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What Is The Best Lawn Trimmer Edger

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Sun Joe Trj13ste Electric Grass Trimmer

Lawn Edgers Explained! What’s the best lawn edger for a lawn care business?

This sun Joe trimmer is a fast and effective way to keep your lawn looking at its best. This trimmer edger starts instantly and reliably with a push button. And because its electric, theres never need to mess with gas, oil or tune ups or worrying about maintenance and cleaning toxic emissions. This sun Joe trimmer is backed with 2 years of warranty for performance and reliability you can count on. The powerful 4 amp motor equipped cuts a crisp. This trimmer is perfect for overgrown grass and heavy weeds. The 13 inch swatch is very easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Also, the rotating head can be quickly converted from trimming to edging with four degrees of cutting, combining the convince of two tools in one dynamic machine.


  • Ergonomic handle adjusts for comfort.
  • 2 year full warranty, ETL approved.
  • Flower guard protects against accidental trimmer contact.


  • Some user complains about its high charging time.

Should You Edge Your Driveway

If you dont edge your driveway, youll end up with grass thats longer on the border. For the best results, you should use a trimmer or edger to keep your grass low. Most mowers arent able to keep the boundary between your driveway and your lawn clean. It takes a little extra time to edge it, but your effort pays off. At the very least, your neighbors will definitely notice it!

Cordless String Trimmer Weed Wacker: 12v Power Grass Trimmer Lawn Edger With 20ah Li

  • HIGH POWER:The 10000RPM motor device can transmit more power from the motor to the automatic cutting blade, and the ultra-sharp cutting blade allows you to speed up the weeding.Both men and women can take care of the lawn in the garden more easily.
  • BIGGER BATTERY:2.0 Ah lithium battery can provide super battery life, and it can be fully charged in 1 hour, so you can lawn trim the garden and more weeds.
  • EASY HANDLING:String trimmer is only 3.7lbs. Lightweight and easy to operate, the height and handle of the lawn mower can be adjusted.At the same time equipped with a safety lock design, children can also easily use.
  • PROTECTION RING:The anti-collision metal protection ring can prevent the lawn mower from colliding and breaking the cutting blade.Not damage plants, landscape features and lawn decorations during pruning.
  • INCLUDES:12V Grass Trimmer, A 2mAh battery and fast charge,Five Cutting blade,A goggles,Two small screw wrench. 100% Replacement for defective items! Any problems please contact us.
  • Sweeper is ideal for clearing driveways, sidewalks, decks, garages
  • String trimmer features automatic feed spool No bumping required
  • Lightweight design, low noise levels
  • 20 volt max Lithium Ion 1.5Ah batteries. Nominal voltage is 18
  • String trimmer has lightweight design of only 4.5 pounds. Sweeper has lightweight design of only 3.7 pounds

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Types Of String Trimmers

When it comes to the technical aspects of these tools, there are some things to watch out for.

If you get a string trimmer and prefer to use gas, then there are different types of gas-powered string trimmers you can get.

The first one is a 2-cycle trimmer that requires a mixture of oil and gas, which means you will need to set aside a separate container for this trimmers fuel supply.

  • 25CC GAS ENGINE: QuickStart technology Engine to make pull starts easier.
  • CURVED SHAFT: Curved shaft design makes cutting and trimming parts of your lawn more…
  • DUAL LINE BUMP HEAD: Avoid interrupting your yard job! Simply tap the head on the ground…
  • . 095 INCH LINE: Thicker line for more durability and greater control getting those…
  • 16-INCH CUTTING SWATH: Trims wider sections of tall grass in less time. Spark Plug Gap is…

Cordless string trimmers are also on the market, but be prepared to recharge the batteries or change out the battery pack altogether a few times before finishing work on your lawn.

How about a cordless trimmer and edger in one?


Best Gas: Earthquake 23275 Walk

A Complete Guide To Buying The Best Electric Lawn Trimmer ...

While they do require more upkeep, gas-powered tools like the Earthquake Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger are extremely powerful and precise, making them a better choice for larger jobs. This high-end lawn edger is powered by a 79cc motor that spins a 9-inch steel blade at a speed of 3,400 revolutions per minute, and the pivoting head offers five different cutting angles to tackle any type of job.

This walk-behind lawn edger has a sturdy four-wheeled design, and you can easily adjust its depth, selecting from five settings between 0.5 and 3.5 inches. The unit includes a durable debris guard that protects you during operation, and it has a built-in holder where you can store hand tools. The Earthquake Lawn Edger is even powerful enough to be used for small trenching tasks, such as the installation of an electric fence.

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What Is The Easiest Lawn Edger To Use

  • Craftsman E405 4-Cycle Gas Lawn Edger.
  • WORX WG896 12 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Edger.
  • Ryobi ONE Lithium-Ion Cordless Edger.
  • Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger.
  • Garden Weasel Edge Chopper.
  • Greenworks 12 Amp Corded Edger 27032.
  • Ames Steel Handled Edger.
  • Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel.
  • Makita Xru09pt Lithium Ion Trimmer


    • Powerful, commercial like build quality
    • 2 lines for added cutting power with bump feed
    • Up to 60 minute run time


    • Expensive compared to competitors
    • Shaft on the shorter side not ideal for tall people

    The Makita XRU09PT is about as close to a commercial grade weed whacker as you are going to get with a battery powered model. It is extremely well built with just the right amount of functions to limit repairs.

    Its 2 battery system is great and provides plenty of power and long run time. It also charges fairly quickly which is a nice bonus compared to competitors.

    The bump head works well and the line provided is strong enough for most homeowners and some professionals.

    It is on the expensive side which may steer some people away from it, but if you are looking for a durable trimmer, you should strongly consider this one.

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    Best Budget String Trimmer And Edger

    Like some of the other options on this list, the WORX WG154 is a string trimmer and edger combined. It converts quickly, making it easy to use. Although the battery doesnt last for long, you can save yourself some juice by switching to the energy-saving mode. The cutting head drops from 12-inches to 10-inches, which demands less power.

    Because this trimmer only weighs six pounds, almost anyone can use it without too much exertion. The low weight also makes it easy to maneuver. If youre worried about damaging your flowers, you can use the adjustable spacer for protection. To remove the spacer, you simply flip it up.

    This product is easy to use and comes with an ergonomic handle. Although its priced lower than most other string trimmers, this trimmer doesnt skimp on comfort. If youre looking for a budget-friendly string trimmer that is easy to use, then the Worx WG154 should be at the top of your list.

    Best Corded Weed Whacker

    The #1 BEST Trimmer, Blower & Edger For Lawn Pros

    More than 9,000 Amazon reviewers have given this Greenworks model a 4.5-star average rating, which is extra impressive given its low price tag. Using a corded model means you can run as long as you’re plugged in, and you carry slightly less weight thanks to the lack of fuel tank or battery pack. Just make sure you’ve got an extension cord long enough to reach the edge of your lawn.

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    Our Pick: Ego St1511t Power+ String Trimmer With Powerload

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $200.

    Of all the trimmers weve tested, the Ego ST1511T Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload combines raw cutting power, finesse, handling, convenience, and run time in a way none of the others do. It also has the easiest line-load system weve tested, as well as a telescoping shaft and quick handle adjustment, to accommodate people of all heights. All of the Ego trimmers weve tested have marathon-like run times, often outlasting the others by nearly 40% . The ST1511T has the power to slice through dense grass, gnarly weeds, and even 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed without slowing down. All of this cutting ability is harnessed with a smooth, variable-speed trigger, which makes delicate work just as easy as brute-force clear-cutting. Though none of the trimmers we tested were quiet, the Ego ST1511T had the nicest sound, emitting a low-pitched hum, rather than the high, squealing whine of some of the others. This Ego completes the package with great balance, comfortable grips, and a simple bump-feed line advance.

    On thick Japanese knotweed, the Ego blazed right through 1-inch-thick stalks like they werent even there.

    If you do get stranded with an empty battery, the Egos charger can deliver a full battery in about 40 minutes. If youd rather have the assurance of a second battery , additional ones are available, ranging from about $150 to $400, depending on ampere hours.

    How Are Trimmer/edgers Powered

    There are three main designs for how trimmer/edgers receive their power. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.


    Trimmers and edgers have been offered in gas-powered models for quite some time. This style has been fading out, mostly due to weight, motor longevity, maintenance, and noise. The option is clear for most consumers: if you have an average size yard, you are almost certainly better off with an electric-powered trimmer/edger.

    Corded Electric

    Some trimmers and edgers are offered in a corded model. Several of the units from our test were corded models. These units are great in that you do not have to remember to charge the batteries, however, you are limited to the range of your longest extension cord. The cord also tends to get in the way. The corded models are sometimes slightly lighter than the battery-powered models.


    The battery-powered models are the most popular of the trimmer/edgers with modern-day homeowners. These units can run for upwards of one hour, leaving plenty of time to complete the job. With no cord constantly getting in the way or having to mix your gas and oil for the evening, it is no wonder why these units are consistently the top choice.

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    Worx Wg191 56v String Trimmer

    The WORX WG191 is a powerful, professional-grade string trimmer for homeowners willing to pay a premium price. Its 56-volt battery packs enough cutting power to take down thick grass and overgrown weeds.

    The variable speed control feature extends the batterys run time because it lets you use more power when you need it for tough spots and less power when you dont, to give the battery a break.

    This trimmer is versatile, with a cutting head that pivots 90 degrees to reach any angle.

    Like many of our other top picks, you can convert the WG191 from a weed eater to a wheeled edger. Transitioning between the two tools is as easy as pushing a button.

    Controlling the length of the trimmer line is easy, too, with WORXs Command Feed system that also works with the press of a button located conveniently on the handle.

    One other factor that sets the WG191 apart from our other top recommendations as a premium pick is that it holds a thicker 0.08-inch string.

    A thicker string might not seem like a big deal, but its more durable than the conventional 0.065-inch strings used in most residential weed eaters, and its part of the reason the WG191 can slice through thicker growth than our other top picks.


    Some users reported that the tool isnt balanced well and handles awkwardly Users reported that this machine can run as loud as gas power tools WORX batteries typically die after a few years and are expensive to replace

    Ego St1502sf Battery Powered String Trimmer

    Best Electric String Trimmer Edger Grass Weed Cutter


    • 56 Volt motor runs with 5 year warranty


    • Brand needs better customer service
    • Difficult to reload string in some instances

    EGO has been making quality cordless products for a long time now. They were some of the first to start to use high voltage batteries. The ST1502SF is another excellent product.

    I am tall , so I can really appreciate the longer shaft at 49. It is much easier on my back when Im using this tool for extended periods of time.

    The 56 Volt battery in combination with the 15 swath and brushless motor are close to as powerful as gas models. Its plenty for most homeowners.

    I have heard that EGO needs to improve response time from their customer service team. They offer a great warranty , which lets you know they stand behind their products.

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    Understanding String Trimmers And Lawn Edgers

    Most people view lawn mowers as the most important product for their yard, but other products are just as vital. String trimmers and lawn edgers can’t mow the lawn, but they will help give your yard a well-manicured look. String trimmers are used to trim the grass in tight spots that a lawn mower can’t reach, like along a fence, under decks or near delicate plants and shrubs. On the other hand, lawn edgers are used to clean up borders along sidewalks and driveways. Before you purchase a string trimmer or lawn edger, it’s helpful to learn the different types of products available.

    What Makes A Stihl Trimmer Better

    We live in a throwaway world.Everybody wants the latest and greatest gadget. That means were typicallylooking to replace our things within a year or two of purchase. Its no wondermanufacturers arent too concerned about their products lasting, since werejust going to move on in a couple of years anyway.

    That type of thinking can be expensive when it comes lawn equipment that can easily cost you a few hundred dollars. The folks at STIHL certainly think so.

    Thats why theyve stuck with an old fashioned approach that relies on quality products, a strong dealership network, and a warranty thats second to none in the industry. Quality and reliability are the two things that make STIHL trimmers better.

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    How To Make A Lawn Trimmer Last Long

    The average lifespan of a string trimmer varies greatly based on how often it is used, the scope of the demands placed on it, and how it has been cared for. To ensure that your model lasts, make sure to follow the general maintenance and upkeep guidelines as described in your user manual by the manufacturer.

    The first thing you need to do, is either run your tool until the gas tank is empty and it dies on its own. Next, you need to clean the fuel tank with a metal brush and a rag. Once your tank is clean, you should replace the fuel filter on the end of the fuel line.

    Now you must clean the rest of your tool. Use your brush away the debris or grass clippings from the cutting head, air vents, and air filter cover. Lastly, store your weed whacker in a dry place, so that damp air doesnt damage the tools internal engine components.

    Also, make sure that you use an appropriate extension cord if you are using a corded model, since this will prevent the motor from burning out.

    Best Value Weed Whacker

    â Edger: Best Lawn Edger (Buying Guide)

    Get the benefits of Black+Decker’s expertise at a budget price point. Reviewers express concern about the rate at which this trimmer goes through string due to its auto feed system and the fact that its port can’t fit a three-prong extension cord, but they like its low, easily maneuverable weight and powerful cutting abilities.

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    Black+decker Lste523 String Trimmer

    If you are looking for an affordable, emission-free, and lightweight lawn edger that has plenty of power for all your trimming and edging tasks, the BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 String Trimmer is your ideal gardening buddy.

    As well as being able to deliver an excellent cutting action for a small-sized yard, it can be easily maneuvered for edging around flower beds and it can even tackle tough weeds.

    This versatile gardening tool can be easily converted from a trimmer into a wheeled edger, so you get 2 tools in 1. Its telescopic shaft can be easily adjusted according to your desired height, and the adjustable handle gives you that extra control. The Easy Feed system allows you to advance your line with the push of a button with no bumping required.

    The edger/trimmer comes with a 20-volt lithium battery and the POWERDRIVE Transmission gives long-lasting torque which you can control through the dual-mode switch. You can choose the amount of power depending on the level of cutting or edging that is required. If you are doing some light edging, you can conserve the battery for those tougher edging tasks.


    What Are The Rewards Of Using A Trimmer Edger Combo

    After reading the features of each model in this list, youve seen how powerful they are in caring for your lawn.

    Consequently, theres no need to buy a separate trimmer and edger to accomplish your tasks. By using a battery-powered weed whacker and edger, you cut your working time in half.

    You also save up cash because some models can be even converted into a mower. Likewise, you save money because theres no need to purchase oil and gas. All you need is a socket and you can power up your batteries again.

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    Dewalt Dcst970x1 Flexvolt Brushless Weed Eater

    Best Residential Battery-Powered String Trimmer

    The DEWALT DCST970X1 FLEXVOLT is a powerful, battery-operated weed eater. With variable controls, you can easily adjust the trimmer’s RPM to cut through grass, weeds, and small brush. The 60-volt battery lasts about an hour before you need to swap batteries or recharge. Since the engine doesn’t idle when it’s not in use, this machine is quieter than gas-powered weed eaters. Plus, the battery-powered design leads to less overall maintenance. Instead of a pull-cord, you can start this trimmer with the easy push of a button. Some users report issues, with string becoming jammed in the included bump head, but you can easily swap the head out for another if this becomes an issue.

    Cutting WidthPower SourceWeight

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