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How Much Does Lawn Seed Cost

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Cost Of Diy Hydroseeding

Grass Seed Application Rates – How Much Seed Do You Need Per Square Foot?

When it comes to DIY hydroseeding, the chances are good that it will be more expensive than hiring a professional.

For a 2,500-square-foot lawn, most homeowners can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for professional hydroseeding. Attempting hydroseeding yourself will require you to buy a hydroseeder, which can cost anywhere between $1,900 and $29,000 or more.

Calculating the correct amount of slurry needed for the job is also a complex and potentially expensive task. Apply too little or too much slurry, and youll watch your money and your new grass seed go down the drain.

Sloped land will also affect how much slurry is required, which is why you will need to measure your slurry accordingly.

Professionals have the tools and expertise to determine how much slurry to apply tailored to the slope of your yard and your propertys size. Because pros have the means necessary to take the measurements quickly and accurately, its much less expensive to hire a professional than to attempt the calculations yourself.

How To Maintain Your Hydroseeded Lawn

If you have gone out and hydroseeded your lawn, congratulations. Thats a seriously good step in the right direction for your lawns health. However, the hard part just started. Heres how you are going to have to maintain your lawn:

  • During the first month after your seed spray, you have to water your lawn at least twice a day. We suggest getting automated sprinklers for this. If you live in a dry area you will have to water your lawn three times a day.
  • After five weeks, you can taper your lawn watering down to once a day. Your sprouted seeds wont need as much water as the seeds that were struggling to germinate. So, after this amount of time, you can slow it down.
  • Once your seeds are fully matured, you can switch to a more regular watering schedule. Fully grown grass will be able to handle being watered two times a week or so, depending on the grass breed you used.
  • To keep your lawn looking lush for weeks to come, spray another round of fertilizer on your grass after six weeks. This helps boost your grasss nutrients. We suggest getting a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for this round and subsequent rounds afterward.

Yard Slope & Condition

Hydroseeding a small slope is a straightforward process with extra expense. The rule of thumb is to double the amount of seed, fertilizer and water for a sloped area. If the slope is gentle – 10 degrees or lower – it’s not necessary to use extra supplies. Slopes between 20 and 25 degrees need double supplies. A slope lower than 5 degrees requires almost the same amount of materials of a flat surface.

It is difficult to treat a yard with a steeper gradient. Yards with slopes need more materials because there is increased runoff and drainage. One in poor condition will also take more fertilizer, seed, and water to restore the ground.

Professional services can calculate the exact amount of materials each area needs and give estimates. DIY landscapers need to estimate the extra quantities of supplies on their own. Thoroughly damaged and steep ground can cost property owners over three times more than a flat yard.

Consider making this and other lawn services easier and less expensive in the future by reshaping your yard. The cost for a pro to reslope a lawn ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.

Let a Landscaping Pro Hydroseed Your Lawn

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Lawn Aeration Charges By Type

Lawn services charge $75 to $250 to aerate a lawn, while DIY methods cost $30 to $120. The types of lawn aeration are core, liquid, and spike aeration. Lawn companies use core aeration because it’s the most effective way to relieve soil compaction and create a thicker, healthier lawn.

Lawn aeration charges by type


How Much Does Lawn Doctor Power Seeding Cost

How Much Does Grass Seed Cost? 2019 Cost Guide

4/5Power SeedingLawn Doctor

People also ask, how much does it cost to power seed a lawn?

Cost to Seed a LawnGenerally, you can expect to pay about $90-$180 per 1,000 square feet to seed a new lawn or reseeding an existing one. According to HomeAdvisor, seeding starts at about $150, but the average price ranges from $573-$853. For very large yards, the cost usually tops $1,000.

Also, how much does it cost to aerate and seed a lawn? It will take a lawn care company about 30 minutes to aerate a ten thousand square foot lawn. Adding overseeding and fertilizing to your aeration will bump up the cost. The cost of aeration, overseeding, and fertilizing is around $250 to $300 if you use a lawn care company.

Similarly one may ask, how much does it cost to seed an acre?

Cost data is based on research by HomeAdvisor. Homeowners can expect to pay between $500 and $4,000, or an average of $1,000, for hydroseeding a typical 5,000 to 10,000 square foot lawn. Hydroseeding averages between $0.06 to $0.20 per square foot or $2,000 to $4,000 per acre.

How much does Lawn Doctor Cost?

The average cost of lawn care will vary depending on where you live and what type of lawn you have. You can spend anywhere from $50$500 per week on lawn care. A more experienced lawn care company will charge more than a new company. The added cost can be worth it, though, to make sure you get the lawn you want.

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Your Location And Climate

Lawn grasses are subdivided into two types: Cold season grasses and warm-season grasses. The cold season grasses grow best under 25 degrees Celsius like the Kentucky Bluegrass and the Ryegrass.

The warm-season grass refers to the grasses that do well within 25 32 degrees Celsius. This includes the Kikuyu grass, buffalo, and couch grass.

With this in mind, assess your areas climate and choose a grass seed thats suitable for it. For instance, residents in warm states like Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska should opt for warm-season grass, while those in Montana, the majority of North America, can go for cold season grasses.

How Much Does Fescue Seed Cost

fescuearefescue grass are

. In respect to this, how much will a 50 lb bag of grass seed cover?

For example, if you wish to plant a new Kentucky bluegrass lawn, the seeding rate is 2 to 3 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet. If you are planting a tall fescue lawn, the recommended rate is 8 to 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

One may also ask, how much is tall fescue seed? Scotts Snap Pac Grass Seed Tall Fescue Mix – 7 lb., Thrives in Sun, Shade, and High Traffic Areas, Grass Seed with Superior Drought, Insect, and Disease Resistance, Covers up to 1,540 sq. Top Selected Products and Reviews.

List Price:

Likewise, how much is a bag of grass seed?

The cost depends on size and type. A 3-pound bag of sun and shade mixture cost about $15.00. A 7-pound bag of Kentucky Bluegrass costs about $40.00. A 20-pound bag of Northeast grass seed costs about $75.00.

How much does it cost to grade and seed a lawn?

Fill Dirt: $8 to $15 per cubic yard. Grading: $1,000 – $2,000. Building Retaining Walls: The typical cost for a retaining wall is $2,800 to $7,800. Reseeding or Re-Sodding: The typical cost to sod an area is $1,000 to $2,700.

If you just sprinklegrass seedityouseed willyoulawn

Masiel Yanpolsky

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Average Cost Of Sod Grass

The cost of sod depends on the variety of grass, its quality or grade, the amount ordered, delivery fees, and your location. Bulk orders typically require a minimum order of about a pallet, while sod prices for small projects are higher retail prices.

Cost of Sod By Type

Pallet $135 $360

St. Augustine is also known as carpet grass and can be planted as sod, sprigs, or plugs. It produces a thick, lush, dark-green turf but has higher maintenance levels. It requires lots of water to remain healthy and has poor wear tolerance. It’s subject to thatch, chinch bugs, gray leaf spot, and turns brown or tan in winter dormancy.

Pros and Cons of St. Augustine Grass

Grass Seed Cost By Type

How Much Does Grass Sod Cost – Emerald Sod Farms – Denver Colorado

Hundreds of different types of grass seed are available, all with distinct characteristics and costs. If you are seeding an area of an existing lawn, you may need to have your existing grass tested or identified to determine its type before applying new seed to get the best match. If you are seeding a new lawn, be sure to research what types of seeds grow best in your climate and soil.

As you are deciding which type of grass to plant, be sure to differentiate between warm-season grass seed and cold-season grass seed. Some of the best ways to measure how much grass seed youll need is to calculate the grass seed pricing per pound and per sq.ft. Some of the more common types of seed include:

Grass Type
$8 – $16

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How Much Does It Cost To Plant Grass Seed

If you are thinking about creating a great first impression when it is about your home, decorating your yards or lawn gets the first priority all the time. To give your yard or lawn a beautiful green look, planting grass seed is the most effective step that you can undertake.

Depending on the types of grass and the area of land that you want to plant, the price can vary.

The typical price range of plant grass seed that it would cost to plant green grass in your yard is from 450 dollars to 1000 dollars.

On average plant grass seed cost , it would cost you around 750 dollars if you are looking for a quality seed to plant in your yard.

How Much Does Laying Sod Cost

Installing or laying sod is a quick and immediate way to freshen up your lawn, but its also the most expensive way to revamp your lawn. Laying sod averages at about $2,000 dollars. You can lay the sod yourself to have it be cheaper, but hiring a professional is much more advised for preparing the ground and laying the sod mats perfectly level and even. Professionals will charge about $45- $75 dollars an hour. Laying sod also doesnt have as many options in types of grass as reseeding your lawn does.

These low maintenance evergreen shrubs might impress you.

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Cost To Aerate And Overseed Lawn

The cost to overseed and aerate a lawn ranges from $600 to $900 per acre for a lawn in moderate condition. Lawn areation costs $480 and $650, while the cost to overseed a lawn ranges $200 and $400.

If you have an existing lawn thats thin and patchy but not in poor enough condition to warrant completely replacing the lawn, overseeding may be a good alternative. In overseeding, the seed is added to your existing lawn. Its designed to fill in bare spots and create a fuller, thicker, and lusher-looking lawn.

Often, people pair this with the aeration process for best results. Aerating a lawn involves extracting small cores from the soil, which are then dropped back on top of the ground to break down and enter the soil once more. This leaves behind small holes in the earth into which the seeds from the overseeding process can fall.

How Much Soes Hydroseeding Cost

How Much Does Grass Sod Cost

Hydroseeding is another great option for renewing your lawn. It combines the labor of seeding, mulching, fertilizing and watering all in one and it is relatively time-efficient. However, if youre looking at hiring a professional, your average pricing is going to be around $1000. Hydroseeding costs 0.06- 0.20 cents per square foot plus labor, so depending on the size of your yard it could be more or less than that average.

If you choose to DIY the hydroseeding, your local hardware store more than likely carries several different kits, and depending on the size of your yard could cost you about $20- $80 dollars for the project. This process is more efficient than the regular seeding process though, so youll definitely save some time on it.

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Benefits Of Aerating Lawn

Aerating stimulates root growth and creates a thicker, healthier lawn that is more resistant to drought and extreme temperatures. Soil compaction leads to bare patches and brown grass. Aeration opens the soil, providing better water and nutrient absorption at the roots.

Pros and cons of lawn aeration

  • Makes the lawn more resistant to insects and disease.
  • Core aeration leaves unsightly plugs on the lawn.
  • Aeration machines may hit sprinkler heads or buried irrigation lines.
  • Makes the lawn more vulnerable to weeds if performed at the wrong time of year.
  • Increases dryness if the lawn isn’t watered enough afterward.

Factors That Influence The Pricing

In general, three main factors are there that influence the total pricing of the seeding. They are- the types of the seed, the amount of land that you want to plant, and finally, the labor cost.

  • Depending on the growth rate of the grass, some of the grass would cost you a higher price, whereas some others won’t. But, we would encourage you to do extensive research about the land that you have and the types of grass that are best suitable for your land.
  • The area of land, on the other hand, is another most important factor that influences the total amount of pricing. The larger the area of the land, the higher the price will be.
  • If you are thinking about doing it yourself, you are going to reduce the total amount to a great extent, undoubtedly. But, if you are hiring people because you feel like you are naïve when it is about maintaining the balance and planting seeds, then the pricing is going to be higher for sure.

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Tall Fescue Seed Price

Tall fescue costs approximately $0.35 to $0.65 per sq.ft. and $3 to $14 per pound. This cool-season grass is extremely versatile and is tolerant to cold, heat, drought, and shade. Tall fescue is a great middle-ground option because it is more resistant to heat than other cool-season grasses. It is also more resistant to cold weather than warm-season grasses.

A Discussion Of The Rising Prices Of Turf Seed In 2021

How I charge for Aeration and Overseeding

The summer of 2021 has been record-breaking. And, as it turns out, its not always a good thing. One of the negative trends weve seen is the rising cost of the turf seed and other resources. Shortages and dangerously high temperatures across the country have hit the crop-producing states even harder than most others. Reduced availability has led to sharp increases in prices. Acquiring the turf seed itself becomes more difficult. We would like to present you with some more details about what we mean.

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Cost Estimator By Lawn Size

The larger the area that needs hydroseeding, the more you can expect to pay. Most hydroseeding companies will charge by the square foot. So the more square footage your yard has, the higher your bill will be.

Do you have acres of land that you need to hydroseed? Dont let the costs above worry you. Most hydroseeding companies offer discounted rates when hydroseeding by the acre.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Cost

Kentucky Bluegrass sod costs $130 to $275 per pallet or between $0.30 and $0.55 per square foot. Bluegrass is drought tolerant and thrives in the cold winters and hot summers. Its dark-green, uniform texture likes full sun to partial shade.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Cost

  • Can be maintained at low growing heights
  • Best planted in the spring or fall
  • Popular blend through New England
  • Requires more watering than other types of warm-season grasses

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How Much Does A Lawn Doctor Cost

The average cost of maintaining a lawn depends on where you live and the type of lawn you have. You can spend anywhere from $ 50 to $ 500 per week on lawn maintenance. A more experienced lawn care company requires more than a new venture. However, it may be worth paying the extra to make sure you get the lawn you want.

Cost Of Different Types Of Grass Seed

How Much Does Sod Cost? 2019 Cost Guide

Now that we have considered the factors that impact the cost of reseeding a lawn, here are the average costs of many different types of grass seed commonly used in landscaping projects:

Cost and coverage rates for different types of grass seed. The average sized yard is 8,712 square foot, or 0.2 acres.

Type of Seed
200 ft2 $102.37

Note: Calculations use the lowest coverage estimate so that there will always be enough material to complete the project. For example, the coverage of one lb of Bahia is between 200 and 400 square feet.

The calculation above assumes the lower end coverage of 200 square feet and not the higher end or somewhere in the middle. It also assumes the price that falls in the middle of the higher and lower end estimates. For example, Bahia is calculated using a price of $6 per lb since it costs between $5 and $7 per lb.

Grass seed is available in several bag sizes which allow you to purchase exactly the amount you need. Always ensure to buy a little more than you need to account for waste or areas that need more seed.

All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.

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