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How To Keep Rabbits Off Your Lawn

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Does Straw Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden

How To Keep Rabbits Off Of Your Lawn

Prey animals like to sneak about as quiet as they can so that they dont alert the predators that theyre there. This is one reason why rabbits love grass they can move through it silently without being detected. If you have small sticks, dead leaves, or straw in your yard, you immediately make the rabbits movements heard. Rabbits will avoid areas that they cant sneak through quietly. You can deter rabbits from your yard by laying down straw or leaving dead leaves in your yard.

Zovenchi Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Do you want a high-tech way to keep pests away? If so, then the ultrasonic repeller from ZOVENCHI might be ideal. It emits sounds that only animals can hear. This is designed to keep rodents, dogs, cats, and rabbits away.

You can use it around the lawn, flower bed, bird feeder, pond, and other areas of the home. When an animal comes within range, the sensor starts working to emit ultrasonic sounds. Then, the red light is going to come on, which also works as a deterrent.

It features solar panels at the top of the product, which ensures that it works all day and night. Plus, it charges itself so that it runs all night long. This also means that you dont need an outlet or have to worry about cords.

Youre going to find it easy to use because you just insert the stake into the ground. Make sure theres plenty of sunlight throughout the day and turn it on so that it starts charging.

Rabbit Control Methods: How To Prevent Rabbits On Your Land

Below you will find some tips and advice for repelling wild rabbits from simple chicken wire preventatives to professional solutions thatll deter those wild rabbits.

Unfortunately, the only real way to ensure youre pest-free is to turn to alternatives that the real pest experts can provide. At Pest Defence we have over 25 years of experience within the industry and have helped countless domestic and commercial customers get rid of their pests, quickly and effectively. For more information or to schedule in our services call today. Were fully qualified and accredited and offer a same day emergency response.

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How To Stop Rabbits From Digging Holes In Your Lawn

Lets get down to business. There are two ways that you can get rid of rabbits from your lawn. You can either:

1. Make your lawn undesirable to rabbits

2. Build a fence around a critical area where rabbits cannot get through

There is a third option that involves catching the rabbit. However, this isnt the best option as its much more complicated for both you and the animal alike. In New York, you need a license to catch rabbits if youre over 12 years of age 1.

Of course, the laws on trapping vary by state, so youll want to check your states current laws regarding catching rabbits and other small game. If your end goal is just to relocate the animal, then its best not to get too much into trapping to keep the rabbit safe.

Instead of all that messy stuff, were going to focus on some easy peasy, natural methods of keeping rabbits out of your lawn.

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Lawn Or Garden 7 Ways

How to Keep Rabbits Off Your Garden or Land

In our previous article we have shared tips on How to keep Deers away from your Garden and today we decided to share the answer to another question i.e. How to Keep Rabbits out of Your Lawn or Garden.

Rabbits are cute, soft and fuzzy right? But dont get fooled by the cute faces of these critters. They can do lots of damage to your yard or garden.

They even have the potential to wipe out whole crops overnight. In a couple of hours, they can eat and destroy any lawn, flower bed or vegetable garden.

Rabbits like young and tender shoots mean that once your plants pass the seedling age, theyre safe from these critters. Rabbits are addicted to beans, lettuce, and broccoli. Flowers they prefer to nibble include pansies, petunias, gazanias, and marigolds.

If youre concerned about your vegetable garden or flower bed and want to get rid of rabbits there, keep reading for some useful tips to make that thing happen.

But first, check out for the signs of rabbits activity:

These critters feed at night and its very tough for you to spot rabbits in the garden. But there are some signs that help you to confirm the presence of these nasty critters in your garden.

  • Look for round fecal pellets
  • Rabbit fur or hair caught under nesting areas brush or bushes.
  • Young plants or tender shoots like Swiss chard, pea, pepper seedlings vanishing completely overnight.
  • Check out for chewed plants. These critters have both lower and upper incisors, so when they eat, they make a clean cut.

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How To Keep Rabbits Off Your Garden Or Land

Domestic rabbits are common family pets but wild rabbits are quite different. Destroying your land and passing fleas on to your pets in the process, they can be a real nightmare. In the summer theyll thoroughly enjoy your flower beds, weeds, grass, leaves, fruits, roots and shoots perfect for a growing bunnys appetite and in the winter theyll tuck into tree bark, twigs and bushes .

If youve got a headache over the state of your garden or land due to a fluffle of rabbits, then read on to find out how to prevent rabbits from eating plants and tips for repelling rabbits.

Add Barriers To Rabbit Entry

If you decide to add fencing to keep rabbits out of your yard and garden, make sure it is at least 2-3 feet high. Any shorter and rabbits will be able to jump over it. Additionally, rabbits are wonderful diggers. You should bury the fence at least six inches below the ground. 8-10 inches will be even more effective. This will help to prevent them from digging below the fence.

Chicken wire can be great and cheap fencing to use to wall off rabbits. The wire should have a ½ inch to 1-inch mech. Another option is to use electric net fencing for seasonal gardens.

  • Fences should be at least 2 feet high
  • Gaps should not be any larger than ½ to 1 inch wide. Even a small gap in a wood fence will let in a rabbit
  • Fences should be partially buried. 6 inches is a minimum burial depth to keep rabbits from digging under fences.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Rabbits Under My House

If you home has a crawl space or area that a rabbit can access they will utilize this as a safe haven or may even make it home. This could lead to a rabbit infestation with tunnels and holes called a warren. If they have made a burrow under your home, you will need to relocate them. Using the trap and remove method, you can take the rabbits to a new home far away from your home. Once you have removed the rabbits, make sure to prevent future issues by closing any holes or access points under your home. Depending on the number of rabbits it may be time to call in professional help.

I hope this article was helpful! Another pesky animal youll want to keep away from your property is snakes. Find out how to keep snakes out of your yard by reading our article, 15 Reliable Ways to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard.

Plant Taller Plants In The Garden To Make It Harder For Rabbits To Reach Them

How To Keep Bunnies Out Of Your Yard

Another way to keep rabbits out of your garden is to plant taller plants, such as sunflower or corn, so that they are too high for bunnies to reach.

Plant flowers or herbs that rabbits dont want to eat, such as lavender and thyme. These plants will keep the animals away because they wont be tempted by your garden!

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Will Coffee Grounds Keep Rabbits Away

Coffee is has a very strong scent and can be a deterrent for a variety of animals and insects. Rabbits have a sensitive nose and are repelled by the aroma of coffee grounds. Rabbits will avoid any area where coffee grounds have been sprinkled. A great way to create an environment that your rabbit wont want to be apart of is to place coffee grounds in entry points to the yard or a regular basis. Rain and dew will diminish the effect of the coffee grounds over time. This may not be a good long term solution but it could buy you time as you patch holes in your fence or clean up your yard.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion

The Orbit 62100 model is a motion-activated sprinkler and can work in the daytime and at night. Its designed to be a humane way to repel pests and animals. Therefore, you can keep them away from the yard, garden, or plants with just a harmless water spray.

This is the only deterrent sprinkler that works in the daytime and at night, giving you 24-hour protection. That way, it activates whenever you need it to work, regardless of the time.

The spike at the end goes into the ground. Its very stable and can hold up your Yard Enforcer. Plus, the sprayer can shoot 70 feet and runs in a circular pattern for full coverage of the space. You can get 3,840 square feet in diameter with this product.

Youre going to like that it only takes four AA batteries, which can get up to 7,500 activation cycles. Plus, it only uses about two cups of water each time it is activated.

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How To Keep Rabbits Off Your Lawn

Rabbits are a shy critter that will mostly hide out during daylight hours and feed closer to dawn or dusk. They will venture out of their burrows as long as there is plenty of vegetation or other obstructions to provide them cover from predators. To help reduce a rabbits desire to call your yard home, you must deny them shelter or cover, as well as food and water. Where rabbits have a wide range diet, feeding on many different types of plants, your main focus should be on denying them water and shelter. Start by maintaining a clean yard. Keep grass short, and bushes and shrubs manicured. Prevent overgrowth of plants and keep at least the bottom 12 inches clear and open. Avoid having a lot of clutter or debris piled around the yard. Rabbits will climb inside or underneath debris and dig their burrows underneath the clutter. Lastly, avoid having any ground level water features as well. Repair any leaking spouts or faucets outside. You dont want to provide rabbits with a reliable water source.

How To Get Rid Of Rabbits Ruining Your Lawn And Garden

How to keep Rabbits out of your Garden

A- A+

As adorable as these creatures are, rabbits can wreak havoc on a lawn and garden. Garden centers, home improvement stores and online resources offer commercial products to help gardeners protect their plants from rabbits.

But here’s the problem: Commercial repellents are expensive they require repeated applications and some of them may contain chemicals that can pose health hazards to pets when ingested.

Homemade repellents are not only less expensive but also safer than commercial repellents.

Rabbit repellents produce a smell or taste that is repulsive for rabbits without doing them harm.



I was surprised to learn that Irish Spring bar soap is an inexpensive rabbit repellent. Apparently, unlike me, who finds the scent of Irish Spring to be pleasant, to rabbits, it has a terrible stench that drives them away.

Supplies needed: Irish Spring bar soap small fabric drawstring bags OR cheesecloth and string wooden stakes staple gun or duct tape.

Slice the Irish Spring soap bar into half-inch cubes with a knife. These do not have to be exact, but you’ll want many small chunks to spread around your garden.

Drop two pieces of soap into each drawstring pouch. Pull strings tightly to close, and tie the strings tightly to secure the soap inside. Or wrap two pieces of soap in a piece of cheesecloth, gathering it into a pouch and securing it with string.



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How To Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden

Rabbits love to eat all kinds of vegetables, especially leaf vegetables like lettuce. Theyll even eat garden flowers and grass. To avoid losing your garden plants to hungry bunnies, there are some safe and humane tactics you can use to deter them. You can tell if rabbits have been coming around if you notice small piles of little round droppings, uprooted plants, and damaged leaves that look clean-cut, like someone took a razor to them. Sometimes, youll even find little clumps of fur.

Here are some things you can do to try to keep the rabbits away during the growing season.

Opt for rabbit-proof plants when possible. Rabbits eat a wide variety of different kinds of plants, but there are some that they like more than others. They tend to go for young and tender plants, especially lettuce, beans, and many kinds of ornamental flowers. There are some plants both edible and ornamental that they have a natural distaste for. These include rhubarb, garlic, onions, geraniums, and fragrant herbs like basil and rosemary.

Keep your yard and garden tidy. Rabbits love to hide under things, and tidy garden with more open space isnt as appealing to them.

Put up physical barriers around garden plants. Chicken wire mesh covers and fencing work very well for keeping rabbits away. For best results, they should be buried at least six inches deep, and should be at least two feet high.

What Are Some Common Signs Of Rabbits

One very reliable sign of marauding rabbits is an area scattered with coarse, round, fecal pelletsthe scat of rabbits. Depending on the species, these may be 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in size. You may also see rabbit hair or fur caught on or under tree branches, rabbit trails, or nesting areas under bushes or brush.

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How To Stop Rabbits From Eating Flowers

Rabbits like a lot of the same vegetables that we do, but they also eat all kinds of plants that we dont find very appetizing. This includes many different types of garden flowers. The same tips weve given above, for garden areas, apply to flower gardens as well as vegetables and fruits.

Another thing you can do is try to plant flowers that rabbits will not eat. Many are distasteful or poisonous to them, including marigolds, geraniums, begonias, snapdragons, sunflowers, and salvia flowers.

Help Rabbits Ate My Grass How To Fix Your Lawn

How To Get Rid of Rabbits – Ace Hardware

Rabbit Care: How to Fix the Lawn

So you got yourself a little pair of flufflets and youve put them outside during the day in a safe rabbit run or bunnyproofed garden so they can play and explore a new environment. The only thing is, theyve ruined your lawn.

Why it matters:

Even if you dont care about having a prize lawn, you need to care about fixing your lawn before it all dies because your rabbits will have nothing to nibble in their run if theyve overgrazed all the grass. It takes surprisingly few rabbits to kill a lawn, as Ive found out over winter. Even if theyre swimming in hay and straw, they still have a strong urge to graze outdoors.

What to do about it:

In the first instance, constantly moving the rabbit run around the lawn to stop overgrazing. Do it before the rabbits are playing in a patch of barren mud, so the grass has a chance of growing back.

If its happened over a longer period of time, or your rabbits dont have enough grass to avoid it, or if your run is particularly large, or if its winter and all the grass couldnt keep up with what the rabbits were eating , you will probably need to look at replacing your lawn.

If this happens, you have two options:

1. Buy pre-made turf

2. Buy grass seed

Things Ive learned about grass seed:

1. It makes your hands green.

2. It just sits there. It doesnt even try to grow. How its survived as a dominant, hardy species I dont know.

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How To Deter Rabbits From Your Lawn

May 12, 2016 by lawntek

Rabbits might look cute and cuddly, but they can do a lot of damage to your lawn. This is especially frustrating for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Des Moines, Waterloo and Quad Cities homeowners who are paying to have their lawn treated and looking beautiful.

Rabbits live almost everywhere and are usually relatively harmless. However, if the rabbit population has gotten too large and they begin burrowing in your yard, digging holes under sheds or other buildings for shelter, or eating your garden and plants, you may need to take steps to get rid of them.

Although entirely eliminating a rabbit population from your property may not be possible, there are things you can do to deter them from making a home in your yard.

Rabbits burrow into the ground for shelter and to have their babies. Where they decided to nestle down depends on where they feel the safest. If they are digging up your lawn to make a home for themselves, there are different natural and humane things you can do to deter them from your lawn.

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