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How To Maintain Grass Lawn

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Scraping And Raking Of Lawn:

How to maintain your lawn after installing fresh sod

The lower part of an old lawn may get matted and woody along with the formation of a hard crust. For such lawn, the grass is scraped at the ground level with the help of a sickle in months of April and may. Buy sickle online in India.

Scraping is followed by raking to break the crust. Where the condition of the lawn is good, hard and thorough raking is done both ways to loosen the old runners and to aerate the soil. Click here to buy garden rake online in India.

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Leaving The Grass Clippings As Part Of Organic Lawn Care

Many organic gardeners recommend leaving grass clippings on the lawn after mowing . Grass clippings add organic matter back to the soil, resulting in a healthier organic garden.

However, not all lawn care experts advise leaving grass clippings after mowing lawns. For example: leaving the grass clippings is not recommended when they are too thick or when the lawn is wet. In these cases the grass clippings stick together and prevent air circulation to the lawn. This creates a moist mat that harbors diseases.

Therefore, some garden experts recommend to leave only short and dry grass cuttings when you mow the lawn. Short and dry clippings are more likely to fall through the grass to the soil surface rather than sit on it and smother it. They will more easily decompose and get recycled into the soil.

Try A New Grass Variety

Knowing which form of grass you have is one way of achieving a healthy lawn. The majority of lawns are a blend of Rye, Bluegrass, and Fescue. When exposed to high temperatures, some turf becomes stressed. If the grass is healthy, it may well be able to restore. However, it may not recover if it is already stressed due to drought, mowing damage, insects, or disease.

If you find that restoring your lawn to its former glory is a time-consuming effort, contact the professionals or visit a weed removal company in your region. You’ll find everything you need to keep your grass green and healthy, as well as advice on choosing the best tools and supplies for your needs.

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Train Pets To Use A Small Area

Your dog may be impacting your lawn in a negative way. Backyards that have pets often have yellow or dead spots in their grass. These are the areas that dogs are probably using to relieve themselves, and it can be an eyesore in an otherwise healthy lawn.

There is a way to keep your dog from ruining your hard work and beautiful lawn. Just as you taught your dog to go to the bathroom outside, its possible to train them to relieve themselves in a specific area of the lawn. Set aside a designated area in your yard for your pet to use, preferably a shady and hidden spot. Start by using a leash and reward them when they use their new bathroom space.

Summer Lawn Care Tips For Warm

Artificial Grass Lawn Care Maintenance Service National ...

Unlike cool-season grasses, warm-season grasses thrive in the heat of summer. However, this doesnt mean they are a set-it-and-forget-it grass type in the summer. There is still plenty of work to do to maintain a healthy warm-season lawn.

Water Your Lawn

Warm-season grasses will need ample water to grow during the summer months, so youll want to set up a rain gauge in an area of your lawn thats fully exposed to rain. Check the gauge weekly to ensure your lawn is getting 1-1.5 inches of rain.

If the rainfall isnt adequate, you can use your irrigation system, a portable sprinkler, or a hose to supplement the lack of rain. Keep in mind, many southern states where warm-season grasses are popular are subject to strict watering restrictions in the hot months. Make sure you water only on the days and for the length of time permitted.

Feed its Growth

To maintain a healthy warm-season lawn in the summer means to keep the nutrients coming. Through its most active growth periods in the summer, youll want to apply a balanced fertilizer every four to eight weeks.

This constant feeding will keep your grass happy and growing. If you notice your lawns growing slower or browning, youll want to perform a soil test to ensure there are no deficiencies or a pH imbalance in your soil.

Mow on the Regular

Even though warm-season grasses thrive in the summer heat, they can feel the affects of drought conditions. Avoid mowing your grass if its going through the stress of drought conditions.

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S To Follow Before Sowing The Lawn Grass Seed

Prior to the seeding step, complete any gardening work that could put undue strain on a young lawn. Youre all set to go once the fruit trees are in the ground and the beds, pathways, and garden ponds have been built.

Before planting the lawn, prepare the soil by performing a little digging.

When preparing an area for a lawn, start by digging the dirt as deep as possible with a spade or digging fork. Using a power tiller or power hoe on big, continuous areas speeds up the process considerably. For example, many hardware stores loan out appropriate equipment. In autumn, when the earth is dry and crumbly, its ideal to dig, because the following winter will help to freeze the soil and prevent it from becoming unusable.

All foreign objects, weeds, and large stones must be removed from the soil during digging in order to carry out the essential soil improvement. Youll learn more about soil improvement in this scenario later on in the article. Digging and sowing should be separated by a few months to let the soil settle and prevent a subsequent depression in the grass.

If the pre-existing lawn is overrun by root weeds like couch grass or goutweed, do not mill the overgrown areas. The tiller would tear up their rhizomes and disperse them all over the place. As a result, you should carefully hand-dig these regions to ensure that you remove every root.

Stick To The 1/3 Rule

Never cut more than one third of the grass blade length each time you mow. Cutting your grass too close to the ground lets the sunlight reach weeds more easily and can result in increased pest and disease risk. Even if you have long, overgrown grass, only mow one-third, let it recover for a few days, then take off another one-third.

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Lawns Suffering With Pests And Diseases

Pests and diseases are all part of nature. Just as a healthy human can usually shake off a cold , a healthy lawn normally recovers quite quickly from a dose of fusarium patch disease or a light invasion of leatherjackets.

One garden invader that seems to worry my customers a lot, is the humble toadstool. Theyre actually a sign of healthy soil and are rarely dangerous.

Tip No : Adjust Your Cutting Height To The Time Of Year

How to Care For and Maintain Lawns | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

For cool-climate grasses, use a 1-1/2 in. cutting height for the first mowing of the year to remove dead grass and allow more sunlight to reach the crowns of the grass plants. Raise the blade during the heat of summer to two inches or more. Then lower the blade back to 1-1/2 in. for the last cutting of the year. For warm-climate grasses, these heights will be about 1/2 in. lower.

When adjusting your blade height, measure from a hard surface to the bottom of the mower deck, then add 1/4 in. Most blades sit 1/4 in. above the bottom of the deck.

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Can You Power Wash Artificial Grass

Power washing is the fastest way to clean artificial grass, but there are a few things to consider beforehand. For instance, you need to keep the power washer nozzle at least a foot away from the artificial turf to avoid damage. If you dont have a turf rake to fluff the fibers, you can angle the nozzle as you spray the turf to help the green blades stand upright.

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What Causes Your Lawns Color To Fade

To understand how to keep your lawn green, it helps to first understand what causes grass to lose its green color in the first place.

In some climates, the weather can go from one extreme to another relatively quickly. It might be cool and wet in the spring, then hot and dry mere weeks later. These changes can cause the ground to dry out quickly and leads to lawns starting to turn brown.

Hot and dry weather combined with other factors will cause your lawn to lose its healthy, green appearance. Here are just some of the things that can result in grass losing its color:

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Tip No : Aerate Your Lawn To Help It Breathe

Grass roots need oxygen as well as water and nutrients. Aerating the process of removing small plugs of soil produces multiple benefits. It improves air-to-soil interaction. It allows water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil deeper and easier. It reduces soil compaction and opens space for roots to grow. It removes some thatch and stimulates the breakdown of the remaining thatch. The best tool for this task is a gas-powered aerator, available at most rental centers.

Again, timing is critical. You can aerate in the spring. But fall, after the kids are through trampling the grass and there are fewer weed seeds to set up home in the open spaces, is the optimal time to aerate. Its usually best to aerate first, then apply any weed killers so the open holes are protected against weeds.

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A well-aerated lawn provides space for grass roots to grow, reproduce and take in more oxygen, moisture and nutrients. The plugs, composed of thatch and soil, quickly break apart and decompose. The roots of a compacted lawn have difficulty absorbing air, water and nutrients.

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Now that you have a beautiful lawn, check out these tips for landscaping your backyard.

Best Artificial Grass Cleaning Solutions

How to Clean and Maintain Artificial Grass

With heavy use, artificial grass can become dingy in certain areas. Be it from pet waste or other outdoor activities, smells and spots happen. To put your best foot forward, there are cleaning solutions to prevent odor and spots on your artificial grass.

  • Turf Fresh: To eliminate urine odor from your artificial grass, spray pet-friendly, non-toxic Turf Fresh, and your turf will look and smell like sunshine.
  • Vinegar solution: For a more natural artificial grass cleaning solution, combine equal parts water and vinegar, then spray it on the area of concern and rinse the area thoroughly with water.
  • Diluted bleach: By using a mixture of one part household bleach to 10 parts water, you can help your lawn look and smell its best. Just remember to rinse the area thoroughly after spraying the solution . Be sure to test the diluted bleach solution on a small, easily hidden part of your yard.
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Invest In Weed Control

Keeping weeds out of your lawn is a challenge for most homeowners. A few principles of basic lawn maintenance may help stop weeds from getting out of control. Weekly mowing, fertilizing, and deep watering of your lawn are three things you can do to help keep the weeds away.

Some of the most frustrating weeds are broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. These weed species are notoriously hard to kill, so you may need to get professional landscaping services to control them. In the early spring, a lawn care professional may carefully apply a precise formula of herbicide that kills the weeds, but avoids damaging your lawn.

Watering The Lawn After Sowing

The germination process begins and continues as long as moisture is available after seeding. So long as it doesnt rain, make sure to water your plants every day for roughly a month. Submergence of the soil will deprive the seeds of oxygen, therefore keeping them above ground. When the weather is dry, use the finest sprinkler setting three to four times a day for roughly 10 to 15 minutes each time.

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Organic Lawn Care: The Importance Of Aeration

Lawn aeration is an essential process in caring for organic lawns. Aeration involves removing small plugs of soil or perforating the soil with holes. This process helps roots grow more robust and encourages vigorous growth. The benefits of aerating an organic lawn are that it reduces compaction and helps remove thatch.

The frequency of lawn aeration depends on the soil type. Easily compacted soil, such as clay, should be aerated at least once a year, whereas sandy soil can be aerated every 1-2 years. Also lawn areas with high foot traffic will need to be aerated more often.

The best time to aerate a lawn is in early spring or late fall. To aerate your lawn, give it a proper watering the day before. You can hire an aeration machine that will create the holes or remove the plugsdepending on the method you prefer. Then, you just carry on with your organic lawn care as usual.

Tip No : A Few Good Soakings Are Better Than Lots Of Light Sprinklings

How to Maintain a Lawn | This Old House

Deep watering helps develop deep roots that tap into subsurface water supplies . Light sprinklings moisten only the grass and surface of the soil, encouraging shallow root growth and increasing the need for more frequent watering. Lawns generally require 1 to 2 in. of water per week from you or Mother Nature, applied at three- or four-day intervals. But this varies drastically depending on the temperature, type of grass and soil conditions. Lawns in sandy soils may need twice as much water since they drain quickly. Lawns in slow-draining clay soils may need only half as much.

When your lawn loses its bounce or resiliency, or when it wilts, exposing the dull green bottoms of the blades, it needs water. In general, water until the soil is moist four to five inches down, then wait to water again until the top one or two inches dries out. To find out how much water your sprinkler delivers, set out a cake pan, turn on your sprinkler, then time how long it takes for the water to reach a depth of one inch .

The best time of day to water is early morning. Water pressure is high, less water is lost to evaporation and your lawn has plenty of time to dry out before nightfall. Lawns that remain wet overnight are more susceptible to disease caused by moisture-loving mold and other fungi.

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Pro Strategies For Thicker Greener Grass

For many Central and Southern Maryland homeowners, a green grass shows they care for and have pride in their properties.

In summers heat, its especially important to do all of the things all year long that contribute to a lawns health. Because, as the pros know, you cant do just one thing to nurture a thick lawn. A mix of the right strategies is necessary when it comes to how to make grass greener.

Plan Your Lawn Edges Appropriately

You can move around any and all of these options if need be. But they can be time-consuming to shift around. So its important to finalize your plan and placement before installation.

This is particularly true for strip edging that needs to be embedded into the earth.

Depending on the design of your garden and the edging material you use for your lawn, you may have also bought shaped pieces that are specifically configured to the shape of the existing edge.

This makes it difficult to move them around to different parts of your yard if you choose to change the edge.

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The Best Lawn Maintenance In Allentown Bethlehem And Easton Pa

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding the best lawn care service in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA. But there are many differences when it comes to the quality of the lawn maintenance youll receive. A lot of programs are focused on volume and that means trying to service as many clients as they can in a day. With a company like that, youll probably get a program that lacks any personal touch or customization. But if youre someone who really cares about having a thick, green lawn, then its important to seek out a lawn care service that is focused on quality service over the volume of customers.

A lawn maintenance company that cares about quality is going to employ all 10 of these tips for a thick, green lawnand more. They know that a healthy lawn requires a combination of the important basics with some of the lesser-known tips. But they also understand the value of educating their customers about better lawn maintenance. Theyll make sure you understand proper watering and making sure your trees are trimmed well enough that your lawn is getting proper sunlight.

We have three lawn care programs that customers can choose from in order to receive the best possible lawn maintenance for their Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton home. If youre trying to do it yourself and you feel like your results are lacking or you believe your existing lawn care service is skimping on some of these tips, wed love for you to explore our options.

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