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Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

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Dimensions & Top Speed

Bad Boy Mowers – All New 2017 ZT Elite

Depending on the model, Bad Boy Maverick mowers measure 75 inches in length with an overall width ranging between 54 to 76 inches. On average, these mowers weigh between 862 to 925lbs and attain speeds of up to 9 mph.

Our free guide can help if youre ready to make a purchase, but you continually find yourself asking what size lawn mower do I need?

Bad Boy Mz 42 In Zero

Are you curious to read Bad Boy MZ 42 reviews so as to be completely familiar with the nuts and bolts of this zero-turn mower? If thats what you are after, you should keep an eye on the link we provided above because that will take you to the product page where the specifications and features of the product will be shown. The cutting width is 42 inches and comes with a 540cc Kohler single-cylinder engine that will boost the performance. It is an electric mower which means, you wont be required to fuel gas into it to make it run like a bad boy.

Like other mowers reviewed, the financing is also available. For all of the mowers that we have reviewed above, you can either select the option for the Pickup in store or Standard delivery. On top of that, you can protect your purchase by adding 1-year or 2-year service plan and this option is available for all products that we have you with the reviews of.

The Best Zero Turn Mower For You Will Be The One With Friendly Local Service And Parts Availability

If Consumer Reports or I tell you a particular model is the best but you have to drive 50 miles one way or call someone in Kansas to get a belt or set of blades its not the best mower for you. The residential zero-turn market is very competitive and because of that, there are quite a few great mowers on the market and your local dealer usually sells one or two of those brands. In other words, there are many mowers that cut well, are built well, will last for you that have a local servicing dealer in your area.

Consumer Reports tests are very specific and they only test a fraction of the zero-turn mowers on the market. Trust me we can find the best mower for you that will last you many years and it may not have been tested by Consumer Reports.

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Ferris/simplicity/snapper/briggs & Stratton Residential Zero

Simplicity Courier

It appears Briggs & Stratton just put up the Ferris/Simplicity/Snapper lawn & garden division up for sale. This includes Ferris, Simplicity, and Snapper brand names. Check out the article here: Briggs & Stratton Announces Strategic Repositioning Plan

Ferris/Simplicity/Snapper/Briggs & Stratton sells through local dealers.

Simplicity and Snapper both sell a zero-turn with the EZT transmissions but as far as I know they are only available through your local Simplicity or Snapper dealer. CR does not rate the Simplicity but unfortunately, they consistently give its twin, the Snapper 360Z, the lowest rating for ZTRs. I have not used one enough to verify if I agree with their rating or not. The only complaint I have with the Simplicity Courier Zero Turn Mower is I wish they would have put a small tailgate on the integrated cargo bed. The The exclusive Suspension Comfort System complete with front or front & rear suspension allows you to feel 25% less impact while operating, resulting in enhanced comfort versus a non-suspension zero turn mower Suspends the entire mower not just the operator. Because of that, you may experience an uneven cut on really rough lawns because the deck moves up and down with the rest of the mower. If you have a rough lawn please demo it on your lawn first before you buy or just pass and buy the Toro MyRide!

Frequently Asked Questions :


What are the alternatives to Bad Boy mowers?

Ariens, Husqvarna, and Troy-Bilt are some of the most popular alternatives of Bad Boy Zero Turn Mowers.

What are the alternatives to Gravely mowers?

Toro, Ariens, Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, John Deere, and Cub Cadet are the best alternatives to Gravely Mowers.

How much is a Gravely zero turn mower?

The price of a Gravely zero turn mower depends on the size and model. To give you an idea, getting a 60 Gravely mower can cost you around 6000 bucks.

How much is a Bad Boy zero turn mower?

As I have told you in the previous answer, the price of a zero-turn mower depends on several factors. For comparison purposes, the same 60 Bad Boy mower, same as gravely, can cost you around 6200 dollars.

Is Gravely and Bad Boy made in the USA?

The mower assembly of both brands takes place in the United States. And, most of the parts are manufactured in the US too.

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Built To Stand Up To The Task Of All Day Mowing

Weve re-designed our Outlaw Class of professional-grade zero-turn mowers literally fromthe turf up. And while they may not look anything like their predecessors, you can be sure theyre built onthe reputation of our legendary history of building the strongest, most powerful, most comfortable and bestperforming mowers on the planet. As much as weve improved every nook and cranny of these mowers, the onlything that remains completely unchanged is their incredible long-lasting value-to-performance ratio.

From concept to creation, weve set out as we always do to build the very bestzero-turn mower available. Were confident commercial zero turn mower models will exceed your everyexpectation. Because that was our goal right from the drawing board.

Bad Boy Mower Reviews

I know that there are other products in the market that will promise you a variety of features. The only way to find out if the mower will keep you satisfied with all of the promised capabilities is to use one and then perceive if it is actually worth a shot. For that reason, we will go over the importance so that you can decide with ease that the money spend will go in vain.

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Bad Boy Mowers At A Glance

Bad Boy Inc. began operation in 1998, with the sole purpose of producing the Bad Boy zero-turn commercial lawn mower. The Bad Boy Mowers research team started working with one goal in mind: to develop the strongest, most durable zero-turn mower available and to deliver excellent quality of cut, reliability, productivity and comfort. Bad Boy Mowers are now manufactured, assembled, and stored in multiple facilities comprising over 1,000,000 square feet in Batesville, Arkansas. Bad Boy Mowers has a specially equipped fleet of tractor trailer rigs that ensure the mowers arrive directly to dealers all across the country completely assembled, factory inspected and ready to mow.

There Is No Movement Or Start On The Mower

Rogue Zero Turn Mower by Bad Boy | Best Lawn Mower 2021

The most common cause of an impossible-to-start lawn mower is a malfunctioning fuel pump. Fuel injection lines can sometimes be the culprit if the pump is not at fault. Check them if possible. It is also possible for a new pump to be too dry and not function properly, preventing the mower from starting or from moving.


In order to ensure that fuel flows into the engine, you can replace the fuel pump or troubleshoot the fuel line. To ensure that the spark plugs are mounted properly, it is important to check their condition. While mowing, a loose plug can cause the mower not to start or stop.Also-

  • When you connect the cables make sure they are visible and connected properly.
  • Ensure your fuel tank is dry and does not contain water. You should also not use fuel that has been sitting for more than a month.
  • Verify that the spark plugs wire is attached correctly and that it is in good condition.
  • Remove the dirty air filter and clean it. If your air filter becomes clogged, your engine will have difficulty drawing air in.

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Dixie Chopper Residential Zero

Dixie Chopper is a legacy brand in the zero-turn mower market and they have always been know for their stainless steel mowers and the worlds fastest ZTR.

Dixie Chopper was recently purchased by the Alamo Group. Alamo is one of the largest manufacturers of farm and industrial equipment and the mowers are already being made at Alamos Gibson City, Il plant.

So, in addition to the existing Dixie Chopper dealers expect to see the mowers show up at just about every farm equipment and rural lifestyle dealership in the country soon.

Check out the mowers here: Dixie Chopper Mowers

Bad Boy Mz Magnum 54 In Zero

This is another variant from the Bad Boy that you get to bring home the true happiness for the perfect reshaping of your beautiful lawn or garden. Whether you have a small yard or medium yard, this is going to cover all of your needs in the first place. The cutting width that this mower supports is 54 inches. The engine it is equipped with is a powerful 725cc Kohler Pro 7000 HD series engine which will provide you with more efficiency which in turn will give you a better outcome.

The tank capacity is 5 gallon so, there is no need to fuel it up again and again. You can expect a smooth and uninterrupted ride without any nuisance. The rear tire size is 18 in.x9-1/2 inches and front tire size is 13 in.x6-1/2 inches. It can easily rotate at its own axis without any trouble because it is a Zero-turn mower. The reviews of this mower speak a lot about the effectiveness, durability, speed, maneuverability, and warranty as well.

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Using Your Bad Boy Mower

There are some basic safety rules its important to remember when using a residential or commercial Bad Boy mower. Rule one is wear ear protection. Bad Boy mowers are gas powered or diesel powered machines. They can be quite loud, especially when you are sitting on top of one. A pair of earplugs or sound-proof ear muffs will go a long way towards protecting your hearing.

You might also want to wear some type of safety goggles when using your mower. Wraparound safety glasses will protect your eyes from flying grass clippings and other yard debris.

Be very careful to avoid obstacles and objects that might be on your lawn. Although zero turn mowers have a tight turning radius, they can be be tricky to maneuver. You dont want to get too close to a lawn ornament, mailbox or piece of furniture and accidentally run into it or over it.

It also helps to be particularly cautious around curbs, drop-offs and other edges. Keep your mower far away from the edges of ponds, swimming pools or other bodies of water. You dont want to risk toppling over into the water. Dropping your mower over a curb is a great way to damage the mower, even one made of heavy duty steel.

If youre used to a traditional ride-on mower or to using a push mower, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to maneuvering a zero turn mower. You might want to practice using your Bad Boy mower without the blades on at first, so that you can get a good feel for how turns and how it handles.

How Do You Buy The Best Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

2009 Bad Boy Pro Series 6000 LT Zero Turn Lawn Mower
  • Is it worth buying an Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?
  • What benefits are there with buying an Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?
  • What factors deserve consideration when shopping for an effective Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?
  • Why is it crucial to invest in any Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers, much less the best one?
  • Which Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are good in the current market?
  • Where can you find information like this about Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?

buying guides for Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

  • Brand Value: Every brand of Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers has a value all its own. Most brands offer some sort of unique selling proposition thats supposed to bring something different to the table than their competitors.
  • Features: What bells and whistles matter for an Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?
  • Specifications: How powerful they are can be measured.
  • Product Value: This simply is how much bang for the buck you get from your Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers.
  • Customer Ratings: Number ratings grade Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers objectively.
  • Customer Reviews: Closely related to ratings, these paragraphs give you first-hand and detailed information from real-world users about their Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers.
  • Product Quality: You dont always get what you pay for with an Who Makes Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mowers, sometimes less, and sometimes more.
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    Mower Pulls To One Side

    Alignment is another major issue with Bad Boy Mowers and other zero-turn mowers, and you can find your Bad Boy tractors pulling to one side as you mow your grass.

    While such issues on zero-turn mowers stem from a variety of issues, common ones are:

    • Some tires offer better grip than others.
    • You have a faulty shock absorber or dampener.
    • Steering problems are created from poor adjustments.

    How to fix a mower thats pulling to one side:

    If the problem is not a serious mechanical or transaxle fault, there are a few fixes you can try to get rid of this problem.

    Heres how to fix the issue if nothing is broken, such as your shocks.

    • Balance air pressure as your Bad Boy tractor will drag to one side when tires are under-inflated. Check tire pressure and ensure all sides have the recommended PSI.

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    Bad Boy Mower Troubleshooting

    Over the years, the Bad Boy brand has earned a reputation for producing some of the most powerful zero-turn mowers for landscaping.

    While among the best mowers you can find, there are times you need to break out the touch-up paint, carry out some Bad Boy mower maintenance of your own without taking it to a local dealer. If you have some technical knowledge and the right tools, you can troubleshoot Bad Boy mowers at home.

    Changing filters, blades, or clearing a fuel line can be some of the mowers repairs you need to deal with, although things such as leaking hydraulic fluid, could be outside your remit and best fixed by a dealer especially if your mower is under warranty.

    In our guide, we look at the Bad Boy mowers problems that crop up as you are mowing or about to start and you find your mower wont fire up.

    Made In The Usa Means Everything To Bad Boy

    2013 Bad Boy Mowers Tour Video

    Walking through the 800,000 square feet of production space that Bad Boy currently occupies, its clear that the company has a family atmosphere. Theres a palpable pride in the fact that Bad Boy strives to keep as much of the manufacturing in-house, and in the USA, as possible.

    We try to do as much as we can do on our own machinesfrom getting in the metal, to fabricating it, to welding, to cutting it out and painting itwe try to limit what we have to purchase overseas, says Mynatt. We do purchase a little bit from overseas suppliers, but very small amounts. Most of our parts on the mower are bought or made here in the US.

    Indeed, Bad Boy fabricates its own mower decks in house they also build their own frames and most of the smaller associated parts. A lot of our competitors use a stamped deck, but we do not, says Mynatt. Bad Boy lawn mowers are welded up and are very strong. We use heavier metal than most of our competitors do, everything is hand fabricated and we weld in extra reinforcement, which results in a unique machine. Our mowers are built to last.

    In my opinion, ABB builds the best robotic system on the market, says Luster We do sell other brands, but my reason for believing that is they reinvest heavily in technology every year.”

    And that kind of quality is apparent when you get up close to a Bad Boy lawn mower. They have a certain presencea heaviness and weight that instantly tells you this is a product that you can use for a lifetime and beyond.

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    How Does A Zero Turn Mower Work

    Zero-turn mowers are constructed to operate seamlessly around edges and obstacles within lawns. You can pivot at 180 degrees while driving a zero-turn mower making it easier to mow row-by-row. This turn radius is one of the biggest differences between a zero-turn vs. lawn tractor.

    Typical models come equipped with four wheels which can be operated at variable speeds to enable precise directional change. This differential pattern of steering the mower is controlled by levers which are manipulated to either make the mower accelerate or make a gentle turn. Some z-turn mowers use a

    Further, some zero turn machines will allow for the addition of various attachments including grass collection bags, rollers, dump carts, and portable lawn aeration units.

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