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How To Kill Creeping Charlie In Lawn

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Popular Misconception About Borax And Ground Ivy

How To Get Rid of Creeping Charlie with RESULTS!! // DIY Lawn Care

Some people falsely believe Borax will kill Creeping Charlie.

In reality, Borax will stunt the nasty vine but Borax alone will not kill it.

Worse yet, the Borax will destroy other plants it touches.

Most lawn care experts in the field will tell you that applying a pro-level herbicide is the best way to kill Creeping Charlie once and for all.

How To Kill Creeping Charlie Plant

The first thing to understand when working to get rid of creeping charlie plant is that it, like most lawn weeds, thrives best in an unhealthy lawn. Be sure to use proper mowing, watering, and fertilizing practices when caring for your lawn.

While creeping charlie weed is considered a broadleaf weed, it is not affected by all broadleaf spectrum herbicides. The only weed killers that are successful at killing creeping charlie are weed killers that contain dicamba. Even dicamba is only successful if applied several times at the right time.

In order to kill creeping charlie, you must apply dicamba based herbicide to your lawn in early fall when creeping charlie plant is growing most actively, which will leave it weakened enough so that it will have a difficult time surviving the winter. You can also apply in the late spring to early summer, but late spring to early summer applications will stall rather than eradicate creeping charlie in your lawn.

Also, only apply dicamba herbicide 3 days after mowing and do not mow for 3 days after applying it. This will allow the creeping charlie to grow more leaves, which will cause it to take in more herbicide and then will allow time for the herbicide to work through the plants system.

Note: Any recommendations pertaining to the use of chemicals are for informational purposes only. Chemical control should only be used as a last resort, as organic approaches are safer and more environmentally friendly.

Identifying Creeping Charlie Weed

Creeping charlie is often called ground ivy due to its appearance and growth habits. Creeping charlie weed is a green vine whose leaves are round with scalloped edges. Creeping charlie has a small purple flower.

The creeping charlie plant is most easily identified by its growth habit. It is a vine that grows close to the ground and will form a mat-like ground cover if allowed to. The vines have nodes at each of the places where leaves grow and these nodes will form roots if they come in contact with the soil. This is part of the reason that creeping charlie weed is so frustrating, as you cannot simply pull it up. Every rooted node can turn into a new plant if left behind.

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What Is Creeping Charlie And How Do I Control It

Creeping Charlie is a low-growing perennial weed that prefers the shady areas of your lawn. Learn how to make the creep take a flying leap.;

No, its not that nosey neighbor from down the block. Creeping Charlie is a perennial, low-growing lawn weed with rounded, scalloped leaves on the end of long leafstalks. It thrives in moist, shady areas like under trees, in garden plots, and other parts of your yard.

Got the nose of a hound? If youre mowing your lawn and notice a minty odor, theres a good chance creeping Charlie has creeped into your yard.

What You Need To Know About Creeping Charlie

How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie Ground Ivy
  • Creeping Charlie is also known as ground ivy.
  • Its a perennial, evergreen creeper that loves moist, shady areas.
  • Spreads by rhizomes and seeds, and forms thick mats in the lawn.
  • It’s found all across the country, except in the Rocky Mountain states.
  • Fun fact: It was used by the ancient Saxons for brewing beer and was brought to this country from Europe for medicinal purposes.

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How Do You Know Borax Is Working

Youll start to see signs of boron toxicity as soon as you apply borax to the lawn to control weeds. They include:

  • Yellowing and eventual browning of leaves of the weeds.
  • Drying tips of the leaves.
  • Stunted growth.
  • Poor root development.

According to a research paper by Marco Landi et al, Excess B in soil results in growth impairment and alteration of plant metabolism, causing progressive necrosis in leaves, stems and malformations

These signs that Borax is killing ground ivy occur because excess boron quickly starts to impair plant cell division and metabolism.

You should expect to start seeing results within a week of using borax to kill creeping charlie. Signs such as browning of leaves of ground ivy will be the clear evidence that the weed is finally dying and no longer growing.

You may also notice that theres very little spread of the weed, meaning your turfgrass will have a better chance of outgrowing the creepy weed and chocking it out.

Is Fiesta Weed Control Effective At Killing Creeping Charlie

Fiesta is somewhat effective at managing creeping weeds like creeping charlie, however, it takes multiple applications over several visits , to see measurable results and will not be effective without proper mowing and watering practices. It is best to apply Fiesta as a fine mist to better cover Creeping Charlies overlapping leaves. You will need a min. 3-4 Fiesta treatments to see results.

An effective application will result in discoloration and tattering of the leaf edges.;;Re-growth is expected.; This weed spreads using runners at the soils surface . Runners retain energy and stimulate new growth in thin areas throughout the lawn.; For this reason, seeding of thin/bare areas is essential in preventing the spread of Creeping Charlie.; A lime soil conditioner application may help reduce creeping Charlie where there is a pH problem present.

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How To Kill Creeping Charlie With Vinegar

What is the best weed killer for creeping charlie? Creeping charlie is an extremely low-lying plant that forms vines and inhibits the growth of other plants while theyre growing.

Often a nuisance that is hard to get rid of, creeping charlie is especially susceptible to some kinds of chemicals. One of them is horticultural vinegar.

The vinegar that is used for food contains about 5 percent acetic acid which is not effective against most gardening requirements. However, the horticultural vinegar has a lot more acetic acid content that makes it more potent and effective towards the weeds youre trying to use it against; in this case, creeping charlie.

Although horticultural vinegar can definitely be used against the growth of creeping charlie, you have to understand the dangers that that involves.

NOTE: If horticultural vinegar is sold as a herbicide, it has to follow the same rules that you adhere to with other herbicides. Horticultural vinegar is also highly corrosive, which means that you should not let kids or pets near it when it is applied or stored. Hence, this is how you kill creeping charlie with vinegar.

Why Creeping Charlie Has A Bad Reputation

How To Get Rid Of Creeping Charlie, Ground Ivy In Lawn Part 1
  • This perennial plant will quickly cover your lawn with a mat of small, scalloped-edged, and round green leaves that become dotted with small delicate blue-flowers in the early months of spring.
  • If you look at it that way, these plants are pretty, but they dont let anything grow when theyre there. It grows very low and has a vining habit eventually killing everything else around it.
  • If you dont weed out creeping charlie, in the beginning, it will go ahead and make gardening life very difficult for you and the other plants that are trying to grow there.

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Killing Creeping Charlie Using Borax

While this process is generally not harmful to turf grass, using this recipe in excess may cause damage to other plants and surrounding grass, so use it sparingly. This recipe is for large, well-established lawns that have an infestation of weeds.

  • 4 ounces of warm water
  • 2 ½; gallons of water
  • Large bucket

Begin by mixing Twenty Mule Team Borax and warm water in the bucket and stir the solution thoroughly to dissolve the Borax. Add the rest of the water to the solution.

Pour the liquid into a large spray bottle or garden sprayer and apply it uniformly across the entire lawn. The recipe treats 1,000 square feet of grass and weeds. Repeat the process in two weeks.

With a little hard work and the right knowledge, you can create a lush lawn of grass free of aggressive weeds by performing the right lawn care, proper lawn mowing, and utilizing our gardening tips.

Stop invasive plants and prevent infestation by pouring boiling water on them, treating them with vinegar and Epsom salt, using a broadleaf weed killer, or making a DIY homemade Creeping Charlie weed spray.

Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer The Best For Versatility

It is safe to use on such weeds as ground ivy, St. Augustine, Bahia, Bluegrass, Bermuda, Fescues, Rye, etc. You can use this concentrate for lawns, golf fields and other territories covered with unwanted vegetation.

Tips for users:


  • Destroys Creeping Charlie only after a direct contact
  • Requires more than one application in the areas

For homeowners or anyone who owns a small lawn, the Ortho Weed B Gon product can be a good choice. It can cover 3,200 square feet. Many small lawns can be covered with a single application.

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Say Goodbye To Creeping Charlie

Give KG Landscape a call at 763-568-7251 or fill out a quick request form on our website. Well give you the specific treatments and answers you need for your weed-infested lawn. Our tried and true fertilizer/weed control packages have kept lawns looking beautiful for over 10 years. The turf science education that our executives have give you the value and expertise that you need.

What Fertilizer Kills Creeping Charlie

How To Get Rid Of Creeping Charlie Weed

What fertilizer kills creeping Charlie? GreenView Broadleaf Weed Control plus Lawn Food is an excellent option, when you want an all in one weed treatment and fertilizer. Preen Lawn Weed Control is exclusively for lawn weed control, effective on creeping charlieand a great option when an additional fertilizer application is not needed.

What kills creeping charlie but not grass?;Use a special broadleaf herbicide containing either tricolpyr or dicamba on Creeping Charlie that has taken over your lawnthese chemicals will kill Creeping Charlie without harming your grass.

Is there a fertilizer that kills creeping charlie?;If you have a large area of creeping charlie or if your lawn is more than 50% creeping charlie, you may want to consider killing off the entire area with glyphosate and re-seeding. Note this product kills all plants including lawn grasses.

Whats the best way to kill creeping charlie?;Creeping Charlie thrives in moist shade. The best means of controlling creeping Charlie is with a postemergence broadleaf herbicide. As with any pesticide, always read and follow label directions. The best choice for homeowners is a weed killer containing salt of dicamba or triclopyr.

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Creeping Charlie Is A Rapidly

Creeping Charlie is a fast-spreading groundcover that’s classified as an invasive weed in many states.

Creeping Charlie is a fast-spreading groundcover that’s classified as an invasive weed in many states.

Creeping Charlie, also known as ground ivy, is a shade-loving perennial thats grown as groundcover.Its also sometimes used in containers and hanging baskets because its easy to grow and looks lovely trailing over the sides of the pot. But once it escapes the place its planted and it always escapes, thanks to its prolific seeds, rhizomes and stems that grow roots creeping Charlie becomes an aggressive, invasive plant that will take over your lawn and garden. Read on to learn how to get rid of creeping Charlie when it becomes a problem.

Botanical Name:Glechoma hederaceaCommon Name: Creeping Charlie, ground ivy, gill-over-the-ground, alehoffs, cats footHardiness Zones: 2 to 12

Fall Is Reportedly The Best Time To Apply Herbicide To Creeping Charlie

This is probably;because plants naturally transport materials to the roots in preparation for winter. The second best time for herbicide application is spring when creeping Charlie is actively growing and flowering. Again, this is when the plant is naturally transporting a lot of materials through its system. Applying herbicides at either of these times makes it more likely that the chemicals will get distributed throughout the plant, increasing their effectiveness.

In just about any discussion of controlling creeping Charlie, someone mentions using borax. Like most home remedies, while it has its basis in truth, I dont recommend people try it. Creeping Charlie prefers soil with low boron levels; too much boron will kill it. Borax contains boron, so if you apply a solution of borax to the soil, you can raise the level of boron in the soil enough to kill the creeping Charlie.

Seems simple, right?

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Reasons To Keep Them On Your Lawn

It undeniable that even though they can be somewhat invasive, violets are pretty flowers.; The flowers bloom in the early months of spring and bloom rather oftenand as a result, not everyone sees them as weeds.;

There are those homeowners that are known to choose to let them grow in their lawns and elsewhere on their property.

There are a few reasons why you might want to let violets grow on your lawn:

  • They offer the ability for low maintenance of lawns.
  • You will able to avoid the use of any type of chemical or herbicide to combat them.
  • They are a favorite amongst all types of pollinatorsincluding bees.
  • If there an area of your property that you are having a problem with growing grass, violets, with their love of shady, moist areas, can prove to make them an excellent ground cover.
  • They are considered a native species, and as such, they are beneficial additions to a natural landscape design.

Finally, many are not aware that the violet is officially classified as a weed safe for consumption.; Both the flowers and the stems are safe to eat, and the leaves of the younger plants have a pleasant, somewhat nutty flavor.; In addition, many individuals use parts of the flowers medicinally.; The acid in the leaves is said to break down and eliminate corns and warts.

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What Kills Creeping Charlie But Not Grass

How To Remove Creeping Charlie From You Lawn

If Creeping Charlie has taken up residence in your lawn, you will find it a challenge to get rid of it. You cant suffocate it without killing your grass. In addition, its nearly impossible to remove by hand as it will be tangled in the grass roots.

When you have a tough time getting rid of Creeping Charlie on your lawn, a herbicide may be one way to deal with it quickly. However, you need to know that many weedkillers are non-selective and kill anything they touch.

You will need to check product labels carefully and select a broadleaf herbicide containing Triclopyror dicamba, which are two chemicals to kill Creeping Charlie while not harming your precious turf grass.

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Killing Creeping Charlie With Dicamba

Not all herbicides for broadleaf weeds can kill it because of its aggressive growth pattern. You need to apply something that contains dicamba. And you must get your timing right!

Dont fret. Lets see how to kill the creeping Charlie.

I will mention 3 or 4 herbicide that contains dicamba later in this article. So, if you dont know where to get them, dont worry. You will get to know them pretty soon.

  • Method 1: Applying Herbicide

The first thing about killing them successfully is to apply it at the right time. And the right time to apply such herbicide in early fall. Because this is the time when it grows most actively.

Applying dicamba-based herbicide in early fall will make the creeping Charlie very weak to survive the upcoming winter. Only this is the time you can expect the herbicide will eradicate such weeds.

But, you must apply the herbicide several times during this season.

Alternatively, you can apply the same in the later spring to the early summer and it will still work. But it wont completely eradicate the highly resilient weeds. It will just stall its growth.

In addition to applying it at the right time, you must follow the right procedure. You should apply the dicamba herbicide after 3 days of mowing. And you cant mow for the next 3 days after applying the herbicide.

  • Method 2: Kill Them In Flower Beds!
  • Method 3: How To Get Rid Of Creeping Charlie With Borax?
  • Make sure its not going to be raining for at least 48 hours.
  • Reapply Borax again after 2 weeks.
  • How To Prevent Creeping Charlie

    Preventing the growth of creeping charlie can help you avoid the inconvenience of having to kill the species off. Green Stuff Lawn practices preventative lawn maintenance that targets weed species while remaining harmless to the grass. As a homeowner, here are some ways you can prevent and eliminate creeping charlie in your yard:

    • Keep your grass healthy. A healthy and maintained lawn is the best way to defend your yard against weeds. Because creeping charlie spreads in areas where the grass is malnourished or sparse, a well-fed lawn can block sunlight from accessing the soil and spreading invasive weeds. Lawn fertilizing can help to infuse nutrients into the soil and maintain a thriving lawn.
    • Patch up the bare spots. Creeping charlie loves shady, moist spots in your lawn, where grass thins out. Thinning grass is a primary location for weeds to start overtaking. By rapidly repairing the bare spots in your lawn, you can stop creeping charlie in its tracks.
    • Overseed in the spring or fall. Overseeding can help fill in the gaps where sunlight doesnt reach the soil. This method results in a thick, luscious lawn that is less susceptible to the threat of invasive weed species.
    • Set your lawnmower on high. Although a low-cut lawn can look high class, tall grass blocks the sunlight that helps weeds germinate from making contact with the soil.

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