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What Is Dollar Spot Disease In Lawns

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How To Treat Dollar Spot Disease

Dollar Spot Lawn Fungus | Disease Control and Prevention

Dollar Spot disease is caused by the fungus Sclerotinia Homoeocarpa and is common in both warm and cool season grasses across Australia.

Dollar Spot can lie dormant over winter and become active again when conditions are more favourable, such as warm humid days, cool nights, and heavy dews.

Its most common in spring and autumn, and especially prevalent in dry soils that are low in nitrogen.

Small outbreaks are unlikely to jeopardise the health of your lawn but left untreated Dollar Spot can develop into a major problem and ruin your lawns appearance.

How Do You Treat Dollar Spot Disease

While the best dollar spot disease control method is preventing it in the first place, if you already have it, then itâs important to know how to treat it. The best way to start treating this disease is to address some of the causes we mentioned above.

  • Water Less Frequently: Water your lawn less frequently and do it earlier in the day. Too much water too late in the day creates boggy ground, doesnât give the water time to evaporate throughout the day or be absorbed by the plant, and makes a fungus-friendly, humid environment.
  • Fertilize Your Lawn: Using a good quality fertilizer and applying it correctly will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow and to defend itself from fungus. Healthy grass is less likely to be affected in the first place and will also more easily bounce back after you get rid of a fungal infection.
  • Donât Mow Too Close: Adjust the cutting height on your mower to between three and four inches for most grasses. The only grass that can be cut much shorter is zoysiagrass. Donât ever cut off more than one-third of the length of your grass at once.
  • Hire Experts: The best, most effective way to treat dollar spot fungus is to hire professionals who know how to deal with this properly. Our team at Earth Development understands how to maintain a healthy lawn and to use a fungicide that kills the fungal infection but doesnât hurt your lawn.

Reduce Shade And Improve Airflow Around Your Garden

Like many lawn diseases, Dollar Spot occurs in damp conditions.

Reducing the amount of shade and improving airflow will have a big impact.

If buildings cast a lot of shade then chances are youll be limited in what you can do.

However, you can improve conditions by

  • Prune trees and remove low hanging branches trim back trees and try to make sure the lowest branches are at least 3 feet off the ground.
  • Prune thick bushes this will allow light and air to pass through them much more easily.
  • Replace fence panels granted, this is on the more extreme end but replacing solid fence panels with slotted fencing will greatly improve things.

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Abc Can Keep Your Yard Healthy

Yard fungus is unsightly and hard to diagnose and treat on your own. The professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services can help you determine what is affecting your yard and the best methods to treat any kind of condition so you not only protect your beautiful lawn from dying but also protect your investment of time and money. Well cut out the guesswork for you so you can focus on enjoying your outdoor spaces.

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Does Dollar Spot Go Away

Common Lawn Fungus and Diseases in Central Indiana

Dollar spot thrives under certain conditions if you remove those conditions and the weather becomes less conducive to this fungal infection, the lawn may improve of its own accord however, keep in mind that the fungus is still present. To prevent future outbreaks, youll want to take steps to control this lawn disease.

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What Is The Best Fungicide For Brown Patch

Azoxystrobin or pyraclostrobin are the best fungicides to use to treat brown patch fungus. These fungicides will control the fungus for 28 days, providing the longest time of protection than other fungicides.

Other fungicides will typically control brown patch fungus for 14 days. When purchasing your fungicide, look out for azoxystrobin or pyraclostrobin listed on the bottle.

When using the fungicide, follow the instructions on the label, but remember, it is best to treat the fungus as soon as you notice it!

Some Penetrant Fungicides Labeled For Control Of Dollar Spot Disease

Active ingredient according to class Fungicide class, FRAC code*, and plant mobility classification** Product name***
QoI, 11, acropetal penetrant + DMI, 3, acropetal penetrant Armada 50WG, Tartan Stressgard

*FRAC is an abbreviation for Fungicide Resistance Action Committee. The FRAC code/resistance group system consists of numbers indicating classes or groups of fungicides based on mode of action, and letters that refer to broad classifications of fungicides . Due to the risk of fungicide resistance, turf managers should avoid excessive use of fungicides within the same FRAC code/resistance group and alternate products among different FRAC codes/resistance groups.

**Plant mobility classification refers to a fungicide’s ability to penetrate plant surfaces or remain on plant leaf or stem surfaces without penetration. Fungicides that penetrate plant surfaces and are translocated mostly upwards through plant xylem tissues are called acropetal penetrants . Fungicides that enter plant cuticles or move limited distances in internal plant spaces, but do not translocate through vascular tissues are called local penetrants. Contact fungicides do not penetrate plant surfaces and only inhibit fungal pathogens residing on leaf and stem surfaces.

***Follow label precautionary statements, restrictions, and directions regarding tolerant turfgrass species, rates, and timing of applications.

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Aerate Your Lawn To Reduce Soil Compaction

Compacted soil causes moisture to sit on the surface of your lawn as it will be too hard to penetrate.

Spiking your lawn will improve drainage by creating tiny holes that allow water, are and nutrients into the soil.

Hollow tining removes cores of turf which creates spaces for compacted soil particles to relax into. This not only improves drainage and the penetration of air and nutrients, but it also softens the ground enough so the grass roots can develop and grow deeper.

Like scarifying, aerate your lawn in the Autumn.

What Causes Dollar Spot Disease

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease Before and After Treatment

There are three common reasons why dollar spot disease occurs. Letâs take a look at them.

1. Wet Conditions

This fungus likes wet and humid conditions. A combination of naturally-occurring dew and wet weather, as well as late-day irrigation and over-watering, are common factors in the development of this fungus. The longer water stays on your lawn, the more likely it is to develop this fungus.

2. Lacking Lawn Food

No lawn can be healthy without sufficient nutrients, which is why lawn fertilization is so important. When grass doesnât have sufficient nutrients it is more likely to be affected by dollar spot fungus, simply because it is weak.

3. Mowing Too Close

Finally, remember not to mow your lawn too close. A short lawn, with blades under three inches in length, is more likely to be affected by dollar spot fungus.

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How To Get Rid Of Lawn Fungus

Lawn fungus can happen anywhere and to anyones grass, no matter how well-cared for. Putting hours of work into maintaining a gorgeous lawn only to have these microorganisms move in and spoil things is frustrating. We get that. So to arm you with knowledge and confidence, weve compiled everything you need to know about lawn fungi and what you can do to stop them.

What Is Lawn Grass Rust Fungus

Rust is a fungal disease that occurs on turf grasses when their growth is slowed. This usually happens in late summer or early fall, during periods of dry weather or when the grass is low on nitrogen. Lawn rust can weaken the vigor of the grass and open it to other diseases and turf problems. Grass rust fungus spreads easily through its spores but rust fungus in lawns does not require fungicides in most cases.

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Can Brown Patch Be Cured

No, the brown patch cannot be cured as such. Instead, we can control and prevent the fungus from returning your grass to its former glory! There is a range of methods you can try, either on their own or with one another.

A fungicide can help to get rid of brown patch fungus. These are best for high-value ryegrass and bentgrass turf blends, while most lawns will revolver without chemical treatments.

Spray your fungicide as soon as symptoms appear in hot and humid environments .

To prevent brown patch fungus and stop it from reappearing once treated, reseed your lawn with resistant grass cultivars. These feature a moderate resistance to the Rhizoctonia fungus found in brown patch fungus.

If your grass is prone to fungus, this can be an excellent solution!

Avoiding over-fertilizing or fertilizing your grass during hot and humid conditions is the best way to prevent brown patch fungus from infecting your grass.

Improving the air circulation and watering the grass only when needed will also help prevent the fungus from rearing its ugly head again!

Get Rid Of Spots Not Dollars

Dollar Spot Lawn Fungus #dollarspot #lawndisease

If your lawn is struggling with dollar spot, its important to tackle the problem as soon as possible.

With a little time and care, your yard should recover from the lawn disease, but dont let it go until its too late. Reviving or replacing a yard damaged by dollar spot will only get more expensive with time.

If you need help handling a case of dollar spot infection or preventing dollar spot from coming back or just regular mowing, trimming, and edging just call one of our lawn care professionals.

Main photo credit: Scot Nelson / Flickr / Public domain

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If Dollar Spot Disease Is Affecting Your Lawn You Will Notice:

  • Straw-colored spots about the size of a silver dollar on closely mowed turf.
  • Grass in affected areas may die and the spots may merge to form larger, irregular patches.
  • In coarse-textured grass that is cut high, the dead spots are larger.
  • Leaf blades that have light tan spots with reddish-brown margins.
  • Early in the morning, you may be able to see a cobweb-like growth of the fungus over the infected area.

If you see these dollar spot symptoms on your property, Fairway Lawns can help! Extensive treatment with a fungicide may be necessary for dollar spot control and our lawn care experts can inspect your yard and determine the right course of action. If thatch is more than a half-inch, the lawn should be dethatched to remove excess. Whether fungicide treatment or dethatching is necessary, we can help restore your yard to its former glory!

How To Prevent Dollar Spot Disease

Finally, here are some good tips for preventing dollar spot turf disease, broken down into helpful bullet points.

  • Mow in the morning to help remove dew and prevent too much moisture from building up in the grass and the soil.
  • Improve air circulation in your yard by pruning shrubs and trees that are close to your lawn.
  • When overseeding, use the seed for a species of grass that is less susceptible to the fungus.
  • Try lightweight rolling.
  • Use organic fertilizers, composts, and biofungicides to help prevent the build-up of the fungus.

If youâre uncertain about any of these steps, consider hiring an expert from Earth Development. Our team of professionals maintains your lawn throughout the year, handling every element of lawn care and treatment.

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How To Prevent Doller Spots On The Lawn

People say prevention is better than treatment, and it goes the same in the case of dollar spot. So, we always take necessary steps to prevent dollar spots instead of waiting for them to appear on our lawn. The prevention method is nothing serious, and you can do it by yourself. As usual, its about some techniques you should always try to keep your lawn healthy.

Signs Of Dollar Spot Fungus

Lawn Disease 2020: Pythium vs Dollar Spot Pictures and Identification Strategies

Knowing what to look for is essential to both treating and preventing Dollar Spot.

As the name suggests, the first signs can be circular yellow patches about the size of an Australian one dollar coin. The water soaked lesions then become straw-like, with a reddish-brown margin.

On closely mowed grass, the patches are sunken and can join up to form larger irregular patches.

They can be mistaken for drought injury or fertiliser burn in taller lawns.

If youre not sure whats causing the damage, carry out an inspection early in the morning after a cool night or when theres heavy dew on the ground.

Look for fine threads resembling spider webs or cotton that disappear as the day warms up.

This is known as mycelium and is the way the fungus spreads from one leaf blade to another. Dollar Spot also can be spread by equipment, wind, soil, people and animals.

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How To Treat Dollar Spot

Once an infestation sets in, Dollar Spot can be challenging to treat. We recommend approaching the fungus on two frontsspecifically, fertilization, and fungicide. Application of an approved fungicide can kill the spores and prevent further spread, while careful fertilization will help your grass out-compete the invading fungus. Of course, this should be done carefully and by a trained professional, as over-fertilization can cause the fungus to spread more aggressively! Our team of experts is here to help. To learn more about how Blades of Green can help, contact us today!And rememberwhile effective treatment options are available, preventative maintenance is your most powerful tool to protect your lawn from Dollar Spot this summer.

Preventing Brown Patch Lawn Disease And Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

Because lawn disease can take over quickly, the best action truly is prevention. So often these diseases are already spreading even before they are on the homeowners radar. Thats why good lawn care habits are important.

For one, it is recommended that you water early in the morning which gives the sun time to dry your lawn out. When you water in the evening hours, that water sits on the lawn and creates a habitat that can breed fungal growth.

As we mentioned, mowing habits are also really important to a lawns health. You want to make sure that you are mowing with sharp, clean blades so that you prevent spreading disease. If you are using a professional mowing service, make sure that they are cleaning their mower deck so that they arent bringing a disease from one property to another.

It is also beneficial to implement preventative care. At Master Lawn, our Gold Program includes preventative turf disease treatments.

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How Is Dollar Spot Diagnosed

To determine the presence of dollar spot, inspect an individual blade of grass from a healthy looking part of the lawn. Then select a blade from an area just outside of a dead-looking patch of grass. Inspect the individual grass blades for a white lesion or spot that is pinched in the middle and looks like an hourglass. The lesion often occurs in the mid-section of the leaf blade and may have a purple margin. This bleached, hourglass-shaped lesion is characteristic of dollar spot.

What Are Dollar Spot Webs

Dollar Spot

Although small spots the size of a silver dollar are the hallmarks of dollar spot lawn disease, you may also notice mycelium or what appear to be small cottony strings that look like cobwebs on your lawn before the spots appear. If you spot what appears to be spider webs on areas of your lawn, you should take steps to control dollar spot right away before it can erupt throughout your lawn, killing susceptible grasses.

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Should I Water My Grass If It Has Fungus

It is important to treat the Fungus right away so that it does not spread throughout your lawn. It is recommended that you only water your lawn as much as it needs to be watered. Do not water more than once a week. Do not use chemical sprays or fertilizers to control the fungus.

Instead, use a fungicide such as Fungicide-Free Lawn Fertilizer, which is available at most garden centers and garden supply stores. This product is safe to use on lawns that have been treated with other fungicides, but it may not be effective on grass that is not treated. If you are unsure about the effectiveness of this product, contact your local garden center for more information.

Lawn Care Tips What Causes Dollar Spot And How To Control It From Overcoming Your Lawn

Infection by dollar spot appears as tan or straw-colored spots ranging in size from a quarter to that of a silver dollar sunken in the turf , which is how it gets its name. Occasionally, small cottony strings of the fungus can be seen growing from the diseased leaf blades. The fungus can spread if you walk on it and then walk to another part of your lawn, making dollar spot a serious problem if left untreated. Dollar spot can be more serious than it may first appear because the lawn disease kills the entire grass plant, often requiring reseeding.

Causes of Dollar Spot

  • Poor Watering If you are not watering correctly, you may be weakening your thatch and creating a lovely breeding ground for dollar spot. If you water too much and the water does not go deep enough, it ends up creating an environment where the lawn is wet but the soil and the roots of the grass are dry. Dollar spot thrives in this type of setting.
  • Grass Health Grass health is also an important part of improving dollar spot. Keeping your lawn in tiptop shape by watering it adequately, fertilizing it, and making sure it is kept at the proper height will keep your grass healthy, and healthy grass is much less prone to lawn diseases like dollar spot.
  • Grass Type While a bit more difficult to cure, some types of grass are more prone to dollar spot than others. So if your area has been extremely prone to dollar spot it may be worth considering a different type of grass that is more resistant to the disease.

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