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How To Trap Moles In Your Lawn

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How To Trap Moles In Your Lawn

Tips from Toby: Best ways to stop moles

Before trapping them, you need to figure out where the active run is.

The active run is the tunnel that leads from the moles nest underground. Moles live entirely underground and only come out to mate.

How to Find the Active Mole Run

To determine the active run, flatten the mole tunnels and mark them. Check your lawn periodically throughout the day. A raised run is the active one and where youll set the trap.

Once youve found the active mole run, insert a trap into the active run. Moles become active in early spring, and its best to set the traps then, once you notice the tunnels starting to form. You can either use a humane trap to release them elsewhere, or a kill trap to get rid of them altogether.

If you decide on a humane trap, youll need to release the mole after catching it. Take it at least 5 miles from your home before setting it free. Let it out in a rural area, where the mole can thrive without causing damage.

Ive tried using a humane mole trap, but its frustrating and much more difficult than using a good kill trap like the one I mention below. Kill traps can be purchased at any hardware store, but some traps are safer than others .

Some Of These May Surprise You

One natural method to fighting gophers is to create noise in your yard

As it turns out, moles and gophers are sensitive to noises, especially loud noises.

So adding some natural noisemakers such as wind chimes in your yard is a good natural way to annoy these critters enough to leave your lawn. Whats more you can take this method a step further and introduce a radio into your yard.. But more on that later.

Do Moles Carry Diseases

Its much more likely you would get a disease from the fleas that might be living in the moles fur. Moles are shy creatures that generally travel alone and like the dark and because they like to keep to themselves. Its never been recorded for a mole to transmit rabies. That said, if you are bitten, its important to wash the area and apply an antibiotic cream.

If youre experiencing problems with moles, out your local professionals from Pest Defence today. We have over 25 years of experience removing pests and are pleased to provide a first-rate service. Trust in us to take care of any situation when you call our team today. Give us a call and well be right on our way.

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Alternative Methods To Kill Moles In Lawn And Yard

If youd rather not kill moles in lawn and yard by using a poison such as bromethalin, and prefer a more humane way of controlling them, here are several simple ways to gently deter these pests from your yard.

  • Ultrasonic mole repellents

Moles detest alliums, marigolds, and daffodils, so consider planting these around your yard and garden to keep the pests at bay. Not only is this plant barrier safe for pets and children, but they add beauty to your lawn.

The simplest way to alleviate a mole problem is by growing plants that repel moles and gophers in the first place. Experiment with daffodils, marigolds, garlic, and onions to keep yard pests away.

Spreading mothballs, cayenne pepper, or castor bean granules over the areas where you spot mole activity can also work for getting rid of lawn moles.

Rather than killing moles with poison, another method for repelling moles is ultrasound. There are a variety of ultrasonic pest control devices on the market. These units send low-frequency, ultrasonic waves into the ground to irritate and repel moles and other garden pests.

Catching A Mole By Flooding

How To Kill Moles. Effective, Lethal Results. Use A ...

Like most other creatures of the world, moles do not like a flooded home. Catching moles by introducing large amounts of water into their tunnels is a simple way to force them into a trap.

  • Gloves

Locate the active molehill by searching for a mound with fresh dirt around the sides. Set the tip of a garden hose into the mounds hole and turn the water on low or medium.

Do not turn it on high to give the mole a chance to safely realize the tunnel is flooding and make an exit. Put on thick gloves and keep an eye on other mole mounds for activity as the tunnels fill with water.

Keep a bucket in hand and be ready to catch a fleeing mole. As soon as you spot the critter, quickly capture it and place it into the bucket. Transfer the mole to a location away from your home or contact animal services for relocation information.

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How To Catch A Mole By Locating An Active Tunnel

Before you try your hand at catching moles, its necessary to find the main tunnels first. Not all of the tunnel system is active, so knowing exactly where the mole spends most of its time is key to trapping it.

  • Lawn flags

The main tunnel is generally straight and runs the perimeter of your lawn. Follow the tunnel, making sure not to disturb it, and puncture it with a half-inch dowel.

Make Your Yard Undesirable

To help prevent mole invasions from occurring in the first place, start by making your yard unappealing to them. Kill grubs and insects. The main reason that moles invade your yard is to search for food. Their primary food sources are earthworms, grubs, and lawn insects. If no food is available, they wont find your yard attractive. To help limit the moles food supply, use products labeled to control grubs, ants, mole crickets, and other lawn insects. Dont water too much. Moles like soft, damp earth, so avoid over-watering your lawn and keep it on the dry side to limit mole and earthworm activity. Remember: Most lawns only need 1 inch of water per week from either an irrigation system or rain to stay healthy, and this will also help limit mole activity. Apply repellents. You can also use mole repellents to make your yard undesirable to the furry, tunneling pests. Tomcat® Mole & Gopher Repellent Granules or Tomcat® Mole & Gopher Repellent Ready-To-Spray are a convenient, non-lethal way to remove moles from your yard. Moles despise the smell and taste of its active ingredient, castor oil, and will relocate elsewhere. Mole repellents should be reapplied to your yard monthly while moles are active in order to stop them from reinvading your yard.

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Dig A Trench And Line It

Controlling moles and gophers where they dig is a big part of getting rid of them. For moles, dig a trench roughly 6 inches wide and 2 feet deep. Then, fill the trench with rock or line it with wire mesh or hardware cloth that has holes no bigger than 3/4 inches wide. This will prevent moles from burrowing into your lawn or garden.

Deter gophers by digging a trench around your flower bed or vegetable garden and burying a wire mesh screen or hardware cloth in it. Again, make sure the holes in the wire mesh or hardware cloth are no bigger than 3/4 inches wide.

Description Of A Vole


Voles look like field mice with short tails, compact heavy bodies, small eyes, and partially hidden ears. Voles are 5 to 8 inches long and have prominent orange teeth for gnawing plant roots and stems. These opportunists will dig characteristic golf ball-sized exit holes in previously established mole tunnels. One day a plant will be beautiful, and a few days later, it will have fallen over with the roots gnawed off. There may be multiple residents in a vole colony, so habitat modification is important in controlling them.

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Eliminate The Food Source For Moles

Moles feed on soil-dwelling insects, especially grubs. You can eliminate this food source by using beneficial nematodes and milky spore to kill the grubs in your soil. The application of milky spore may take several seasons to become effective.

You can also use a more aggressive grub killer, such as an insecticide. Without food, moles will move on. However, this method is only partially effective. The moles eat earthworms along with other types of worms and insects. They may choose to feast on these instead of leaving your yard. Carefully follow the directions on any products you use.

Gophers eat vegetation, so grub killers will not get rid of them.

Mole Management In Turf And Gardens

  • Albrecht Koppenhofer, Extension Specialist in Turfgrass Insect Pest Management

Fig. 1. Mole in surface runway .

Moles are burrowing mammals that can cause problems in turf areas and garden plots while foraging for earthworms or insects in the soil. There are several mole species in North America, but this fact sheet is primarily based on biology and control of the eastern mole which causes most of the mole related damage in the eastern United States. The starnosed mole is also found in New Jersey and surrounding areas but rarely causes damage due to its preference for moist soil near water.

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Scare Moles And Gophers Away

Getting rid of moles and gophers can be a hassle. However, they dont like to live in areas where they are disturbed. A sonic spike inserted into the ground uses electronic pulses to create irritating sounds to drive these pests away. There are multiple ultrasonic pest control options to choose from.

Some pets will chase gophers away if the gophers see or hear them. Even the scent of a dog or cats fur or urine may drive a gopher away. However, gophers can carry fleas or ticks that transmit diseases, so check your pet carefully if it comes across a gopher and remove or treat for any parasites, following your veterinarian’s instructions.

If you dont own a pet, consider applying a predator scent to your yard, such as coyote urine. This is yet another humane way to drive the pests away, possibly for months. Read and follow the label directions before using the scent.

Should You Get Rid Of Grubs To Get Rid Of Moles

How to Get Rid of Moles in the Yard or Lawn

Its often recommended that gardeners attempt to get rid of any grubs feeding on their lawn as a first step in figuring out how to get rid of moles in yard and gardens. Yes, moles eat grubs in fact, theyre great at helping to manage Japanese and oriental beetle populations. But, getting rid of grubs wont necessarily get rid of moles. Instead, wiping out the grubs may force the moles to create more tunnels to find food. They may also turn to eating more earthworms and other soil-dwelling insects, something that may prove more harmful than beneficial. Grub management is not an effective solution for mole control.

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Mole Myth #: Moles Hibernate During The Winter

MYTH BUSTED: Even though you may not see their activity above ground during the winter, during normal Midwest weather conditions, they are not hibernating. Instead, when the temperature turns cold, they dig a little deeper in the soil up to three feet deep and there they also find earthworms to eat.

Easy Way To Catch A Mole With A Shovel

Using a shovel to catch moles is a hands-on job. If you have some time to kill, two shovels, and a good pair of gloves, this technique is right up your alley.

While this method is humane and effective at removing moles from your yard, it requires patience. Do not use this solution to catch a skunk or you will probably end up getting sprayed.

  • Gloves

To get rid of moles in your backyard, start by using a shovel to flatten out all the molehills in your yard. Remove yourself from the area and stand at a good vantage point. Watch for movement in the soil that indicates the mole is trying to repair the damage you made to the hills.

As soon as you notice disturbance, rush over to the spot, and plunge a shovel into either side of the area to trap the mole to cut off the exit tunnels so that the mole cannot escape.

Slip on a pair of protective gloves, carefully dig the mole out of the ground and place it in a bucket or box.

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How To Set A Tomcat Mole Trap

Finally kenneth purchased the tomcat mole trap® and that worked.For the trap to work correctly, the scissors must be set across an active mole tunnel.If the hole is covered up 24 hours later, you can assume that it is an active mole tunnel. x research source if you have multiple mounds around your lawn, put a hole in each of them to discover all the active.step 2,.It is simple to set

It is very safe and easy to use Lets put it under the magnifying glass and see if it works against moles.Look for mounds of dirt around your property, as this is a sign of a tunnel.Made with professional grade quality and materials, the tomcat mole trap is safer and easier than traditional traps.

Made with professional grade quality and materials, the tomcat mole trap is safer and easier than traditional traps.Made with professional grade quality and materials, the tomcat mole trap is safer and easier than traditional traps.Made with professional grade quality and materials, the tomcat® mole trap is safer and easier than traditional traps.Made with professional grade quality and materials, the tomcat® mole trap is safer and easier than traditional traps.

Motomco mole trap is safe and easy to use and is easily set with a foot pedal that springs back once a mole has been caught.Our traps are manufactured with a slight downwards bend in.Overall, the tomcat mole trap is incredibly safe to use Poke a hole through the mound with a stick or the end of a broom handle.

This Is The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of The Moles In Your Yard

How To Trap Moles In Your Yard-Easiest Way

Are parts of your yard sinking due to what look like shallow tunnels? Have you spotted circular piles of dirt sprouting up on your otherwise flawless lawn? You might have moles, making those mounds molehills. But before you start thinking about how you’re going to eject those dastardly critters that have been burrowing through your backyard, you might want to be sure they’re actually moles.

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Like I Mentioned Earlier These These Yard Destroying Varmints Do Not Like Loud Noises

That said.. you could take an old radio you have sitting in the garage and place it in a Ziploc bag and then turn up the noise near the entry and exit points of the mole’s tunnels.

This is a natural way to scare these critters off of your property. I would recommend playing Creed or Nickelback LOL.

Just make sure you dont turn it up too loud or else your neighbors will be upset too and then you got another problem on your hands.

How Do I Really Get Rid Of Moles In My Yard

Dawn soap, juicy fruit gum, apple cider vinegar and even essential oils? There is no shortage of mole removal remedies out there so how do you know what will really work to get rid of ground moles in your yard? Is there a type of poison that will kill moles? How about killing all the grubs? The one thing we do know is that ground moles are a common nuisance for homeowners and can wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn, creating tunnels just underneath the turf youve been protecting and growing for years. Even though moles can dig tunnels down in your yard as deep as three feet, they kick up dirt overhead when they dig which causes the large mounds running the length of the tunnels, that you see crisscrossing throughout your yard. The professionals at Ryan Lawn & Tree are here to set the record straight with a few mole myths busted!

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How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard And Garden

The Pests Stop Here!


Moles: while some people think they look cute, they can cause severe damage to your lawn and landscaping.

Moles construct intricate networks of tunnels and mounds in the ground and quickly kill or damage the plants, grass, and trees in your outdoor space. If you want to reclaim your yard, the only solution is to learn how to get rid of moles.

Dont worry it is possible to figure out how to get rid of moles humanely. Here at Smiths Pest Management, our team has helped thousands of customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area reduce mole populations and enjoy their landscaping once more.

In this post, well share our top tips. Lets dive in.

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