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Do Robot Lawn Mowers Really Work

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Should I Buy A Robot Lawnmower

How Robotic Automated Lawn Mowers Work

Sure if the robot mower meets your cutting needs.; If you have a smaller to a medium-sized yard, you would be a great candidate for a robotic mower.

Also if you would rather not maintain your lawn, or maintaining your lawn has become problematic due to age or illness a robot mower could handle those tasks for you. In that case, a robotic lawnmower would be ideal for your situation.

Battery & Charging Options

Efficient lithium-Ion batteries power your robot lawn mower. This type of battery technology has advanced so much over recent years that it is the energy source of choice for most heavy construction and industrial power tool users.

  • Robot lawn mowers return automatically to the charging station when their batteries run low.

  • They can find the charging station by a pre-programmed path, using the perimeter wire or by following the boundary back.

  • A low-cost full recharge can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours and will power the mower for up to 3 hours.

Rechargeable battery life depends on a number of factors including mower model and the presence of steep slopes and other obstacles on the lawn.

Obviously, if you buy a mower not designed for the size of your lawn then battery life may be inadequate for the task.;;

How To Choose The Robotic Lawnmower

There are several factors to consider when choosing a robotic lawnmower. Among the main ones, of course, are the size and morphology of your garden. Which will necessarily influence the choice of the best model for your needs. But there are many other variables that will help you make the best decision.

Next, we break down all these variables that you should take into account and know:

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Ive Got A Bumpy Lawn Will A Robotic Lawnmower Work

This tends to be the big question maybe its actually a slope rather than an uneven surface, but the principle is the same. A moderate slope will be fine so if youve got a normal lawn thats simply not level, you should be OK. Robot mowers are capable of handling small inclines , but they have their limits. If you have more challenging terrain to deal with, have a look at our reviews section. Youll find lots of information there, and then click over to the Amazon page for the mower you like the look of youll typically find Q&A sections on Amazon, so theres a good chance that someone else will have asked the same question and got an answer from someone in the know .

Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Any Good

Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Really Work?  Robolever

Robotic lawn mowers can be a great way of keeping your grass cut. These compact little machines give a great result and of course, this is achieved with minimal effort on your part.

Because the robotic mower doesnt cut in rows like a manual one does, you get a more carpet-like result, with no gaps or stripes. It cuts little and often to make sure your lawns always in good shape, and because its more compact than other types of mower, can reach into those tricky small spots with ease.

Its also good for the grass. Robots tend to have small, razor-sharp blades that give a clean cut: they dont tear at the grass like some mowers do.

Because theyre lightweight , they dont squash the lawn, which is better for the grass. The regular cutting also means that weeds dont get the chance to grow in your lawn before theyre cut back again.

Theyre not just for small lawns, and you can get powerful models that work with larger yards . This is great news if you have a large yard but would struggle to keep on top of the lawn. You can even program your robot to get the job done while youre at work!

They might freak out the dogs, but kids love watching the robot scurry around the yard. Theyre also safer than conventional mowers, which are a leading cause of accidents in the home.

One thing: they are not completely hands-off. You have to programme your robot mower, and youll also need to install its perimeter wire . As with all mowers, youll need to change the blades regularly .

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Robot Mowers Are The Future

One concern I had about robot lawn mowers was whether they would work as well as conventional lawnmowers. Thankfully, I need not have been concerned as my robot lawnmower does an excellent job, and the feedback from most users is generally good. Personally, I could never go back to a conventional lawn mower having used a robotic mower.

Generally robot lawn mowers live up to their promise of being able to delegate your lawn care to a robot. They still have a few minor issues which do not significantly detract from the generally positive experience. The two main things to be aware of are that the set-up is a bit time consuming and robot lawn mowers generally wont do a perfect job on your edges. As long as you keep these two things in mind when you buy robot lawnmower you are generally going to be pleased with your purchase.

The technology behind robot lawn mowers has been in development for over 50 years, with mainstream domestic machines widely available for over 20 years. During this time the technology has gradually developed and come down in price, meaning that a lot of the problems that were present in the first robot lawn mowers have largely been solved.

How Do They Know Where To Go

Robotic mowers are kept from roaming off and cutting the neighbourhoods grass by a continuous, electronic loop boundary wire that is hidden around the lawns edges. You can install the system yourself: it takes between two and five hours, depending on the complexity and size of your lawn, or you can arrange for your local specialist dealer to manage the installation . A high-quality installation is the key to trouble-free performance so most customers choose to use their local specialist dealer. Automowers sensors detect and work round any holes or obstacles, such as fallen fruit, and will also handle any slopes some models handle inclines of up to 24 degrees.

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Since the first;Roomba;came out in 2002,;it has seemed inevitable that one day;iRobot would develop a robotic lawn mower. After all,;a robot mower is basically just a Roomba that works outside, right? Of course, its not nearly that simple, as iRobot has spent the last decade or so discovering, but theyve finally managed to pull it off.

Today, iRobot is previewing its;Terra;robotic mower. Its rugged, fully autonomous, and literally wireless, using radio beacons to localize rather than relying on a buried edge wire to keep it from mulching your begonias. We dont have all the details yetincluding price and availabilitysince iRobot is being a little bit coy, but we do have pictures, a video, and a chat with iRobot CEO Colin Angle about why developing Terra took them so long.


Plant the beacons around your yard and Terra will localize itselfno perimeter wires required.

After driving Terra around the perimeter of the area that you want it to mow using an included joystick, you can set the robot to mow those areas autonomously.Images: iRobot

IEEE Spectrum: So, a robot mower, finally!

The goal was, first off, to do a great job cutting, and to mow the lawn in a way that people would find easy to set up, and would work in the complicated lawns that many homeowners have. So, no boundary wire was a critical design element.;

How long was the development process for Terra?

Why Robot Lawn Mowers Are A Viable Investment

Can robotic lawn mower ACTUALLY do the job? I tested the Worx Landroid L

A basic robot mower starts at around $650, but most models come with a hefty price tag over four figures.; With costs of getting a robotic mower might seem a little prohibitive.

This is the reason why these mowers arent as popular as conventional ones. However, there are some very good models on the market that are lower in price and will keep the costs down of purchasing a robotic mower.

While there certainly is a big initial investment, a robot mower will allow you to save a few bucks in operating costs every year. If you have been paying landscapers to keep your lawn in good shape, you will realize costs saving in a few years. On the other hand, if you have been mowing your lawn yourself, you would love to get rid of this weekly chore.

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How The Robotic Lawn Mower Works

We need to figure out how a robotic lawn mower works. Its functioning is impossible without a limiter cable, which comes with the device itself. It defines the boundaries of grass mowing. The wire should be laid in such a way that it bends around all kinds obstacles on the site . However, if there are a lot of different attractions on the site, laying the wire will be difficult, so you will have to give preference to a conventional hand-operated lawn mower.

Under The Hood Some Basics On How Robotic Mowers Work

Most robotic lawn mowers are powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, but there are also models that use lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries. The devices ship with charging bases that act as docking stations and can be plugged in to outdoor outlets to recharge your mower. When a robotic lawn mower detects that its battery is running low, or its work has been completed, it will return to its charging base on its own. Robotic lawn mowers require a very small amount of power compared to their gas-powered counterparts.

Robotic lawn mowers are designed for different use cases and some can cut up to 5 acres on a single full charge, but most consumer models are generally designed to be able to cut up to 1.25 acres, which is more than enough for most users. Some advanced devices, such as the Husqvarna Automower 435X, implement AI learning software that enables them to learn to be more effective each time they cut your lawn by avoiding areas in which they have previously detected obstacles and also means they can avoid cutting the same areas twice whenever possible. Worx is another robotic lawn mower manufacturer that offers models, such as the WR140 Landroid and the WR150 Landroid, which implement their own patented AIA technology to achieve similar results. Here is a video showing how the Worx AIA technology works:

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The Chassis And Wheels

This is a fairly simple construction, but there are a few key points.

Robot lawn mowers have a low centre of gravity, which means they can generally handle considerable gradients without the risk of toppling over. Cheaper models may be limited by the power of the motor driving the wheels, but more premium models can manage slopes of up to 25 degrees.

If you have a particularly hilly garden, it can be a really unpleasant job hauling a conventional mower up and down steep hills. The way robot lawn mowers work on steep slopes may encourage people with more challenging lawns to take the plunge.

The wheels of robot lawn mowers are designed to have minimal damaging impact on the underlying grass. As robot lawn mowers are in use frequently, it is important that the wheels do not cause undue stress or leave tracks in the grass, which would spoil the look of the grass.

The chassis of robot lawn mowers usually has low ground clearance and the blades are tucked well under the mower, which reduces the risk of injury. It is very difficult to either intentionally or inadvertently access the spinning blades under the chassis without the automatic stop being activated by the on board tilt and lift sensors. This helps to make robot lawn mowers the safest option for cutting your lawn.

How Do I Choose The Mower Thats Right For My Property

Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Actually Work?

The main consideration is the size of your lawn. The larger mowers have a wider cutting area and cover ground more quickly. After;youve estimated the area you want mowed, read up on the different models available for your size of property. The other issue is the slope of the land, as mentioned above. Obviously, barriers like stone walls mean that youll have to manually reposition the mower from one part of the yard to another, which reduces the convenience factor.

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Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Really Work 11 Reasons To Trust Landroid With Your Yard

Maybe you have read about robotic lawn mowers or you may have even seen one in action in the yard of a friend or neighbor. They look neat and they sound convenient, but you probably still wonder, do robotic lawn mowers work? Is it just an expensive piece of yard equipment that will still leave a lot of the work to do?

The good news is that a robot lawn mower will work for cutting your grass. You will need to choose the right robotic mower for your yard, but it can be a way to achieve a nice looking lawn without having to spend as much time working on it. The Worx Landroid line offers the best robot lawn mowers currently available. These robot mowers not only cut the grass without you having to worry about it, but they are so smart that there is a good chance they will achieve better results than you could with your old lawn mower.

For those who are still unconvinced, check out the following reasons why you should trust Landroid with your lawn.

They Can Handle Lawns Split Into Sections

Robot lawn mowers are all very well if you have a regular shaped lawn in one section, but what if your lawn is quite a complicated shape or if it is split into two or even more sections of grass? Theres not much point in having a robot lawn mower that will only cut one area of your grass but leave you having to cut the other areas with a conventional lawn mower.

Thankfully, complicated lawns are normally no problem for robot lawn mowers. Lawns split into several sections can be managed by almost all robot lawn mowers, but it may take some planning to get the best setup.

One of the easiest strategies is simply to extend the perimeter wire around the second or third area of grass in a continuous loop. The manual will explain how to do this very well. Usually this involves lifting the robot lawn mower between the two sections of grass as required. However, youll need to lift it back to the charging station manually. This isnt the best option, as one of the key benefits of having a robot mower is that youre not meant to have any input with cutting your grass.

Another option is to purchase a second charging station so that the lawnmower can be lifted from one section to the other as needed, perhaps once or twice per week. This will let it work and charge autonomously, and the only input from the user is to lift it between sections of grass as required.

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Continuous Mowing For A Greener Lawn

Robot lawnmowers are great at keeping your lawn looking like an emerald carpet. This is because they can be programmed to regularly cut your grass.; You can set the mowing schedule so the robot mower mows continuously or only on certain days.

They only cut a small length of grass each time it cuts and as mentioned previously, the clippings arent collected but rather stay on the lawn as mulch, promoting the growth of healthier and green grass.

Cut Often to Avoid Issues with Robotic Mowers

One important thing to note about these autonomous mowers is that they arent designed to cut through tall grass.; The blades of most of these mowers are more like small razor blades instead of the traditional mowers blade you are used to seeing.

So you will have to use them regularly so that the grass doesnt get out of control. Most of these mowers have a rain sensor and return to their charging station when they sense rain.

If you let the grass get too tall you will have to cut the grass with a conventional lawnmower before you can unleash your robotic mower again.

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought A Robot Lawn Mower

How Does An Automower® Robotic Lawn Mower Work? | Husqvarna

There are a number of things that I wish I knew before I bought my robot lawn mower. Over the last few years, Ive gained a lot of experience with these machines, and Ive discovered a lot of things, both positive and negative which would be useful to anybody considering getting one.

This article discusses 15 things, both positive and negative, that might help you benefit from my experience with robotic mowers.

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Your Lawn Will Look Better

Due to the way robot lawn mowers are designed to work, your lawn will be much greener and healthier, with fewer weeds, and will look ;neatly cut all the time.

I really like my lawn to look well. I used to spend quite a lot of time applying fertiliser and weed killers, manually removing weeds, aerating and dethatching my lawn. Unfortunately, my actions were contributing to the poor condition of my lawn and to the establishment of weeds.

I didnt have time to cut my lawn frequently enough to keep weeds at bay. I removed the cuttings every time the grass was cut, which removed essential nutrients from the soil.

After applying fertilizer, my grass would be weed free and vibrantly green for a few weeks, but then it would slowly become less vibrant and weeds would re-establish themselves.

Robot lawn mowers have three main mechanisms to make your grass look better.

  • They mulch the clippings. Instead of removing the clipping and therefore the nutrients from the grass, the clippings are mulched into very fine pieces and are returned to the lawn. As the clippings are so fine, they drop down to soil level, where they are able to return their nutrients to the soil for the growing grass to use.
  • They cut the grass very frequently. Due to the frequent cutting of the grass, weeds simply cannot establish themselves and you will notice after a few short weeks of using a robot lawn mower that;you have fewer weeds in your lawn.
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