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Which Is The Best Lawn Mower To Buy

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A Rechargeable Push Mower Thats Great For Small

âRiding Lawn Mower: Best Riding Lawn Mower (Buying Guide)


If you have acres and acres to mow, this isnt the machine for you. But if you have a small- to medium-sized lawn, Sun Joes cordless electric push mower is a great option. It blazes a 14-inch path in each pass, allowing you to get through plenty of grass with each push. The mower also has a three-position manual height adjustment, allowing you to get a higher or lower cut based on your personal preference.

The whole thing has a simple push-button start and removable safety key to ensure only adults control the action when theyre ready. Your clippings will be collected into a 10.6-gallon bag thats easily detached so you can simply toss it in the trash or your compost pile. The Sun Joe is powered by a 28-volt lithium-ion battery thatll mow more than 10,000 square feet of yard with one charge. Once youre done with your yard work, just plug it in to recharge for next time.

Buying Guide For Best Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda has a great line of push mowers as well as walk-behind mowers in a variety of styles to meet your mowing needs. Whether youre looking for something for your lawn or contracting business, you may find what you need in one of Hondas durable and easy-to use mowers.

For push mowers, Honda has lightweight machines that are easy to maneuver. When it comes to walk-behind mowers, Honda has machines with varying features in a range of prices. The companys walk-behinds vary in engine type, transmission control, brake type, and capability. Not everyone needs leaf shredding or an electric start function, so you should consider each machines capabilities before you make a buying decision.

This shopping guide will help you find the best Honda lawn mower for your yard or property. If youre ready to buy a Honda mower, take a look at our top picks in the product list above.

Mountfield Princess 34 Electric Corded Lawn Mower

RRP: £159

Our rating: 4.75 out of 5

This mower is powerful yet surprisingly quiet and our testers found a number of the additional features useful. Theres a mulching option, rear roller, vision window in the grass collector to check levels and more. Theres also a choice of six cutting heights and our experts found that the mower handles well on the job.



  • Black cable hard to see

This mower is well thought out with excellent features. Its easy to assemble and folds for storage with a comfortable, foam handle which can be adjusted to a variety of heights. There are five cutting heights to choose from and these are easily changed by a single lever. The grass collection bag has a generous 35L capacity and a full indicator that lets you know when it needs emptying. The mower is relatively quiet and it cuts well, right up to the edge. Its lightweight and comfortable to manoeuvre and our only quibble is the black mower cable, which could be a brighter colour so it’s easier to see. For just £99.99, this is a great value mower.

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Small and light to carry and store
  • Pivoting handle very easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy to check battery charge
  • Part of the Power For All Alliance


  • Battery and charger are purchased separately
  • Cuts out if handle pushed into upright position

Buy the Gardena Handymower from Currys, and Tooled-Up

Best Buy review video the Gardena Handymower

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What To Look For In A Mower

Its important to check your preferred model from top to bottom to ensure its the right fit for you. For the best lawn mower, there are plenty of factors to consider, such as:

  • Performance: Check engine type, capacity, and size. Different mower models can tackle different lawn sizes, so look for a model that can work with your lawns size and type.
  • Durability: Ask about the average lifespan of the mower youre eyeing, and about replacement parts. Your mower is an investment youll want one that lasts a long time.
  • Push or Self-Propelled: Do you want the more traditional push type, or would you rather just guide your mower along? If you have a flat or small lawn, then manual mowers may be more value for money. Meanwhile, self-propelled models are more suited to hilly or larger lawns.
  • Function: Does the model come with a mulching attachment? Can you pause without needing to restart, and is the cutting height easy to adjust? You might have to pay more for better features, but itll sure make gardening easier.
  • Lawn Type: Do you have thicker grass? Do you let the grass get long, or regularly trim it? How large a space do you have? These will all determine the specs you need to look for.

Best For Small Yards: Worx Wg779 Power Share 40

Top 5 lawn mower To Buy in USA 2020


  • Easy to see when collection bag is full

  • Batteries compatible with other Worx tools

The Worx Power Share Battery Walk-Behind Mower is ideal for smaller yards, as it has a 14-inch cutting deck and can cut up to 0.12-acre per charge. One of the main benefits of this mower is that its extremely lightweightit weighs around 29 pounds, making it extremely easy for anyone to handle.

This compact mower is able to mulch or bag grass clippings, and the included collection bag features a plastic top that lets you see when its full. There are six deck heights to choose from, and an onboard battery meter lets you know when youre running out of power.

Cutting Width: 14 inches | Weight: 29.1 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch | Size of Yard: 0.12-acre

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Choosing The Best Lawn Mower For Your Yard

When shopping for a lawn mower, the first thing to consider is size. If your yard is less than one acre, a walk-behind mower is just what you need. If your yard is larger than one acre, that gets into riding lawn mower territory. For this guide, we’re focusing on the classic walk-behind lawn mower which is separated into two design camps: push mowers and self-propelled mowers. A push lawn mower is powered by the person, whereas a self-propelled mower has a transmission that drives the mower forward, thereby making it easier for the person. Think of it like an e-bike with pedal assist. But that convenience comes at a premium self-propelled mowers are significantly more expensive than push mowers.

Can I Change The Speed On My Self Propelled Mower

Both of the self propelled mowers that we reviewed allow you to change your speed. If you do decide to get a self propelled mower to make hills easier, then lowering the speed when youre going downhill can be a great idea.

Less speed makes it less likely that the mower will get ahead of you and makes the whole cutting process safer for you.

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How Did We Choose These Lawn Mowers

I chose a variety of lawn mowers, including riding tractors and robot mowers, to suit a wider range of yard sizes and terrains. I also chose both gas and electric-powered models so customers could decide which would fit best into their existing lawn care tools and routines or if anyone was considering moving to battery-powered equipment in order to be more eco-friendly. Since lawn mowers are always going to be a pricey investment, I wasn’t able to find anything that would be considered “budget-friendly,” though push mowers do tend to be much more affordable than ride-on tractors.

Can I Use A Zero

Best Place To Buy A Lawn Mower [Professional & Residential]

If you have a home with less than a 1/2-an acre of lawn, then you only need a regular push-along mower to cut your grass. If you have a yard thats over 2-acres, you can consider buying a zero-turn mower. Otherwise, going to the expense of buying one of these machines isnt necessary for a small yard.

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Ego Lm1701e Cordless Lawn Mower

RRP: £479

Our rating: 4.75 out of 5

Our testers found the Ego mower sturdy and easy to handle and manoeuvre. It has a range of seven cutting heights and comes with a 55 litre capacity grass bag. The mower charges in just 30 minutes but the run time with the included battery is relatively short at 20 minutes. Larger batteries are also available to buy separately. The battery power level is clearly visible when mowing. This mower comes with a five year warranty.


  • Easy to assemble and folds for storage
  • Adjustable handle height for different users
  • Sturdy and easy to handle
  • Clear visibility of battery power level
  • Wide range of cutting heights
  • Battery and charger interchangeable with other Ego Power+ tools


Read the full review: Ego LM1701E review

Lawn Mowers For Different Garden Sizes

Think of your lawn as a tennis court. A full-size court would be a medium lawn, half the court or less would be a small lawn. Anything bigger is a large lawn.

Heres the mower maths:

  • Small lawn : electric and cordless lawn mowers.
  • Medium lawn : electric, cordless and petrol lawn mowers.
  • Large lawn : petrol lawn mowers.

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The Best Lawn Mowerssummary

For wide expansive lawns that have a lot of obstacles like trees, bushes, or landscaped areas, nothing was higher rated than the zero-turn Cub Cadet riding mower . For small to medium-sized lawns, the battery-operated, lightweight Greenworks lawn mower with a 16-inch cutting width received consistently high reviews.

We hope our review of the best mowers has been helpful. For more suppliers of related products, including mower blades, mower bags, mower sharpeners, and mower rollers, consult our additional guides or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

Best Push: Dewalt Dcmwp233u2 215 In 20

The 8 Best Electric Lawn Mowers of 2021

Home Depot

If you dont mind manually pushing a mower around your yard, the DEWALT 21.5-Inch Battery Push Mower is a heavy-duty option that delivers big in terms of performance. This push mower has a durable 21.5-inch steel deck and a high-output brushless motor, and it can run for up to 60 minutes per charge with its two 20-volt batteries. It even offers auto-sensing technology that increases torque in overgrown grass for a cleaner cut.

This mower can be used to mulch, bag, or side-discharge grass clippings, and there are six different cutting heights, ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. It features a push-button start thats easy for anyone to operate, but keep in mind that the mower weighs more than 70 pounds, so it can be a bit heavy to push, especially on hills.

Cutting Width: 21.5 inches | Weight: 72 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.25 to 0.5 acres

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How Do You Decide Which Riding Mower To Buy

Assuming you have a budget in mind, the first thing you need to do is find out how big your lawn is. You can either find your lot size on your memorandum deeds if you’ve bought your house, or you can check your city’s website to see if you can request lot measurements if you’re renting. If your lot measures about an acre, you’ll be able to use a 30 or 42-inch cutting deck without any issues. For lawns up to two acres, a 42 or 46-inch deck is ideal. And if your lot is over two acres, you can get a mower with up to a 72-inch cutting deck to handle larger areas.

The transmission type is also important. Many newer models have what is known as a hydrostatic drive. This means that they operate similar to how a car drives: you push the pedal and it moves forward or backwards. And the harder you push, the faster you go. This makes it easier to learn how to drive, but that also makes the mower more expensive. More stripped-back models have variable speed manual transmissions, which allow you to “set and forget” your speed so you can focus on paying attention to obstacles and people who may be nearby.

Best Electric Lawn Mower

Pros: Easy to operate, excellent customer service, folds up for easy storage, powerful motor, rapid-charging battery

Cons: Expensive

Lively has been using the Ego Power+ LM2135SP Select Cut Electric Mower for years, and although it’s on the expensive side, he’s convinced it’s worth every penny. “This mower needs minimal maintenance but can run longer than most of the other cordless mowers with much less charge time,” he said.

We’re especially big fans of its long run time, which is impressive for a battery-powered mower and significantly longer than similar options. The run time, combined with the 21-inch cutting width, make this battery-powered mower just as effective as a gas-powered model.

Lively is also a big fan of the excellent mulching ability of the Ego Power+, as well as its dual-blade cutting power. The multi-blade system allows you to dial in exactly how you want your grass cut. Combined with the seven deck heights to choose from, there’s an impressive amount of customization.

The weather-resistant construction of the LM2135SP makes it less likely to be affected by the elements. Its LED headlights are helpful for when you’re mowing in heavily shaded areas or after dark. Headlights like these are one of my favorite lawn-mower features, and they’re especially useful if you have dog toys or sprinkler heads that you need to watch out for.

Pros: Compact size is convenient for storage, low price

Cons: Not efficient for large yards

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If This Product Isn’t For You

Another affordable option for small-to-medium lawns is the Craftsman M105 . Weighing in at just 65lbs, this manual push mower is easy to maneuver around and features 6 cutting heights and 5 clipping disposal options.

If you want to stay with Troy-Bilt, but you need more engine power, the Troy- Bilt TB160 could be the right fit for you. It has a 160cc Honda-designed engine, a 1.9-bushel rear bag and 6 cutting height options.

If you like the idea of a Honda motor, and your budget is bigger, the Honda HRX217VKA has a powerful 200cc engine. Its also self-propelled, making light work of medium to large lawns.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers Of 2022 Tested By An Expert

BUYERS GUIDE | Choosing the Best Zero Turn Mower / Lawn Mower

I tested the most popular battery-powered electric lawn mowers on the market. When the grass clippings settled, I came up with these top picks.

Brian Bennett

Senior writer

Brian Bennett is a senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET. He reviews a wide range of household and smart-home products. These include everything from cordless and robot vacuum cleaners to fire pits, grills and coffee makers. An NYC native, Brian now resides in bucolic Louisville, Kentucky where he rides longboards downhill in his free time.

If you’re not a fan of the smell of gas or you want a cleaner alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers, you have an excellent option. Electric lawn mowers are available in both battery-powered and corded models, but we’re going to focus exclusively on those that are battery-powered. Mowers that run on a battery are more powerful than ever before, while also managing to be more convenient than a long cord and better for the environment than gas.

There’s a wide range of pricing and features for electric mowers on the market at the moment, and plenty of electric lawnmower deals, which can make shopping for one a little intimidating. I found over the course of this testing that there’s a huge variation in how well an electric lawn mower performs compared with how it’s advertised, as well as how well battery mowers performed when compared to corded electric lawn mowers or gas lawn mowers.

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Who This Is For

If you want to be able to stand the sight of your yard this summer, youre going to need a lawn mower. Anything larger than a half-acre gets into riding-mower territory, but a self-propelled push mower is perfect for a half-acre or less. Going at a pace of about 3 mph , it will take about an hour to cut this amount of grass.

If you already own a gas mower thats less than a decade old, you will probably not notice a tremendous difference by upgrading to a newer gas mower. Upgrading to a cordless model is a more noticeable change you could immediately appreciate.

The Original Cordless Mower

  • After 30 hours researching and testing reel mowers, we think the Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower is the best pick for manual lawncare.

Best For Large Yards: Ryobi Ry48ztr75 42 In 75 Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

Courtesy of Home Depot

  • Bagging unit sold separately

If youre willing to spend top-dollar for a battery-powered riding mower, the RYOBI 42-Inch Electric Zero-Turn Mower is a worthwhile investmentespecially for those with larger yards. This mower is designed to tackle 2.5+ acres on a single charge, easily running for two hours or more without compromising power. Its zero-turn radius makes it extremely easy to handle and steer around obstacles, and it has a comfortable padded seat for long mowing sessions.

This lawn mower is able to bag, mulch, or side-discharge clippings, but the bagging unit is sold separately. There are 12 cutting heights to choose from, and the units control panel includes a battery-level indicator, unit hour meter, USB charging port, LED lights, cruise control, and more. The mower comes with a towing hitch and tow assembly hardware, and despite its size, it still charges via a standard 120-volt outlet.

Cutting Width: 42 inches | Weight: 617 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 2 to 4 acres

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