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How Much Are Robot Lawn Mowers

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Swift Rm18 Robot Mower $89999

Robot Lawnmower – Everything you need to know before buying


Did someone call the Batmobile ? Robotic mowers are rarely available for under $1,000, but this Swift model saves the day at a pretty budget-friendly price point.

Its also fairly quiet, operating at 65dB thats just louder than a conversation, but not as noisy as a hair dryer.


+ Can mow up to 600 square metres and tackle slopes up to 35 per cent .

+ IP56-rated water and dust resistant.

+ Contains touch keypad, which can be used to adjust cutting diameter as well as enter PIN code to prevent theft.


Why Buy A Mid

The mid-range price segment for robot lawn mowers is clustered with robots. They are usually recommended for medium-sized lawns, which means somewhere between 0.25-0.5 acres, but some of the more expensive brands have mid-range robot mowers for small lawns. You pretty much pay for the brand on those ones. All though most of these are really good, you can often find a competitor with a robot just as good but recommended for a bigger lawn so it wont have to mow your lawn quite as often.

What type of functionality you get with the mid-range robot lawn mower varies. Some have LTE connectivity and support Alexa/Google Assistant, some only have Bluetooth, some arent even connected.

A couple of them have big cutting widths and fast speed while mowing, some have smaller cutting widths.

In this price segment its pretty much a matter of what features are important to meet your needs. If you have a complex, uneven lawn with big sloopes you might want one set of features but you also need great terrainability and intelligence. If you have a flat, square lawn you can go with pretty much any robot lawn mower and just make sure it has the set of features you want.

How Does A Robotic Lawn Mower Work

Robotic lawn mowers work by detecting the edge of perimeters via sensors or a boundary wire. The latter is laid out around the edge of the lawn along with any obstacles to tell the lawn mower to stay within that area.

When it senses the boundary wire, it will change direction to avoid leaving the lawn. Many have collision sensors so that if they bump into an object, the robotic lawn mower will turn around and head off in another direction.

Most models mow randomly, eventually covering the entire lawn before returning to the docking station. Others use a more sophisticated GPS system that allows you to programme specific paths.

Robotic mowers are programmed with a pin pad on the front of the mower but some models can also be controlled via an app which allows you to monitor the mower’s progress, schedule cutting times and let you know when servicing etc is required.

Once it’s finished mowing, or if the battery is running low, the lawn mower will automatically return to its docking station, connect, and recharge.

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Worx Landroid M500 Robotic Lawn Mower $1699


It may be hard to believe, but this near-$2,000 robot lawn mower is one of the most affordable options on the market. Dont worry, its still a beast it boasts two brushless motors, five configurable options and an offset three-blade cutting and mulching system for trimming the edges of your garden.

The 20V machine also has an auto scheduling function and motor torque bump detection system, along with a rain sensor to let the robot know to go back to its station when the weather gets too harsh.


+ Covers up to 500 square metres.

+ Can cut up to four separate areas.

+ Four cutting height positions .

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Really Work

Optimow®10 Robotic Lawn Mower

Yes. Keep in mind that a robotic mower may not offer the same power and features as a traditional push mower, gas- or electric-start-powered. The cutting blade and cutting width will also impact performance . That being said, the results are clear as day. A robot mower will definitely give your lawn the clean-cut it deserves, with end results just as good as a traditional mowing job as long as you use it regularly, once every day or two, and keep the blades sharpened.

Note that robotic lawn mowers are not designed for large lawns, and generally focus on yards that are one-quarter acre or smaller. There are exceptions, such as our Robomow pick that can handle up to three-quarters of an acre, but this is pushing the limit and will cause increased wear and tear on the device . Robot mowers also have limitations when it comes to lawn slopes. Generally, anything above a 20- to 25-degree slant will start causing problems.

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Buying Guide For Robotic Lawn Mowers

Now that the world has fallen in love with robot vacuums, everyone is on the hunt for the next big thing in task automation and with the advent of the robotic lawn mower, we think weve found it.

Robotic lawn mowers are essentially automated robots that can be set to trim grass on their own. With a robot lawn mower, you can schedule when your lawn gets mowed, decide how much grass is cut each time, and avoid the headache of using a traditional lawn mower.

If youre interested in purchasing a robotic lawn mower, please jump to the top of this page to learn about our favorites.

If youre curious about robotic lawn mowers and want to learn more, please continue reading this guide.

Worx Landroid Wr150e Robotic Lawn Mower $183920


Save time and effort mowing spacious gardens with this green-thumbed robot, which is designed to cut up to 1,500 square metres on a single charge. It has the usual features included in other WORX robotic mowers, such as two brushless wheel motors, Cut-to-Edge function, automatic updates and a rain sensor.


+ Senses movement and will automatically switch off if picked up.

+ Suggests an auto schedule based on the measurements calculated by the robot.

+ Two years manufacturers warranty, plus one year extended warranty once you register the product with the brand.

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How Long Do Robotic Mowers Last

Depending on the brand and model, robotic mowers can last for ten or more years. You will need to follow the required service interval for maintenance, which is usually around once a year or every 200 hours of operation. You will also need to sharpen the blades periodically and replace them if they get damaged.

A robot mowers battery will begin to lose its capacity after about two to three years. Once the battery starts to lose its charge faster than usual, its best to replace it with a new one before you start experiencing issues with your robot mower cutting out in the middle of a job.

Other components of the robot, such as electronic boards and sensors, are much less likely to need replacement and should last for the machines life.

How Do You Program A Robotic Mower

Robot Lawn Mowers Put to the Test | Consumer Reports

Some of the more basic units just have an onboard control panel, but many can be programmed remotely via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or smartphone.

Of course, the number of hours it will take to mow depends on the size of your lawn. The machine keeps mowing until it has covered the entire area, and will usually need to stop to recharge during that time. For a small back yard, say, around 2,000 square feet, the right-sized mower might take three hoursplus recharging time.

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Electricity Costs For Your Robotic Lawnmower

Generally speaking, the electricity costs for running a robot mower are low.

In reality, a lawnmower is not going to be working all year round, as the four to six months of maximum growth are when you will need regular cutting.

Energy consumption will be affected by the technical specifications of the mower, including its mowing time, charging time, voltage and the power of its motor.

For each hour that a lawnmower cuts grass, it usually spends an hour charging. If a lawnmower is active for 10 hours daily, 5 hours will have been spent charging.

Those 5 hours spent charging at around 0.08 kWh uses just 12 kWh over a month of mowing. Power consumption of 12 to 15 kWh in a month is remarkably low.

In 2020 The average cost of domestic electricity was 13.2 cents per kilowatt-hour . This means that a month of power for your robotic mower would cost just under $2 .

So even if you ran your mower throughout the whole year, you will still have change from $24!

Electricity Costs Total = $24 per year

Personal Vs Professional Installation

Installing a robotic lawn mower can be tedious depending on the size of your lawn, but its not very difficult. Nearly all vendors offer online video tutorials and supply written instructions, a measuring tool for laying the wire, a spool of wire, and stakes to hold the wire in place. Count on spending anywhere from an hour on up on your knees laying wire.

A handful of robotic lawn mower manufacturers will do the installation for you, and some actually require that the mower is installed by a certified dealer. In this case, be prepared to spend more money and make sure to get a quote upfront, as it can be costly.

Once your mower is installed and programmed, however, all you have to do is keep its cutting deck clean, change its blades every so often,and kick back with a cold one while it cuts your lawn for you.

For more on how to automate the rest of your home, check out the Best Smart Home Devices weve tested, as well as the Best Outdoor Smart Home Devices for your yard.

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Why Are Robot Mowers So Expensive

Honestly, theyre so expensive because companies making them can sell them at such prices.

Robot mowers are actually fairly simple pieces of machinery. They are made up of fairly common parts / components with control circuitry and sensors along with the various features cranked into it being the exception that add complexity to it all. Control circuit, the brain of a robot mower is what ties it all together, and sensors being its eyes. The simplicity of them is the reason to why robotics enthusiasts were able to build their own basic robot lawn mowers for fun already some time ago. That said, you can dig deeper on how robot lawn mowers work here.

My Take On This Matter

Id expect prices to go down as more and more people start buying them and more sellers enter the market for their share of the pie.

Are There Any Slopes In Your Garden

Get the most out of your Robotic Lawn Mower

Most robot lawn mowers can handle a bit of a hill, but some can manage steeper inclines better than others. If your garden has any slopes then make sure the mower you choose has the power to get up them and keep cutting as it goes. For every robot mower we test, we record the maximum gradient the machine can navigate.

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How To Set Up Robot Lawn Mower

Assuming that you don’t have any issues further down the line, setting up your robot lawn mower could be the first and last time you interact with it. Most of the setup is done on the device itself, or a smartphone app.

Before you let your robot mower loose on your garden, you need to lay a perimeter wire so the mower can detect the boundaries. The wire also helps orientate the mower and guide it back to the charging dock. The wire is secured by pegs and is fairly inconspicuous, but some manufacturers and dealers will even lay the wire underground if you want it to be fully invisible.

The wire connects to the charging dock, which requires mains power, so make sure you set it up within reach of an outlet. Some manufacturers and dealers will install the wire and charging dock for you.

Once your wire is down, you can start programming your robot lawn mower. Generally, this will mean setting the date, time and how often you want it to cut the grass. There are some smart mowers that connect with an app on your smartphone, too. You can use the app to control the mower if you think the lawn needs an ad hoc trim, otherwise you’d need to use the controls on the mower itself.

How To Clean A Robotic Lawn Mower

Despite being fully automated, a robotic lawn mower should still be checked and cleaned regularly.

To clean, make sure the machine is switched off and turn it over to check the blades for damage. Clean the chassis and blades with a brush, or a garden hose if dirt is more stubborn.

Grass may need removing from the wheels and give the body a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Blades should be able to pivot freely and damaged blades should be replaced. All blades should be replaced at the same time to ensure a balanced cut.

A service each year is encouraged so that dealers can update software. They will also clean and replace any worn parts, including batteries.

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Benefits Of A Robot Lawn Mower

Technology and automation have madehuman life exponentially easier. This is also applicable to the field ofgardening, where the advent of robotic lawn mowers has made the process so muchsimpler.

If youre planning to get yourselfa model but are a little hesitant, then youre definitely in the right place.In this segment, well build the perfect case for why YOU should considergetting a lawn mower.

Here are the topmost benefits thatthey have to offer!

Saves time

The numberone benefit that robot lawn mowers provide is that they will save you a lot oftime.

Generallyspeaking, in normal models, you have to undertake the process yourself if youplan on making the most out of your grass mowing routine. However, with anautomated piece, youre effectively removed out of the picture.

This willhelp you reutilize your time and delegate it better. Furthermore, another greatbenefit of this is that you wont have to stress about setting out a time ofthe day to get the job done.

You caneven do it later at night, and let the model operate throughout.

A safer alternative

Robot lawnmowers are a safer alternative when it comes to traditional lawn mowing.

In popularhand-operated models, the blades are large and sharp. If they catch debris, itis often caught on and expelled out, or might cause the mower to malfunction.

There arealso notable cases where a lawn mower had causes serious injuries to theindividual using them, or to inattentive children in the vicinity.

Minimal maintenance

These Robot Mowers Handle Large Lawns With Ease

Are ROBOT LAWN Mowers any Good? ð¤Worx Landroid

Nothing brightens the mood like looking out the window at a big, beautiful backyard. We would say its one of the simple joys in life, but its hardly simple to maintain a large lawn, especially if you have to mow that thing yourself!

Were guessing thats why youre here. Youre curious to see if a robot lawn mower could free you from the long, sweaty days of mowing all that grass.

Good news: The answer is yes! As we will see, robot mowers provide a ton of benefits for homeowners with large lawns.

Even better news: In this blog, we will give you a tour of some of the best robot mowers for large lawns! Along the way, well also highlight each mowers features to help you decide which one is right for you.

The best news: If you decide you want to purchase one of the models highlighted in this blog, we can help you with that too! After all, we sell all of them with professional installation, maintenance and tech support to keep your mower going.

Ready to simplify your lawncare? Lets dive in!

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How Large Is Your Lawn

If youve got a tiny lawn, youll have an easier time finding a mower up for the job. If your lawn could double for a golf course, youre going to need a more powerful, larger machine.

Robot mowers use batteries for their power. And you dont want your mower to constantly interrupt its work to head back for a charge at the charging dock. A higher end robot will be supercharged with extra battery power.

Additionally, a large lawn will require a mower that can cut a bigger stretch at a time. So they might do fine for small lawns, but will likely not do as well for large ones.

Worx Landroid M 20v Wr140 Robotic Mower

The Worx Landroid M 20V WR140can mow up to a quarter of an acre and is a fully automated robot lawn mower that is pretty smart and capable of learning about the yard you have. It then takes what it has learned to create a schedule based upon the size of the yard. These robot mowers are often quite easy to install, and the setup can be done in a matter of minutes.

This mower cuts just a little at a time, so patience is required. It naturally fertilizes lawns thanks to the grass clippings it creates. You can use the mobile app right on your phone or tablet to get the mower out and control it, no matter where you are.

One thing we really liked about this particular robot mower was the Find My Landroid feature. In the event that your Landroid robot lawn mower leaves the perimeter, you can always find out where it went thanks to the device being connected at all times. Features like this can certainly give you peace of mind while your robot is mowing the garden.

Precision is the name of the game for these robot lawn mowers, and it features the ability to Cut To The Edge. You can mow close to the edge of the lawn as compared to other robot lawn mowers, meaning less time you will have to spend with your weed eater.

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