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How To Advertise Lawn Care On Facebook

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Attract Up To 56% More Clients By Distributing Landscaping Flyers And Door Hangers

Facebook Lawn Care Business Advertising

According to the Data & Marketing Association, 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than other marketing mediums which is part of why landscaping postcards can generate up to a 1,400% return on investment

But guess what:

Lawn care flyers and door hangers work too!


Theyre extremely affordable! If youre a brand new business trying to figure out how to get landscaping customers, flyers are a good place to start.

The only problem is:

I dont know ANY small business owner who has the kind of time required to pass them out!

When it comes to delivering your flyers, you could:

  • Pay someone to post them for you. This is a great job for high-school-aged kids.
  • Have your crew deliver them in the neighborhoods where theyre already working.
  • And while youre crew is handing out your landscaping flyers, have them do this too:

    Social Media Marketing Funnel Example

    Heres an example of a powerful social media marketing campaign with a short email follow up sequence. This works great for residential lawn care, landscape, tree, irrigation, and snow service providers.

  • Create a social media advertising campaign designed to create curiosity with a lead magnet
  • On the thank you page, youll want to have a greeting video introducing yourself and let them know their lead magnet is available down below on this page. Then include testimonials, imagery from previous projects, etc. between the video and the link to download the lead magnet. Also, a voucher can be placed on this page to entice a buyer to immediately sign up for a low-ticket service or get a quote on their project. This is done to liquidate the traffic cost by instantly generating revenue
  • Employ retargeting ads to ensure anyone who visits the landing page is further enticed to return and opt in to claim their lead magnet and join your email list
  • A 4 or 5-part email sequence providing educational content pertaining to your companys services to the prospect
  • For the leads that opt in for the voucher discount, you and/or your sales stuff must follow up as soon as possible this increases the chances of closing the sale
  • After a successful follow up process, you now have a new client! The fulfillment of the service is placed on your schedule and the up-sell process begins
  • Reach Out To Local Businesses

    Speaking of commercial accounts, the end of the year is usually when businesses address their next year budgets. Late fall and early winter is prime time for reaching out to local businesses. Heres the problem though: you cant expect a local business to reach out to you. If they are having their lawn maintenanced already, there is no need for them to research new lawn care companies. This is when you need to do the legwork and reach out to these businesses.

    If youve been doing your networking throughout the year, then this is the time to inquire and pitch a new year contract with that commercial account youve been trying to get.

    But remember to be confident and professional in your approach.

    Now that you know this is the timing, you may want to check out more ways to gain commercial clients.

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    Create Goodwill With Neighborhood Involvement

    Offer your landscaping services to local civic organizations that focus on community beautification and local revitalization efforts.

    You can even give gift certificates for your landscaping services to charity raffles and auctions.

    When you give back to the community your prospects and customers not only see your business even more, but they like to see youre helping others.

    So remember to take pictures of those community organizations finished landscaping jobs and show off your goodwill on your website AND social media.

    Speaking of pictures

    You can sponsor a sports team or local event and get your landscaping businesss logo shown in the events brochures and other promotions.

    Get pictures of the sports team or event you sponsor and again:

    Show them on your website or even in your next email newsletter!

    If an HOA or community center sends out a newsletter, get your business a spot in the community news!

    Attending those HOA meetings wouldnt hurt either

    Thats where you can pitch your lawn services to the board and get your business hired for a whole or part of the associations property!

    Speaking of collaborating with HOAs

    Calculating Roi On Digital Ads


    Calculating return on investment on your ads can be relatively easy, depending on the types of advertising methods you choose.

    For example, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and most other online advertising platforms provide you with free analytics.

    However, these numbers arent enough.

    For example, Google might be able to tell you how much you paid for 5 people to send a request to you for a quote, but how many of those people actually turned into clients? This is where youll need to take numbers from the platform and numbers from your end to determine the value of a quote request.

    Start by calculating the average value of a client.

    For example, you can take all of your mowing clients, add up your profit, and divide it by the number of clients.

    Lets say the value of a mowing client is $250 to make things simple.

    If you spent $100 in advertising to get one client worth $250, your ROI is high.

    But, if you spent $500 to get one client worth $250, you may need to adjust your advertising strategy and invest in less costly advertising strategies.

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    Reach 79% Of Potential Landscaping Customers On Facebook

    Facebook marketing is crazy popular, and with good reason.

    • 79% of online Americans are on Facebook
    • Thats 68% of ALL Americans
    • 75% of them go on the site everyday

    In other words:

    Its a huge opportunity for lawn maintenance advertising.


    Many business pages organic reach have declined sharply. For some, its as low as 2 PERCENT.

    That means you have to pay up for an ad, like this:

    I recommend running Facebook ads at the same time youre mailing your landscape postcards.

    In fact:

    You can match your Facebook ads special offer and design with that of your direct mail campaign.

    Like this:

    So your prospects see ONE cohesive marketing message whether they receive your landscaping postcard in the mail OR see your ad on Facebook.

    Plus, get this:

    So if youre mailing your lawn services postcards to all the homeowners in Nashville, TN, you can then target those same exact people on Facebook in Nashville, too at the SAME time.

    Amazing, right?

    This coordination of mailing direct mail plus simultaneously showing matching Facebook ads gives your prospects the perception that your landscape marketing is almost everywhere.

    Its called Everywhere Small Business. With it, your landscaping business can simultaneously target prospects with:

    • Direct mail
    • Google ads
    • AND Facebook ads.

    And YOU dont have to do anything.

    Essentially your landscaping marketing will be shown EVERYWHERE your prospects already spend their time, generating the following:

    Effective Ways To Advertise Your Lawn Care Or Landscaping Business


    The following excerpt is from EntrepreneursStart Your Own Lawn Care or Landscaping Business. Buy it now from | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

    The types of advertising that are most effective for lawn service and landscaping companies include social networking, ads, business cards, fliers, door hangers, brochures, direct mail and word-of-mouth.

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    Lawn Care Marketing Ideas For Better Leads

    Successful online marketing relies on two key areas: one is a high-quality, mobile-friendly website and the other is the strategy that helps your ideal customers find that website. With so much information on the internet competing for attention, below are three essentials that can help set you apart and attract new clients to your lawn care business.

    Run Ads On Local Tv And Radio Channels

    How to Advertise Your Lawn Care Business for FREE!

    Since your lawn care services would be targeted to specific locations, put up ads on local television and radio channels.

    This helps in boosting awareness without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, this will help you target customers who arent on digital platforms.

    The ads should be memorable and relatable. They should feature good storytelling along with a clear call to action.

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    Create A Mission Statement

    A mission statement is a short summary of your companys main goals and values. It communicates whats important to you whether that be customer service, the environment, or high-quality lawn care services, etc.

    Your mission statement should be short and should clearly define the core focus of your business to clients.

    Sit down with your team and think about whats really important to you and how you want people to view you.

    Is client satisfaction a big part of your focus? What about community involvement?

    Once you know what your mission is, use it to drive your strategy by focusing on initiatives that support your goals and values.

    For example, if customer service is a big part of your mission, offer a satisfaction guarantee and use it in your advertising and on your website.

    Lawn Care Marketing Ideas Tips And Strategies For 2021

    Want to generate more leads and grow your lawn care business? Here are 10 things that will help you more lawn care leads and convert them into long-term customers.

    Lawn care services are, by their nature, local. Target audiences break down by the neighborhood. Customer retention is key to success.

    Many lawn care businesses are small operations that dont go beyond neighborhood word of mouth. These small businesses dont generally need a lot of advanced marketing tactics to keep one or two employees busy.

    However, if youre a bigger operation competing for the most exclusive residential jobs and big commercial contracts, you need serious business marketing to compete. Heres a breakdown of things you can do to win market share in your area.

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    Google Ad Example And Template For Lawn Care Businesses

    Services in | Offering high-quality in the area.Over years in business, .

    Lawn Care Services in Houston | Mowing, Landscaping & Morewww.lawncarehouston.comOffering high-quality mowing, fertilization, maintenance, landscaping and more in the Houston area.Over 10 years in business, BBB accredited. Get a free quote today!Free Quote | About Us

    Marketing Tips To Prepare Your Lawn Care Business For Spring

    Copy of Lawn Care Facebook Share Post

    As 2018 winds down and we move into the new year, its time to start thinking about taxes, winter services, new equipment upgrades oh yeah, and marketing your lawn care business for the spring.

    If youre in a downward swing of services and income in the winter, its no doubt youre probably getting amped up for March and April services. And you most likely want a big season opener after feeling like youve been skimping by the last and first parts of the year.

    Whether you have a marketing budget set aside or are using this time to think about advertising ideas when the time comes, marketing your lawn care business for the spring starts right now! You want to be at the top of your customers minds at the start of the new season both traditionally and digitally.

    Here are nine ways to accomplish that goal:

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    Dead Simple Landscape Marketing Ideas To Increase New Lawn Care Customers And Sales

    From lawn care flyers to social media landscape advertising, there are dozens of landscaping marketing strategies from simple to more complex that you can use to get landscaping customers.

    And you could spend dozens of hours researching them!

    But youre busy running your business, so wed like to save you the trouble by collecting the best lawn care marketing ideas here.

    Here is a list of 25 proven landscape advertising ideas enjoy!

    Improve Your Google Listings

    Today, people can research your company quickly and easily by checking your online reviews and testimonials. In fact, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020 a noticeable rise from 81% in 2019.

    For this reason, its a good idea to make sure your testimonials are in good shape. Check out your current reviews and respond to each one, thanking your clients by name for their feedback. If you receive negative reviews, apologize for the customers poor experience and suggest ways to resolve their issues.

    Its also fine to ask your existing clients to leave reviews, particularly after they show theyre happy with your work. Send them a thank-you email with a request to leave a review on your listing sites. Most customers will give you a rating if you ask.

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    Facebook Newsfeed Ad Example And Template:

    Homeowners just like you love what weve done with their yards!

    My yard has never looked so great! I spend more time outside in my backyard than I do in my house since I hired Weed Whackers! Glen H. from Dallas, TX.

    < image of your customer>

    Want to enjoy your backyard as much as Glen? Contact Us!

    Alternatively, you could try our Facebook Page Like Ads. They help you get more likes on your business page.

    This is helpful if you dont have a website yet, or post more actively to your business page than any other social media network.

    You can target Facebook users who like similar services in your industry or adjacent industries, whose friends like your business page, whose emails youve collected, who have visited your website before, or even who have interacted with your page without liking it before.

    The beauty of Facebook ads is that they allow you to target specific users in a particular geographic location, with specific interests. This can be very helpful when trying to ensure that the right people see your ads so they generate revenue for your business.

    Set Up Sandwich Boards

    3 Ways to Use FACEBOOK ADS! Lawn Care Marketing Made Easy

    A simple and relatively easy advertising strategy is to set up a sandwich board while youre servicing a property. It should have your business name, contact info, and an eye-catching design.

    Knowing that you have done work in a certain neighborhood can help people who live there feel like they can trust you too. Plus, its easy for them to see that you do a good job, and can chat with their neighbours about your services.

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    Facebook For Lawn Care Companies

    I think it is a safe bet you are familiar with Facebookbut are you using it to its fullest potential to grow your lawn care or landscaping company? Here are some tips to get the most out of it!

    Must Do’s

    • Complete your profile!
    • Format your profile picture and cover image to show properly. Include a call to action in your cover image.
    • Add your services
    • Post a minimum of 2 times per week.
    • Ask your customers to leave you a review!
    • Add as many pictures as you can to your gallery.


    • Adding a video or several videos regarding your company and services you offer
    • Using the create an offer and create a poll options

    Nail Your Google Listing To Generate Free Leads From Google

    Register for a FREE . Its how youll update your Google listing for your landscaping business, meaning


    When someone googles for landscaping services like yours , one of the first things Google shows from its search is your Google business listing .

    Your Google listing can show pictures of your landscaping work plus all information googlers want to see right off the bat. This information gets pulled from data you enter in your Google My Business account.

    So you need to make sure you have this data entered correctly, specifically:

    • Your businesss actual name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Hours of operation
    • Category of your business.

    Youll also manage and respond to any Google reviews from your Google My Business account more on why thats important in #9.

    Again, make sure you keep ALL your contact information updated in your Google My Business account since inaccurate information about you will actually prevent Google from bringing up your business in searches. Meaning, your business may end up showing up LESS in Google searches

    Which is NOT what we want considering Google is the #1-used search engine in the U.S!

    So if your address OR hours change make sure to update it in Google My Business.

    Another benefit to keeping your businesss information totally up-to-date is youll be found easier on Google Maps!

    So make sure your businesss contact information is correct on these websites too:

    • Yelp

    Plus, Google Maps results show up even BEFORE organic results


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    Professionally Designed Business Cards

    Take the opportunity to really get professionally designed business cards instead of the VistaPrint ones you likely designed yourself. A professional business card can be the deciding factor on whether or not you get that commercial account callback.

    It reminds me of an exercise a few years ago at a sales meeting. All of us formed a circle in the room and took out our business cards. Each of us then passed our business card to the person to the left. The person to the left had two options for the business card:

    • Do nothing with it
    • Tear it in half

    If the person to the left tore the business card you handed them, it was because it was not impressive or engaging.

    When you watch someone tear up your own business card in front of you, it changes the way you look at your brand appearance in the smallest details.

    Do you think someone would tear your business card?

    Take Advantage Of Word

    Lawn Care Facebook Cover Template

    Lawn care marketing relies heavily on word of mouth, and online reviews are a digital version of this free advertising. More than93% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are affected by online reviews.

    To capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing, claim your Yelp Business Page. You can centralize your contact details, website link, and business info all in one place. You can also review and respond directly to customer reviews.

    Positive reviews are an easy way to build confidence in new clients. Its especially important for any new businesses that are just starting on their lawn care marketing journey. Even when the most trustworthy member of your inner circle refers you to a great sushi restaurant, the first thing you tend to do is read the reviews for that local business. Its no different for landscaping businesses.

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