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How To Mow Lawns For Money

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Examples Of A Successful Start

How to Mow Lawns and Make Money: REAL-TIME Mowing Video! [Analysis]

Mowing yards for money is a viable and profitable business to start on your own. The profit, in the beginning, may not be that much, but it should be more than sufficient as a starter. The following link demonstrates a man who owns his own lawn mowing business. It shows his entire workday mowing yards as his only source of income.

In this video, the total time spent mowing yards in one day is 4 hours and 36 minutes, earning him $208. While this may not be the kind of income you are anticipating, this is expected when you build your customer base and use only basic equipment. Therefore, this is a substantial amount of money for a starter.

With time, your clientele will increase, growing your business, which will increase the profit margin. At this time, you may need to expand your business to continue to provide an efficient service to your customers.

Another example of a lawn mowing business is the two high school kids RJ Duarte and Owen Johnson, in Golden, Colorado, who started their business in 2014 called Green Worx. The two kids had no business capital and no initial investment. Initially, RJ was doing lawn mowing on his own, but with time the work increased, and RJ asked Owen to join him. Eventually, they could bring their company to such height that they had to hire a full-time employee and part-time team comprised of their school classmates to carry out their day-to-day work.

How Much Money Should I Charge If Im Just A Kid

You should aim your prices a little lower. Remember, you dont have to worry about big financial stuff like paying rent or buying groceries yet, and since you cant operate the heavy machinery needed for bigger jobs, you should stick to smaller jobs in your neighborhood or wherever your parents are willing to drive you. As such, aim for something a little smaller like $20-$30.

How Much Can A Teenager Charge For Yard Workoctober : 48 Pm Subscribe

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I used to do this back in the day and my price was give me whatever you feel I deserve once Im done. Boy, did I make a lot of money that summer. I guess people didnt want to end up looking like cheapskates.

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Advertise To Make Money Mowing Lawns

The first step to making money mowing lawns is to make sure customers know you exist. How can they hire you if they dont know who you are? There are various tools you can use to help advertise your business, such as business cards or flyers. Advertising may seem like a scary investment for your business, but its a great way to spread the word. Another great way to advertise your lawn care services is to sign yourself up as a provider on LawnGuru. Doing so means that the LawnGuru team will handle advertising for your services so you can focus on providing excellent service.

Vary Your Mowing Pattern

Lawn mowing tips, language of flowers and Mentor garage sale: AM Links ...

Repetition is boring, right? So mix things up a bit. Each time you mow, do it in a different direction. If you always cut your lawn using the same pattern, not only will you end up sending your brain straight to snoozeville, but your grass will start to lean in the direction you mow and you may even end up with ruts in the lawn. Need another reason to vary your mowing pattern? Grass will stand up nice and tall since it will be mowed from all different directions.

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How Much To Charge For Mowing Lawns

At the end of the day what you charge for your service is going to determine whether you get any business or if the work that you are going to do is going to make you enough money to cover your costs.

As youre treating the service as a business there has to be a level of research on your part, so get on the phone and do some internet searches to see how much others in your area are charging.

Of course, only use this as a guide as their overheads might differ from yours and only you will know what you need to not only cover your costs but also make a profit.

What Machinery Are You Intending To Use

It stands to reason that you will get more area covered if you use larger machines. This does not always mean you will be making more money. The larger the machine and the more moving parts it has the more it will cost to run.

I have a lawn care business that is currently buying domestic leads off me and they run a tractor and service seven local schools. The owner bought that business a couple of years ago and tells me the turnover is terrible. This business is slowly but surely moving in smaller lawns with smaller machines. He tells me that he will be selling the tractors and school contracts soon.

You could say that the mistake here, was made when buying the business and you will probably be right. Even if I had known him when he was buying I would not have been much help as that is not the kind of business that I any real knowledge of.

When you use smaller machines to do smaller yards your running costs can drop dramatically.

I dont even bother with self-propelled mowers these days as the last one I had had ongoing issues with the drive on the back wheels breaking down. I paid over $2000 for the machine and traded it in after 6 months. When a self-propelled or zero turn breaks down and wont drive then you cannot finish the job. Using a push mower at least I am not going to have any issues with the self-drive part (unless I am not feeling so good that day.

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Labor And Mowing Time

Lawncare pros factor $50 to $75 or more per hour to cover the cost to pay their crew, fuel, equipment upkeep, insurance and other costs.

Commercial riding mowers cut at 8-12 MPH, so they cover an acre of ground in about 20-25 minutes. So, you can see that it takes just a few minutes to mow most suburban lots.

Using a walk-behind mower takes 2-3 times longer.

Primary labor-related cost factors, besides DIY vs Pro, are:

  • Distance to your home from their facility or last job
  • Whether the company is fully insured
  • Length of your grass
  • Configuration/complexity of your yard
  • Whether they can use riding mowers or must cut with a walk-behind, narrower-width mower

What Factors Impact How Much It Costs To Mow 2 Acres Of Land

How To Make $500 A Day Mowing Lawns- Solo Mowing Business

The main factors that impact how much it costs to mow 2 acres of land include the land size, condition of the land, additional services, and season of the year. All of these factors will impact how much time and effort is put into the job.

If the job ends up being more or less than 2 acres, you should adjust the price accordingly. Likewise, poor conditioned areas should cost more than land that is taken care of really well. Ultimately, you want to make the price worth your effort without scaring away any clients.

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Mow Early In The Height Of The Season

Every week or 10 days, change clients from fortnightly to weekly for the growth season. Often they will agree for short periods of time. Not only does it increase your chances of profitability, but it will make your customers feel like your schedule is based on their lawn growth – one way to make them feel important!

How To Make A Lawn Mowing Ad

When it comes to advertising for your lawn mowing business, youll need to come up with creative ways of getting the word out there. This is especially true if youre starting up a new service that no one has ever heard about before. One effective way of doing that is by creating an ad that will later be displayed on Google or Bing.

When it comes to creating a lawn mowing ad, you have several options. The first thing you should do is think about who your target audience is going to be. Once you know that, try searching for the top searched phrases connected with your niche and see if any of them are appropriate for an ad.

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How You Can Keep Your Lawn Healthy Year

If a healthy lawn is what you want, then year-round maintenance is vital. Your lawn needs different treatments and maintenance depending on the season to ensure that it is properly prepared for the months when it is at its peak for growing. Below you will see some of the most common maintenance tasks performed during each season of the year.

What Does It Take To Start A Lawn Mowing Business

Why You Should Stop Mowing Your Lawn


A lawn mowing business can be successful, as long as you treat it like a real business and not a hobby. Before you can officially start your business, you need to have several tangible and intangible items to make things go smoothly, including equipment, financing, and licensing. Line up all the necessities, and youll be on the road to a successful business.

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Is Starting A Lawn Care Business Worth It

There are many advantages to starting a lawn care business, and you can develop it into something much larger if you pursue that path. Lawn care accounts are perpetual, which means they will continue to exist indefinitely. You will have a steady flow of business from your customers as their lawns will need to be mowed once a week.

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About The Landscape Juice Network

Founded in 2008. The Landscape Juice Network is the largest and fastest growing professional landscaping and horticultural association in the United Kingdom.

LJNs professional business forum is unrivalled and open to anyone within within the UK landscape industry

LJNs Business Objectives Group is for any Pro serious about building their business.

For the researching visitor theres a wealth of landscaping ideas, garden design ideas, lawn advice tips and advice about garden maintenance.

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What If Im A Teenager

Your independence can help you gain more customers, but I would still recommend that you keep your prices a little lower than the professionals, somewhere in the ballpark of $30-$40. Not that youre any less skilled than adults, but you have to keep in mind that youre still living with your family and dont have to worry about rent or utilities. If you have your drivers license, you can reach a broader array of customers in your area without having to rely on your parents, and that in turn can give your more spending money to hang out with friends, take your significant other on a date, or save up to get that laptop or game console that youve been eyeing.

Things You Need To Think About Before You Start:

Make MONEY Mowing Lawns | Self Employed
  • Whose mower will you use? You could use your parents’ mower, or you could use the mower of the person you are mowing for. Check with your parents first and then make a decision on what will be best for everybody.
  • How much will you charge? This will vary depending on the size of the lawn you are mowing and whose lawn mower you are using.
  • Do you need to remove the lawn clippings? Check with the owner of the lawn you are mowing for before you start.

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Lawn Mowing As A Business

As mentioned previously, starting a profitable lawn care business doesnt require a lot of investment. If you have a yard, then you are likely to have most of the necessary equipment. The essential equipment needed includes a lawn mowing machine, Weed Wacker to remove tall weeds, a gas can, extra mower blades if the older blades can not be sharpened anymore. Hand clippers, hand tools for emergency repairs, oil, gloves, and safety glasses.

The Cons Of Lawn Mowing For Money

  • Expensive start-up-costs: If your child needs to purchase a lawnmower, it could be an expensive job to start. You could let them use your mower to get started or help them purchase one secondhand.
  • Safety: Make sure that your child understands how to operate a lawn mower with caution. Anytime a child operates machinery, there is the possibility of injury. Create a plan for your child in case he has an emergency.
  • Limited ages: Lawn mowing is appropriate for older children who can operate a lawn mower safely. Younger children may want to consider raking instead.
  • Competition: There could be stiff competition for lawn mowing jobs if they are all interested in the same job. Encourage your child to get creative to land repeat jobs.
  • Weather: Rain can cause a problem for a lawn mowing business so can drought. Help your child create a backup plan for getting lawn mowing jobs done when there is inclement weather.

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Should Middle Schoolers Have Jobs Like Babysitting Or Mowing Lawns

While young children can help with some aspects of lawn maintenance, only teens should even consider mowing lawns for a living. In addition, they should: Be able to handle a regular responsibility on their own without adult prodding. Have the skills and stamina to manage a heavy, potentially dangerous machine.

Our Final Opinion About Making Money Mowing Lawns

ð¥ 25+ Best Memes About Lawn Mowing

Should you take some time and try to sell your services to some lawn-care clients?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

Starting your own affiliate website really is the best way to build passive income and “make money while you sleep”. Affiliate websites earn income in every timezone, and can be instantly accessed by billions of smartphones across the globe!


What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Nathaniell and I’m the owner of One More Cup of Coffee. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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Is It Worth Starting A Lawn Care Business

Its hard work growing a lawn care company. It takes a lot of work and hustle, networking, door knocking, and word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family.

But once you get this business off the ground, youll get to do what you love for a livingon your own schedule. Youll bring much-needed life and greenery to your community and put smiles on peoples faces.

After every job is done, youll know why you started in the first place.

Come back to this guide any time you feel stuck, and have trust in yourself to be the creative, hard-working entrepreneur that you are. We cant wait to see you succeed.

You Need To Treat It As A Business

Whether youre going to mow lawns as something that you do at the weekend or something that you do most days, you are going to need to treat it as a business.

This means marketing your service, ensuring that you have the appropriate tools for the job, you know the basics of finance to enable to deal with everything money and tax-related

There are very few businesses that you can start with little or no money so be prepared to invest in the business.

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Build A Customer Base

The lawn mowing business is about relationships. After youve handed out some business cards and flyers, start building a steady customer base. Ask existing clients to recommend you to their friends, family, and neighbors. Offer discounted services for repeat customers. You can also reach out to housing management offices or homeowners associations to see if theyll contact you for certain neighborhoods. Grass doesnt stop growing, so the key to growing a customer base is to build loyalty with your customers!

When you sign up as a provider on LawnGuru, good customer reviews can lead to an increase in your customer base!

Compare Costs From Leading Resources

Can You Make Money Mowing? Day in the Life of Lawn Care.
  • ANGI: $50 – $210, Depending on Size of Yard
  • Field Routes: $50 – $250, Based on Size and Included Services
  • ThumbTack: $70 – $120, Average Price Range
  • Lawn Starter: $30 – $65, Based on Size and Services
  • Fixr: $65 – $120, Weekly Mowing, Less than 1 Acre
  • Atlanta Lawn Care: $30 – $65 , Weekly Cutting, Under 1 Acre

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How Much Do Lawn Care Businesses Make

How much you make depends on how much work youre willing to do.

Some lawn care business owners make $10,000 a year while others make $100,000. It all depends on your team size, efficiency, the services you offer, and your profit margins.

Phil Sarros, Director of Education at Steel Toe University

40% is the ideal profit margin, says Phil Sarros.

Im not saying every job you do is going to have a 40% profit margin. But, once you understand bidding and estimating, targeting specific clientele, and putting out proposals at 40% margins, youre going to have the flexibility to negotiate with new clients.

Start small and grow strategically

Having a 40% profit margin and earning 100k a year may sound nice right now, but its a tough journey to get there.

Starting off by pricing low is usually the only way to get your foot in the door.

But after a few months of hustling and saving your money, you could invest, say, $60 in a herbicide sprayer. In a year, you might decide to spend $200 on a commercial-grade trimmer.

At this point, you can offer weeding and trimming as services. Little by little, investing in better equipment will help you expand your services to things like pest control, tree care, and even landscaping.

That gives you the leeway to charge moreand profit moreon every job.

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