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Will Movers Move Lawn Mowers

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Will Movers Move Lawn Mower And Other Lawn Equipment

How To Fix a Riding LawnMower That Will Not Move or Drive

College Dudes Help U Move Will Move Your Lawn Mower

Many people ask will movers move your lawn mower and other lawn equipment. When you are moving, you may need to take your lawn mower with you. If you are hiring professional movers, you will want to ask them if they can move your lawn mower as well. There are a few things you can do to prepare your lawn mower for the move.

Take Pictures Before And After Loading

Now that your lawn mower is prepped, it’s time to take pictures. Take them from all angels, both before and after loading. Once your lawn mower is delivered, you can use the photos to make sure your lawn mower is in the same condition as pickup.

While a Heavy Haulers transport specialist will guide you through every step of hauling a lawn mower, the more knowledgeable you are about shipping, the better. Make sure to check with your lawn mower manual, as many times it will give you more tips for moving it. It may also provide you with general long term care for your lawn mower. If you have any questions, your transport specialist will be happy to answer them. Give us a call! 202-3718

How To Move A Lawn Mower

No one likes the task of moving a lawnmower. Its heavy, awkward and there is usually no good place to store it in your garage or shed. If youve got kids, they probably want nothing more than for you to take up this challenge because they know how much fun it is to push around with their feet on the back wheels while making engine noises like an airplane. But if you do have some space available and dont mind doing a little work now and then, read on!

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Can You Load A Riding Lawn Mower Into A Uhaul

Yes, you can load a riding lawn mower into a uhaul. First, ensure that the mower fits into the truck. There are two methods to do this. You can back the truck into a ditch, lower the tailgate, and then drive in. Make certain the tailgate is capable of supporting the mower and operator. A second option is to install ramps on the mower and drive it in.

Storing Your Lawn Equipment

Grass Cutting Tips: A Few Mowing Basics for Beginners

Cover the floor of the storage unit with a tarp before bringing in the push or riding lawn mower. Place the mower on top of the tarp to prevent any damage to the flooring. Store the weed eater off the floor on a shelf or pallet. Securing the weed eater on a hook off the floor is another option to prevent damage. Ask the storage facility if you can place a hook on the wall, or if they have units with hooks available.

Ask the storage facility about their policies concerning filling the lawn mower or weed eaters gasoline tank with gas or a fuel stabilizer. Storing a mower or weed eater for an extended period can cause moisture to collect inside the gas tank, which can cause damage.

Prepping, moving, and storing your lawn equipment, such as a mower or weed eater, correctly will prevent damage to the unit, your vehicle, and storage facility. If you have any more questions about moving and storing this equipment, contact the professionals at Bekins Van Lines, Inc.

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Find A Safe Solution For Lawn Mower Blades Before You Pack Them For Moving

If youre lazy, and you want to duck tape your lawn mower blades before moving, or if you want to detach them and carefully bubble wrap them, either way, you need a solution for this.

If youre not comfortable handling the blades of your lawn mower, be sure to ask your moving company if they can include this in their service when they give you a moving quote. As before moving day! If this ends up costing extra, dont be surprised. And, if they say no, also dont be surprised. Movers need to be protected by insurance for injuries, such as . So generally, they shouldnt be going outside the scope of normal when it comes to moving hazards.

But no, open, exposed and dangerously sharp objects cant just be piled into a moving truck. And you wouldnt want them banging around loosely in a box either.

If your blades are dull and need replacing or sharpening, maybe now is a good time to do that. Again safely! See if a metal pick-up company will come get them for you. Though, theyd probably want the trip to be more worth their while, so collect other scrap metal for them too. If you hire a junk removal company before moving day, ask in advance if they can handle the mower blades .

If you take blades with you, label your box, so that people know there are sharp items in there. Cardboard is not recommended here, as it can rip easily. Try plastic.

Quality Lawn Mower Transport With Heavy Haulers

At Heavy Haulers we can transport your lawn mower locally or across the country with ease. We have over a decade of experience shipping lawn mowers and other heavy equipment. Whether youre moving one lawn mower or several, we can get them delivered on time and safely. Shipping a lawn mower is done with precision and skill to ensure that the transport process is handled efficiently. We make sure that you have a quality lawn mower shipping experience. Heavy Haulers transports all lawn mowers including zero turn, riding lawn mowers, push mowers, and more.

Shipping a lawn mower where it needs to be is easy with Heavy Haulers. We start with a free shipping estimate, with no hidden fees. As the industry leaders in shipping lawn mowers, we strive to find you the most affordable prices and the best driver. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest assured your lawn mower transport is being handled by the experts. Give us a call now and lets get started today! 202-3718

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Remember: Not All Lawn Mowers Are Created Equal Even When It Comes To Moving Them

Lawn mowers may or may not be worth the move, depending how big of a move youre making, or the value of your lawn mower. And sometimes, the tips weve mentioned above may not apply, depending on the lawn mower you are moving. If you have a ride-on lawn mower, for example, then youll need a ramp, or some other method to tow it to your new destination .

The other treatment you can give your lawn mower before moving is to sell it with classified listings. Then, buy another one when you arrive at your new destination.

Here is an article that explains types of lawn mowers you can pick for different types of yards:

One To Three Days Before Moving Day

Husqvarna riding mower will not move
  • Arrange for childcare and pet care for the day of your move.
  • Plan to pay Be sure to transfer money to the proper bank accounts. On a local move you may pay by personal check, cash, or any major credit card. On a Long Distance move you may pay by certified check, cash, or any major credit card. Town & Country Movers does not impose any additional fees for using credit cards for payment.

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Packing And Loading A Lawnmower Into A Moving Truck

The following packing and loading phases are simple after youve finished the above preparation steps. Heres how to pack a lawnmower for relocation and then how to put it in a moving van.

  • Wrap any removed parts in bubble wrap to avoid injuring them and place them in a box.
  • If the lawnmower is still full of gasoline, pour it out into a safe container and put the empty container in another box.
  • Pack the lawnmower in an upright position using cardboard or heavy-duty plastic wrap.
  • Place the push lawnmower in the back of the pick-up truck or hire a moving van using the loading ramp.
  • To minimize any movement while being transported, position the lawn mowers wheels perpendicular to the vehicles wheels. Also, tie down the grass equipment to the side of the truck with straps or pieces of cord for further security.
  • Cover the mower with a moving blanket and seal it with packing tape. This step will protect your lawn equipment from dust during transport by preventing potential contact with other household items.
  • Label the boxes with the following: Lawn Mower,Gasoline, and Oil.

Drain The Liquids From Your Lawn Mower

For safety reasons, youre not allowed to transport a gas-powered lawn mower with any liquids inside it. Gasoline and oil are classified as hazardous items, meaning that professional movers will not move them, and neither should you as the risk is too great.

Drain the gas tank of your gas lawn mower into a suitable container. Gasoline is very combustible, so dont take any unnecessary risks.

Also, empty the oil tank of your mower as well by transferring the liquid into a separate appropriate container. During transport, the oil may leak out and create a big mess inside the moving vehicle, so make sure the lawn mower has neither gas nor oil inside it before you load it up.

Give the siphoned quantities of gas and oil to a good neighbor or just dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.

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Clean Well Your Lawn Mower

The second step to preparing a lawn mower for moving is to clean it from any remaining dirt and grass cuttings before loading it up on the moving truck. The idea, of course, is to prevent your other belongings from getting dirty and to keep the inside of the moving vehicle in decent condition.

Use a large sponge and water to wash your mower and pay special attention to its wheels and undercarriage.

Moving A Motorcycle Riding Lawn Mower Atv Or Similar

Petrol lawnmower Only Selling as moving

Movers listed on MovingLabor.com can typically provide help with these items. Because these are not commonly moved items, however, you should inquire with the mover directly as to their policy. Keep in mind that these items may be classified as a heavy item and could incur a fee.

Small motorized vehicles most commonly include these items:

  • Riding Lawn Mower

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Load Your Riding Lawn Mower Into The Moving Truck

If you own a ride-on lawn mower and you wish to take it with you to the new house, then you should keep in mind that the best way to move a riding lawn mower is to hire professional movers to transport it for you. It may not be the cheapest way to transport your lawn equipment but it will definitely be the safest one.

The next best way to move your riding mower is to transport it in a specialized trailer which you can hitch to the back of your own car or to the rented moving truck.

Finally, you also have the option to load your riding lawn mower onto the moving truck and transport it to the new home yourself. If done incorrectly, the loading process can turn out to be quite dangerous and thats exactly why this is the least recommended way to move your lawn tractor. Nevertheless, a riding mower is usually a considerable investment so you cant just leave yours behind.

Heres how to load a riding lawn mower into a moving truck:

Bear in mind that moving a lawn mower by yourself can be too risky, especially when its a riding lawn mower as opposed to a push lawn mower. If you decide to sell your large lawn equipment prior to the move, then youll save yourself plenty of time and a few headaches along the way.

What Happens If You Lay A Lawn Mower On Its Side

If you lay your lawn mower on its side, the oil will pool on the engines backside. This eliminates the possibility of fuel and oil leaking. However, it is important to make sure that the carburetor or muffler, breather tube valves, spark plug, piston, or muffler are not near the oil before starting the mower.

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Disengage The Spark Plug

One way to know that the lawn mower can never get started accidentally during the haul is to remove the spark plug from your gas-powered mower. That way, it can never start by accident.

Check the user manual if youre not sure how to disconnect the spark plug of the grass cutting machine.

Towing Your Mower Behind Your Car Can Save You Money On Your Move

How To Fix A Self Propelled Lawn Mower That Won’t Move

College Dudes Help You Move Will Move Lawn Equipment

If you have a riding lawn mower, it is best to tow it behind your car to the home that you are moving into because these models are generally too big for movers to carry and they can actually be quite heavy. If you do not want to transport your riding lawn mower like this, check with the movers to see if they will move it in a second truck dedicated specifically for your lawn equipment. The second truck doesnt need to be the same size as your primary moving truck. A 16 footer should do the job. They may charge extra for this service however, they may also be able to accommodate your request.

Some moving companies even offer special services and equipment for customers who need help with their large appliances such as washers and dryers , so make sure that they know you have a riding lawn mower before you move.

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Remove All Attachments And Blades

For safety reasons, youre going to need to remove the blades from your lawn mower before you load it up for transport. Consult the users manual of the machine if youre not sure how to do it properly.

Use extra caution while handling the blades to avoid injuries. Use thick gloves while removing the cutting elements, then place the original protective covers over the sharp blades to secure them. Finally, wrap them up in large sheets of bubble wrap and pack them separately in a cardboard box.

Remove any other lawn mower attachments that can be safely removed and pack them separately.

Need To Move A Lawn Mower To Your New House

Moving is challenging all on its own, even with a just a bunch of boxes, some furniture and all your appliances. But add in large lawn equipment, and you have an even bigger challenge on your hands. First, youll have to decide if you want to hassle with the time and expense of taking your lawn mower with you or if you would rather sell it here and use the money to buy a new one at the new destination.

There are many factors that play into this decision. Its certainly a time-consuming process to prepare your lawn mower for transport. Not only do you have to drain it of gas and clean it up, you have to pack, load, and move all your garden care equipment. And if you dont have the space in the new home, it doesnt make sense to bring it with you.

But lets say you have decided to bring your lawn mower to your new house. This wont be an easy task, whether you have a riding lawn mower, a battery lawn mower, a gas lawn mower, or an electric corded lawn mower. Its always best to have professional movers handle this task so you dont risk damaging the mower or your back.

Here we will go over when its a good idea to bring your lawn mower with you and when its a better idea just to leave it behind.

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Disadvantages Of Moving A Lawn Mower

As you can imagine, moving a lawn mower to another house will have its share of disadvantages as well:

  • You may lose too much time preparing, packing, and loading the lawn equipment piece
  • Youll have to spend money to transport the lawn mower to your final destination. This scenario is especially bad from a financial point of view in case your mower is already too old or has technical issues
  • Youll have to find enough space for the mower on the moving truck if youve chosen to move by yourself by renting a moving vehicle
  • The moving company youll hire may refuse to transport your lawn mower for safety reasons, especially when it is a gas-powered lawn mower.

In some cases, selling your current lawn mower and buying a new one in the new town or city can be a great option when moving long distance across the country. The thing is that you always have to take into account the price youll pay for transporting your piece of lawn equipment. Just think about the most practical solution in terms of money and time before you start packing up your lawn mower for transport.

Another important factor that should influence your decision one way or another is whether youll be able to use the lawn mower at all in the new place. When moving to another house with large green areas that will need constant care, then yes, moving your lawn mower makes a lot of sense.

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