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How To Bypass Safety Switch On John Deere Lawn Mower

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Step : Deactivate The Switch:


You need to remove the connector and block its connections with any insulator to disable the switch. The steps are given below:

Slide your seat:

To remove the connector, you need to pull the seat cover to the top to make it visible. Lose the nuts that secure the seats metal cover and pull it upwards to view the switch and the connector.

Modify the connector:

Remove the connector plug from its place by pulling it out with the screwdriver. Now, you could see three or four pins coming out of the connector plug. These pins are behaving like springs. When a persons weight is added to the seat, the pins close the safety switch, allowing the current to flow through the circuit. The connection keeps the engine running. As soon as the weight is withdrawn, the pins lose connection, and the engine turns off.

For deactivating the switch, the key objective is to prevent the pins from touching each other. You can achieve this by plugging the toothpicks in their ends. Or you can put heavy cardboard between the pins. However, the most effective and non-destructive way to achieve this is to use the nose pliers to pluck the pins out of the connector housing. You shall reinsert them anytime you want to reactivate the switch.

What Is The Pto Safety Switch

Whether its a safety, interlock, or PTO switch, it basically is a switch to disengage and re-engage power. Contact with a PTO can lead to disabling or fatal injuries. So make sure you have a PTO switch that works, so you can turn off your PTO before you get near it.

How To Test The Safety Switch For Riding A Lawnmower

Safety switches are circuit breakers that activate or break the circuit depending on the application. The switch can be conveniently checked using a continuity test.

Test for continuity:

To check its continuity, detach the switch from the frame. You could see two pairs of terminals beneath the switch. Link the multimeter ends to each pair of terminals separately. If the multimeter has a beep tone, the terminal pair is connected, and the switch is engaged in that direction. Attempt to replicate the same test with the button pressed this time around. You might note that the opposite pair of terminals is now activated.

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How To Bypass Safety Switch On John Deere Lawn Mower

A John Deere lawnmower usually comes with two safety switches.

Among the two switches, one safety switch hinders the engine in case the user gets off the seat, whereas the other one restricts the user from using the lawnmower in reverse if the button is not pushed.

If you want to learn about how to bypass both these safety switches on a John Deere lawnmower, this article just made things a whole lot easier.

Through this write-up, you will get a detailed step to step guide on how to disable these safety switches, so make sure to read each step carefully.

How To You Bypass The Safety Switch Under The Seat

John Deere Lawn Mower Bad Switch Bypass

Ric said:Yep just unplug it then the mower wont run. Disconnecting or unplugging the plug will do the same as getting off the seat when the mower is running, it will kill the mower because you open the switch. Depending on how it’s wired and how many there are you may not be able to unplug the seat switch.

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How To Dispose Of An Old Lawn Mower

Are you planning to replace your old lawn mower with a new one but you have no idea what to with the old one?

Well, there are several ways through which lawnmowers can be disposed of. You can either sell it, donate it or recycle it. If you want to sell it, then there are many platforms like E-bay, Amazon, LetGo etc. These are very good platforms when it comes to selling old stuff.

If your lawnmower is in good condition, then you can donate it to someone who needs it more. You can also try recycling it. These are more eco-friendly solutions.

How Am I Supposed To Know If My Lawnmower Solenoid Is Bad

Riding lawnmowers are using starter cables to turn the engine. The starter solenoid is used to complete the electrical connection between the battery and the starter engine while turning the ignition key. Before checking the solenoid, you should first verify whether the battery is fully charged and the terminals are not corroded.

Solenoid test:

If the engine doesnt operate, a poor solenoid might be one of the causes. Make sure the mower blades are disengaged before you inspect the solenoid. Place the ignition key in the lock and turn it to the on direction on the switch. You need to short circuit the big terminal posts on the solenoid. You could do this by connecting the solenoid terminals to a screwdriver. If the engine starts with the terminals attached, this means that the solenoid is weak. If it doesnt function, you need to troubleshoot other parts, i.e., the starting motor itself.

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What Is The Bypass Rod On John Deere

  • What happens when your neutral safety switch goes bad?
  • On the D140 and other Automatic Models, Deere calls this the Bypass Valve Lever, which is the small metal rod which stick out of the back of the tractor and has a 90 degree bend on the end of it. It is referred to on page 22 of the Operators manual and other places in the same manual.

    What Is The Easiest Way To Bypass The Rio

    Mower seat safety switch bypass! John Deere & Most riding mowers!

    Your jumper wire needs female spade connectors like this. They will then slip directly on to the spades on your switch. It simply tricks the switch into thinking it is always pressed.Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk

    ultra7350 said:That is the first thing I did when I bought my x738 brand new is installed a jumper wire on the RIO connector and the seat safety switch connector. The only safety switch I left alone is the brake pedal depressed switch to start the tractor.

    three4rd said:Great!!! Thanks…simple to revise the jumper. My dealer recently suggested strongly against disabling this. He said that it could “fry other components” and “mess a whole bunch of things up” – something about many different systems all running off the same circuit I’m doubtful…..

    rottendiesel said:So it was late last night, and my brain must have already been asleep. I got this completely wrong… You don’t attach the jumper to the switch at all. To bypass the RIO there should be no wires attached to the switch. The jumper wire with male spade ends should be inserted into the wiring harness with the female ends that came off the switch. That’s how the jumper wire mimics an “always on” switch.Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk

    John Deere Lawn-Boys:

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    How To Bypass The Reverse Safety Switch On John Deere Lawnmower

    Another safety device that is factory-equipped on most lawnmowers manufactured by John Deer is the reverse safety switch. This switch is typically located under the hood of your lawnmower, near the negative post of the battery. Its purpose is to prevent the operator from switching into reverse while the cutting blades are spinning or the deck is down. In order for the gear to work, the rider must first disable the cutting deck then they can shift into reverse.

    The purpose of the reverse safety switch is to safeguard against accidental bodily harm or property damage, as the operator may not have full sight of the obstacles behind him/her. Using just a few tools, the reverse safety switch on your John Deere lawn mower can be bypassed.

  • Turn off your John Deere lawnmower, remove the key from the engine, and allow it to cool down before proceeding.
  • Lift the hood of your mower and locate the battery.
  • Using a ratchet and appropriately sized socket, disconnect the battery beginning with the negative post. Then, detach the positive cable from the terminal.
  • Locate the reverse safety switch next to the negative post of the battery. Search for a plastic harness with wires.
  • Grip both the plastic harness and the wires, press down on the side tabs, and pull to unplug the wires from the harness by hand. If you are unable to release the wires by hand, disconnect them using a pair of pliers.
  • Lower the hood on your mower, and the reverse safety switch has not been bypassed.
  • Question: Removing Safety Switch On Riding Mower

    I’ve got a problem about my Scott’s John Deere riding lawnmower and I need to find the answer for how to bypass the safety switch in the engine of this lawnmower. Please let me know!

    Best Answer

    On reading your post a second time, never bypass any safety switch. Just find out how to repair whatever problem you’re having, but leave the safety switch alone. Yesterday at the hardware store, I just spoke to a guy who knew someone who bypassed the safety, and ended up injuring himself badly.

    Best Answer

    Guess what? Many of these companies so called “safety switches” are so poorly engineered they significantly interfere with the operation of the mower. For example I have sent my Husqvarna riding mower into the shop six times to try to get it keep from stopping running when on any kind of grade. Virtyually every thing in the mower was checked or changed with zero improvement. The mower only had 44 hours on it when the problem first got my attention due to moving to a place which has more hilly lawn.

    Best Answer

    Not doubting your statement but it just seems almost no one knows anyone personally that got a foot or toes cut off, just that they knew someone who said they knew etc etc. Yes, some safety switches are a good idea. Others are not well thought out at all and result in more machines getting tossed that actual failures or overpriced repairs at the dealer.

    How do you bypass the 3 safety switches on a riding lawnmower?

    jimmynjax from Orange Park, FL


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    How To Dispose Of A Gas Lawn Mower

    Gas lawn mowers are better than battery lawnmowers. A battery-powered lawn mower can cover a small or medium yard. But gas lawnmowers work more efficiently and can give a neat finish.

    The disposal of a gas lawn mower is something to think about. Because like a regular old lawnmower, you cannot throw it in the garbage bin. Because the residual gas or oil is very harmful.

    So, the ways to dispose of a gas lawn mower are a little limited. You can recycle it or donate it to someone. You need to make sure that there is no amount of fuel or gas left for recycling it. Apart from this, you might need to pay a fee for recycling your gas lawnmower. We would highly recommend recycling old lawnmowers.

    How Many Th400 Kickdown Switches Are Left In Stock

    John Deere Seat Switch Diagram

    Only 10 left in stock order soon. . . Only 10 left in stock . . Only 1 left in stock . . Only 4 left in stock order soon.

    Emergency Fuel Shut Off Switch Location on Other Cars On Ford, Peugeot, VW, Citroen, Vauxhall, Subaru, Renault, Toyota and Mazda, inertia switch location is usually on one of the following two hidden places: Behind or below glove compartment, sometimes hidden under the carpet Under side-panel located next to the drivers door

    Using wire strippers, strip off the ends of each wire. Then, take the ends of the wires and twist them together. Cover the two entwined wires with a wire nut and twist to secure. Then, hold the wire nut in place by wrapping both the wires and the nut itself in electrical tape.

    Instead, replace the switch, as it is both inexpensive and easy to install yourself. Another safety device that is factory-equipped on most lawnmowers manufactured by John Deer is the reverse safety switch. This switch is typically located under the hood of your lawnmower, near the negative post of the battery.

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    What Is The Safety Switch On A Lawn Mower

    Riding mowers and tractors have a safety mechanism that prevents the machine from starting when theres no one sitting on it.

    This safety switch is composed of a set of pins that connect with another set of pins. One of the pins is attached to the seat, and the other set of pins comes from a wire connected to the electric system.

    When the user sits on the mower, these pins disconnect. This deactivates the switch, allowing the machine to turn on.

    But when theres no one sitting on the mower, then the pins will stay connected which will also keep the safety switch activated and prevent the machine from turning on. If the mower is working and the user hops off then the engine will turn off.

    Thats why the solution to bypassing a seat safety switch on a mower is to simulate a person sitting on it. And for that, you will only need to unplug it.

    Take Off The Safety Switch Wires

    Take off the safety switch socket from beneath the seat. Pull the wire off from the socket. If you cant make it with your hands, take a plier and pull it in the outer side.

    You can use the IRWIN Vise Grip 6 Nose Plier. Or if youre a person working with these every now and then, grab this 7 pcs Plier Set from Workpro.

    Things We Like

    • 6 different sizes & types of pliers for different purposes
    • Perfect set for DIY home projects
    • Alloy steel material & handy to use

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    Take The Seat Back To Its Position

    Now, put the seatback to its position. After that, check the seat safety switch now if it is making any more obstacles or not. We bet it wont.

    These steps above will be effective for the Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Exmark lawnmowers. Bypassing the safety switches basically makes the seat safety switch disabled, and you can start the engine without sitting on the mower seat.

    Now, you can get up from the seat while the engine power is turned on and ride your mower as you wish without getting annoyed at sudden stoppage by the seat safety switch.

    How To Bypass The Safety Switch On A John Deere Lawnmower Step By Step

    How to disable the Seat Switch on a John Deere Ride on lawn tractor.

    A famous lawnmower manufacturer, John Deere, incorporates a safety switch system in its machines to ensure that the operational mowing hazards are minimized. However, there can be circumstances where you would like to disable the lawnmower safety switches due to productivity reasons. It also could be that your machines safety switch has developed a technical fault, and you want to bypass it until it is repaired. If youre looking for a DIY solution online, then youve come to the right place. We provide a step-by-step guide for bypassing the safety switch on your John Deere riding lawnmowers in this blog post, in addition to answering some related questions.

    How to bypass the safety switch on a John Deere lawnmower, step by step:

    • Step 1: Remove the spark plug before the modification and unplug the battery terminals.
    • Step 2: Lift the seat of the mower and pinpoint the safety switch.
    • Step 3: Take the switch out and remove its connector.
    • Step 4: Remove the pins which open or close the safety switch in the connector.
    • Step 5: Reassemble everything and restart your lawnmower.

    Its reasonably easy to disable the safety switch on your John Deere lawnmower. Were going to provide you a non-destructive way of doing this, along with a few helpful tips.


  • 3 Final Remarks:
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    Disable The Kill Switch On A Riding Mower

    Here is my quick post to show how I disabled the shutoff switch on my riding mower without voiding the warranty . I didn’t want to cut the wires to bypass the circuit for fear this may cause other problems or void my warranty. This is a much easier solution anyway. On a difficulty scale from one to five this is easily a one. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes and no real skill at all.

    Why did I override this safety feature? Obviously you will need to put on your big boy pants and use good judgement. It is there for a really good reason. I mow a few small hills and sometimes when leaning to one side the mower would start to cut out. Also, I attach a snow blower so I want the tractor to warm for a minute before I take it outside in the dead of winter. I’m not suggesting this is for everyone but this is what I did about two years ago and it has worked great for me.

    How To Bypass Pto Safety Switch/mower Deck Safety Switch On Lawn Mower

    When the brake switch or the mower deck safety switch is on, you cant start the engine. That sometimes becomes a big annoyance. Then again, when mowing a hilly track, the mower suddenly turns off. So, to get rid of these issues, bypass the safety switch.

    However, bypassing method for the mower deck safety switch and the PTO switch is the same. So, here we are showing the technique for the PTO safety switch, and similarly, you can also bypass the mower deck switch.

    The first 2 steps are the same in any kind of electrical bypassing process. You can follow them discussed above. Were directly getting into the switch.

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