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Where To Dump Old Lawn Mower

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Can I Take A Lawn Mower To The Dump

Lawn mower stunt! Dump picked old lawn mower on a rope! Mowing grass on a hill with Craftsman 6.5hp

You can NOT take an old, broken lawn mower to a dumpsite. A gas-powered mower has harmful residual oils and gasoline, which may leak to the surrounding soil and water, causing pollution. Dangerous fumes from the mower may also escape to the surrounding air and be fatal if you breathe them in.

Another reason to avoid taking a mower to a dumpsite is that the local waste management authority in your area may prohibit disposing of such landscape equipment to a dumpsite.

If caught dumping a mower on a dumpsite, the authorities can impose a fee on you.

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  • Why You Need To Recycle

    Metal components are expensive to manufacture and consume a lot of energy. They take a lot of time and materials to make, which may add up when you consider how much we consume. This is why it is critical for us to preserve and recycle wherever possible. By going the additional mile to recycle and reuse our metal components, we not only save money on valuable resources, but we can also inspire our friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

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    Why Is Throwing Away Your Lawn Mower Bad For The Environment

    Two reasons. Firstly, anyone abandoning his or her mower without going through the proper disposal process probably either doesnt care or doesnt know that they should empty out all the fluids.

    Petrol lawn mowers will have gas sitting in one compartment and engine oil in another. If these fluids are not removed, you know that at some point they will find there way into the ground or the nearest body of water. Improper lawn mower disposal is not just bad for the environment either the liquids represent a health hazard to humans. If that werent enough, its also a fire hazard.

    Secondly, the metal and plastic parts of the lawn mower wont do the environment any good sitting in the ground. Every bit of scrap metal recycled reduces our need for new metal just a tiny bit.

    Donate To Friends Family Or A Neighbor

    How to Get Rid of Old Lawn Mower?

    Other than donating the mower to charity and nonprofit organizations, a quicker method to donate it is asking around among your friends or family who may want to use the mower. The mower should be in good working condition. Ask your neighbors too if they would love the mower.

    Make arrangements with the family, friend, or neighbor on how they will pick the mower. They might come for it from your place or use a truck to take it to them. Either way, you will have the mower out of your way.

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    How Do I Dispose Of An Old Lawn Mower Uk

    Unwanted or broken lawnmowers should be taken to a Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Alternatively, if the item is still in good working condition, you might like to donate them to charity, a community group or an organisation such as Workaid which ships unwanted tools and equipment for use in Africa.

    Caution: Drain The Mower Before Dumping

    Before disposing of a gas lawn mower, drain the oils and gasoline from it.

    If you dont know how to drain, call a mechanic to help you remove them. Otherwise, drain it yourself. Drainage should be done 24 hours before disposing of the mower.

    Heres how to drain lawn mower oil before dumping:

  • Siphon the oil and gasoline from the tank using a hose pipe. Let the oil pour into clean plastic or metal container.
  • Remove the oil drain plug and pour the oil into a container.
  • Remove spark plug wire, tilt the mower on the side and let the carburetor face upwards.
  • Remove the bolts holding the blades and slide them off the mower.
  • Place a can under the mower and remove the reservoir oil plug to drain the oil into the can.
  • Seal the container after draining all the oil into it.
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    Getting Rid Of Lawn Mowers In Other Ways

  • 1Donate your lawn mower to a charitable organization if it still works well. Call around to different charities and thrift stores in your area and ask if they accept working lawn mowers. Drop off your lawn mower when you find one that is willing to accept it.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • Keep in mind that some big charities, such as Goodwill, do not accept lawn mowers because of environmental concerns. However, many smaller local thrift shops would likely be happy to take it off your hands and flip it for a low price.
  • Some charitable organizations, like Salvation Army, offer pick-up services. This is a good option if you donât have any way to transport the mower yourself.
  • 2Sell your lawn mower if it works well and you want to make some extra money. Put your lawn mower up for sale on a classifieds site. Look for similar items to get an idea of how much to sell it for or just put a low price to get rid of it fast.XResearch source
  • Try putting up ads on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay.
  • This is another good way to get rid of a lawn mower if you donât have a way to transport it to a donation facility or recycling center. Usually, when people buy something used online it is up to them to transport it.
  • Tip: For the best chances of selling your lawn mower, list it in spring or summer when people are most likely to need a new lawn mower.

    How To Dispose Of Old Lawn Mowers

    Lawn Mower Boneyard and Recycling

    28 January, 2010

    Riding tractors and walk-behind mowers cut the time it takes to mow the lawn, but no matter what type you use, eventually it needs replaced. Deciding what to do with the old one depends on the condition its in and how enterprising you are. Some mowers can be sold for a little money, but you may prefer to donate it or recycle it.

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    Intro To Recycling Old Lawn Mowers

    But first, can you recycle a lawn mower? Its hard to know since recycling anything other than everyday paper, plastic, metal, and glass can be a bit of a mystery.

    Because lawn mowers are generally made of metal and rigid plastic components, they are, essentially, recyclable. But, put simply, having an old lawn mower recycled is a little more complicated than chucking it in the blue bin.

    Before we go any further into lawn mower recycling, its important that no matter what you do with your old lawn mower, you must make sure it is completely drained of oil and gasoline.

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    Which Is The Best Way To Dispose Of An Old Lawn Mower

    While there are several ways to get rid of an old mower, the obvious best way is to look for someone willing to buy it at a fair price. That way, you get some cash as well as get the equipment off your hands, win-win.

    That being said, if your lawnmower is broken or you arent particularly interested in making money from it, then you can choose the best way to dispose of it from the ones listed above.

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    Share Equipment Between Neighbors

    Making the switch to manual or electric lawn mowing? Great! But you can cut down on waste even further by sharing equipment with your neighbors. After all, most of your mowers life is spent in your shed or garage it could easily be used by multiple people.

    Sharing devices not only cuts down on materials used, but also on cost you only have to buy a third or a half of a lawn mower. You can either pocket the difference or spend it on getting a better model.

    How Do I Get Rid Of An Old Riding Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower Disposal

    If you want to get rid of your old tools like a riding lawn mower or push mower and dont want to add to a landfill but dont have the time or tools to haul it yourself, having a professional junk removal service pick up and haul away your old lawn mower to be recycled or donated is the perfect solution.

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    Why Do Other Junk Haulers Charge So Much

    First Haulaways is locally owned and operated so all the tax dollars stay right here. Other companies are most likely big franchises that charge the owner a franchise fee plus a percent of gross profits and they must buy from where the mother company buys from and use their insurance which most of the time is not the best or at the right price meaning the customer pays a higher end price. Other lazy junk haulers buy what we call out of the box junk removal where some guy thinks hes a guru in junk removal sells a marked up heavily business package which includes a call center, Google ads manager, over priced trucks and so on. You guessed it! You the consumer pays more.

    Haulaways is a debt free company and we have worked out contracts that gives us the lowest possible price on equipment and things like insurance along with our safety record we get big discounts so we just pass those savings on to you the customer. This way its a win /win situation. That is why they will never quote or estimate unless they are face to face so they can sucker you in to a bad deal. A good example is the Order online save 20 dollars What they are really saying if you just randomly called them they would over charge you on purpose. Even with the $20 dollar discount Haulaways is still cheaper and a faster service.

    How To Dispose Of A Lawn Mower

    One of the things you should consider when disposing a lawn mower is to do it based on your preference. This way, you wont be stressing over it if you cannot commit to the level of difficulty your chosen disposal choice has. Go for a way thatll give you minimal stress and one that suits your budget, time, location, and energy.

    However, take note of some important points before deciding for a disposal option for your old mower: Some areas or states may have special rules for disposing old mowers due to environmental concerns. You may want to contact your local waste manager to ask for possible disposal options. Also, never put your old lawn mower on the curb as youll get fined for doing so. Putting your broken mower on the road poses safety concerns for drivers in your neighborhood.

    If your lawn mower uses gasoline, you should drain it first before throwing it. Oil residues and dangerous fuel are bad for lawn mower disposal. Keeping the oil creates leakage that may seep through catch basins and water systems of waste disposal centers. You dont want to bring chemicals or pollutants into the environment. Other option is to look for a professional to do the oil draining instead of doing it by yourself.

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    How Do You Dispose Of Old Gas From A Lawn Mower

    Most county recycling agencies and local recycling centers will take gas at no cost to you. First, though, youll need to siphon out the gas. We recommend using a manual siphon with a pump to get it out and then make sure you store it in a suitable container. Remember, its a fire risk, so keep it in a safe place away from open flames and other sources of heat.

    The Method Of Disposal

    Funky Old Scotts Gas Lawnmower Rescued From Dump. Sell Grass Seed? Sell A way to Cut Too!

    One thing to keep in mind while disposing of a lawnmower is to do it according to your preferences.

    This way, you wont be stressed if you cant commit to your preferred disposal options amount of complexity.

    Choose a method that will cause you the least amount of stress that fits your money, timeframe, area, and ability.

    What is the extent of the damage? Is it still possible to repair your mower? Is the wreckage truly that large that you need to get rid of it quickly?

    Are you ready to put up with the hassle of having it fixed at the nearest manufacturing facility or repair shop?

    If it cant be mended, its time to get rid of it. However, if the damage is minor and it may still be used, you should reconsider giving it away.

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    Return To The Supplier

    Another option that may be available to you is to take the battery and return it to the original supplier or manufacturer. If you can remember who you got the battery from in the first place, you can contact them and dispose of the battery. Since 2010, any shop that sold more than 32KG a year would have to provide some kind of store collection for the batteries to make it easy for the customer to dispose of these batteries on their own. You can always contact the supplier to see if they are able to deal with the battery for you.

    Selling Your Old Lawn Mower

    People dispose of old lawn mowers for a lot of different reasons. It can be because of damage or simply because they no longer need or want it.

    If your old lawn mower is still in fairly good condition, you can still make money out of it by selling it.

    A lot of people buy second-hand lawn mowers to cut costs. There are also those who buy used models to repair and resell.

    You can bring your old lawn mower out in a yard sale or post a listing online. Some sites that you can consider include:

    • eBay
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • LetGo

    But heres one thing to consider when selling your old lawn mower: make sure to inform the potential buyers of damages, use duration, etc.

    Making money out of it is good, but not to the point when someone else gets harmed. Help your potential buyers make wise, informed, and safe decisions.

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    Recycle Your Lawn Mower

    Nowadays, you can recycle almost anything, even your old lawnmower. Many local recycling centers will recycle your lawnmowers at little or no cost to you.

    But it would be better to contact them and ask beforehand about the whole process, so you are mentally prepared.

    At the very least, youll need to drain the fuel to empty the engine before dropping it off at the recycling centre.

    Some local authorities and municipalities will take up your bulky goods for recycling if you order them in advance.

    Most localities, however, demand you to drop it off yourself. You can either hire someone to transport your goods to a local recycling center or do it yourself.

    If you choose to hire someone, you will obviously have to pay them and drain the fuel before handing it over.

    You should also be careful to choose the recycling center wisely.

    Make sure that they do not conduct the recycling process near the landfills where the fuels leak and other toxic chemicals might mix up with water, air, or soil.

    Sell The Metal Part Of Your Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower Disposal

    If youve exhausted the other solutions or are looking for different ideas, another solution is to sell the metal to a metal dealer. Scrap dealers will pay different rates for different metals such as steel, aluminum and copper.

    Copper pays the most followed by aluminum and the rates do fluctuate depending on the business. The rates will usually depend on the current market rates but its a competitive environment.

    While one location will pay 20 cents a pound for aluminum, another will pay 25 cents. There wont be as much money to be made disposing of it this way but if you several large metal items it may be worth your while.

    A truck load of used aluminum siding could pay upwards of $90, again it all depends on what you have and how much of it.

    You could also try selling it to a pawn shop or an appliance repair company. They may need the parts or have the know-how on how to salvage it.

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    How To Get Rid Of Old Lawn Mower

    Just like any household or commercial tool or appliance, lawn mowers wear down over time sometimes even sooner than expected because of damage or improper storage and use.

    Its easy to buy a new lawn mower to replace your old one, considering that these are readily available in many hardware stores, depots, and malls.

    But getting rid of an old lawn mower, on the other hand, is not that simple. It can be a headache trying to figure out where to dispose of your old lawn mower.

    You cant simply dump your lawn mower in your garbage bin because of its size and structure.

    More so, despite your lawn mower being old, there can still be gasoline, oil, and fuel residues that are flammable. Tossing it into your garbage bin poses a lot of safety risks.

    Though disposing of an old lawn mower is not as simple as throwing it in a bin or leaving it out on the curb, there are still plenty of ways you can get rid of it, such as:

    • Recycling

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