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How To Get Rid Of Ants In Lawn With Borax

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Killing Large Ants With Peanut Butter And Borax

Get Rid of Ants with Borax!!

How does boric acid kill ants, and is it the same thing as Borax? Both ingredients contain boron and are effective for all types of ants. This Borax solution works well to eliminate pavement ants, big-headed ants, and black ants.

  • Jar

Combine the hot water, sugar, and Borax in a bowl and mix until it dissolves. Break off small pieces of bread and dip them into the solution. Add a small smear of peanut butter to the bread pieces and drop them into the jar.

Set the jar in an area where there is a suspected ant infestation. Ants carry the food back to the rest of the colony, and the combination of liquid and solid bait kills both ants and larvae.

Use this same technique as one of the best home remedies for roaches, too. Roaches cant resist this delicious bait either and share it with others, soon eliminating a roach infestation.

Are Ants Beneficial Or Harmful To Your Garden

Ants play a beneficial role in a healthy garden’s ecosystem and can be good for gardens – ants tunnel in the ground, helping to aerate the soil and that allows moisture and oxygen to get to plant roots. The small six-legged insects also speed up the decomposition of decaying plant matter, helping to fertilize plants.

Organic Ant Killer Recipe

Mix the following ingredients together to make this organic ant killer recipe:

  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 3/4 cup of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of Borax

It is best to mix the water and sugar together first to ensure the sugar fully dissolves. If the water needs further heating-up, then this can be done on the stove or in the microwave.

Once the syrup is made and the mixture is cooled, the borax can then be added and stirred in.

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Ant Killer With Borax: Yes It Really Works

Borax has a long-running reputation as being lethal to quite a few different kinds of indoor and outdoor insects, including roaches and silverfish, and in a very family-, pet-, and earth-friendly way. Borax is especially known to be a very effective ant killer!

Borax , is a naturally occurring mineral. Its frequently used to make homemade laundry soap , and comes available in various forms, including paste, powder, tablet, spray, and liquid.

When Pesky Ants Invade Your House And Garden Repel And Eliminate Them With 10 Simple Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax

As common household pests go, ants can try a homeowners patience. A survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association found that ant infestations are on the rise across the country, making ants Americas number one nuisance bug. Get rid of these foraging insects using eco-friendly remedies made from household items found in your pantry or at the supermarket.

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There May Be Multiple Colonies

It’s also important to remember that many species, like carpenter ants, will establish satellite colonies, and these are likely the colonies that ants inside your home are coming from. So while you may be able to use borax to treat a satellite colony, you may not actually resolve your pest problem because the ants likely aren’t carrying the borax to the main colony, which may be yards away outside. A trained professional, however, will be able to look for and treat these satellite colonies, as well as the main colony, offering a more reliable solution.

Does Borax Work For Ants Outside

Yes, Ive used a mixture of sugar and borax to get rid of some pretty big ant hills in our yard too. I simply mixed up the homemade ant bait and sprinkled it over top of the next.

Although placing it in a container near the next or cotton balls on it too should work.

Just remember to only use this method if you know you can keep pets away from the area safely.

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Does Borax Kill The Queen Ants

Yes. When borax adheres to the worker ants bodies, they bring the poison back to the colony. With continuous application and replenishing of baits, the mineral will likely make its way to the queen and eventually kill it.

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How To Kill Ants With Borax And Powdered Sugar

How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally With Borax

Soak several cotton balls in the mixture. Simply mix the borax with the sugar and then add the warm water.

How To Get Rid Of Ants Kill The Whole Colony With Borax And Sugar This Tutorial Shows You How And It Really Works Get Rid Of Ants Rid Of Ants Kill

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Fill Up Small Plastic Lids With The Mixture And Leave Them On The Ant Trails

How to get rid of sugar ants with borax. How to get rid of sugar ants with borax. Next, in a large mixing bowl, add 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons of borax, and 1 1/2 cups of warm water. This trap is the best way to control pests in your garden.

To get rid of sugar ants effectively, pour sugar and mule team borax into a container that is large enough to hold the ant bait yet short enough to enable ants easy access. Combine 1/2 cup sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons borax, and 1.5 cup warm water in a mixing bowl. Mixing borax with one of these substances can make it an effective ant bait:

Simply mix all the ingredients together until theyre blended, and place the bait in the trap for the ants to consume. Both boric acid and pure borax are effective at killing ants. Get rid of ants with borax!!

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Here are the exact ingredients: This diy ant trap is all natural and is very effective in controlling and killing ants using borax.

Mix the two ingredients and add just enough warm water to form a pasty consistency. For the solid ant bait, mix the borax or boric acid in with powdered sugar . Stir up the ingredients until this achieved.

Borax is a raw, natural mineral. Mix with water until you have a gross sludge, then set in a container where the ants can get to it. In fact, many experts recommend employing both minerals to get the job done.

Borax Based Ant Killers

Borax and boric acid products were traditionally used as cleaning aids and as a cutting agent in many household products.

They are also useful in the war against ants, and they are now the base for many pesticides. Borax, a naturally occurring chemical compound, is incredibly toxic to bugs, plants, and fungi.

Effective against many ant species, it comes in powder form mixed with other ant attractant additives. This helps to mask it as a food source and encourage ants to ingest it.

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Where To Get Borax For Ants

You can buy borax powder commercially from online shopping sites or from a store near your house at a cheap price.

It mostly comes in partially dehydrated form, having soft white crystals. You can prepare borax insecticide in liquid or you can also directly sprinkle it over the ants to get rid of their colonies.

Results Of The Sugar Confectioners Sugar And Terro Test

How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax

These baits were much more effective. The sugar water and Borax attracted a good number. Not as many as the Terro bait, but still a respectable and it is a much less expensive option.

It is not surprising that it placed second, since it is closest in the texture of Terro and also had a lighter amount of Borax in it.

The Confectioners sugar and Borax was a big dud. It was just too strong a mixture

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Ants Borax And Sugar Borax Ant Killer Recipes

The first recipe for borax ant killer in liquid form is quick and easy. This recipe contains three simple ingredients.

  • 2 tablespoons borax
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 ½ cups warm water.

Mix all three ingredients together until the sugar and borax are dissolved and a thick consistency. The ants are attracted to the sugar, but the borax is what will kill them in the end.

Solid Borax Ant Killer Bait Recipe

To make a solid borax ant killer bait, as we discussed above, use the same recipe, but substitute powdered sugar for table sugar and dont add any water. Mix it together well, and make sure it is in a container. While it may be tempting to do so, do not sprinkle the mixture in ant locations. Sprinkling just leaves the mixture out in the open. This is a safety issue. You then run the risk of kids, pets, or yourself coming into contact with it. Remember, borax is also a herbicide and will kill your plants if it comes in contact with them. So, dont sprinkle it in your garden either!

Homemade Ant Bait Recipe with Honey

There are a few alternatives to the water and sugar recipe. A variation is to mix 1 part borax, 3 parts honey, and a little warm water to make a sticky paste. As with the sugar, the sweetness of the honey attracts the ants right to the borax ant poison. However, because honey is a natural humectant, it also traps moisture, affecting the exoskeleton of ants. This allows the borax to penetrate the ants body, providing another avenue for their ultimate demise.

Finally Is Borax Safe For Children And Pets

Borax is very effective against all kinds of ant species. So if it has what it takes to eliminate ants, then humans and pets would be wrong to consider it totally harmless. With that in mind, exercise caution when using borax.

It may be mildly toxic for both pets and kids but that doesnt mean it is entirely safe for indoor use, which is why we recommend placing your borax bait outside. Use masks and other safety gear while working with borax at home and keep it out of the reach of children and pets as a safety precaution. I hope youve enjoyed our guide on how to get rid of ants using borax and you get back to a pest free home!

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How To Identify An Ant Problem

Ant activity spikes in the spring and fall. Changes in weather, including heavy rains or drought, can drive ants indoors looking for more hospitable areas in which to live. They can enter through any small opening in the home, and if you see one, more will soon follow.

Though small individually, an invasion of ants can cause all kinds of household problems. They can contaminate food and spread diseases, and some biting and stinging ants produce allergic reactions in humans and pets. Further, some species of ants can cause structural damage and chew through household wiring.

There can be some identification confusion between ants and termites the two seem similar upon initial encounter, but a closer look can reveal exactly which of the pests you are taxed with.


  • Have slender waists and bent antennae
  • Have longer legs
  • In winged specimens, front wings are longer than back wings


  • Have thick waists and straight antennae
  • Have shorter legs
  • In winged specimens, both pairs of wings are the same length

Because ants swarm, once you have an infestation, they can be difficult to dislodge. It takes vigilance and a combination of treatments using both home and perimeter insect control, but an ant problem can typically be resolved within a week or two. Follow-up prevention is key to ensure that they do not return.

Killing Ants In Your Lawn With Chemicals

Lawn & Gardening Tips : How to Easily Kill Ants Without Poison (Organically)

Spot control is the best method for killing ants. They tend to concentrate in a small area and spot application isolates the chemical zone and minimizes damage to beneficial insects who also call the grass home.

Use either a spray or granular form. Locate the nest and apply the chemical as indicated on the label. Granular forms require activation with water, so it is best to irrigate after applying the chemical. In all cases, wait until a treated area has dried before allowing children and pets into the toxic zone.

Ants can be a blessing and a curse, so consider the severity of the problem before resorting to chemical treatments. Their activity is also a natural pest control and can increase the tilth of soil, acting as wild aerators to loosen the dirt around roots and enhance growth.

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Testing Peanut Butter And Borax As A Killer For Ants

Next on my list of remedies was a concoction of a half teaspoon of Borax mixed into the peanut butter and made into a paste. Now the cook in me hopes this one works, since peanut butter is considered part of the food pyramid to me and I hope the ants will think so too.

This is also the easiest ant killer remedy to make.

I used low fat Jif peanut butter. I just want to kill the ants, not make them fat! This test had so so results but did not need re-baiting as often.

It is a good killer for ants that feed on protein though.

How To Kill Ants With Borax

Keep in mind that ants are not attracted to borax when used alone. To entice and have them carry it back to the colony, you have to mix the compound with bait. The bait in this instance has to be one or more of their favorite foods. It could be some savory kitchen items like almond/peanut butter or sweet stuff like sugar, jam, or honey. Sprinkling borax isnt enough, so you have to trick the ants into eating the bait for it to work.

Killing ants with borax requires more than just applying baits. Its a whole process that must get right from start to finish. Here are 3 crucial steps to follow when preparing to kill ants with borax:

  • Identify what ant species youre dealing with
  • Youll need to mix borax with some attractants in order to entice the ants. But all baits wont produce the same results because some ant species are attracted to solid borax baits while other species prefer liquid baits. So find out what kind of ant species youre dealing with and the kinds of foods they prefer before choosing your baiting technique.

  • Choose between a store-bought bait or a DIY borax bait
  • Store-bought ant traps are marketed by brands that have carried out research and lab tests to come up with highly effective baits, but you can DIY as well. Creating your homemade borax bait isnt expensive and is super easy. However, if youre hell-bent on getting the most optimum results, store-bought ant traps might be best for you.

  • Use the borax bait correctly
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    Diy Borax Mixes Vs Store

    DIY borax mixes are cheap and easy to make but may not be as effective at attracting ants as store-bought solutions. Companies that sell traps have lab-tested their bait for maximum ant attraction whereas when you DIY, its easy to use too much borax or too little bait which doesnt lure the ants in optimally.

    Simply put, the best ant baits arent those you make yourself!

    Why DoMyOwn? offers professional-grade insecticides to DIYers while ensuring proper storage of chemicals. Couple that with their impressive customer service and knowledgeable staff, its the #1 choice.

    A more sure-fire way of getting rid of ants at home is to use store-bought ant traps such as the one above. Some of the reasons to choose store-bought baits over DIY borax mixes include:

    Optimal Bait/Borax Ratio

    Getting your boraxmixture right is difficult and takes a lot of experimenting. To demonstratethis point, experts believe that the optimal concentration of liquid borate ina sugar-water solution is 0.5-1.0%. Additionally, the recommended amount ofborate in ant bait targeting Argentine ants is 5.4%.

    Store-bought ant baits typically have the optimal bait and borax combination which takes out the headache of constantly refining and experimenting with your homemade baits.

    Self-Contained Housing

    The self-containedhousing also means less mess and unsightly containers all around the house whenusing these baits.

    Less Contact with Active Ingredient

    Using Borax Outdoors

    Using The Ant Bait Outdoors

    How to Get Rid of Ants With Borax + Prevention Tips ...

    Using the borax and powdered sugar bait outdoors is best done with the solution inside a weighted object with a small opening, such as a glass bottle or a fast food beverage cup with a lid with 1/4-inch holes poked in it. Weigh the paper cup with rocks.

    Mix the sugar and borax powder with water to create a syrup then pour it into the bottle or paper cup so theres a shallow pool of bait inside. Place the bottle bait sideways on the ground in the garden near the ant problem. Both the bottle and the lidded cup prevent animals from licking up the sugary bait.

    Note: Do not pour the bait directly on garden soil, as borax could make the soil sterile. Also do not place it in areas accessed by family pets, such as a patio. Make sure young children cannot access the bait either.

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