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Who Makes Greenworks Lawn Mowers

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Greenworks 2502202 Pro 21

Greenworks Pro 60V Mower Makes Cutting the Lawn Hassle-Free

This Greenworks 2502202 Pro has a reputation for being a piece of reliable machinery and the definition of lawn mowing made easier. The machine is fitted with sizeable quality steel blades that give a massive 21-inch cutting path to ensure the user only has to make few rounds in a standard yard before completing the task.

Manufactured with innovative brushless motor technology, these motors are able to deliver significantly more power and torque compared to similar gas-powered lawnmowers.

This product is built with next-generation smart cut technology that is significantly faster, the innovative technology increases the speed of the blades saving mowing time, while still maintaining quality. The mower features a lightweight design making it easier to push.

Another impressive thing about the mower is how easily and reliably it starts up. By the push of a button, you are fired up and ready to tidy the lawn. Its quick charging comes in handy when mowing large lawns. In only 30 minutes, your batteries go from dead to full charge. The mower scores highly when it comes to mulching making it a valuable addition to your garden. Definitely one of the Best Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mowers.


Craftsman Vs Greenworks Lawnmower Comparison


  • The Greenworks mower has a much more powerful engine
  • The Greenworks mower is corded and has unlimited runtime
  • The Greenworks mower is less durable than the Craftsman mower
  • The Craftsman mower does not have you dealing with a power cord
  • The Craftsman mower is a bit heavier and bulkier


  • Both mowers can mulch, bag, and side discharge grass
  • Both mowers have nice wheels and a good push handle
  • Both mowers can collapse down for easy storage

What These Mowers are Ideal For

Both of these lawnmowers, and both brand names, are perfectly fine options. The Greenworks mower is probably better if you need more power to deal with larger and thicker lawns, but its also not quite as durable, and; you do have to deal with a power cord. On the other hand, the Craftsman option is a bit more durable, and heavier too, but also less powerful, and you have to deal with batteries.

At the end of the day, which brand you go with is really up to you. Its always hard to judge when comparing brand names, because a lot of it does come down to personal experience. Some may prefer one brand name over another. Now, if you are looking for eco-friendly products for a good price, Greenworks is probably the better option . However, if you need a wide array of tools, such as for lawncare and carpentry, and you dont mind paying a bit extra for high quality products, you probably want to stick with Craftsman.

Which is the more cost effective brand name?

Greenworks Pro 60v Self

The 60V line has been the most successful for Greenworks in our opinion. The original mower was a nice upgrade and now were a couple of generations in with the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower. Upgraded features, a durable steel deck, and excellent runtime highlight this all-around excellent performer.

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Final Thoughts On Greenworks Electric Lawn Mowers

Not happy with just reducing air pollution for your living area, the Greenworks products also limit the noise created by their powerful engines. You reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and you dont have to buy and store any gas and oil.

These mowers are lightweight and maneuver easily. By the way, they dont break the bank either. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I checked the price on Greenworks lawn mowers. I had read somewhere that going green with my lawn cutting would mean spending more money on a mower, and that is definitely not the case.

By the way, WiseBread figures that operating a gas-powered push mower vs a cordless electric push mower for 10 years is 50% more expensive ! Get a corded Greenworks mower and your 10 year operating cost drops to around $359.

Thanks for taking the time to visit with me. I really believe we can have fun in our gardens and yards while also thinking more about how our activities might be hurting the environment. It is my heartfelt feeling that Greenworks lawn mowers are a smart and eco-friendly way to cut your yard, and you save some money vs the eco-unfriendly, gas-powered alternative.


Final Result Which Mower Brand Wears The Crown Greenworks Vs Ego

40v 46cm Self Propelled Mower Kit

If you need a battery-powered lawn mower to get you through the damp days of spring and the hottest stretch of summer, which brand can you rely on the most?;

Honestly, it is very close and tough to call!

If it were me, I would most likely consider Greenworks mowers first because they have more reasonable prices!

Greenworks also has mowers that are lighter and easier to manage.;

I value warranties, but they dont make or break deals for me when buying a mower.;

Your situation may be different, though, and your mileage may vary!;

If you are looking for premium build materials in the design of a mower, EGO pays more attention to those details.

You also get plenty of premium features on EGO mowers that you may find more appealing than Greenworks mowers.

But what about you?

What are your thoughts on this battle between Greenworks vs EGO mowers?;

Do you own mowers from any of these brands?;

What are your experiences?;

Please leave your comments below!

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Greenworks 25012 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

If you have never used an electric lawnmower before then, the Greenworks 25012 would be a great place to start. It comes with a mulching plate installed. You can also connect a side chute in case you prefer to mow in the side-discharge mode.;

It features easily adjustable cutting heights. Moreover, its blade is pretty sharp and durable. The blade wont get damaged even if it hits a rock or other debris.;

The 25012 lawnmower is quite powerful. It can go up steep slopes, and it can also maneuver around the tricky spots.;

Craftsman Vs Greenworks Lawn Mower

Are you on the hunt for new yard work tools, specially lawnmowers? If this is the case, you have come to the right place. Today we want to look at two brand names, both of which are very popular and highly trusted, and see how they stack up against each other in terms of their best lawnmowers. We will be comparing some important points, such as customer service and overall pricing of each brand name, but we want to do a Craftsman Lawnmower vs. Greenworks Lawnmower comparison. Well be looking at some of the most popular mowers from each brand to see which one is better for you.

Shop Battery And Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

NEW Greenworks 60V Self-Propelled Mower with Support for Two Batteries

Cordless battery lawn mowers have come a long way from even a few years ago. Long gone are the days of needing to be tethered by a heavy-duty extension cord or needing to change out batteries halfway through your lawn mowing! Using our high power, high-capacity rechargeable battery packs, you will be able to knock out your weekend mowing with ease. Modern battery lawn mowers have many benefits, including ease of storage, quick startup, quiet operation, and more! For people with smaller to medium sized yards, it is easier and more convenient to use a cordless electric lawn mower instead of using one with a gas engine. Once you’ve converted, you’ll never want to go back.


How Long Does A Battery Last On A Greenworks Lawn Mower

How long does a battery last on your Greenworks lawn mower? This question is something that many customers have been asking and I am here to answer it. The average lifespan of the battery, depending on how often you use it, ranges from 10-12 months before needing replacement.

Hows this for an interesting fact! Let me ask you: How long do batteries typically last in other products around our home like cordless power tools or electric cars? Most people would guess about five years but what if we told them they lasted TWELVE YEARS!?

Greenworks Mo80l410 Pro 21

reenworks MO80L410 Pro is the cream of the crop in dealing with small and medium-sized grasses. Enjoying quiet execution and longer-battery is no longer a bridge too far. You can enjoy a stunning performance equivalent to 160cc with it.

This magnanimous lawnmower features a rear grass bag. So, the next time you weed out the grasses, you can store them in it!

Greenworks MO80L410 Pro features a 4AH battery that serves you with a 45 minutes run time. It allows you to weed out unwanted herbs at once. The 21 steel deck is so withstandable that it can take over large areas like a snap.

A rear-wheel-drive is self-propelled, and adjusting them with your stride is a piece of cake for you. You wont require any extra tool or extra torque if you bring home this masterpiece.

The innovative Smart Cut Technology can enhance the speed of the blade of your lawnmower and offer you an exquisite experience. However, you can also try;Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower. It assures larger than ever and neck along with clean operation over thin and mid-size grasses.

The lawnmower by GreenWorks is a 3 in 1 piece that offers you everything that you need while horticulture. You can now mulch, side discharge, or rear bag those unwanted grasses grown in your backyard.

Chopping Width And Height

The variety of lawnmowers can differ based on grass size. There are some lawn mowers for thin, middle-sized grasses. You can also get lawnmowers that eradicate large herbs.

The greater the cutting width is, the faster you can chop off those grasses. Also, the lawnmowers allow you to adjust the height of the machine based on the grass size.

Battery Voltage And Amp Hours

Greenworks 16

Lithium ion is the dominant battery type across lawn mowers, as it is far better than nickel cadmium when it comes to this type of tool. All Greenworks cordless lawn mowers use Li-ion batteries.

Voltage gives you a way to compare outright power, but ampere hours are equally important because they tell you how long a battery can maintain that power level. A 4 Ah battery will last at least twice as long as a 2 Ah battery and possibly even longer. Though some lawn mowers require specific sizes, you should choose the maximum battery output where possible. The only proviso here is that lower Ah batteries recharge much faster.

Note: Greenworks Smartcut technology attempts to get the most from the battery by sensing the power required and adjusting supply automatically. Not all Greenworks lawn mowers have this technology, however.

Greenworks Vs Ryobi Lawn Mowers: Features

When it comes to breaking down the features of these mowers, one important thing is how easy they are to operate. Ryobi prioritizes push-button starts with lots of its mowers, which will enable you to get going quicker with your gardening tasks, while Greenworks have the same system, sometimes accompanied by pulling a safety key.;

Theres a range of both Greenworks and Ryboi lawn mowers which also have features to make packing them away nice and easy. Greenworks models often have foldable handles for compact storage, while Ryobi also has clipping bags that are convenient to pull away, so you can clean up after mowing faster.;

Greenworks batteries can be used to charge up more than just your mower too, with a USB port so that you can get some juice on your iPhone or iPad, like a portable charger. Lots of Ryobi models also have LED headlights, so that you can mow at dawn or dusk, and fit more hours into your gardening day.

Winner: Greenworks take the crown when it comes to features with its battery system and foldable traits, but Ryobi is just at its heels.

Warranty & Customer Experience

The warranty for these two brands is pretty decent. Yet, it is safe to say that one offers a few extra advantages over the other.

For example, Greenworks delivers a 4-year warranty for parts and batteries.

This is an excellent warranty for most people, especially occasional consumers.;

Then you have EGO, offering up to 5 years on parts and 3 years on the battery.

But if youre using the lawn mower as a professional or company, then the warranties go to 2 and 1 years accordingly.;

So you could say Greenworks is a bit fairer when it comes to its warranty. As for customer service, they both perform amazingly well so theres no point of comparison.;

Which Is Better Ego Or Greenworks

A lot of people have been debating which is better. It seems like the conventional thinking leans more towards using green products because they seem safer for our environment and are perceived as healthier than other cleaning solutions, but some still believe that egos work just fine if one has a little patience with them. What do you think: ego vs Greenworks, who will come out on top in this debate lets find out!

Why Choose Greenworks Products

Greenworks 60v 21inch Cordless Lawn Mower | Best Review 2019 âï¸?âï¸?âï¸?

With so many battery-powered yard tool brands on the market, is there any reason to choose Greenworks over the other brands? I mean really, does it even matter?

Are Greenworks yard tools worth it? The primary competitive advantage that Greenworks has over other battery-powered yard tool companies is in their history of time vested in the industry. While other companies have balanced their efforts between gas and electric models, Greenworks has been all-in on their commitment to non-fuel solutions since their inception.

Now, saying a brand is worth it can be very subjective but lets go over some of the main reasons that the Greenworks product line is a reliable option as a battery-powered yard tool solution.

Is Greenworks Made In Usa


Globe Tools Group

Similarly, is Ryobi and greenworks the same company? Both Greenworks and Ryobi are well known, and popular brands of battery powered power tools. Greenworks is a relatively new company, and they were incorporated in 2007 by Globe Tool Group to bring Globe’s new lithium-ion battery powered tool to market.

Keeping this in consideration, are Greenworks products any good?

The specs and features of each tool is great, and SO much better than gas. 🙂 One battery to power them all, quick charging, long runtimes, powerful and quiet. I’ve really enjoyed these Greenworks electric lawn, garden, and yard tools, and highly recommend you check them out.

Does Home Depot sell greenworks?

Greenworks – Outdoor Power Equipment – Outdoors – The Home Depot.

Greenworks Lawn Mower Maneuverability Loves A Difficult Yard

You can get machines with wheels as big as 7 or 10 inches. There are different wheel configurations that allow you to place your front and back wheels in different positions and heights so that you can cut even the most difficult yard.

For instance, the G-MAX 40V 19-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower allows you to choose from 7 different cutting heights. This means one machine could cut your yard and several others, and you can easily handle the job if your grass has grown very tall or is relatively short. The wheels on this Greenworks electric lawn mower are 7 inches tall in the front. This is a lot taller than some similar mowers offered by other companies.

The rear wheels are 10 inches in height. If this sounds like that configuration is too high to keep your grass manageable, that is definitely not the case. Those higher wheels allow you to raise your cutting blades if you need to do so for whatever reason. You may have to cut really thick grass that hasnt been mowed in a while. There may be weeds in that yard, and that could also make the job difficult.

In that situation you can change the height of the mower by moving a single lever, so you can raise the blade to its maximum height. Once you get the yard under control, then you can easily and quickly drop the blade as low as you would like. This quick-change feature of the large wheels coupled with a smart physical design makes this mower and other Greenworks machines easy to maneuver.

Where Are Greenworks Lawn Mowers Made

Greenworks has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade and has moved aggressively into markets on every continent. However, as the company has grown and expanded its product line one thing has not changed: all of its mowers are still produced in the companys massive facility in Changzhou, China. The companys enormous Chinese based production capability was one of the things that made it so attractive for Stihl to invest in. Part of the deal they struck with Globe Tools Group was to allow Stihl to move some of their chainsaw production from Europe to the Changzhou facility in order to cut production costs.

How To Use A Greenworks Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25242 Greenworks 16

We should all consider saving the environment for future generations by using a Greenworks lawn mower. How can you use one? Well, lets find out! The first thing to do is roll it onto your grassy area with its wheels and then engage them so that they dont move when pushing on the ground during operation . Then pull up on lock bar in order to secure blades into position before beginning; next, push down holding blade control lever firmly downwards until completely engaged. Youve now completed this step of how-to-mow your lawn as outlined above correctlynow go enjoy yourself while admiring those freshly cut lines.

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