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How Much Is Trugreen Lawn Service

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Can I Cancel My Trugreen Service

What to Expect from Your Lawn Care Plan from TruGreen


TruGreen will automatically renew, without your permission, any annual services you have. When I call about why I was billed, I was told that TruGreen automatically renewed my annual service .

Beside above, how long after TruGreen can I mow? After a service, TruGreen advises customers to allow the application to dry before families and pets resume enjoying their lawns. A lawn will normally be dry 1-2 hours after treatment, but low temperatures, high humidity, low wind and cloudy conditions will increase the amount of time needed for the treatment to dry.

Thereof, how much does TruGreen lawn service cost?

TruGreen cost


Are TruGreen chemicals safe?

Most of them indeed have reduced effects on our environment and health, but they are far from being 100% safe. Children and pets are particularly sensitive to these chemicals, which are extremely volatile. Them and sensitive adults can feel the immediate effects of these toxic chemicals almost instantly.

What Is The Average Cost Of Trugreen

The cost of TruGreen can vary. This depends on factors like where you live, the size of your lawn, and both the types and number of treatments you need. The more inclusive plans cost more than the streamlined ones. With our estimates, on average, the plans for a half-acre lawn range from $640 to $1,300 per year.

Best Environmentally Friendly: Spring

Why We Chose It: Providing lawn care services for both commercial and residential communities, Spring-Green will create a personalized care plan for your home or facility.

  • Option to utilize organic-based fertilizer

  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee

  • Serves more than 14,000 local communities

  • Not available in every state

Spring-Green was founded in 1977 in Naperville, Illinois. Offering lawn care services for both homeowners and commercial facilities, the company has expanded throughout the U.S., serving more than 25 states.

As an active member of the NALP and committed to providing the best lawn care for your yard, Spring-Green offers lawn and tree care, plus lawn pest control services. There is an option to have the company use organic-based fertilizer on your lawn, which minimizes the treatment’s environmental impact while strengthening your lawn naturally.

The company offers a great selection of lawn care plans, which can be tailored to your propertys climate and specifications. These services range from fertilization and weed control to aeration and seeding. In addition, the lawn care experts on its staff can address any lawn pest infestation and will provide the safest treatments as needed.

Pricing is available upon request only. Contact your local office or fill out the contact form online for more information.

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Soil Amendment And Analysis

This is an excellent service to have done before any type of fertilization. TruGreen specialists will test your soils pH levels, which should be anywhere from 5.5 to 6.5.

Soil analysis and amendments help your soil stay rich and full of nutrients to support your lawn. It also helps protect your lawn against disease. TruGreen will visit every 4-6 weeks to monitor progress.

How Much Does Trugreen Cost

How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost?
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Do you own a lawn and want to hire a professional to take care of it? Then look no further than TruGreen that offers top-notch lawn and garden maintenance services for an annual subscription package. Once you hire them, they send an expert to check your lawn. Their services do not just help with the upkeep of the garden but also solve a host of other problems. They fertilize the lawn, get rid of the weeds, get rid of the insects, and reseed or overseed the lawn for you. In short, they give back to you a perfect lawn taking care of the little things that you may not have the time and energy to oversee.

  • Should you DIY or hire TruGreen services?
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    Should You Diy Or Hire Trugreen Services

    If there is still some doubt lingering on your mind about whether you should DIY the lawn upkeep or choose a professional service provider like TruGreen, then think about the amount of money you can spend and how much time you have to invest in the maintenance of your lawn. If you decide to DIY the lawn care, you are responsible for detecting any problem in the lawn. You would be the one dragging yourself to the store to get all the solutions for lawn care and then treating the lawn yourself. If this seems too much work, then you are better off letting someone else handle it.;

    Hiring a professional means no second-guessing about the issues that tend to creep up in any lawn. The experts take care of lawns day-in and day-out. They are well-versed in detecting the problem and offering the best treatment solution with complete confidence. It is also hard work to manage your lawn, especially if you have a huge lawn that demands a lot of attention and time. At TruGreen, skilled specialists take care of maintaining your lawn while you sit and enjoy its benefits.;

    How We Chose The Best Lawn Care Services

    We took a close look at about 20 companies offering lawn care services and selected our top picks based on the number of states served, services offered, website usability, and pricing. Plus, we considered customer satisfaction ratings, satisfaction guarantees, and affiliations with industry associations.

    For instance, we picked Lawn Doctor as our best overall for serving homeowners and businesses given their 400 locations in 40 states, satisfaction guarantee, and high rating among its clients. And we selected TruGreen because it’s nationally recognized, serves all 50 states, is a member of the NALP, and offers mobile apps.

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    Grub Prevention And Control Services

    Grubs are the larvae of beetles. They live under the soil and eat the roots of your lawns turf. Left alone, they can cause bare and brown patches in your lawn and make it more susceptible to disease.

    The grub prevention and control service gets rid of white grubs before the damage can begin. This is critical to maintaining a healthy lawn.

    The Way Trugreen Lawn Care Works

    TruGreen Lawn Care Review | Melvin D

    After you contact TruGreen for a quote, the company branch will send a licensed and profoundly prepared garden care specialist to estimate your yard. As before long as they analyze the garden condition and decide its potential and necessary activity, they will calculate the ultimately taken toll of the administrations needed.

    Possible administrations can incorporate fertilization, air circulation, bother control, soil alterations, and tree and bush upkeep. Concurring to fundamental activity, they will prescribe the bundle that suits your lawn best. In any case, the ultimate decision is yours.

    Once you agree on lawn care arrange, the master group will visit your lawn once in 4 to 6 weeks on average to ensure it gets the total benefits of the requested administrations.;

    They will donate you extra suggestions concurring to the lawn state. You can always inquire for a visit past the plan in case you regard it necessary. Be mindful that the company wont constrain extra visits since fulfilled clients are its goal.

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    Lawn Aeration: Let Your Soil Breathe

    If your lawn gets plenty of foot traffic, the soil may compact quickly and suffocate struggling grass roots. Lawn aeration combats this problem by freeing up space in your lawn for roots access essential nutrients. Effectively aerating your lawn can be the difference between a struggling lawn and a beautiful one.

    TruGreen certified specialists can spot symptoms of soil compaction in your lawn and provide aeration services through our lawn care service plans. Get a free quote by calling 888-535-3193.

    What Do Customers Have To Say About Trugreen

    In theory, the all-encompassing collection of services that the company offers sounds excellent.

    In reality, however, it might not all run as smoothly as described on the company website. It seems that many present and past customers of TruGreen gave mixed reviews about their experiences.

    After taking a look at reputable business review websites like Yelp, TrustPilot, and Consumer Affairs, youll see that not all customers walked away happy. However, others only had good things to say about TruGreen.

    Most of the complaints TruGreen clients made related to a lack of communication when they were experiencing problems with the service.

    Problems also arose from the fact that the service is automatically renewed each year. This means that you have to keep paying for it unless you confirm in advance that youre no longer interested in the service.

    Some customers also had difficulties when they found additional services had been added to their bills incorrectly. This is understandable given what TruGreen actually cost them.

    Positive reviews usually highlighted the efforts of outstanding employees. Those TruExperts who went the extra mile and took the time to offer extra advice and insights to customers.

    Some customers were also very pleased with the effectiveness of certain pest control services, like the TruCare Mosquito Defense offering.

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    Is Trugreen A Good Lawn Service

    Going by the vast majority of reviews that we have read, TruGreen is a GREAT lawn care company.

    It offers a countrywide service and is the largest residential lawn care company in the United States looking after the lawns of over 2.3 million customers.

    They offer a good choice of different services with five annual packages to choose from. In addition to this, there are bespoke applications that can be added on to any package.

    All of their staff are professional and thoroughly trained to a high standard through specialized courses.

    Once youve decided which package to go for, the lawn care specialist will visit your home every four to six weeks. They will then apply the treatments to your lawn and make sure that everything is in order.

    After every treatment visit, the lawn care specialist will give you a personalized service summary. This will let you know what treatment was applied and give you tips on the best way to care for your lawn until their next visit.

    If youre not happy with any part of the service or treatment applied you just give them a call and, as part of their;Healthy Lawn Guarantee,;they will send someone out to rectify the issue.

    How Much Does Lawn Care Cost Per Month

    How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost? [All Plans Compared]

    The amount youll pay for a lawn care visit depends on a variety of factors. For instance, the services you need, the company you choose and the frequency of your visits will all influence the price you pay. Its impossible to tell how much youll pay per visit without knowing your needs and the size of your property.;

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    How Much Does Trugreen Cost A Month


    TruShield Tick and Flea Control $80.95

    TruGreen Plan Cost: $645.53.

    Likewise, how long does TruGreen take to work? 1-2 hours

    Similarly one may ask, how much does TruGreen cost per square foot?

    Trugreen costs $75 to $125 per 1,000 square feet per year.However, pricing varies depending on your climate and what services you need. They offer complete yard care including fertilizing, aeration, weed control, and tree and bush management.

    How much does lawn care service cost?

    $25 – $50. The average cost for lawn care service is $35. Hiring a landscaper to maintain your yard, you will likely spend between $25 and $50. The price of lawn care can vary greatly by region .

    Lawn Care : What You Need To Know

    The best way to keep your lawn in great shape is to maintain it between your TruGreen certified specialists scheduled visits. But knowing where to start and exactly what to do can be intimidating. Read our resources listed below to learn how to care for your lawn and what TruGreens services include.

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    The Cost Of Trugreen Plans & Services

    The specific price youll pay for TruGreens services will depend on the package you choose, your property size and your location. Heres what you might expect to pay for TruGreens most popular plans in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, with a lot size of about 2,300 feet, based on a quote the reviews team received.;


    The reviews team didnt receive a quote for the TruSignature Lawn Care Plan.;

    How Much Does Trugreen Lawn Service Cost

    Summer Lawn Care | Watering Tips | TruGreen

    Similarly, how much are TruGreen services?

    TruGreen Plan Cost: $645.53.

    Likewise, how much does Scotts Lawn Service cost? A customer along with his neighbors at was billed $42 for one lawn service regardless of the size of the area. This fee will increase depending on the amount of labor needed and the total size of the area where the work will be done. A safe estimate should be around $50 to $80 per service.

    Similarly, how much does lawn treatment cost?

    Lawn Treatment Costs. Lawn treatment costs range from $0.05 to $0.25 per square foot. You’ll spend anywhere from $50 to $100 or more per treatment or $250 to $1,000 per year. You can save 10% to 25% with a yearly plan.

    How much does lawn maintenance cost per month?

    For general landscaping maintenance, lawn care, gardening, and up keep, the average homeowner will spend $100 – $200/month. Cost will also depend on the size of your yard, your location, and the amount of work you need to have done on a regular basis.

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    How Often Does Trugreen Come

    TruGreens annual plans include 8 to 9 lawn visits. They schedule their fertilizer; applications or Pre-Emergent and Targeted weed control applications every 4-6 weeks.

    There may be more visits if you have opted for an additional package such as Tree and Shrubs services or mosquito or pest control.

    They may combine services in a single application such as fertilizing and applying pest control applications or spread out depending on the condition.

    As it provides services outside your house, you dont need to be at home to serve you. You have to keep your gates unlocked and keep pets out of the way for them to access your yard.;

    Different Types Of Trugreen Arrange And Their Prices

    TruGreen offers 4 different services:

    • Lawn Care
    • Control and avoidance administrations, and
    • Pest control

    Its basic to remember that TruGreen doesnt publicize its cost on the site as other lawn care benefit providers. They will inquire you to fill up their online quote frame and inquire you to supply your title, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

    Hence, their deals agent calls you to discuss it further. There is nothing off-base with this approach, but it doesnt feel straightforward. As deals agents utilize their deals strategies such as constrained time offer or sell you additional items merely never thought or needed.

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    Preferred Provider For Lawn Care Services: Trugreen

    The reviews teams top recommended lawn care service provider is TruGreen. TruGreen is a professional full-service lawn care company providing everything from fertilization to aeration. With a wide range of plans and packages available and nationwide service, TruGreen is a top choice for homeowners almost everywhere.;

    ;You can get a free quote from TruGreen by calling or by filling out an easy form.

    How Does Trugreen Work

    How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost? [All Plans Compared]

    We all love to flaunt a spotless garden but are short of time and energy to take care of the lawn day in and day out. It then pays to outsource the work to a professional like TruGreen. Once you contact them for a quotation, they send their trained lawn care specialist to carry out a Healthy Lawn Analysis. They carry out a detailed inspection to check if the lawn needs soil amendment, fertilization, shrub maintenance, grub prevention or control, pest protection and control or just regular maintenance.

    They then let you know of the available plans, and once you choose from them, they ensure to check if you are receiving the complete benefit of the services ordered. They also guide you on ways to optimize the lawn care, and if there is a need for additional visits in between the scheduled visits, it can be arranged as well. There is no limit on the additional visits because the company strives to offer complete satisfaction to its customers.

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    Best For Nationwide Coverage: Trugreen


    Why We Chose It: With locations in all 50 states, TruGreen can help residential and commercial properties throughout the nation.

    • Offers multiple lawn care plans

    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android

    • Member of the NALP

    • Services vary by location

    With its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, TruGreen was founded in 1973 in Michigan with the goal of keeping lawns healthy and green all across the country. As an active member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals with many decades of experience, the company has become a top provider in the industry. It services the entire U.S., plus Canada.

    Providing lawn care services based on science, TruGreen’s care plans are created by experts certified through the company’s TruExpert Certification Program, and all of the companys treatments and care plans are offered using the safest products for your yard and family. The company offers multiple lawn care plans that consist of eight lawn visits a year to handle aeration, fertilization, lawn grubs, weed control, lawn analysis, and more,;depending on the plan you choose and your property. The cost for the first service is $29.95 when you buy the 12-month plan.

    TruGreen offers a Healthy Lawn Guarantee for all of its services, which means that they will do everything they can to get the job done correctly. You can get a quote online or by contacting your nearest TruGreen location.

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