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Where To Buy Lawn Mower Tires

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Used Lawn Mower Tires Near Me Conclusion

Choosing The Right Lawn Mower Tire | Ken Jones Tires | 1-800-225-9513

You can find used mower tires at a variety of different places. You should make sure that the place you are buying from is reputable and has some knowledge of different types of lawn mowers. Never solely rely on their judgement about the tires quality. You should roll a tire and look at it closed before purchasing it. This is what I have learned from the places that sell used lawn mower tires near me.

Otr Tracmaster Mower Tires: Now Called Lawn Trac

  • The OTR LAWN TRAC tire is a premium R-1 tire designed by OTR for small equipment.
  • Original equipment on Jacobsen, Kubota, Moridge, SGC equipment.
  • Herringbone tread design provides good traction in soft soil conditions.Benefit: the tire lugs bite effectively into soft or loose soil to provide excellent footing and grip.
  • Directional tread style with lugs designed for excellent self cleaning properties.Benefit: sticky soil and mud fall away cleanly.
  • Tread lugs are also designed to be less aggressive on turf.Benefit: minimal turf disturbance.
  • Rim Guard is designed with heavy side walls.Benefit: protects the rim flange and protects from side wall penetration.

Looking At Lawn Tractor Tires

You may think that in order to replace your lawn mower tractor tires that you have to take this equipment back to the dealer where you bought it. Fortunately with the lawn mower tractor tires you can replace them yourself. You will need to determine if you need riding lawn mower front tires or rear lawn mowers.

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How Much Do Tractor Tires Cost

How much do tractor tires cost? A radial design tractor tire from Titan Tire Corporation has an average retail price of US$1,600 to US$2,900. Some new tires might come cheaper at US$400, but still, it costs a fortune for many. Buying used tractor tires will save you from breaking your bank.

Used Lawn Mower Tires Near Me

MASSFX 20x10

Used lawn mower tires are a great to save money on replacement parts. Most people really dont know where to get used lawn mower tires and wheels, so today we will solve that. You really wont find a company that deals exclusively in these, but you can find them amongst other tires for agricultural equipment. Below I will cover who sells them, how to identify a good value, safety, and my experience with the places that sell used lawn mower tires near me.

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Carlisle Straight Rib Lawn Mower Tires

  • Carlisle Straight Rib lawn mower tires are designed for both commercial and residential mowing applications.
  • The Straight Rib tire is engineered with channels to help disperse water to create better traction.
  • The non-aggressive rib design provides smooth and easy rolling with minimal turf disturbance.
  • Commonly used in lieu of the smooth tread design as castors on ZTR mowers.
  • An excellent flotation tire that works well on lawn trailers, tractor attachments, transport vehicles and farm implements.

Best Lawn Mower Tires For : With Updated Pros And Cons

When a tire is worn out, it can have significant drawbacks to the performance of your lawnmower.

First, you should replace your worn-out tires with new ones to restore your machines efficiency.

There are many types, styles, and brands of lawnmower tires on the market right now. Of course, you want the best ones for your money, safety, and performance.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best lawn mower tires available this 2022, so keep on reading.

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Choosing The Right Lawn Mower Tire For Dirt

We like to say were experts in tires that roll on dirt and grass, yet we end up talking a lot about the grass and much less about the dirt. So which tires work best if you have attachments for your mower? Or if you need to trundle off into the woods to haul some firewood? We carry several tires that are specialized for use off-grass and in the dirt. Heres how to know which one youll need.

If you need grip and pull for heavy loads…The Carlisle Super Lug, Power Trac, and Tru Power all have the bar-bar tread design which provides superior grip and pull for heavy loads. As expected, this design will tear at your lawn but its great for tillers, trenchers, and snow throwers.

If you need grip over many types of terrain…If you have a UTV or often find yourself trekking through a multitude of environments, then the Carlisle HD Field Trax may be the perfect tire for you. Its an HDAP tire designed to be used for work and play. While it may cause some turfing with frequent lawn use, the HD Field Trax offers outstanding traction in farm, field, sport, and worksite settings.

Have questions on how to choose lawn mower tires? Feel free to give our experts a call at 961-8668.

Need lawnmower, garden tractor, or golf cart tires?

Well help you find the right fit and style for your mower, tractor, and more.

Lawn Mower Maintenance And Accessories

Replacing a Front Tire on a Riding Lawn Mower

Make the most of your lawn mower with grass catchers and durable mower parts and accessories from Ace. Explore our lawn mower maintenance tips to learn which parts of your mower need regular cleaning and replacement, then find all the supplies you need here.

Whether you use a classic push mower or a heavy-duty riding mower, get the right lawn mower tires near you at your local Ace. Shop online or stop by in-store and our experts can help you find tough replacement mower wheels and riding mower tires plus lawn mower blades and other parts to fit any model.

Need help? Call 1-866-290-5334

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Major Structure Issues And Blemishes

Bead damage, blistering, cuts, bulging, and casing cracks are blemishes that need to be inspected. These types of issues decrease the lifespan, the strength, and the value of a used tire. Some blemishes and structural damage can at first appear cosmetic, but you need to closely examine these issues for your own safety.

Difference Between A Riding Mower And A Tractor

A lawn tractor is a heavy-duty beast of a machine for large jobs. Manufacturers took the farm tractor prototype and miniaturized it, attaching a deck with blades to the bottom. Consider a tractor if you have more than half an acre to tackle, and an incline to ascend. According to Consumer Reports, tractors get better traction than riding mowers, so theyre better for hills, and you get a reliably even cut.

The zero-turn-radius riding mower isnt great for hills. However, these mowers have better maneuverability than tractors, so theyre best if you have plenty of obstacles to deal with in your lawn. Theyre also faster than tractors. While tractors cut a 42- to 54-inch swath, ZTRs cut 42- to 60-inches. The best ZTRs cut as evenly as tractors and are a lot like the mowers landscapers use.

If you dont have a ton of money or space to store a tractor, and your lawn is smaller than an acre, the rear-engine rider may be right for you. Be advised, they only cut a 30-inch swath, theyre slower than both ZTRs and tractors, and they dont get as even of a cut.

Both ZTRs and rear-engine riders have gas-powered, one or two cylinder engines in the rear, while the tractors engine is in the front. There are also electric options, such as the Ryobi R48110. All types of riding mowers can side-discharge, mulch, or bag grass clippings. The best kind for you depends on the nature of your yards terrain.

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Huge Savings On All Lawn & Garden And Turf Tiresclick Here To See The Latest Specials And Low Prices

Golf course, residential and commercial landscaping equipment all use a wide variety of lawn mower tires. It is very important to choose the right mower tires for your walk-behind or riding lawn tractor. Choosing the right tire can be confusing and somewhat hard to understand due to the fact that lawn & garden tires are manufactured with a large array of tread designs, ply ratings, sizes and grades of quality. In addition, these tires are also used on pressure washers, broadcast spreaders, mowing machinery, riding tractors, ditching machines and zero-turn mowers, and everything in between!

Ken Jones Tires is the best place to buy lawn mower tires online. We stock all original equipment mower tires and offer the best brands and inventory. Because we stock even hard to find tire sizes, we can offer fast shipping throughout the United States. Our expert and knowledgeable staff can answer the questions you have, help solve most fitment problems and supply you with quality proven products.

Small Tires For Lawn Mower Needs

Marathon Industries 20346 15 x 6.50

While these may be a small item don’t under estimate the importance of the riding lawn mower tires. If you are using this item on rough terrain there is a lot of responsibility that is being put on the small tires for lawn mower performances. It you replace the lawn mower tractor tires with cheap lawn tractor tires that are of inferior quality you could be putting yourself at personal risk. You may not be able to steer the lawn mower properly and you could cause it to tip.

If you are going to go to the work of replacing your riding lawn mower front tires then you should just go ahead and change the rear lawn mower tires as well because they most likely have been put through the same wear and tear as the lawn tractor front tires.

Your lawn mower tires are responsible for holding the weight of the mower and for allowing you to steer effectively and giving you the traction you need. They will allow you to make the tight cuts and take corners safely and efficiently.

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What Kind Of Used Lawn Mower Tires Can You Find

The places that deal in used lawn mower tires near me sell a variety of used tires for small agricultural equipment. It also depends on where you go, a tractor supplier will have the most options for you. I have found tires that are perfect for Cub Cadets, Hondas, Murrays, John Deeres, and more. I think the most popular size that is around is 20x10x8.

Here are some of the equipment types you can find tires for:

  • Ride On Mowers
  • Small Engine Tractors

Buying Guide For Best Lawn Mower Tires

Its the first week of June, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the grass is growing. Soon youll need to wheel out your lawn mower from the depths of the garage and begin the weekly event of mowing the lawn. Before using your lawn mower for the first time, you should check the tires because its inevitable you will eventually need to replace a damaged or worn-out tire on your trusty lawn mower.

You might only use your lawn mower for one season of the year, but upkeep is still necessary. Just like car tires, lawn mower tires wear out with use. And just like cars, your lawn mower is going to be less effective with a shoddy tire. During the winter, its possible for lawn mower tires to go flat or for them to be damaged by the elements. Cold weather affects tire pressure, too, so when you drag that bad boy out for the first time, the tires may be flat.

Which type of lawn mower tires do you need to purchase? We created this guide to help you figure that out and to lead you to the best possible tire products for your mower. Read on to learn about key considerations and features.

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The Challenge With Used Tires For Lawn And Garden Equipment

The best tires typically sell fast, leaving you with limited choices for your lawn and garden equipment. Everyone is competing for both the popular brands and the popular tire sizes. You can to your local tractor supply and ask for a used set of 20x10x8s, but likely they won t be there. These often sell fast. The best thing to do is work out a deal with the supplier. Ask them to call or email you the moment a used set comes in. Some online companies have alert systems in place that send you a text or email when they have a tire that meets your specific requirements.

Carlisle Tru Power Lug Lawn Mower Tires

Repairing a Riding Lawn Mower Tire
  • The Carlisle Tru Power Lug lawn mower tire is the ultimate deep-traction tire designed to meet all your high traction demands.
  • The Carlisle Tru Power features a specially designed rim guard and dirt shield to keep debris away from the bead of the tire. This ensures fewer flats and less downtime.
  • The lug-type tread provides traction in a variety of environments including mud, swamps, sand, construction sites, marshland, gravel and rugged terrain.
  • Common applications for the Carlisle Tru Power Lug include ditching equipment, garden tractors, aerial work platforms, scizzor lifts, portable forklifts, tractor pulling and Moffett truck mounted forklifts

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Antego Tire & Wheel Turf Tires

The Antego Tire & Wheel turf tires for tractors and mowers are made to fit directly onto your tractor assemblies, making the installation and fitment process a breeze.

With high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these tires are built to last. They are the perfect replacement for your machine and make it look and feel like new.

Each turf tire includes .75 precision ball bearings that never need grease. It gives you the perfect balance, so your lawnmower tractor works smoothly and efficiently like no other.

Furthermore, the innovative quick change process allows for fast and easy tire changes without using complicated tools and procedures.

These Antego turf tires have a maximum load capacity of 570 lbs. Theyre ideal for terrain and traction, not just on your lawn but also on the field or even on tracks.

These wheels measure 6×4.5 with a 3-inch hub diameter. They can fit the John Deere series and models with part numbers GY20638 and AM127303 and other models with similar measurements.

You can use these on turf surfaces such as dew-covered fairways, golf carts, lawns, and non-rocky dirt surfaces. However, keep in mind that these will not fit on trailers or carts.

One downside to this product is that it takes additional washers to fit on your axel.

This is because the wheel can slide back and forth due to the small space making it hard to connect appropriately.


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About Carlisle Lawn & Garden Tires

Carlisle Lawn Mower Tires and Lawn Tractor Tires are known for their high quality compounds, high performing tread designs, strong performance and value. They offer good, better and best options for all lawn mower tire demands and applications from a residential riding lawn mower tire to commercial lawn mower tires that can withstand the demands of long hours of operation.Carlisle Transportation Products manufactures the most extensive line of specialty tires and wheels, and their expertise in lawn and garden tires makes them one of the most respected brands in the industry. With a wide selection of turf proven, purpose designed treads, combined with puncture resistant compounding, Carlisle offers proven quality and durability.Ken Jones Tires is proud to be an authorized distributor for Carlisle Lawn Mower Tires.

Carlisle has a tire for all your lawn, garden, golf and outdoor power equipment needs.

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Buy Best Lawn Mower In Bangladesh

Use the Sakura Hand Push, Self-propelled and Riding Lawn Mower to keep your lawn immaculate and visually appealing with top-class engines like the Honda and US brands Briggs and Stratton. Moreover, to harvest crops and grass in rough areas, high-quality Honda brush cutters are available in our stores. We offer the best grass cutting machine price in Bangladesh with free delivery, installation and 1-year warranty. To know more about our product line, please contact us at +8801791111166 or email us at

Carlisle Turf Master Lawn Mower Tires

Marathon Tires Flat
  • The Carlisle Turf Master lawn mower tire, perhaps the best-known Carlisle lawn tire, is a favorite among top landscape designers and lawn care professionals.
  • Turf Master tires are well known for their superior puncture resistance, long tire life, outstanding traction and minimal turf damage.
  • Considered as one of the best commercial turf tires in the lawn care industry.
  • Original Equipment on many top lawn care machines such as John Deere, Scag, Hustler and Club Cadet.
  • Available in a huge array of sizes to fit just about any mowing machine.

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Replacement Lawn Mower Wheels And Tires

Find everything you need to replace your old lawn mower wheels and tires at Ace. Browse push and riding lawn mower tires in a variety of different sizes and tread styles, as well as sets complete with axle adaptor kits and instructions. When you only need a partial fix, find inner tube replacements for a durable, easy-to-install solution.

Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire

The Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire is made for residential and commercial riding lawnmowers.

Thanks to its all-weather tread compound and maximum traction on turf surfaces, this tire is best to replace turf equipment, lawnmowers, and other utility vehicles.

This innovative tire design features a unique, square shoulder shape for increased stability during yard work and a super quiet mowing experience.

These Turf Saver tires provide greater puncture resistance than standard pneumatic tires. It also allows your lawnmower to withstand heavy loads in muddy or uneven terrains.

It also features a flat surface for easy tire gauge and improved traction to provide a better ride.

Furthermore, the chevron tread pattern provides increased sidewall stability and traction, especially on wet surfaces in straight positions and excellent self-cleaning capabilities, improving the overall performance on any surface.

Designed with a turf-friendly tread pattern, the Carlisle Turf Saver tire is ideal for driving over rough terrains such as sod, dirt, and even some types of gravel.

Its also vehicle manufacturer-approved, so it offers an easy and familiar fitment.

However, you cant mount this tire right out of the package. Instead, you need to allow several days for decompression before mounting onto your lawn mowers rim otherwise, the fitment will be nearly impossible for you.


  • Requires several days of decompression

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