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Does Lowes Take Trade In Lawn Mowers

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John Deere Tractors Sold At Home Centers Cost Less And Here’s Why

Craftsman T210 Turn Tight 18-HP Hydrostatic 42-in Riding Lawn Mower from Lowe’s

The deep-voiced announcer on a current John Deere commercial makes it plain: When its time to pick a mower, you gotta get on one, a practice Consumer Reports routinely recommends. The commercial ends with the company’s slogan, “Nothing runs like a Deere.” But in our tests we discovered that even though John Deere lawn tractors and riders are among the best you can buy, some run a little better than others.; Deere’s dealers sell machines that you can’t find at your local home center. Here’s the difference.

Common Questions About The John Deere D100 Series Tractors

Fake news, misinformed news or more to the point my uncles brothers 2nd cousins mechanic is alive and well in the riding mower industry with Google indexing the lawn tractor forums and other sites where opinion means more than the facts it is really hard to figure out what riding mower is best for you. In this;section I will separate the facts from;the opinions so that you can make a better decision in regards to a John Deere 100 series lawn tractor.

My local mechanic/dealer told me that the John Deere D100 series are built in China. Is that true? Do yourself a favor and run away from that mechanic as fast as you can. Hard telling what other lies he is trying to get you to believe why his products are better than the other brands. Or maybe he has just been misinformed. Either way, The facts are the 100 and 200 series John Deere lawn tractors are proudly made in;Greeneville, TN. While that area of the country may be foreign to the mechanic it is still a wonderful part of the United States.

Who makes the engines?;John Deere labeled engines in the D100 series are made for Deere by Briggs & Stratton. ;The basic engines are similar to the B&S Intek, Intek Plus and ELS engines. ;Briggs & Stratton has a product page that proves that fact: John Deere Lawn Mowers Powered by Briggs & Stratton

Who makes the transmissions? General Transmissions makes the CVT transmission in the D105. Tuff Torq makes the transmissions in the rest of the D100 series lineup.

A Dealer Only Model

Best Rated Gas Push Lawn Mower

In a marketplace where three technological generations of mowers coexist side-by means of-aspect with relatively same usefulness between them, the perks of wonderful consistent strength and sturdiness as compared to push-reel or electric powered mowers come with the disadvantage of a couple of severe heft to move around.;

A fuel mower of any length is the gold standard for lawns large than approximately acre in size, mainly those overrun with thick weird and more stubborn strains of grass jogging up and down large inclines, but bodily infirm owners need to consider about choosing a push or self-propelled model and take into consideration that shoving the heaviest sort of mower available around a half-acre or more may be a daunting proposition.;

Anything larger than thats probably higher maintained by way of a robot, zero-turn or a couple of other fuel-powered varieties aside from a walk-behind type.;

A lawnmower will reduce your gardening efforts significantly. rather than deciding to shop for professional maintenance or spending hours doing it yourself with useless means, a lawnmower could hamper the time it takes to chop down your grass. But youll not usually have an enormous price range allocated for your mower.;

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Why Would Lawnmowers Be On Sale In Fall

More often than not, if theres not an incentive to buy a mower in the Fall most consumers will not. Who wants to store a new mower all Winter? Why not spend the Winter months continuing to add to the mower budget and get a real high end model in the Spring? What if I need the money Id spend on a mower now for an emergency like a furnace repair?

These are all viable questions that homeowners have until a price drop makes it so they almost cannot afford not to buy the mower in the fall. Moving mowers in the Fall or Winter creates a win-win situation as the homeowner gets a deal on something they need, while distributors move product to create room to display more topical products .

Are John Deere Mowers Sold By Lowes The Same

Husqvarna Z246 20

john deeresoldsamesameLowes

Yes. There is no difference between the D105, D110, D125, D130, D140, D155, D160, D170 lawn tractors at your local big box store, local hardware store or the corporate John Deere implement dealer. There may be some confusion in the fact that some retail stores do not carry the entire line.

Secondly, are John Deere mowers made by MTD? MTD makes the low end John Deere tractors. American Yard Products makes MTD, Noma, Dynamark, YardPro, Weed Eater, Sears Craftsman, and all store brands.

Subsequently, question is, are the John Deere mowers at Home Depot the same?

They are the exact some mowers. Made by the same people at the same place. John Deere makes cheaper entry level mowers exclusively for box stores like Home Depot. In fact you cannot buy the same thing from John Deere.

Are John Deere mowers any good?

For any consumer who possesses a big yard, he will need a mighty tractor lawn mower. Naturally, John Deere covers all of the bases in this category. The firm’s tractor mowers are as good as they get. Deere’s first riding lawn mower proves to be the One Hundred Series, which starts with the LA105 model.

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Features To Consider When Buying A Riding Lawn Mower

We have already established that there are lots of different models of riding lawnmowers. What makes up these differences are the features. You find varying engines, cutting diameters, controls, and much more. Consequently, these are things you have to be aware of before going shopping. Otherwise, the information given to you by vendors may overwhelm you leading to a bad purchase decision.

All the said mower features are discussed below. Yours is to take all that data in and find a way to make use of it as you select your mower of choice.

Buying John Deere Mowers

You see the ads every Sunday from your local Big Box Stores, you know the ones, the orange place and the blue place. They advertise a brand new John Deere mower at a price point comparable to brands with far less reputation.

Like you I was amazed that they could sell the thing for such a great price. The John Deere 42 X300 shown in the adjacent photo retails for $3,099.99. The John Deere BG20444 shown in the photo below retails for $1,499.00. The BG20444 is a model sold exclusively at Home Depot.

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Benefits Of Riding Lawn Mowers

If you are looking for reasons to buy a riding lawn mower, there are quite a few. For one, wider decks are ideal for large properties. Wider decks also imply wider cutting diameters.

Of course, with a wide cutting surface, you will need to make fewer runs to cut all the grass on your property. This even applies to a commercial setting where you are hired for the same. You thus end up saving a lot of time.

You also dont have to get tired. With most other mowers, you will have to either walk behind, push, or pull them. You expend a lot of energy moving up and down the property. With the riding lawn mower, you just sit on the device and maneuver it to where you want it to go.

Yazoo Mfg Co V Lowe’s Companies Inc 976 F Supp 430

Husqvarna 300 Series Riding Lawn Mowers | Husqvarna

US District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi – 976 F. Supp. 430


United States District Court, S.D. Mississippi, Jackson Division.

*431 Stephen E. Gardner, Young, Williams, Henderson & Fuselier, Jackson, MS, for Plaintiffs.

Louis B. Lanoux, Watkins & Eager, Jackson, MS, for Defendant.


WINGATE, District Judge.

Before the court is the motion of plaintiff Yazoo Manufacturing Company for partial summary judgment as to the liability of defendant Lowe’s Companies, Inc., for breach of contract. Defendant Lowe’s Companies has filed its own motion for summary judgment or, in the alternative, for partial summary judgment as to the punitive damages issue.

This court, having carefully and thoroughly considered the oral arguments, as well the written submissions of the parties, is persuaded to grant plaintiff’s motion for partial summary judgment on the issue of liability and to deny defendant’s motion in its entirety.


Plaintiff Yazoo Manufacturing Company is a Mississippi corporation located in Yazoo County, Mississippi. Defendant Lowe’s Companies, Inc., is a North Carolina corporation, licensed to do business in Mississippi.


Dear Garry:

Thanks for taking the time with me this morning to hammer out the last minute details for the 1995 season. This letter will serve as confirmation of the main details of our agreement.


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How To Donate Your Old Lawn Mower

You can call around to different charities in your area to see if they have any need for a gently used lawn mower, whether they offer pickup services, and what rules and restrictions they have for donating a lawn mower, such as if they accept riding lawn mowers or even old lawn tractors.

While some charities do offer pickup of donated items that are difficult to haul in a car, chances are you will likely need to haul your old lawn mower to a donation center to drop it off.

In fact, no matter how you decide to go about recycling your old lawn mower, its highly likely that there will be some hauling involved on your part.

Because most people dont own a truck or other hauling equipment, its a great idea to consider having a to safely dispose of it for you instead.

Common Riding Lawn Mower Issues

  • Riding lawn mower wont start
  • Riding mower wont stay running
  • Riding mower or tractor has unusual and excessive vibration
  • Riding mower is bagging, discharging, or mulching improperly
  • Riding mower is leaking oil

Our repair experts are some of the best riding lawn mower and riding tractor repair service technicians in the business. Technicians that are local, licensed and vetted, with the skills to get your riding mower or lawn tractor up and running quickly.

Schedule your riding mower repair online today.

If your riding mower doesnt need a repair, but simply a tune-up or pre-season maintenance, schedule riding mower maintenance with our technicians today.

Find the parts and accessories you need to keep your riding mower in top shape at Sears PartsDirect

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Home Gyms And ‘hometrips’

Lowe’s is betting that people’s enthusiasm for home projects hasn’t tapered off. The retailer’s leaders pointed to survey findings. Nearly 70% of respondents with children plan to have a “staycation” at home instead of taking a spring break trip, according to a survey of 2,000 homeowners in late February by Morning Consult commissioned by Lowe’s. Eighty-nine percent of respondents who have completed home projects since March 2020 are planning for more this spring, the survey found.

“While obviously we’re craving the ability to feel safe and well and able to get out and do more, this idea of the importance of home is strengthening, not weakening,” Marisa Thalberg, Lowe’s chief brand and marketing officer, said in a virtual news conference.

As people hold off on booking big trips, she said people’s homes have become the “must-do destination.”

Lowe’s has expanded into another category that’s gained steam during the pandemic: at-home fitness. It now has more than 1,700 products from brands like Life Fitness and ProForm and plans to add even more, Boltz said. He said it is;testing sales of the equipment;at more than one store in different markets, but declined to say;how many;or where they;are;located citing competitive reasons.

Lowe’s teamed up with Ally Love, a Peloton instructor. She showed off how she used decor from Lowe’s, including a plant, pillows, bedding and a wicker chair, to transform her New York City apartment into a “hometrip” to Miami.

John Deere D100 Series Review


From the John Deere website:

Made Right from the Start. This is what happens when you dont take short cuts.

Built to mow a 1/3 of an acre up to two acres, with mower deck sizes ranging from 42 to 54-inches, and horsepower to match, the D100 Series has been engineered the right way, right from the start, down to the tiniest detail.

With the D100 Series, a consistent, quality cut can be measured down to the ¼-inch, while toughness can be gauged through a cast iron front axle and a 12-gauge steel frame that stands up to time.

Thoughtful engineering touches, such as a covered glove box for storage , an electric power take off to engage the mower deck , and lumbar seats make the D100 Series a cut above.

So lets go through each model of the John Deere D100 series models. Ill list its basic features and then tell you who each model it is best suited for.

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Selling An Old Lawn Mower

If youre still looking for where to take old lawn mowers to you and end up bringing the mower in one piece to a scrap metal yard near you, theyll most likely only pay you the price of aluminum breakage, or dirty aluminum thats contaminated with steel.

The value of your used lawn mower increases greatly if you disassemble it and separate the different metal and plastic parts from the components that cant be scrapped. This is because the scrap yard will pay more if they dont have to spend the money buying used lawn mowers and then also the time taking it apart and cleaning it themselves.

If all else fails, you can always haul your old lawn mower to your nearest recycling facility and drop it off there for you.

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Why Would Lawnmowers Be On Sale In Spring

Lawn mower manufacturers, much like auto sales, roll out new models each season. They add new features either for performance or ease-of-use, and sell these units for higher prices to increase their profit margins.

Like the old saying out with the old and in with the new goes, in order to make room for these higher priced new mowers, they need distributors to sell the old models. The best way to move product? Lower the prices.

You might also see lawnmowers on sale more frequently in the Spring so that manufacturers and distributors can take advantage of the market. Its been a long offseason, and people might have moved, experienced damage to their mowers while in storage, or just need a new cutter for one reason or the other. When the demand is high, theres more money to be made in volume sales.

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Lawn Mower Recycling Pickup Services

Deciding to get rid of your old lawn mower is one thing, but actually figuring out how to do it in a responsible way can be a headache.

Most people arent able to leave their old lawn mower on the curb for their municipal trash removal service to haul away, because most trash services wont pick them up. Plus, not everyone has the vehicle needed to haul these items to the local recycling center if there is one.

If you just want to be done with your old lawn mower but dont want to add it to the already overflowing waste stream, having a professional junk removal company pick it up can be a truly eco-friendly option.

More From the Trash Talk Blog: How Does Junk Removal Work?

Lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment can be cleaned of any fuel residue, broken down into its metal and plastic components, and the materials used in the production of new lawn equipment or other products.

When you call the junk removal pros at LoadUp to pick up and recycle yard equipment like an old lawn mower, youll save you tons of time and energy. LoadUp offers easy haul-away and eco-friendly disposal for all kinds of lawn equipment and just about anything else you need to get rid of around the house.

Got other kinds of junk to get rid of?BOOK A PICKUP

When Sized Properly To Their Lawns John Deere Owners Love Their Lawn Tractors

Lowe’s 80 volt Kobalt lawn mower 2 Amp Hour battery converted to 5 amp hour

The John Deere D100 series riding mowers are designed for the same types of lawns as the Cub Cadet XT1, XT2 Enduro series, Husqvarna YT, Troy-Bilt XP and Craftsman Yard Tractors. The mowers are good, dependable lawn tractors when properly sized for your lawn. They feature dependable engines, good cutting decks, good ergonomics and easy to use controls.

My opinion in this article is backed up by other reputable online review sites. Specifically, Consumer Reports and regularly give the John Deere D100 series lawn tractor high marks for quality, cutting your lawn and dependability.;

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Intro To Recycling Old Lawn Mowers

But first, can you recycle a lawn mower? Its hard to know since recycling anything other than everyday paper, plastic, metal, and glass can be a bit of a mystery.

Because lawn mowers are generally made of metal and rigid plastic components, they are, essentially, recyclable. But, put simply, having an old lawn mower recycled is a little more complicated than chucking it in the blue bin.

Before we go any further into lawn mower recycling, its important that no matter what you do with your old lawn mower, you must make sure it is completely drained of oil and gasoline.

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