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How To Start Greenworks Lawn Mower

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Greenworks Lawn Mower: My Experience

Greenworks 40V Cordless 17″ mower Assembly, First run, and Review!

The mower itself is pretty light and easy to handle even though the deck is made of steel. Most people from the age of 12 65 should be able to handle this mean green mowing machine just fine. It also folds up in a self proclaimed 2 seconds. So take that for what you will. I dont know how that really impacts the way the mower works but I guess it makes it that much quicker to a nice Bud Latte during a hot summer afternoon.

Greenworks Corded Dethatcher 27022

The 27022 dethatcher made by Greenworks is quite easy to use. It features a push-button starting mechanism. So, you wont have to pull a cord to start the dethatcher.

Its a self-propelled dethatcher, so you wont have to push it around the lawn. You can dethatch your yard with this dethatcher and then pick up all the debris and unwanted materials manually.

You can also choose a more comfortable option and use your lawnmower to vacuum up the debris and put it into a bag. In fact, it comes with 18 extra tines, and you can quickly replace them in case one of them gets damaged or broken.

How To Clean Your Greenworks 40v Electric Lawn Mower

Its very easy to keep your Greenworks electric mower clean. Since there is no gasoline, you dont have to worry about spillage.

I clear out the back chute on whatever discharge mode Im on so that there isnt a build-up of grass that sets. When I first got the mower, I had a few mows of damp grass and didnt clean this chute which led to mold growing in the build-up of grass.

After every use, I just use my Greenworks Leaf blower and knock off all the loose grass.

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Last Popular Issue: Start/stop Issue

Many people in the comments asking for one single issue Why Greenworks mower starts and then stops? Below is a short video example of how this can be on your Greenworks mower.

The most popular answer to this is:

You need to open up the motor portion and find two black very dirty mesh filters covering the inside of the air intake vents. Wash those and it should work fine. Also switch to a side chute instead of mulching for thicker grass.

Lawn Mower Greenworks G40lm45

Greenworks 25142 Electric Lawn Mower Review

This 22.2 kg non-self-propelled model is equipped with a DigiPro brushless motor powered by a 40 V lithium-ion battery. The grip is 45 cm, and a 7-position centralized lever is used to adjust the cutting height .

The body and the deck are made of impact-resistant plastic, the grass catcher is fabric with a plastic cover. The cut grass residues are collected in a 50 l grass catcher or, if a mulch attachment is used, spread over the lawn through the rear or side discharge. Convenient foldable handle, height adjustable.

Specifications and instruction manual:

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Chopping Width And Height

The variety of lawnmowers can differ based on grass size. There are some lawn mowers for thin, middle-sized grasses. You can also get lawnmowers that eradicate large herbs.

The greater the cutting width is, the faster you can chop off those grasses. Also, the lawnmowers allow you to adjust the height of the machine based on the grass size.

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The Best Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower : Top 10 Picks By An Expert

This article will help you choose the right cordless self propelled lawn mower with more ease. We have taken into consideration the varied needs and wants of all segments of consumers to give you the perfect guide on how to pick the right product. So that you can shop worry-free!

Disclaimer: We are using Amazon affiliate Product Advertising API to fetch products from Amazon, include: price, content, image, logo, brand, feature of products which are trademarks of So, when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.. Read more.


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Greenworks Lawn Mowers Are Different

GreenWorks lawn mower problems are a bit different from the gas machines we talk about frequently. Theres no spark plug to worry about. No gas to get old and gum up the system. Electric mowers have different issues. These issues can be troublesome since electric mowers are fairly new on the scene when it comes to mainstream use. Lets have a look at some mechanical problems that are specific to GreenWorks lawn mowers.

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Damaged Components On Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower

How To Fix A Greenworks Pro 60V Lawn Mower That Won’t Start

Hopefully, your Greenworks mowers starting troubleshooting doesnt come to this point, but if it does, you might have a pricy solution on your hands.

While it certainly is not ideal its inevitable that, at some point or other, components on your lawn mower are going to wear down and will need to be replaced. Many pieces need to be replaced routinely and come at a minimal cost, but the most problematic pieces might cost you more than the lawn mower is worth after purchasing the replacement and any professional help required to fix it.

Therefore, you will want to check the components on your lawn mower and make a judgment call about whether its worth fixing depending on what is damaged.

Some common pieces that often need replacing on an electric lawn mower include:

  • Safety switches

Weve already discussed most of these components and detailed how they can prevent your lawn mower from starting if they are damaged or out of place. However, a few components we havent mentioned in detail that are relevant here are its start switch and motor.

If you discover that either of these pieces is damaged and likely the cause behind your lawn mower not starting, youre probably better off taking your Greenworks lawn mower to a professional repair shop instead of fixing it yourself.

Not only are these components usually pricy, but they are best handled by individuals with extensive mechanical and electrical knowledge who can safely remove the damaged parts and reinstall new ones.

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Shop Battery And Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Cordless battery lawn mowers have come a long way from even a few years ago. Long gone are the days of needing to be tethered by a heavy-duty extension cord or needing to change out batteries halfway through your lawn mowing! Using our high power, high-capacity rechargeable battery packs, you will be able to knock out your weekend mowing with ease. Modern battery lawn mowers have many benefits, including ease of storage, quick startup, quiet operation, and more! For people with smaller to medium sized yards, it is easier and more convenient to use a cordless electric lawn mower instead of using one with a gas engine. Once youve converted, youll never want to go back.


Full reviewFull reviewVicki ListonHome Improvement Expert

Vicki Liston writes, produces, and narrates On The FlyDIY, an award-winning home improvement and DIY show of unique project tutorials for the casual DIYer.

Home improvement and all things DIY have been Listons passion since she bought her first house in 2007 and she started making video blogs in 2014. Shes performed hundreds of DIY projects, from small ones to major, wall-smashing renovations and can teach you how to make a trendy DIY barn door for cheap. The proceeds earned from On The FlyDIY are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. You can find her show on Prime Video.

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What Comes With The Greenworks Pro 21

This depends on the options you choose. However, you typically get the mower, grass catcher, battery, and charger. You can also choose to only purchase the mower body itself if you already own other Greenworks products that allow you to interchange the battery.

There are also options that include self propelled function, side chute, more/different batteries, and chargers.

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Jak Max And Greenworks

JAK Max is excited to be introducing Greenworks to the Australian market.

After less than 12 months, Greenworks Australia has expanded from 24V power tools, 24V and 40V garden products into 60V professional garden products with plans to add the 82V professional range of products in 2022.

  • Well known battery brand in U.S.A., Germany, Russia and Korea.

  • Produce 1.5 million units per month

  • Huge OEM customer base

Lawn Mower Greenworks Glm1240 1200w

40V 35cm Lawn Mower

The mass of the non-self-propelled electric lawn mower is 17.12 kg. The purpose of the mowing unit is to mow lawns and lawns in small areas up to 6 acres. The mower is equipped with a 1200 W electric motor. Provided with emergency brake and protection against accidental starting.

Cutting element. knife, working width 40 cm.The centralized bevel height adjustment lever allows you to quickly switch the mower to one of five cutting modes, with a height of 3 to 8.5 cm.The body and four wheels are made of impact-resistant plastic.

The discharge of grass residues is carried out in a combined collector with a capacity of 50 liters. There is an option for mulching with rear discharge onto the lawn. Folding handles, rubberized.

GLM 1240 model specifications:

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Battery Is Dead In You Greenworks Lawn Mower

Greenworks lawn mowers are battery-powered so its no surprise that the mower wont start when the battery is dead. You may be able to check the level of charge on the battery for some models using an LED lighting system.

This lighting system varies by model. You may find it on the battery, on the mowers indicator panel or you may have to place your battery on the charger to read the charging status.

You can tell your battery is going bad when you fully charge the battery and it is no longer holding a charge as long as it once did. Losing the ability to hold a charge is a sign the battery is dying. Another sign your battery is going bad is when it becomes very hot.

You need to buy a replacement battery if you begin to notice your battery cant hold a charge, is charging very slowly, or is getting extremely hot. Batteries begin to fail because they become old, are exposed to extreme temperatures or they fail mechanically.

Issue N : Unsharp Blades

Most of the blades that come with GreenWorks mowers are not super sharp. By the way, this is the case for many manufacturers. I dont see why they cant trust us with sharp blades on a brand new machine. I have had to sharpen blades on a brand new mower before ever using it once! Im not sure if these manufacturers are just playing a prank on us or it is a safety thing. Whatever it is, I just dont get it.

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Debris Is Restricting Blade Rotation On Greenworks Electric Mower

It is not uncommon for grass clippings, dirt and other debris to stick to the underside of your Greenworks lawn mower deck. Check underneath the deck and scrape any debris that has collected. As a reminder, always remove your battery before working on the deck.

Large amounts of grass in the electric lawn mower deck might be inhibiting your blades ability to rotate which can be the root cause of the lawn mower refusing to start. Overloading the engine due to a plugged mower deck can stop your mower and prevent it from starting.

To reduce overloading the engine, avoid cutting wet grass and raise the cutting height when cutting thick or tall grass. This along with slowing down while mowing will decrease the load put on your Greenworks lawn mower.

N 1 Of The Most Common Greenworks Lawn Mowers Problems

Greenworks 40V Battery Powered Mower won’t start? Here is why.

One very common problem on some of these models has to do with the cable that controls an automatic shut off. It runs from the handle to the engine. Many users report this cable being too loose and as they use the mower a few times the cable gets even looser. This issue prevents the mower from starting up as it should. There is a fix for this problem if you are up to the task. Check the cable to see if it is too loose. Slack in the cable prevents it from doing its job, namely protecting the user. Well, it does protect the user since you cant get hurt with a mower that wont start! You need to take the slack out of the cable. You can do this with a pair of pliers. Just make a bend in the cable carefully to remove any slack. This will make the cable do its job. Cables have always been a headache on mowers. You can adjust them, but it seems like there should be a better system that does not involve adjusting metal wires.

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Height Adjustment And Range

It provides seven height choices from 1-3/8 to 3-3/4 to adjust the height with its solo lever. This flexibility of different heights is up to the mark. Therefore, you can adjust this device to any height for your utmost comfort.

It is suppling with the tremendous energy of the lawnmower. An operator can easily adjust the cutting height as needed and You do not need to turn off the machine when setting cutting the height.

Greenworks Mower Maintenance Tips

Youd be happy to know that the Greenworks Lawnmower is quite easy to maintain as compared to other mowers, but you should still make sure its working properly at both the beginning and the end of the season.

With an electric mower, you dont need to replace any oil or anything, but you should still very carefully sharpen the blades on the mower. If you need to replace them or clean them, this is a good time to check on that.

Youll also want to disconnect or remove the spark plug, just to ensure that your mower starts up, but also to prevent it from starting accidentally while youre checking on those blades and cleaning out any grass or debris that has gotten stuck anywhere in the actual mower.

You should also have an air filter somewhere in that mower, which will help your mower work its best. Check on the owners manual so that you know where to look and how you might install a new filter for your mower.

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How Long Does The Battery Last

One of the concerns that potential electric lawn mower owners mention is the battery life. A Greenworks cordless electric mower relies on a rechargeable lithium battery that has to be the voltage for its specific model, in my case, its 40 volts.

My property has about a quarter of an acre of flat lawnno hills. If I mow my lawn once a week with this electric mower without having to cut too much off I can mow my entire property with one fully charged 40V 5.0 Ah Battery which is about an hour of battery time.

Greenworks Lmf403 Cons: What People Complain About

Best Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower Reviews 0f 2021
  • Battery Compartment Not Universally Loved The only part of the mower other than the battery that we found numerous complaints about was the battery compartment. Several people complained about its design and the way the batteries sit, which can make it hard to get at them and remove them. A few people were also a bit miffed that you have to swap the batteries over when the first one runs out, rather than the mower just starting to use the second one automatically. Design flaws? Maybe. But not deal breakers.

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Where Are Greenworks Lawn Mowers Made

Greenworks has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade and has moved aggressively into markets on every continent. However, as the company has grown and expanded its product line one thing has not changed: all of its mowers are still produced in the companys massive facility in Changzhou, China.

The companys enormous Chinese based production capability was one of the things that made it so attractive for Stihl to invest in. Part of the deal they struck with Globe Tools Group was to allow Stihl to move some of their chainsaw production from Europe to the Changzhou facility in order to cut production costs.

Push Forward To Pull Backward

One odd thing we noticed while cutting was that you cant instantly roll backward when needed. You first have to push the mower forward a little bit to disengage the drive. Then you can roll it backward. This can be frustrating when you need to do this rapidly over and over again in corners and near obstructions.

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Make Sure That The Mower Has Plenty Of New Gasoline And Pull The Starting Cord Firmly

How to start a riding lawn mower with a drill. 7 pro lift lawn mower jack lift. Simply add the drill bit to a power drill. Make sure the blades are disengaged when starting the mower.

A bad starter can manifest itself in a cranking noise without engine turnover, a clicking when the ignition button is pressed, or a mower that simply does not respond to attempts to start. The rest of the items from the riding lawnmower can be used for the go kart. Yes, riding lawn mower engines have the same bolt pattern and are interchangeable.

Shut off the mowers engine before attempting to charge it. Some mower engines wont start when they have low or high oil levels. The content is nice quality and useful content, which is new is that you just never knew before that i know is that i have discovered.

For this, make two marks on the lawn mower along the hole of the arm. Follow the instructions in your owners manual covering how you normally start the mower. Lawn mowers typically come in two varieties:

In my experience, many non starts are caused by a simple issue, something a home owner can easily take care of. 2 top 7 best lifts for lawn mower and tractors. With the mower all set to go, press the primer button three to five times in order to channel gas into the engine.

The mechanics of starting each is similar: Diy electric drill start for a lawnmower. oil levels to high or too low.

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