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How To Get Rid Of White Grubs In Lawn

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And That Is How You Kill The Nasty Little Grubs In Your Garden Soil Organically

LAWN GRUBS//Grub Worms: How To Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

I hope you found this article to be interesting and useful. Even better, I hope it helps you rid your soil of grubs, naturally! After all, grub-free soil leads to happy roots and healthy plants exactly what were all after, right? Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Also, please spread the love by sharing or pinning this article. Thanks for reading!

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Edit: A Note About Bees

It has been brought to my attention that some species of nematodes may be harmful to bees. This is particularly true if theyre directly exposed to the initial nematode application . Nematodes may also harm the larvae of burrowing bee species. Therefore, please take caution when applying nematodes in your garden. For example, only treat target areas, and do so low to the soil. Avoid spraying plants, especially those with flowers. Apply nematodes in the evening hours when bees are not active. Do not treat soil where known soil-dwelling or ground-nesting bees are present. It should be noted that we have a very robust bee population in our garden of many species, including honey bees, bumblebees, and native solitary bees. We have not noticed any ill effects post nematode application in our raised garden beds.

What Does To Consider

You may know, Is It Too Late to Treat for Grubs, if you have learned when the right period to treat grubs. Because there are different types of ingredients, work effectively at a different period over the year to kill caterpillars. So, nothing be worried about this matter. Lets get to gather knowledge about the ingredients to apply for killing larvae below.


Another ingredient is imidacloprid, which is in use to make grubs killer products. If you select a product that contains imidacloprid ingredient to kill larvae will be the best choice. To get the best result, you have to apply this product in between July and August.It is notable that, if you can apply this ingredient in July, this will be capable of killing grubs up to a hundred percent of lawn grubs.It will be too late if you apply this type of grubs killer in September.


It is the best natural option to treat for grubs in your lawn if you avoid chemical products. To apply this remedy, you have to make sure the soil of your yard has moisture. Otherwise, use it when it is cold, the sun is away.This remedy can kill grubs up to ninety-six percent of caterpillars on your lawn if applied in September. It is too late if you delay using it.

Mixed Ingredients

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Replace Your Lawn With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is not a natural product, but it is worth adding to this list because it is an effective option that requires no toxic pesticides or repeated treatments. Replacing your natural grass lawn with synthetic turf is a sure way to keep a grub population from taking hold in your lawn and destroying it. Plus, you can enjoy a lush, green lawn throughout the year that looks, feels and functions like natural grass without grub problems or the mowing, watering, weeding, aerating, edging, fertilizing and other tasks that are required to maintain a healthy, natural lawn.

Homemade Garlic Grub Killer Spray

Dying patches in the lawn

This homemade grub killer spray uses chopped garlic and mineral oil to create a robust solution that will kill grubs and their larvae. This is a handy homemade spray to have around to deal with grubs before they destroy your yard.

Homemade Garlic Grub Killer Spray Recipe

  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 quart of warm water
  • 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap

In a small container, mix the chopped garlic and the mineral oil. Place the bowl in the freezer and allow to sit overnight. The following day, add one quart of warm water to the garlic mixture and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Mix the solution well. Add the mixture to a spray bottle, and spray the affected area immediately.

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How To Get Rid Of Grub Worms Naturally

Well let me helping you use Detergent salt, Vinegar Garlic with neem all are superb in the result and why because of having strong defender formula against Grubs worms.

Kills grubs permanently, do you search before what soap occurs or detergent, even salt yes all are helpful. sodium chloride in salt kills your lawn soil enemies excellent which is best for your grass growth.

To Get Rid of Grub Worms Naturally must look at my 8 items collection but if you really hurry up then the solution Mentioned in the first line for you.

Stops Today Read and Kill all G.rubs in Lawns. Not Exist Again if you follow this Guide.

Ride Below To Take Advantages. No More Fungus.

How To Treat Grub Damage

After treating your lawn for grub damage, its vital to restore your turfgrass to its former lush, green appearance. For best results, repair grub damage in the fall or early spring. Treating grub damage at this time gives the lawn a better chance of growing and becoming healthy again.

To treat grub damage, the first step is to rake off dead grass and remove thatch. Next, use a lawn aerator to perforate the lawn with small holes. This action allows nutrients to get to the roots, prevents compaction, and results in a healthy lawn. Then, reseed the bare patches of lawn with grass seed.

After you have reseeded the lawn to repair grub damage, thoroughly water the grass.

Proper lawn grub prevention, natural lawn fertilization, and proper mowing will keep your turfgrass in excellent healthfree from white grubs.

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How To Kill Lawn Grubs In Ontario Canada

21 September, 2017

A late-summer lawn attracts bare feet, backyard barbecues and scarab beetles. Scarab beetles, which include June bugs, Japanese beetles, and chafer beetles, move into Ontario yards in summer and are responsible for the white grubs that lurk under lawns, destroying tender roots as they feed. Although most of the scarab beetle family grow from egg to adult over a single year, May and June beetles require a three-year cycle and will overwinter deep under the insulating lawn. Gardeners can’t eradicate these underground pests entirely, but they can bring them to heel.

Watch for scarab beetles invading in late spring and early summer. For two weeks the beetles lay eggs in the lawn that hatch into grubs. Remove as many beetles as possible by hand Health Canada suggests using a hand-held vacuum. Airborne pesticides are only a temporary fix and kill beneficial insects.

  • A late-summer lawn attracts bare feet, backyard barbecues and scarab beetles.
  • Although most of the scarab beetle family grow from egg to adult over a single year, May and June beetles require a three-year cycle and will overwinter deep under the insulating lawn.
  • Determine the number of c-shaped beetle larvae under a square foot of lifted turf.
  • If the lawn is thick and on good soil, the handful of grubs will not cause more damage than the lawn can repair.


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How Do I Treat For Grubs In My Lawn

How to Get Rid of Grubs

After fertilizer and grass seed, grub control products are typically the most prominently displayed and commonly stocked lawn care product at garden centers. For many homeowners, grub control products are an important part of the annual lawn care routine.

More often than not, people are surprised at how much there is to learn about grubs, and how many misconceptions there are about them and the damage they can do to lawns. This blog, accompanying a live video we produced in the field, addresses some of the common questions we get at the UNH Extension Infoline about grubs.

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How To Kill Lawn Grubs On An Organic Lawn

As gardeners become increasingly concerned about using traditional chemical-based pesticides, alternative pest control solutions are growing in popularity. This is largely due to increasing education and awareness about the harmful impact of chemical pesticides. Many chemical-based pesticides will only get rid of lawn grubs initially, which often leads to the pests returning time and again as they will develop a resistance to the chemicals.

You may have tried do-it-yourself grub-killing solutions to ensure a chemical-free method of pest control. Some DIY solutions call for a combination of household products like mouthwash, lemon juice, liquid dish soap and water to create a spray that can be applied all over your yard. However, this homemade solution only acts as a deterrent for grubs and is not an effective or immediate way to kill them.

To truly eliminate your pest problem, you will need to apply a treatment that eliminates the grubs completely, which gives you the space to be able to restore your lawns health. Better yet, a treatment that can be applied to grubs at any stage of their life cycle will be a better solution for year-round pest control.

How Do You Know If You Have A Grub Problem

No matter which type of grub worms reside in your landscape, most of the time they dont cause any problems. Healthy, organic lawns that contain a mixture of grass species and other plants, such as clover and violets, can handle a fairly large population of grubs before showing signs of damage. Grub worm problems tend to develop in lawns that consist of a single grass species or lawns that are over-fertilized and over-irrigated . But, when infestations of 15 or more grub worms per square foot of lawn are present, your lawn may develop brown patches that peel back easily like a carpet. When you lift the grass up, youll spy the C-shaped grubs in the upper layer of soil beneath it.

Grub worm damage is most evident in spring and fall when the grubs are actively feeding in the upper layer of soil.

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Grubs In Lawn: How To Get Rid Of Grubs In The Garden

Grubs in the lawn can go undetected until you notice patches of bare turfgrass in your lush, green lawn. Plump, white, hungry grubs live in the soil and gorge on grass and plant roots. Getting rid of white grubs in the garden is essential to keep lawn grass healthy and green. Thankfully, with the proper care, its possible to stop grubs from causing havoc in your garden.

Getting rid of white lawn grubs involves knowing how to identify them, where to look for them, and how to eradicate them. Of course, to get rid of turf grubs in the soil for good also means preventing them from returning.

This article is a guide to getting rid of lawn grubs using natural, non-toxic grub worm killers. Youll find out how to find the soft, white worm-like creatures and disturb their lifecycle.

Kill Lawn Grubs In Spring

Lawn Grubs: How to Identify, Get Rid of, and Prevent Them ...

It is the ideal time to measure white grubs presence and their number of population-level in your lawn in the spring season. Spring comes after winter . As the weather in the winter season is cold, so the grubs stay deeper under the soil. On the other hand, when spring comes, the weather starts to grow warm. The grubs come out to the surface of the lawn in spring. There are many strong reasons to kill lawn grass in winter. However, today, we will start to explain Kill Lawn Grubs in Spring.Learn to care for your lawn in spring.

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How To Get Rid Of Grubs In Your Lawn

Although most homeowners expect to find some worms in their soil, no one expects the severe damage that one particular worm can inflict. Yes, we mean the peculiar damage left by the white grub worm. Grub worms feed on roots, and with a large enough population and some time, they can actually detach your grass from its roots in some areas.

What does that look like, you may wonder? These severed areas of grass will literally roll up like a cheap rug. So if you think you have a grub problem and youd like your grass to stay put, then its time to snub those grubs from your lawn.

Preventive Insecticides That Will Prevent Grub Damage Next Fall And Following Spring

These products are used to prevent future grub problems, not to control the grubs present in the lawn in the spring. They will not work on grubs found in the lawn from the middle of October through the middle of May. However, when applied in June or July they provide excellent protection against the next generation of grubs. So, if you need to apply the preventive insecticide BEFORE the grubs are there, how do you know if you need to use an insecticide or not? If you confirmed grub damage the previous fall or spring, meaning you found lots of grubs, then you may want to use a preventive insecticide for one or two years to build a more dense turf that will be tolerant of grubs. If you have treated for several years and you do not see evidence of grubs in your lawn or in the neighbors lawn, it may be time to stop treating. There is an erroneous philosophy being perpetuated that because we have European chafers and Japanese beetles in the area, it is necessary to treat every year or your lawn will be damaged by grubs. This is not true.

In addition, grub control products that contain the active ingredient chlorantraniliprole are safe for bees, even when weed flowers are sprayed. Finally, avoid spray drift or granular spreader drift to flower beds when applying thiamethoxam, imidacloprid, clothianidin or any insecticide for grubs other than chlorantraniliprole

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What Do White Grubs Look Like

White grubs are the larva, or young, of several kinds of beetles. The European Chafer and Japanese Beetle are two of the most common in the Toronto area and throughout Ontario.

The adults breed through the early Summer and lay eggs in your lawn, which hatch in mid-to late-August and begin to feed, causing grub damage to occur.

Use Garlic On The Lawn

How to get rid of grubs for 10 years

The beetle grubs and the adults do not like and tolerate the smell of the garlic. You can make the garlic smooth and put it to the lawn. Otherwise, you can blend it for a spray with warm water to your yard.The other way is, before spraying, you have to keep the blended garlic in your fridge for one night. In next day, you can apply this with lemon juice to the affected surface on the lawn.

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Types Of Grub Treatment Products To Consider

Always read the instructions and follow them carefully when using any type of lawn treatment. There are difference applications with different ingredients recommended for killing lawn grubs and/or preventing them.

Curative Products: Curative products will kill existing grubs on contact.

Preventative Products: Preventative products will kill grubs that are present at the time as well as those that may hatch throughout the season.

  • Dylox fast acting and most effective in the fall.
  • Merit and Mach-2 used early in the season as a helpful prevention.
  • Milky Spore effective and environmentally safe. Used on active grubs and as a prevention.
  • Neem Oil a botanical pesticide that repels against beetles and lawn grubs.
  • Nematodes a soil-dwelling worm that releases bacteria into the soil which in turn, infects and kills lawn grubs.

Do I Need To Treat For Grubs

If you have a very high concentration of grubs 10 or more grubs per square foot treatment may be necessary to maintain healthy grass. However, if you have a lower count of grubs, yet arent seeing good results in your lawn, thats a clue that you should revisit your lawn care practices more broadly.

Some of the best practices we recommend are:

  • Testing your soil every 2-3 years, and following the fertilizer and amendment recommendations.
  • Keeping grass mowed high at least 2, and ideally 3 or more which means that your grass will have a deeper, healthier root system that can tolerate more sub-surface insect feeding.

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Use Dish Soap On The Lawn

Another natural remedy is dish soap to get rid of grubs on the lawn. Although this remedy is not a hundred percent effective, it can help the affective areas control moderately.Need the below ingredients to apply this remedy

  • Water
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Sprayer.

Mix the dish soap in water and spray directly to the grubs affected areas. Apply this mixture immediately after preparing it. This mixture works in the process. Dish soap solution will kill the adult beetles and prevent larvae from laying eggs on the lawn and the garden.

Protect Your Lawn From Grubs And Pests

Killing Grub Worms Naturally

The warmer months are the peak invasion time for lawn grubs. While they are persistent, they can be treated and removed from your lawn with the right methods. Identifying common culprits and signs of pest damage is the first thing you can do to control lawn grubs. From there, regular lawn maintenance and timely pest treatment will keep them at bay and provide relief for your lawn.

It is important to note that some turf varieties are more susceptible to lawn grubs than others. Buffalo species such as Sir Walter DNA Certified are more tolerant to infestation and will self-repair faster than other grass types.

If you need help controlling pests in your lawn, contact us! We are happy to provide you with the right products and techniques to keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round.

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