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Where Are Greenworks Lawn Mowers Made

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Greenworks Vs Ego: Who Makes The Best Lawn Mowers

GreenWorks G-MAX 20â? 40V Cordless Twin Force Mower: Product Review | Gardening Products Review

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Buying a new lawnmower may seem like an easy job. But as soon as you peek into the market, youll realize its not.

With so many brands out there to pick from, it becomes a slightly daunting experience. Luckily, two brands stand out among the many options out there: Greenworks and EGO.

Today, we want to compare Greenworks vs EGO and find out which ones offer the highest-quality mowers. So this article is going to be tons of fun as well as pretty education.

Are you ready to learn everything about the lawn mowers of these two brands? Then head down!

  • Bottom Line: Which One to Go For?
  • Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G

    The first top lawn mower brand well discuss is GreenWorks. Their models are top sellers on Amazon and they ve racked up hundreds of 5-star reviews. Consumer Reports said that the GreenWorks push mowers are among the most durable on the market. Only 15% of owners reported that their GreenWorks mower had broken down by the 4th year of use.

    The 25302 is a perfect example of the best qualities in a GreenWorks mower. Its packed with features and is convenient and simple to use. Its a 3-in-1, so it mulches, bags, and discharges. The accessories swap out without the need to use any tools. It has twin 10-inch blades which give it a total cutting width of 20-inches. The grass gets a nice clean cut, and the mower is powerful enough to mulch leaves, too. If youre cutting thick grass and you notice that the mower isnt working as well, slowing down your walking speed generally helps. Its impressive that a battery-powered mower works this well.

    But just because the 25302 is battery-powered doesnt mean it wont run long enough to finish the yard. The 40-volt 4Ah battery gives it up to 60 minutes of runtime. If you hit a tough spot, the engine senses it and works harder. If its smooth going, the engine throttles back to save power. The 25302 has slots for two batteries, so it can switch to the second one if the first battery runs out of power. All the batteries for the mower are also compatible with other GreenWorks power tools, like their weed trimmer.

    Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews In 2022 With Buyers Guide

    Buying the best Greenworks lawn mower can be an overwhelming process, with so many options and factors to consider. With our in-depth 5 Greenworks lawn mower reviews and buying guide, were here to help you find the right one for your needs. Whether you need something lightweight for easy maneuverability or want a powerful machine that will tackle even the toughest of yards, Greenworks has a great option for you! Well show you how to choose between gas or electric models and give you the information on all of their products so that choosing is easy. So what are you waiting for? Get started browsing today!

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    History Of Greenworks Lawn Mowers

    As already mentioned, the Greenworks brand was started in 2002 by entrepreneur Lin Chen who would go on to be named the Ernst & Young 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year in China. Chen has an ambition to eliminate gas powered tools from the yard and replace them with efficient, reliable electric powered devices. Preferably those made by his company.To enable his ambitious plan, Chen introduced a 24 hour R& D cycle where engineers in one time zone hand off their projects to engineers in a downstream time zone so that development, in effect, never stops. His plan was initially greeted with skepticism, but history has proven him to be forward-thinking. In just a few years Chens company, Globe Tools Group, , went from a small Chinese startup based in Changzhou to an international powerhouse in the lawn and garden space with a global presence and an ever-expanding line of innovative corded and cordless mowers.In 2016, Globe Tools Group received a sizable cash infusion from German chainsaw manufacturer Stihl. It wasnt disclosed exactly how big a chunk of Globe Tools that Stihl purchased, but industry rumors were that it was a substantial stake.Recently, Greenworks announced their plans to market a battery powered zero turn mower in the US. The mower would have a 2-3 hour run time and would be the first battery powered riding mower available to US consumers. I look forward to adding that to our list of Greenworks lawn mower reviews in the near future.

    Top 5 Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews

    Who Makes Greenworks Lawn Mowers?

    The lawn mower is one of the most important pieces of equipment youll use in your garden. You can cut down on costs by using a push reel or electric mower, but if you want to get the job done quickly and easily, a gas-powered model will be best for you. Heres what we found out about five popular models from Greenworks: their features, pros and cons, reviews from customers who have bought them already, prices, and where theyre available.

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    Who Makes Greenworks Lawn Mowers

    Greenworks is the pioneer in battery-powered outdoor power instruments for DIY consumers and landscaping professionals. The company distributes Greenworks-branded and private label products, as well as products for an extensive network of Original Equipment Companies.

    Greenworks has a strong line of products which includes 24-volt, 40-volt, 60-volt, 80-volt, and popular-grade 82-volt battery-powered outdoor power tools And with a full line of corded tools, and some reel mowers, Greenworks offers the proper tool for every job.

    Now, you may have a question, who makes Greenworks lawn mower? Well, letâs find the answer with some other important facts about this leading lawn mowers brand.

    How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower

    Always consider the lawn size. For example, you should only choose a push mower or self-propelled mower for smaller areas, else the task is more complicated, and you may do better with a riding mower.

    The terrain also makes a difference. If you are mowing on flat lawns, most of the standard options should work for you. For areas that have too main fountains or landscaping elements, zero-turn radius mowers are better.

    Brand also makes a difference. Are Kobalt and Greenworks the same? Every brand is different but names like Kobalt and Greenworks are respected, especially for home lawn needs and for smaller areas.

    Check the power source, which can be gas or electricity. Most people prefer the latter, but the gas-powered ones generally offer more runtime and power but require more maintenance and care. Gas-powered lawn mowers are not super easy to use.

    Finally, consider the Deck size. If the Deck size is big, it means that the mower has more blades and that can get the job done quickly.

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    Greenworks Lawn Mower : Reviews

    Greenworks is a brand that many people are interested in, but not all of them know what Greenworks has to offer. Greenworks Lawn Mowers are some of the best on the market right now. Whether you want to get rid of your gas-powered mower or you need something more powerful, Greenworks offers an excellent range for every type of customer. If youre looking for reviews about Greenworks products, this article will give you insights into why they are so popular!

    How to Use a Greenworks Lawn Mower?

    You are probably wondering, Are GreenWorks lawn mowers any good? Well here is your answer: these mowers have a long life and can be used for many different types of terrain. They come with high-quality blades that make cutting the grass easier than most other models on the market today!

    Greenworks products seem to offer some great features such as having a longer blade life, being able to handle various terrains well , coming with quality-made blades which dont need replacing often like what you would find in general competitors brands.

  • Factors to Consider When Buying a Greenworks lawn mower
  • Are Greenworks Lawnmowers Any Good

    Greenworks Best Battery Mower ever made, No exceptions !! Full Review 25 inch Dual Battery & Blade

    You are probably wondering, Are GreenWorks lawnmowers any good? Well here is your answer: these mowers have a long life and can be used for many different types of terrain. They come with high-quality blades that make cutting the grass easier than most other models on the market today!

    Greenworks products seem to offer some great features such as having a longer blade life, being able to handle various terrains well , coming with quality-made blades which dont need replacing often like what you would find in general competitors brands.

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    Warranty & Customer Experience

    The warranty for these two brands is pretty decent. Yet, it is safe to say that one offers a few extra advantages over the other.

    For example, Greenworks delivers a 4-year warranty for parts and batteries.

    This is an excellent warranty for most people, especially occasional consumers.

    Then you have EGO, offering up to 5 years on parts and 3 years on the battery.

    But if youre using the lawn mower as a professional or company, then the warranties go to 2 and 1 years accordingly.

    So you could say Greenworks is a bit fairer when it comes to its warranty. As for customer service, they both perform amazingly well so theres no point of comparison.

    Is Ryobi Made In China

    If youre looking for American made tools, Ryobi is not the brand that youll want to choose. It was thought that the brand had their tools in the 80s and early 90s manufactured in the US, but theyre now made primarily in China. The US plant is designated for manufacturing many of the accessories offered by Ryobi.

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    Greenworks Mo40b411 17 40v Cordless Battery Electric Lawn Mower

    Just like the 16 and 14 decks the adjustments on the 17 is the same. Using a single lever with 5 deck positions on offer.

    If you need to go lower in your cuts then none of the Greenworks range will suit your cut height. Maybe down the track, they will add a lower height until then were all out of luck.

    In saying that, Greenworks 17-inch battery operated lawn mower uses the latest lithium-ion batteries that are 47% lighter than traditional battery mowers.

    Comes standard with the 40-volt 4 Amp Hour battery and charger or you can opt to just buy the mower on its own.

    You should be able to get around a third of an acre mowed with a fully charged battery. If you have a smaller size garden or lawn these cordless lawn mowers may be a better option for you.

    Shop Battery And Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

    Who Makes Greenworks Lawn Mowers?

    Cordless battery lawn mowers have come a long way from even a few years ago. Long gone are the days of needing to be tethered by a heavy-duty extension cord or needing to change out batteries halfway through your lawn mowing! Using our high power, high-capacity rechargeable battery packs, you will be able to knock out your weekend mowing with ease. Modern battery lawn mowers have many benefits, including ease of storage, quick startup, quiet operation, and more! For people with smaller to medium sized yards, it is easier and more convenient to use a cordless electric lawn mower instead of using one with a gas engine. Once youâve converted, youâll never want to go back.


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    Overall Winners For Best Electric Lawn Mowers: Ego Lm2102sp And Lm2142sp

    Highlights: Both models fold up easily for storage, have weather-resistant construction, and have a 21-inch deck size, with 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, side discharge options.

    Battery type Lithium ion 7.5 Ah / 2 x 5 Ah
    60 mins / 45
    Product link

    The EGO 2102SP is a 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower that includes a 7.5 Ah battery and charger, and offers 60 minutes of cutting time and a 60 minute charge time. With more than 6,000 5-star reviews at Home Depot online and a reputation elsewhere for high performance and usability, the Ego is a top pick for an electric lawn mower that can easily handle larger lawns. You can also buy the 2102SP model without battery or charger for $450 .

    This mower delivers the same high torque as gas-powered mowers without the air pollution and noise, and at a lower price! If your lawn area is half an acre or more, this monster of a mower might be your new best friend. It even boasts headlights, so you can do a spot of evening mowing should you wish.

    One big plus for the Ego is that huge collector bag, which means you can mow a large area of lawn without having to stop to empty the bag. The downside here, of course, is that the machine becomes quite heavy by the end of your run. Happily, this model doesnt seem to lose traction at the front when the bag is nearing capacity, unlike some other models.

    Why Choose Battery Over Gas For Your Yard Tools

    Gas is still the first line of defense when it comes to raw power for grooming a yard but battery-powered varieties have made serious headway in recent years. The ability to simply charge and go, not having to deal with the hassles that go along with combustion-based small engines, can be really enticing.

    If you lack the knowledge or inclination to perform preventative maintenance and repair on small engines, a battery-powered approach may be the perfect solution.

    Also, if you have a smaller yard, battery-powered lawn tools can often give you the best bank for the buck, saving you money in the long term in gas and maintenance expenses.

    To get a better understanding of this, I recommend you read my in-depth article Gas vs Electric: 6 Reasons To Use Battery-Powered Yard Tools.

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    Factors To Consider When Buying A Greenworks Lawn Mower

  • What is the size of your lawn and how often do you cut it.
  • What type of terrain you have.
  • How much time you want to spend on maintenance.
  • What features are important to you .
  • How often do you mow the lawn and what is your budget for a new mower.
  • Do you want an environmentally friendly or more traditional gas-powered model.
  • What are the benefits of using a GreenWorks lawn mower.
  • How does the Greenworks Lawn Mower compare to other brands and models.
  • Is it worth investing in this type of lawnmower for your home or business?
  • What are some maintenance tips for keeping your GreenWorks running smoothly?
  • How do you know if its time to replace your old one with a new one.
  • Do you want a push reel-type or self-propelled type?
  • Think about where you want to store the mower if its small, consider a cordless model.
  • Look for features like mulching capability, an adjustable height handle, and safety features such as a blade brake.
  • Buy from reputable brands with good warranties in case something goes wrong while using the product.
  • Avoid cheap knock-offs that will break quickly and need to be replaced again soon after purchase.
  • They Produce In Their Own Factories

    GreenWorks 40V Brushless Lawnmower from Canadian Tire

    The people behind the Greenworks brand are practically Globe Group. This is comparatively a new company. The company is a frontrunner in the outdoor-tools world that leaves fossil fuels and electric cords behind the demands.

    They have subsidiaries all over the world. All skills, ranging from research and construction to production, exist within the Globe Group. Thus, they do control the entire supply chain, guaranteeing superior efficiency, quality, and ability to meet consumer needs.

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    Greenworks Glm801601 Lawn Mower

    Out of all the Greenworks lawnmowers that we have put on our list, the GLM801601 model had the longest running time. Its also the most powerful lawnmower on our list. It did an incredible job of cutting the grass while we were mowing our lawn with it in bagging mode. It also performed well in mulching mode.

    The GLM801601 mower features a heavy-duty steel deck. The handles are connected using thumb dials. But you have to make sure to tighten them as much as possible. Otherwise, the handle may become loose.

    Features and benefits:

    Runtime: Two fully charged 80V batteries power this mower. Youll get a total runtime of 60 minutes.

    Smart Cut Technology: This mower can adjust its speed according to the ruggedness of the grass. Thats because the GLM801601 mower is equipped with load sensing technology.

    Motors: Brushless motors power this mower. In fact, it has enough power to cut tall, thick grass. It neither causes any kind of noise, nor does it release any fumes.

    Type of Mowing: Its a 3-in-1 mower, and thus its capable of bagging, mulching, and side discharge.

    This mower will provide you smooth operation, and it wont cause any kind of noise. Its one of the best cordless mowers made by Greenworks that you can consider to have.

    Are Greenworks Mowers Good


    . Also know, are greenworks Mowers any good?

    Recommendation. We like the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch Self-Propelled Mower for the homeowner that has a 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre space to maintain. It has a solid build and some new, convenient features. Buy if you’re looking for a solid battery-powered walk-behind mower with a great warranty.

    which is the best battery lawn mower? The best electric lawnmowers, in order

  • Cobra MX3440V. The best cordless mower for small lawns.
  • Greenworks GD60LM46SP. The best self-propelled cordless mower for large gardens.
  • Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0.
  • Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex.
  • FlyMo Mighti Mo 300Li.
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