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How Much To Get Your Lawn Mowed

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Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Yourself

The BIGGEST COST Of Reel Mowing Your Lawn

Come on This is not a rocket science. If you have the patience, will, a few hours and the right tools, you can easily sharpen those blades yourself in your garage.

Chances are, you probably wont even need to buy any additional tools if you have a wrench and a file. If you dont own these however, getting your set would be a wise move since youre probably going to need to sharpen those blades every 3 weeks or so. If you buy them from Amazon, you can expect to spend anywhere between 15 50 dollars on your sharpening set. But its a one time expense. Youre going to be using those tools year after year.

Get a cold one open and read our step by step guide on How to sharpen a lawn mower blade with a file.

Warning: To grow a perfect English lawn, a cylinder mower is one of the best options. However, due to the way its blades built and shaped, they cant be sharpened by files. In order to get those blades sharp again, you need to invest a few thousand dollars into grinding machine designed for that purpose. Its simply not worth it, you can get 5 great, brand new electric lawn mowers for that price! So if you own one of those cylinder reel mowers, just pay a professional to get the job done.

Thats about it guys.

If you simply cant be bothered with any of those tasks and you need a brand new lawn mower anyways, check out some of our buyer guides here:

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But What If I Have To Do Extra Work Shouldnt I Charge More For Extra Labor

Lawns come in all different shapes and sizes, and some require more work than others. There are different models you can use in order to charge your customers so youre getting enough money for the work youre putting in.

Lets say you have ten customers who need their grass mowed weekly. These include:

Customer 1: 10,500 ft2 2 hours to mow

Customer 2: 8,000 ft2 1 hour to mow

Customer 3: 15,000 ft2 2 hours to mow

Customer 4: 12,000 ft2 2 hours to mow

Customer 5: 20,000 ft2 3 hours to mow

Customer 6: 6,000 ft2 1 hour to mow

Customer 7: 14,000 ft2 2 hours to mow

Customer 8: 17,000 ft2 2 hours to mow

Customer 9: 4,000 ft2 30 min. to mow

Customer 10: 9,000 ft2 1 hour to mow

Benefits Of Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn regularly maintained comes with a lot of benefits. The first and most noticeable is the appearance of your yard. When kept in good condition, it can add beauty to the look of your home and even value when it comes time to sell it. Maintaining it also helps you to have a healthy grass that prevents bare and burnt patches. Keeping your yard weeded and properly mowed lowers your risk of pests since it removes one of their most popular hiding spots.

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How Much To Charge For Lawn Fertilization

The U.S. national average cost for lawn weed control and fertilization is $91. To choose how much you should charge for a fertilizer application, calculate the cost of the lawn fertilizer youll use for the job based on the square footage of the lawn.

A typical 40 to 45-pound pack of lawn fertilizer costs $40, which covers around 15,000 square feet of grass. That would put your fertilizer costs at $23 for an average 8,500 square-foot lawn.

For large-scale jobs, your fertilizer supply costs might be higher than your labor costs, unlike for your other lawn maintenance services like mowing and grass trimming.

Once you add up your total fertilizer costs and labor costs, add markup to your cost estimate so you can cover your supply expenses and turn a profit on your lawn service job.

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Cost Estimator By Service Type

How to Get Rid of Bahia Grass: Eliminating this Tenacious Weed

Lawn care services have a range of costs, with mowing usually being the least expensive. Some lawn care services require more labor and/or expensive equipment.

Below youll find the average amounts most U.S homeowners spend on standard lawn care services:

Lawn Care Service
$20 to $60 per hour
$0.08 to $0.20 per square foot
Sod Installation
$43 to $98 per hour or $20 to $45 per cubic yard installed
$50 to $75 per hour or $6 to $15 per bush
Hedge Trimming $48 to $79 per hour
Yard Cleanups

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What If Im A Teenager

Your independence can help you gain more customers, but I would still recommend that you keep your prices a little lower than the professionals, somewhere in the ballpark of $30-$40. Not that youre any less skilled than adults, but you have to keep in mind that youre still living with your family and dont have to worry about rent or utilities. If you have your drivers license, you can reach a broader array of customers in your area without having to rely on your parents, and that in turn can give your more spending money to hang out with friends, take your significant other on a date, or save up to get that laptop or game console that youve been eyeing.

How To Avoid Overfilling The Oil In A Lawn Mower

One of the main responsibilities of owning a gas powered lawn mower is maintenance. A part of this is regularly checking the oil levels of your lawn mower if there isnt enough then the engine wont be correctly lubricated but you also want to make sure that you dont overfill the oil reserve. Use the mowers dipstick to check the oil level and there will be markings on this to help you make sure you put the right amount in.

The best way to avoid overfilling your lawn mower is to familiarize yourself with the machine. When you purchase the tool, avoid the temptation to just get on and use it spend some time reading through the user guide as this will provide you with details on how much oil to use as well as many other important things. Remember that no two models are the same so even if youre used petrol mowers for years, your new tool may be slightly different to what youre used to.

If you dont have the user manual or misplace it, the manufacturers website can be a useful place. Moreover, all manufacturers have some way of contacting them so either pick up the phone, join a live chat or send an email before filling the mower up with oil.

Watch this video on how to change lawn mower oil

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Pick A Warmer Season To Sell

You dont need to pay much attention to this if youre living in an area thats warm all year round, but for the rest of us, its going to be best if youre able to sell during the warmer months when the demand for lawn mowers is high.

Theres going to be very few people concerned with their lawn during the cooler months and so the demand for mowers will be much less during this time than in early spring through summer.

People are much more likely to be in the market when the weather starts to pick up so youll have much more potential buyers during this time.

Tips On Choosing A Lawn Mowing Service

How often Should You Mow Your Grass

Get quotes from local companies that offer lawn mowing and other gardening services. Here are the factors that theyll consider for the cost.

  • Size of your lawn
  • Types of services offered including weeding, edging and adding fertiliser
  • Terrain, slopes and other factors that might make lawn mowing difficult
  • Experience and expertise

The cost for lawn services varies based on the size of your lawn , so the bigger your lawn, the more you have to pay for services.

Its better if you get quotes per job done than per hour. An experienced lawn mowing service will have better equipment and more experienced staff, so the job can be done faster and more efficiently.

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Commercial Grass Cutting Prices

For larger properties and commercial locations with much wider grassy areas, costs will be higher per square metre. This comes down to two factors:

  • You are unlikely to be able to use a single gardener and will require an established company which will have additional overheads.
  • Most businesses will prefer to work with someone who is recognised by a professional body and who has public liability insurance to cover any damage.

This could raise commercial grass cutting prices up to £40 per hour.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Lawn Mowed

By: Author

Does it feel like youre spending entirely too much time tending to your lawn these days?

The average American homeowner only has to spend about 30 minutes per week mowing their lawn. That equals out to be about 11 hours per year since most people only have to mow their lawn for a few months each year.

But still, mowing the lawn week after week can be a tedious task. It might be enough to make you ask, How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed?

Generally speaking, you should be able to have your lawn mowed by a professional service without breaking the bank. The average lawn mowing cost sits at somewhere between $20 and $40.

But the answer to the question, How much is lawn care?, is going to be different for everyone. Figuring out how much itll cost to get your grass cut varies depending on a number of factors.

Here are several factors that will impact how much you can expect to pay to have your lawn mowed by the pros.

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How To Remove Excess Oil From A Lawn Mower

From time to time, we all make mistakes and Im pretty sure that every gardener will have put a little too much oil in the lawn mower at one point or another. If this has happened to you, dont start panicking, it is possible to remove the oil and avoid the problems we have looked at above.

Even better news is that there are a few different things you can do to get that excess oil out of your mower.

Even better news is that there are a few different things you can do to get that excess oil out of your mower.

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost

How to Mow in Tall Grass

We understand that you want a breathtaking lawn, but you also probably do not have the time and energy to put in the work to have your lawn make your neighbors jealous. You might also lack expertise and products, but a professional lawn care service tackles all these issues for you. However, can you afford the routine maintenance, products, and services required to make your lawn shine?

The This Old House Reviews Team has analyzed and reviewed the best lawn care services in the United States. This process included observing the pricing of each provider. Read this guide on the average lawn care cost so you know what to expect when the time comes to get a quote.

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How Much Should I Charge To Mow A Half Acre

Here’s the deal, data gathered by a national GreenPal lawn vendor survey shows the average mowing price is roughly $45 per half acre. So for homeowners to cut their own grass at $1080 per year, and a professional vendor to mow at $1350 per year. Homeowners who mow the lawn themselves save only $270 per year. via

How Often Should You Hire Someone To Mow Your Lawns

The million-dollar question is: how often should you mow your lawns? Or, how often should you get someone in to mow your lawns? There are many deciding factors in this question. It can depend on where you live, your climate, the weather conditions for specific days, weeks, and months, and how neglected your lawn has been in the past.

Lawns tend to thrive in spring and summer, so weekly or fortnightly is a common request by homeowners. In the colder months of the year, monthly is even more common. Lawn care service providers will often inform you of their schedule requirements and what they recommend for your lawn.

Even if youre on a set schedule, you should also feel confident to call your local lawnmower to see if they can squeeze you in more often, or for a one-off cut in-between.

The frequency of their services can also depend on your lawns height. If it has been some time since you last mowed the lawns yourself, and they are now overgrown, then it can many regular lawn mowing sessions to bring them back to a manageable standard. If you cut them down to a reasonable height in one go, you may be damaging your lawns beyond easy repair.

When you make contact with your chosen contractor, talk to them about your lawn height. They can then be more accurate with their pricing and outline how they can combat the problem for a picture-perfect yard.

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Find Out Exactly How Much A Lawn Mowing Business Could Cost You

A lawn mowing service may cost you:

  • $60 to have your lawn mown once, but as little as $40 or $50 if they do your mowing regularly, such as a fortnightly or monthly service
  • $120 per hour more for a ride-on lawn mowing service using a ride on mower

This should include grass cutting and removal of debris and grass clippings, but generally will not include other services like sidewalk edging and trimming.

Do you like mowing your lawn or is it a time-consuming chore you’d rather leave up to others?

Are you happy with your lawn mowing results or do you wish your lawn looked as good as your neighbour’s, who hires a professional lawn mowing service? Is the only thing holding you back a fear of the exorbitant cost of hiring a service? If so, why not find out how much lawn mowing costs and what comes with the service?

How Often Should You Get Your Lawn Mowed

Mowing Costs TOO MUCH!!! | What Your Landscaper is NOT Telling You

You should have your lawn care company mow your lawn at least once per week during the growing season. If you have time to get a second mow in, particularly during the peak growing season like mid-to-late spring, that would be optimal. Set the desired height on your mower and try to never cut off more than one-third of the grass at one time.

Other questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my grass type?
  • What is the optimal height for that grass type?
  • How long does it take to mow my yard?
  • Can I schedule 1-2 days per week to mow?

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Lawn Care Maintenance Costs Per Hour

Most professionals offer hourly rates on lawn care maintenance. You can expect to pay from $40 to $90 per hour for these services, depending on the additional maintenance tasks required. It is important to note that this price is per person per hour, so if multiple workers are used, the price per hour will go up, but the overall cost will likely be the same since having more people means it will be completed sooner. Very large areas often require multiple workers.

How To Quote A Lawn Mowing Job

Quoting a lawn mowing job requires you to strike a balance between earning profits and giving a fair price to the client.

When quoting a lawn mowing job, you can use one of these three approaches:

  • Time-based rate: Most new lawn care professionals charge by the hour because its a straightforward and transparent way to price jobs. With this pricing method, you can also factor in equipment setup and cleanup in your hourly rates, earning you an extra bit of cash before and after work.
  • Square footage rate: Pricing your job by how many square feet youre mowing is a fair pricing method for businesses. However, this approach doesnt factor in whether a clients lawn has hilly terrain or trees, which can throw off your calculations and extend job hours.
  • Flat rate: The simplest pricing model is to charge a flat rate regardless of the time you take to complete the job. This is best used for recurring clients.

Keep in mind that not all yards are large enough for you to turn a profit. So you dont lose money working on especially small lawns, consider setting a minimum rate or price.

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Do Lawn Mowing Costs Rise When The Grass Is Too Long

Even the best lawn mower wont slash its way through very long grass effectively. If the person you hire attempts to do this, a couple of things could happen:

  • Theyll damage the blades on their lawn mower
  • If they do damage their machine’s blades, they might not be able to complete the job
  • Your lawn will have uneven grass
  • To prepare long grass for a mower, the professional who comes to your home will need to use different tools to chop the grass to a more workable length.

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