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Who Makes Bad Boy Lawn Mowers

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Built To Stand Up To The Task Of All Day Mowing

BEST LAWN MOWER for $3000 | Bad Boy MZ Rambler 42″ Residential Zero Turn Mower

Weve re-designed our Outlaw Class of professional-grade zero-turn mowers literally fromthe turf up. And while they may not look anything like their predecessors, you can be sure theyre built onthe reputation of our legendary history of building the strongest, most powerful, most comfortable and bestperforming mowers on the planet. As much as weve improved every nook and cranny of these mowers, the onlything that remains completely unchanged is their incredible long-lasting value-to-performance ratio.

From concept to creation, weve set out as we always do to build the very bestzero-turn mower available. Were confident commercial zero turn mower models will exceed your everyexpectation. Because that was our goal right from the drawing board.

Meet The Bad Boy Mz Magnum Mower

The Bad Boy MZ Magnum Mower is the brands entry level residential mower. Its a great choice for first-time zero turn mower owners and for homeowners with medium-sized yards.

The MZ Magnum is available with a choice of three different engines and cutting widths. The 726cc Kawasaki FR651V engine model is available with a cutting width of either 48 inches or 54 inches. It offers cutting heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches, making it a good option for medium sized lawns with coarse or delicate grass.

The model with the 725cc Kohler KT740 engine is available with a cutting width of 54 inches, making it a good choice for a slightly larger lawn. Like its cousin, it has a range of cutting heights from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. A third model has a 725cc Kohler KT725 engine and a cutting width of 48 inches and the same range of cutting heights as the other two.

The MZ Magnum is powered by regular unleaded gasoline, so refueling it shouldnt be much of an issue. Its gas tank can hold up to 5 gallons.

One feature that sets the MZ Magnum apart from other residential zero turn mowers, such as the Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower is its construction. Its common for residential mowers to feature a flimsier stamped cutting deck.

The MZ Magnum is made from welded steel, which makes it considerably more durable than its competitors. It might be designed for home use, but it can handle pretty tough conditions, too.

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Made In The Usa Means Everything To Bad Boy

Walking through the 800,000 square feet of production space that Bad Boy currently occupies, its clear that the company has a family atmosphere. Theres a palpable pride in the fact that Bad Boy strives to keep as much of the manufacturing in-house, and in the USA, as possible.

We try to do as much as we can do on our own machinesfrom getting in the metal, to fabricating it, to welding, to cutting it out and painting itwe try to limit what we have to purchase overseas, says Mynatt. We do purchase a little bit from overseas suppliers, but very small amounts. Most of our parts on the mower are bought or made here in the US.

Indeed, Bad Boy fabricates its own mower decks in house they also build their own frames and most of the smaller associated parts. A lot of our competitors use a stamped deck, but we do not, says Mynatt. Bad Boy lawn mowers are welded up and are very strong. We use heavier metal than most of our competitors do, everything is hand fabricated and we weld in extra reinforcement, which results in a unique machine. Our mowers are built to last.

In my opinion, ABB builds the best robotic system on the market, says Luster We do sell other brands, but my reason for believing that is they reinvest heavily in technology every year.”

And that kind of quality is apparent when you get up close to a Bad Boy lawn mower. They have a certain presencea heaviness and weight that instantly tells you this is a product that you can use for a lifetime and beyond.

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Things To Know About The Kukje Machinery Company

The Kukje Machinery company is owned by Tong Yang Moolsan . Situated in South Korea, this company was founded in 1968. We have found out that the United States customers generally know it as the mother company of the distributor Branson Tractors.

However, this Kukje Machinery company makes diesel engines, tractors, combined harvesters, and other agricultural tools. Tong Yang Moolsan builds a lot of branded tractors. They made the Cabelas Tractors, which were seen in the market a few years ago.

Also, they make those tractors that Rural King is currently selling as the RK Tractors. Over the years, TYM has made Charger, Branson, Millennium, Montan, Century, and lots of other branded tractors. In addition, they were making a few of the Mahindras tractors for them for a brief time.

Mower Pulls To One Side

Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Alignment is another major issue with Bad Boy Mowers and other zero-turn mowers, and you can find your Bad Boy tractors pulling to one side as you mow your grass.

While such issues on zero-turn mowers stem from a variety of issues, common ones are:

  • Some tires offer better grip than others.
  • You have a faulty shock absorber or dampener.
  • Steering problems are created from poor adjustments.

How to fix a mower thats pulling to one side:

If the problem is not a serious mechanical or transaxle fault, there are a few fixes you can try to get rid of this problem.

Heres how to fix the issue if nothing is broken, such as your shocks.

  • Balance air pressure as your Bad Boy tractor will drag to one side when tires are under-inflated. Check tire pressure and ensure all sides have the recommended PSI.

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History Of The Bad Boy Mower Company

The Bad Boy Mower company is headquartered in Batesville, Arkansas. In 1998, this company was founded. It has always dreamed of making the worlds highest and best quality zero-turn lawnmowers. The Bad Boy Mower company made its first mower in 2002. In Louisville, Kentucky, they exhibited this mower at the Lawn and Garden Expo, which won the Product of the Year award.

Every year since then, this company has doubled its manufacturing and made a new building to meet its customers needs. Now, the Bad Boy Mower is one of the quickest growing zero-turn mower manufacturers in the world.

If you want to know who bought bad boy mowers, then you need to know that the Sterling Group made a massive investment in the Bad Boy Mower company in 2019. They have given the Bad Boy Mower company a $205 million, 6-year term loan to do their buyout.

Is Scag A Good Brand To Buy

With commercial success and brand recognition in the commercial and residential markets, does this success mean that it is a good brand compared to others in the industry?

The American made construction of their products, ease of maneuverability in their design, and great track record of customer satisfaction makes SCAG not only a good brand, but one of the best. Whether for commercial or residential use, the SCAG brand holds plenty of clout compared to all others.

If this is the case, which model should a homeowner or commercial crew foreman choose? First, we should find out if after years of use, they will still have hold their resale value.

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Bad Boy Mowers Yard Card Financing Programs

Offer subject to credit approval. Commercial cards are also available. For offer details about commercial cards, please contact your local dealer. Programs available through 10/31/22.

No Monthly Interest for 60 Months with Equal Payments: Minimum purchase $1,500. There is a promotional fee of $125 for this transaction.X.XX% APR from date of eligible purchase until paid in full. Monthly payment amount equals the purchase amount and estimated interest for the length of the offer divided by the number of months in the offer. Last payment may vary due to rounding. On-time payments will pay the offer balance in full. Other transactions and charges affect the total monthly payment amount. Prior purchases excluded. Account must be in good standing. Standard account terms apply to purchases that do not qualify. New accounts: Standard Purchase APR 29.99%. Minimum interest charge $1. Existing account holders, see your credit agreement for applicable terms. Subject to credit approval. Yard Card financing account issued by TD Bank, N.A. Offer expires 10/31/2022.

Note: The inventory payment calculator in each unit listing is for estimating payments only, and does not include taxes, delivery or other charges . It is not affiliated with any financing offer/company.

The Apply for Financing Credit Application cannot be used to apply for the Yard Card financing program and is not affiliated with TD Bank, N.A.. To apply for the Yard Card credit card, please stop in the dealership.

The Scag Mower Verdict

Bad Boy vs TORO Timecutter Residential Mowers

SCAG mowers, on average, are pricier than their counterparts from Bad Boy. This may be due, in part, to SCAGs larger reputation and longer-spanning brand recognition, among other things.

That said, SCAG does have a more flexible warranty policy than Bad Boy, and that could tilt the value-for-money and value retention scales in its favor. Additionally, the sheer quality of SCAGs mower decks, in particular, makes its mowers that bit more appealing.

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How Does A Zero Turn Mower Work

Zero-turn mowers are constructed to operate seamlessly around edges and obstacles within lawns. You can pivot at 180 degrees while driving a zero-turn mower making it easier to mow row-by-row. This turn radius is one of the biggest differences between a zero-turn vs. lawn tractor.

Typical models come equipped with four wheels which can be operated at variable speeds to enable precise directional change. This differential pattern of steering the mower is controlled by levers which are manipulated to either make the mower accelerate or make a gentle turn. Some z-turn mowers use a

Further, some zero turn machines will allow for the addition of various attachments including grass collection bags, rollers, dump carts, and portable lawn aeration units.

Bad Boy Compact Outlaw Zero

Bad Boy has always been a well-known and respected brand in the lawn care industry. They make some of the best zero turn mowers on the market, which is why I decided to buy the Bad Boy Compact Outlaw Zero-Turn Mower. Here are my thoughts on it after using it for a few months:

The Bad Boy Compact Outlaw Zero-Turn Mower is an excellent choice for people who want to mow their lawns fast and efficiently. Its compact size makes it easy to transport in your car or truck, while still giving you plenty of power when needed. Bad Boy is known for its durability and reliability, so I knew I could trust them with this purchase.

The Bad Boy Compact Outlaw Zero-Turn Mower comes equipped with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine that delivers up to 27HP of power at just under 4000 RPMs.

The Bad Boy is also built tough, so you wont have to worry about it breaking down on you when mowing your lawn or doing yard work. Bad Boy offers a three-year limited warranty on all of their equipment, so if it breaks down within that time period they will replace it for free!

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It Takes Brains And Brawn To Build A Mowerthisruggedly Efficient

Any components for assembly are prepared and stocked accordingly as the mower movesdownour assembly lines. Our integrated companion shipping program is already slotting a spot on one ofour custom shipping trailers, adjusting the lines in order to stock full trailer loads faster.Everyone from fabrication and welding to assembly and inspection has a say-so in the process ofdesigning and building our mowers. So while our mowers may be rugged, simple to operate andmaintain, theres plenty of home grown smarts that go into making them that way.

OUR POWDER COAT LINE IS 2XBIGGER. We maintain two of the most sophisticated powdercoatlines in ANY industry, and the largest in our stateby double. These systems fuse our orange color rightinto the steel, for durable, long-lasting protection.These systems run virtually day and night to keep upwith demand.

In under a minute, a newBad BoyMower drives off the line. To keep up with the pace of demand, each mower is tracked duringthebuild stage with our proprietary software . Parts and components areautomatically ordered and re-stocked to prevent delays in assembly.

Our parts and accessoriesbusiness alone is larger than some mower manufacturers. And were just asefficient in squeezing out savings forour customers here as we are everywhere else in our operations. In fact, most orders go outthe verysame day in which theyre placed.

Bad Boy Mowers: A Quick History

New 2017 Bad Boy Mowers Maverick 48"  726cc Kawasaki Lawn Mowers ...

How Bad Boy Mowers came into the picture is an exciting story that still leaves many cringing. Though debatable, many people have accepted this classic tale as a success story and reference point for emerging startups.

Bad Boy Mowers was founded by Phil Pulley and Robert Foster. The idea to manufacture this brand of mowers was borne in a garage when the above founders experimented on zero-turn mowers.

The founders started production in 2002 in a 20k sq. ft. facility in Batesvilles Industrial Park. By 2014, the company had expanded into a larger facility with more than 400 workers.

News reports that the company plans further expansion to accommodate the growing demand.

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Case Study: Bad Boy Mowers

With a name like Bad Boy, you expect a company thats comfortable breaking the rules So, when it came to redesigning the operator console on their 2019 Outlaw Renegade commercial zero-turn, gas-powered mower, Bad Boy Mowers decided to flip the script on the outdoor power equipment industry, pushing the boundaries of both expectation and imagination.

With a fresh, distinctive automotive feel, the new Outlaw Renegade dashboard features a Push Button Ignition switch as well as an Advanced Display, both designed and engineered by Delta Systems, to provide the next generation in operator utility and comfort.

Bad Boy Maverick Ezt Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Bad Boy Maverick EZT Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a high-quality machine that can make mowing your lawn a breeze. This Bad Boy mower is designed with an intuitive control system and large cutting deck, making it easy to maneuver and cut through even the thickest grass.

The Bad Boy Maverick EZT Zero Turn Lawn Mower is also built with a heavy-duty frame and durable components, ensuring that it can handle even the most challenging yards.

The Bad Boy Maverick EZT Zero Turn Lawn Mower is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a high-performance machine that can take on any lawn.

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My Recommended Bad Boy Zero Turn Mowers:

  • Bad Boy MZ Magnum is the perfect entry-level ZTR mower with great performance and comfort. 747cc KHL Pro Engine can keep up with continuous mowing tasks.
  • Bad Boy ZT Eliteis an expensive ZTR mower from Bad Boy. If budget is not an issue, I will recommend you to buy it. Besides beast-like performance, you will like its ergonomic and compact design.
  • The Best Zero Turn Mower For You Will Be The One With Friendly Local Service And Parts Availability

    IN-DEPTH LOOK | Best2022 Commercial Zero Turn Mower Bad Boy Rogue

    If Consumer Reports or I tell you a particular model is the best but you have to drive 50 miles one way or call someone in Kansas to get a belt or set of blades its not the best mower for you. The residential zero-turn market is very competitive and because of that, there are quite a few great mowers on the market and your local dealer usually sells one or two of those brands. In other words, there are many mowers that cut well, are built well, will last for you that have a local servicing dealer in your area.

    Consumer Reports tests are very specific and they only test a fraction of the zero-turn mowers on the market. Trust me we can find the best mower for you that will last you many years and it may not have been tested by Consumer Reports.

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    Hustler Vs Bad Boy Zero

    I hope you love the products that I recommend! As an Amazon Associate I earn small commissions from qualifying purchases. Thank you if you use my links, I really appreciate it!

    Theres a juncture where every landscaper, lawn owner, or lawn enthusiast meets to rapport no one wants to buy a pocket-shriveling machine that wouldnt offer proper satisfaction. So, in all cases, theres a need for efficient inquiry of which zero turn mower can offer you and your lawn what is needed, and that is the reason for this article.

    The Hustler and Bad boy are lawn-perfecting machines recognized in the mower market well enough to become slang terms. They have both been changed and upgraded to suit better experiences, offering a precisely much more remarkable ordeal. So, how do you compare your apples?

    Whether you are looking to hop into your first zero-turn mower, or youre seeking a clean fresh slate for a better mowing experience, here are 10 important aspects to ponder on before assigning your medal to the Hustler or Bad boy.

    Where Are Bad Boy Tractors Made

    According to the OEM contract with Kukje Machinery Company, the Bad Boy Tractors will be made in the United States. Though the manufacturer company Kukje Machinery is in South Korea, the Bad Boy tractors will not be made there. The new bad boy tractors will also come with a complete 6-year powertrain warranty.

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