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How Much Money Do You Get For Mowing Lawns

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How To Price Yard Work

How Much Money Does a Lawn Care Business Make

Pricing yard work requires you to calculate all the individual costs to come up with a quote. To get an accurate estimate of a yard work quote, first, find out what services the clients want.

For reference, here are some example price ranges for common lawn care services:

  • $25-65 per hour for lawn mowing.
  • $120-140 for lawn aeration.

The Cons Of Lawn Mowing For Money

  • Expensive start-up-costs: If your child needs to purchase a lawnmower, it could be an expensive job to start. You could let them use your mower to get started or help them purchase one secondhand.
  • Safety: Make sure that your child understands how to operate a lawn mower with caution. Anytime a child operates machinery, there is the possibility of injury. Create a plan for your child in case he has an emergency.
  • Limited ages: Lawn mowing is appropriate for older children who can operate a lawn mower safely. Younger children may want to consider raking instead.
  • Competition: There could be stiff competition for lawn mowing jobs if they are all interested in the same job. Encourage your child to get creative to land repeat jobs.
  • Weather: Rain can cause a problem for a lawn mowing business so can drought. Help your child create a backup plan for getting lawn mowing jobs done when there is inclement weather.

What To Ask When Hiring A Lawn Mowing Company

When speaking with a lawn mowing service you should consider asking the following questions:

  • How long will it take you?
  • What are your hourly rates?
  • Do you provide any additional services?
  • Do you provide written quotes?
  • Can I review your references?

In order to receive the most accurate quote, provide as much detail as possible, ask questions and have the job inspected.

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How Could A 12 Year Old Make Money

10 Ways for Preteens to Make Money This Summer Work as a mommys helper In the past, middle-school-age baby sitters were the norm. Help a local senior. This was actually one of my earliest jobs. Open a lemonade stand. Ah, a lemonade stand. Do yard work. Walk dogs. Pet sit. Provide tech support. Wash cars.

Calculate Your Hourly Labor Rate

How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business As A Teenager

Labor costs are most businesses biggest expense. So, its smart to start here to figure out how much to charge for lawn mowing.

You can find your hourly labor rate per worker and per job by considering these factors:

  • The average rate for lawn care services in your area.
  • How much you pay your employees per hour.
  • Your desired profit margin.

Its important to note that pricing by the hour does not mean that you have to communicate your hourly charge to your customer.

You can plug your hourly rates into your lawn mowing pricing formula to help you figure out what prices make sense for your business and present the total to your customer.

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How Often Should You Mow A Lawn

There is no set-in-stone schedule for mowing your lawn, as each grass variety grows at a different rate depending on the season. Once you determine the type of grass in your lawn and its ideal height, aim to remove no more than the top third of the blade at a time to retain its healthy structure.

In the high growing season, this will likely break down to about once a week, which is why lawn care specialists often offer weekly plans.

Hire a Lawn Mowing & Landscaping Professional Near You

How Much Can You Make Every Month

Obviously, this varies based on how much effort you are able/willing to put into it. If you only mow one lawn per month, you may only make $20-$50.

But with that being said in the example above, that guy was mowing five or six lawns in a single day! Even if you only had this many lawns to mow every weekend, you are still looking at $800 or so extra per month!

As you can see, there is a pretty wide chasm between these two figuresso if you do manage to land some lawn care jobs, how much you make will mostly depend on your geographic location, how much you charge, how far they are from your own home, what kind of equipment you are hauling, etc.

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How Much Does It Cost To Mow A Lawn

According to, the average cost for mowing a lawn is a penny per square foot plus $30 per hour. If you have a 5,000-square-foot lawn and it takes someone about 2.5 hours to mow it, edge it and handle the clippings, youre looking at $125 for the service.

But thats just an average based on very basic lawn care services. Your cost could be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors.

Lawn Care Cost Per Square Foot

How Much Money Can You Make Cutting Grass

Though pricing per square foot is not the most common method for pricing this type of project, you can expect to pay between $0.03 and $0.08 per sq.ft. The square foot pricing method is almost always reserved for yard sizes that are less than an acre and may be the preferred method for heavily landscaped or wooded yards.

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Find Out Exactly How Much A Lawn Mowing Business Could Cost You

A lawn mowing service may cost you:

  • $60 to have your lawn mown once, but as little as $40 or $50 if they do your mowing regularly, such as a fortnightly or monthly service
  • $120 per hour more for a ride-on lawn mowing service using a ride on mower

This should include grass cutting and removal of debris and grass clippings, but generally will not include other services like sidewalk edging and trimming.

Do you like mowing your lawn or is it a time-consuming chore you’d rather leave up to others?

Are you happy with your lawn mowing results or do you wish your lawn looked as good as your neighbour’s, who hires a professional lawn mowing service? Is the only thing holding you back a fear of the exorbitant cost of hiring a service? If so, why not find out how much lawn mowing costs and what comes with the service?

How Much Should I Charge To Rake A Yard


  • It costs around $200 to $1,200 for a yard of ½-¾ acre, depending on the complexity of the and the time it takes.
  • Professional landscapers charge $45 to $70 per hour.
  • Some companies can give you a quotation for a one-time site visit, according to the equipment and workmen they bring.

Likewise, how much do you pay someone to rake leaves? Youll pay $5 per bag or $10 to $15 per hour for independent operators raking leaves. Professionals usually charge double that, but get the job done quickly and leave a cleaner yard.

One may also ask, how much should I pay a teenager for yard work?

Many employers believe $10 an hour is a fair rate for yard work. Pay by the yard or job for a possible smaller payment. Offer $25 for mowing and trimming a large yard and $15 for trimming the bushes. Decide on what you are willing to pay per job and be ready to bargain.

How long does it take to rake a yard?

Remember that raking is a physical activity so be sure to warm up beforehand. Do five to 10 minutes of stretches, especially if its chilly out. If that seems like too much trouble, take a brisk walk around your yard. Try to stay upright while you rake.

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Teens And Unearned Income

If your child receives income from investmentsthat is, unearned incomein addition to earned income, the amounts must be added together in order to determine the filing requirements. Teens under age 18 will have to pay taxes on unearned income if exceeds a certain amount. In 2020, that unearned income trigger amount is $1,100.

Parents will probably want to file their childs unearned income separately. Adding your teens unearned income to your return requires a separate form8814 Parents Election to Report Childs Interest and Dividendsand it can result in a higher income tax for the parent.

In addition, its important to note that it is illegal for a parent to claim capital gains from the sale of a childs stock. In general, it makes more sense for a childs unearned income to be filed on a separate return.

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What Influences Lawn Mowing Cost

Help! I

It’s no news that prices vary from company to company. However, they generally stay within a relatively stable range. Aside from the obvious included in the mowing calculator, the factors affecting lawn mowing cost include the following:

  • What’s included in the mowing service? Is it just mowing, or does the company offer all-inclusive packages with weed-eating, edging, and disposing of grass clippings? Can you add on another service, for example lawn ferilization?
  • Has the lawn been mowed regularly? If it’s a new lawn that has never been mowed, or it has been neglected for some time, mowing will probably take longer and will require more labor than in the case of regularly mowed lawns, hence potentially raising the price.
  • Do you want to hire the company for regular mowing? Unfortunately, mowing does not last forever. You might want to consider setting up a regular mowing service with your provider. In most companies, the more frequent the mowing, the less it costs. For example, the same company can charge $50 for a one-time mowing service, but their price would drop to $45 for the same lawn if it was mowed by them twice a month, and to $40 if it was done on a weekly basis.
  • How far from the companies headquarters do you live? If the drive time to your place is long, the lawn care might want to charge more due to transportation costs such as gas.

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What Factors Impact How Much It Costs To Mow 2 Acres Of Land

The main factors that impact how much it costs to mow 2 acres of land include the land size, condition of the land, additional services, and season of the year. All of these factors will impact how much time and effort is put into the job.

If the job ends up being more or less than 2 acres, you should adjust the price accordingly. Likewise, poor conditioned areas should cost more than land that is taken care of really well. Ultimately, you want to make the price worth your effort without scaring away any clients.

How To Start Lawn Care Business

Do you ever think about starting your own lawn care business?

Russell Jeffcoat, owner of Legends Lawn Care in Blaine, Washington, did more than just dream about owning a business someday. He took decisive action by starting the lawn care business of his dreams, and then, earned $100,000 in his very first year!

Today, he rakes in between $500 and $6000 every time he takes his machines out and works on peoples lawns. Although he started his lawn care business with only $2,000 when he was a senior in high school, its a six-figure business now.

In fact, hes so busy, he often has to turn down work!

In this article, well go through the exact steps youll need to follow to start your own highly lucrative lawn care business. Lawn care is a $102 billion a year industry, and is expected to grow phenomenally with each passing year.

Youll discover everything you need to know on how to run a successful lawn care business. This includes tips like innovative ways to craft a business plan, getting your website ranked on Google, building long-lasting relationships with your customers, and a lot more!

If youre not interested in starting the business from scratch, consider buying an already established business here on UpFlip.

You can watch our two part interview with him here and here.

Without further ado, lets jump right into it.

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The Kind Of Kid That Should Consider Mowing Lawns

Lawn mowing usually requires the ability to fuel and make minor repairs to a motorized lawnmower. It may even require the ability to responsibly manage a riding mower. While young children can help with some aspects of lawn maintenance, only teens should even consider mowing lawns for a living. In addition, they should:

  • Be able to handle a regular responsibility on their own without adult prodding.
  • Have the skills and stamina to manage a heavy, potentially dangerous machine.
  • Be detail-oriented enough to handle tricky aspects of mowing such as mowing small areas, coping with fallen limbs, and using a clipper to tidy areas that a mower cant reach.
  • Be able to handle feedback from homeowners who may want to see the job done differently.

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How Much To Charge For Lawn Mowing

How to Make $1 Per Minute Mowing Lawns! (REAL PRICING REVEALED!)

Now for the most difficult part: figuring out how much to charge for lawn mowing services.

You shouldnt strive to offer the cheapest lawn mowing service in your area, but you also dont want to be the priciest in your area either.

Mowing is one of the most common lawn care services you can offer, but even the price of a simple lawn mowing job isnt always that straightforward.

The average cost of lawn mowing is $61. However, there are many factors to consider that may make the price of a job more or less expensive.

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Every Business Starts With A Passion

I know we all have to work to make a living, but Im sure you knew that.

When most people think of work, they think of mowing lawns, janitors, plumbers, and every other job that requires you to get down and dirty.

When they think of passion, they think of chefs, art, and all the other fancy things that the world has you thinking is a dream job.

Screw all that.

Doing yard work is and requires the same passion that you would have for every other job out there.

If you are simply looking to make money mowing lawns because you know you can make a couple of bucks here and there, thats about all youll get.

Now, if you treat it seriously and actually enjoy it, you will make thousands of dollars more than you would if you treated it like a regular old job.

When I mow lawns, I like to sit back and admire my work.

I like to see every little detail and clean every little corner within that yard.

The person or company you are working for will see that as well, which will allow you to keep that contract as well as get some recommendations.

So if you think that you cant be passionate about something like yard work, think again.

If you dont have that passion, youre better off looking into some other kind of work.

Now that we got that out of the way lets get a little further into the business.

How Much Should You Charge For Lawn Mowing Services

Take off the training wheels.

Whether you’re a new lawn care business owner or a perpetually small-time owner, you’re probably worried about how you’ve priced your services.

You want to know that your price is high enough that you can make money, but low enough so that you can be competitive in your market. This is like a walk on a razors edge: too much and you price yourself out, too little and theres no profit.

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How Much Should I Pay My Teenager To Mow The Lawn

Warm weather, combined with recent rain, finally has my lawn green and growing. Ive dropped my first application of fertilizer, pulled my lawn mower from the shed, and generally gotten ready for another season of lawn care. Soon enough, my lawn will need to be mowed regularly.

I love being outside and mowing the lawn, but Im a busy guy and the two hours it takes to cut the grass and trim around the house is sometimes hard to find.

That being said, I have a teenage son who is looking to earn some extra money. Hed like to get a part-time job, but getting one at age 15 is difficult, because most business require applicants to be at least 16.

Mowing the lawn would be a perfect way for me to save some time, and for him to earn some money. But heres the question:

How much should I pay him to mow my lawn?

My three options:

What Are The Startup Costs For A Lawn Care Business

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost? Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Cost Breakdown

The cost of starting a lawn care business can be as little as the combined cost of buying a mower and printing some flyers in your neighborhood. However, as you grow your business by increasing the number of jobs and the complexity of the work that needs to be done, additional costs may come into play in order to keep you sane and profitable! The key costs of running a legitimate lawn care business include:

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Average Lawn Care Costs

You’ll find services offered as one-time visits or within year-long packages for between $100 to $400 or as high as $500 for large leaf-removal jobs.

Seasonal lawn care goes a bit further than basic mowing and watering services without getting into complex jobs like leveling the slope of your lawn, tree trimming, and new landscape design.

Typically lawn care services include:

  • Fertilization

  • Spring and fall cleanup

  • Winterization

As we noted above, you can purchase packages of weekly or monthly visits that include basics like mowing and watering. Lawn care teams will determine which additional services your grass needs during each visit, depending on your contract.

Between basic and more complex lawn care treatments, you’ll pay:

  • $50$200 for weekly visits

  • $100$300 for monthly visits

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