhoods and gardens for condo buildings.
  • Take your lawn care company online. Ninety-one percent of consumers search the internet for local goods and services.

Three Considerations Before You Get Started

With steady growth and consistent demand, the lawn care industry isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

The facts are clear: There will always be green spaces that require a professional.

Entering the industry has a lot of perks. Flexible schedules, a steady stream of recurring business, and creating your own custom menu of lawn care offerings makes this a tempting career path for any entrepreneur looking to blaze their own trail.

However, keep in mind that there are a few hurdles to clear in order to thrive:

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Name Your Lawn Care Business

A good business name is short, crisp, and unique. It should give people a clear idea about the services you provide and help you stand out from your competitors. Many lawn care businesses include the term, lawn care, in their business name to help customers find them.

When naming your lawn care business, you should also make sure that the name is available as a domain and has not been trademarked by someone else.

Set Up Google Local Services Ads

How to Get Lawn Mowing Clients

If youre willing to spend a bit more money to get early sales, are a great option.

These simple ads show up at the very top of the Google results page when people in your area search for lawn care services. Potential customers can contact you directly from Local Services Adsno need to send you an email.

The best part: you only pay when someone contacts your business. This is a great alternative to the pay-per-click model that other types of Google ads useyou only pay for actual leads.

Costs per lead vary by region and industry, but LSAs let you set weekly and monthly budgets so that you never spend more than you plan to. When you connect Jobbers lawn care software with Local Service Ads, your leads can book jobs directly from your ad in just a few clicks.


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Go Door To Door With Cards

Now I didnt say this was going to be easy. If you are made of stern stuff you could go out on a Saturday afternoon and drum up a bit of business. Be prepared for the occasional bad reaction. This cannot be helped but it is actually still a very effective way of getting customers.

Dont try to sell them anything, simply ask would you like a free quote on lawn mowing? If they say yes they have something like a flyer with a quote form on the back and fill that out. If they say No then thank them for their time and move on.

There are some things you really should do first, that will increase your chances of success so you will need to check these items off the list.

  • Be presentable Clean and tidy and not smelling like you have been working all day.
  • Wear a uniform with branding You are going to be walking around peoples properties, so you need to look professional and trustworthy.
  • Carry lots of business cards Preferably the fridge magnet type. These are going to stay around a lot longer. I got two calls last week from fridge magnets. One was from an estimate I did over a year ago and the other person had no idea how the card ended up on their fridge but it had been there for a while. This doesnt happen a lot but it happens enough to make it worthwhile. I get my fridge magnets through Vistaprint.

Other Ways To Get Lawn Care Customers

Targeting new markets can be daunting, especially when youre unsure of what your market is. However, there are other ways to gain customers without thinking of a specific target market. These include:

  • Wear a uniform: Get some shirts made up that have your business name and phone number listed, and wear them when youre out and about on the job.
  • Advertise to neighbors of your existing customers: theres no need to go door-to-door or be an aggressive salesman to your clienteles neighbors, but saying hello and casually offering your services to neighbors when you see them is a great way to gain more customers in areas youre already working.
  • Work on weekends: Weekend work is a great way to advertise because everyone in the neighborhood can actively see you working! If youre making your clients lawn the best in the neighborhood on their schedule, chances are, some of their neighbors will also want your services.

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Ways Lawn Care Services Grow Revenue By Texting Customers

Youre doing everything in your power to connect with customers, provide great work, and grow your lawn care service. Theres just one problem.

Communicating with customers is a huge pain!

You love your customers, but they dont answer your phone calls or emails. This makes it difficult to schedule landscaping, get paid, and grow. Thats why Im going to show you seven ways other lawn care businesses text with customers to boost their marketing and increase sales.

Complete Your Google My Business Profile

How to Get More Lawn Care Customers (Lawn Care Marketing Strategies)

In addition to adding your business to review sites, another great way to get customers for lawn care is to make sure you’ve claimed your Google My Business listing. This service is free for all business owners and helps ensure your landscaping company comes up in search results when people are searching from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.

When completing your GMB listing, be sure to fill out all of the fields available for the most favorable results. Open fields include your business phone number, business address, operating hours, the services you offer, brands you use or carry, links to your business website, and a place to upload photos or videos.

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Step : Register For Taxes

You will need to register for a variety of state and federal taxes before you can open for business.

In order to register for taxes you will need to apply for an EIN. It’s really easy and free!

You can acquire your EIN for free through the IRS website, via fax, or by mail. If you would like to learn more about EINs and how they can benefit your LLC, read our article, What is an EIN?.

Learn how to get an EIN in our What is an EIN guide or find your existing EIN using our EIN lookup guide.

Small Business Taxes

Depending on which business structure you choose, you might have different options for how your business will be taxed. For example, some LLCs could benefit from being taxed as an S corporation .

You can learn more about small business taxes in these guides:

There are specific state taxes that might apply to your business. Learn more about state sales tax and franchise taxes in our state sales tax guides.

Join Local Associations And Groups

Another approach to getting customers for your lawn care business is by joining local associations and online groups and participating within these organizations. They help you grow your personal and professional network to open up new opportunities.

Joining your local Chamber Of Commerce is another way to get customers by making valuable connections with professionals in your area. Many local business owners could be searching for the exact services you’re offering to keep the exteriors of their businesses looking terrific.

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Use Your Social Media Channels

Social media channels allow you to communicate with current and potential clients online. Facebook and LinkedIn are two platforms that can help you get lawn care customers fast.

Facebook offers two ways to interact with locals in your area for freea Facebook business page and local Facebook groups.

Facebook business pages are like mini websites but on the Facebook platform. You can include a link to your website, phone number, photographs, and your hours of operation. People can like your Facebook page and comment on your posts, providing a great opportunity to interact directly with current or potential customers.

Facebook groups are slightly different. They are groups of people with common interests who can share information and interact with one another. For example, your city likely has several Facebook groups like Buy and Sell or Jonesville Neighborhood Q and A. You can join these groups with your personal Facebook account and advertise your services. This is an ideal outlet to promote the discounts and referral incentives we mentioned before.

LinkedIn is another platform that can help you land customers. Since its a professional network, youll be interacting primarily with other business owners and professionals. While you wont be talking directly to consumers, you can connect with other local business owners and present yourself as a thought leader.

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