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How Much To Astroturf My Lawn

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Company Overhead + Materials Operations And Labor

How to Install Artificial Grass | The Home Depot
Company Overhead + Materials, Operations, and Labor $10,443.84
Company Overhead + Materials, Operations, and Labor $10.44/sq ft

Now, anything less than $10.3/sq ft, should be red flagged immediately ONLY IF you are interested in getting your installation completed right the first time, which would include the highest quality materials manufactured in the USA, a highly skilled turf installation team who have been installing for years , a professional synthetic turf designer, a dedicated construction manager supervising your install, and a robust company that will be around to assist you in the future should you need help.

Once all of the materials, operating expenses, labor, and company overhead is paid, then what is left over, if anything, is the company profit.

How To Find & Hire An Artificial Grass Installer

To ensure that your artificial grass is long-lasting and improves the aesthetic of your garden, you should hire a professional installer. This will cost around £100 to £150 per day, depending on the size of your garden and the foundations in place.

When hiring an artificial grass installer, you should inquire about their previous experience and ask if they have any examples of previous work to give you an idea of what they can do. You may also want to check if they have any qualifications, while not a necessity, it may be beneficial to hire an installer who has had sufficient training in artificial grass installation.

Another important thing you need to enquire about is insurance, as any tradesmen you hire should have public liability insurance in place to protect them and you in the event of damage or an incident.

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Cost Of Synthetic Grass And Installation Supplies

Lets break down or itemize the material costs involved. Installation costs are covered later.

Costs per square foot:

  • $1.90 $3.75 per square foot | Artificial Turk, aka Synthetic Grass
  • $0.30 $0.40 per square foot | Base Material Small Stone, Gravel or Sand
  • $2.50 $3.00 per square foot | Foam/EPDM Pad or Underlayment
  • $0.35 $0.50 per square foot | Weed Barrier
  • $0.90 $1.15 per linear foot | Composite or Vinyl Mow Strip Perimeter
  • $4.00 $7.00 per linear foot | Genuine Paver or Brick Perimeter
  • $0.30 $0.50 per square foot | Infill
  • $100 $180 per 1,000 square feet | Installation Supplies Fasteners, Tape, Stakes

When you total your costs and add installation labor fees, the total price of artificial turf rises to an average of $10 to $15 per square foot. Thats pretty pricey.

Our costs are carefully researched, and in this case, they are consistent with other reliable pricing sites.

HomeGuide cost average is $12.00 per square foot with a range of $6.00 to $20.00.

Home Advisor suggests $5.00 to $20.00 per square foot, which, without an average cost, is too broad to be useful.

Install It Direct is an artificial turf installation company that spells out all the cost factors very clearly. Its average cost is $11.48 to $14.62 per square foot, right in line with our artificial grass cost estimate.

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The Importance Of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass might sound like an odd addition to your garden. But it can help you in more ways than you think. Here are several benefits of installing it.

  • It conserves water: You can install artificial grass almost anywhere. But its popular in arid and drought-prone areas. It needs no watering, and this saves a tremendous amount of water.
  • Its durable: Artificial grass is tough enough to withstand heavy use from children and pets. You dont have to worry about it getting damaged or looking worn out. Its ideal for all kinds of outdoor areas such as gardens and playgrounds.
  • Its non-allergenic: If you suffer from allergies, youll be pleased to learn that artificial grass is non-allergenic. Its a safe and practical choice for those who struggle with allergies to pollen and other natural lawn allergens.
  • Needs little maintenance: Artificial grass needs little or no maintenance.Real grass lawns can take hours of hard work to keep in good condition. You dont need to worry about mowing your lawn or trimming edges if you have artificial grass. It saves you time and money. Also, it means your lawn will always look neat without any effort from you.
  • There are no harmful chemical residues: There are no harmful chemical residues left behind when artificial grass is installed on a surface covered by natural turf. It means there will be less pollution in the air.

Disadvantages Of Artificial Grass

How Long Does Fake Grass Last?
  • The initial cost of installing is high compared to natural grass sod.
  • Real grass lawns can cool a house, while artificial grass absorbs heat and gets hotter in the summer months.
  • Depending on the quality you purchase, you could experience problems with fading or wear patterns in the fabric.
  • Some low-end brands look fake.
  • Fake grass can’t be recycled.
  • Some homeowners’ associations and city municipalities have a ban on fake grass.
  • It can’t easily absorb and break down pet urine.
  • You still have to blow off debris and leaves, and hose off any pet waste.
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    Cost To Install An Artificial Lawn

    These estimates are for BASIC work performed in serviceable conditions by qualified trade professionals using MID GRADE materials. Work not mentioned on this page and/or work using master craftsman, premium materials and project supervision will result in HIGHER COSTS!

    These estimates are NOT substitutes for written quotes from trade professionals. Homewyse strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for accurate assessments of work required and costs for your project – before making any decisions or commitments.

    The cost estimate includes:

    • Costs for local material / equipment delivery to and service provider transportation to and from the job site.
    • Costs to prepare the worksite for Artificial Lawn Installation, including costs to protect existing structure, finishes, materials and components.
    • Labor setup time, mobilization time and minimum hourly charges that are commonly included for small Artificial Lawn Installation jobs.

    The cost estimate does NOT include:

    Artificial Grass Vs Sod

    If you currently have a bare yard, you have two choices for how to instantly cover it and get a lawn. One is artificial grass, and the other is sod.

    Sod is naturally growing grass that is laid over a coating of loam, which eventually takes root in your lawn. It is more costly than grass seed but produces an instant lawn, much like artificial turf.

    It is much less expensive than artificial grass, costing only $1,750 for a 1,200-square-foot lawn as opposed to $15,600. Sod is treated like other grasses, which means that it requires more maintenance than artificial grass. It must be watered, mowed, and cared for like other grass, but it also gives the cooling properties and softness of real grass.


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    Cost Factors For Artificial Grass Lawns

    Will the cost of artificial turf for your yard be closer to $7.00 per square foot or $18.00?

    Right off the top, well say that jobs costing less than $8.00 or $9.00 per square foot are a rarity. If your landscape already consists of small stone, think Arizona, and your only major cost is the turf, then sure, 7 bucks is realistic.

    In other places, if you want to go cheap minimal prep, low-cost artificial grass and no infill then youll get what you pay for, which will be a lawn that might look OK but wont be a pleasure to walk on and wont last more than a decade.

    Is Artificial Grass Bad For The Environment

    Front Yard Remodel 5 : How to install Artificial Turf Step by Step Guide

    In the modern day, personal environmental impact will often play on the minds of a lot of people. How does your life impact the earth and nature around you? Well a common misconception is that artificial grass is bad for the environment.

    In fact, artificial turf is extremely friendly to the environment. With the recent increase in safety standards and global safeguards the production of artificial grass is now heavily regulated to make sure there are no harmful plasticisers or heavy metals in the construction.

    Most importantly a natural grass lawn will use a lot of fertilisers and pesticides to keep it lush and beautiful looking, whereas an artificial lawn does not require these chemicals. This in turn keeps the local environment free from such harmful products.

    An artificial lawn also does not require the use of electric or high polluting petrol lawnmowers in order to maintain it. This means they have zero energy costs and zero emissions. During droughts and hose pipe bans, an artificial lawn will stay green and well kept, unlike its natural counterpart.

    Finally, there are various varieties of artificial lawn which are constructed from recycled materials . These “eco-lawns” are therefore helping to remove waste from the environment and repurpose plastic materials before they are sent to landfills.

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    Artificial Turf Ideas For Residential Landscaping

    One excellent reason to use residential artificial turf for backyard landscaping is to add greenery and save water in homes located in extremely arid climates where natural grass wont grow. It also looks good in areas where little sunlight is received during the day. Here are additional ideas for your new synthetic lawn.

    Artificial Grass On Patio

    Concrete patios can become dull and dingy over time, requiring pressure washing frequently. Installing artificial grass on patio concrete will not only cover the ugly areas but preserve your patio. Consider a heat-resistant product by Synlawn to avoid heat absorption. Putting artificial grass on a concrete patio pad will cost you $5-$7 per square foot.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass

    For homeowners and businesses throughout Texas, installing artificial grass at their property is the best investment they make. Below are just a few of the countless benefits of installing artificial grass.

    Saves Time

    Instead of wasting your time mowing and maintaining your lawn, spend time with your family and friends. Replacing your natural grass with synthetic grass gives you the opportunity to use your time however you want.

    How Do I Find And Hire Someone To Lay Artificial Grass


    If fitting artificial grass isnt something you feel comfortable with, seeking recommendations from family, friends and neighbours is a great way of finding reputable tradesmen who can complete the job for you.

    If you dont know anyone who has had a similar project done recently or simply dont like the look of their work, using HouseholdQuotes can help you save up to 40% on your quotes by consolidating search results so you can quickly and easily filter through to find the right person for your job.

    Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%:

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    Cost Of Labor To Install Artificial Lawn Turf

    If you have all of the needed supplies to install the artificial lawn turf, you may still need to hire labor for the installation. This labor would include the cost of excavating the installation area, capping or raising the sprinkler heads, installing the necessary base and infill along with the edging and installing the artificial grass itself. On average, you can expect to pay between $5.50 per square foot and $7.00 per square foot for the cost of labor to install artificial lawn turf.

    How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost In 2022 What You Need To Know

    • Pete Ortiz

    If youre considering installing artificial grass in your yard or any space in your home, it is crucial to know how much it will cost.

    Artificial grass is an excellent alternative for those who have allergies or problems with their feet. It is also a staple in most gardens today. It offers many benefits for people that may not have the time to do regular grass maintenance.

    So, do you want to replace your natural grass with an artificial one? If so, lets take the time in this post to look at artificial grass costs.

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    Density And Type Of The Fiber Used For The Artificial Grass

    The artificial grass market is flooded with many types of grasses. Each has different features and functionalities. You can buy carpet-like grass or ruffled-up grass.

    Also, you can buy a grass that is as soft as cotton or one that has rubber-like consistency. The added features determine the price of these types of artificial grasses.

    How Much Do Artificial Accessories Cost

    How to Install Synthetic Turf? Artificial Grass Installation. Part 1. Base Preparation.

    So if youre thinking about installing artificial grass yourself, be sure to also consider investing in some accessories. The cost of artificial grass accessories can vary depending on the brand and the quality of the product. At Artificial Grass Direct, we stock a wide range of artificial accessories that you may need. Our prices are very competitive and we believe that our products are the best on the market.

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    Safety Equipment Needed To Install Artificial Grass

    Also, a concern that should never be overlooked is safety gear. If you do not have the required safety glasses , gloves , a good set of overalls , and safety shoes , these will also need to be purchased when using hired power tools. Whacker-plates, power brushes, and turf removers, are all extremely dangerous tools is they are not handled correctly. However even the basics of a spade and Stanley knife can cause bad injuries if particular care is not taken when using them.

    Artificial Grass Pros And Cons

    Laying aside the high cost of installation, there are some real benefits to having artificial grass instead of a natural lawn.

    Artificial Grass Pros and Cons

    Can increase the value of a home when used in a well-designed landscape Doesnt feel like real grass underfoot
    Resists stains from salt water and chlorinated pools Could experience fading

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    Factors That Influence The Cost Of Artificial Grass Include:

    1. Type of Turf

    If you have ever had flooring installed in your home you know first-hand the different heights, textures, colors, and feels that are offered. Similarly, artificial grass varies in these areas as well. While some artificial turfs are dark green, some are light. Other materials include tan fibers that give a more natural look and the height of the blades vary as well as their width. Additionally, like any product, the quality and function of the turf can impact the cost.

    2. Project Size

    The size and scope of the project will impact the price per square foot. If you ever shop in bulk at a warehouse store you know that when you buy more, you save more. The same is true for artificial grass. The larger the project, the smaller the price per square foot and vice versa.

    3. Additional Features

    Artificial turf can include add-ons based on the customers needs. Types of additional costs can include the type of infill used on the turf, extra padding/backing for support, and even chemical sprays that help block odors. Not every customer will want or need these additions and thus, each price differs based on customer needs.

    What Exactly Is Artificial Grass


    Fake grass consists of filaments threaded into a backing that lets water through. The backing is laid on a drainage layer, usually compacted gravel, and fastened along the perimeter. Then its filled with recycled crumb rubber or sand to keep it from blowing away in a stiff breeze.

    Todays synthetic grass is made of nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene thats colored to look like various species.

    Synlawn, one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic grass, offers: SYNBermuda, SYNFescue, SYNZoysia — you get the idea. Some grasses even have a thatch layer that makes a yard look less Stepford-like and more realistic.

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    Landscaping & Playground Grass

    Most of the landscape artificial grass is made with high-density fibers and thatch grass at the root. For this kind of grass, we just infill silica sand and normally no need to infill crumb rubber.

    The quantity of sand infilling is important for landscape artificial grass installation. The artificial turf fiber will fall over and wear prematurely if too little sand. Too much sand and your artificial turf will appear sandy, and sometimes the sand can get tracked into the house by wet feet.

    The number of kilograms per square meter will vary depending on the grass pile height and density. You can find 20mm 50mm garden artificial grass on the market but 30-40mm are most commonly used. Generally speaking, We recommend using 8-15kg sand per square meter for 30-40mm landscape grass. A general rule of thumb is to use enough infill such that only the top ½ to ¾ of your grass is exposed.

    The sand needs to be applied evenly into the artificial turf surface through a drop spreader. Once spread in place, the sand needs to be brushed in with a broom or a powered brush machine. Apply a thin layer onto the artificial turf fibers first. Once youve applied a layer, brush the turf fibers against the nap of the artificial turf forcing the turf fibers up and dropping the sand into the base of the artificial grass. Repeat this process 3 times applying enough sand.

    Genius Mum Shares Easy Clothes Drying Hack & It’s Ideal For Rainy Days

    They said the wash didn’t need any products and would be affective with either a power wash or a watering jug.

    Nick Drewe at WeThrift said: Before using any cleaning products or water on your artificial grass, use an outdoor brush or hoover to remove any loose leaves, dirt or rubbish – doing so will help make the process easier and reduce mess.

    Another potential saviour is that classic combo of baking soda and white vinegar.

    They suggested testing the concoction first to make sure it doesn’t damage your outdoor grass.

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