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How To Protect Lawn From Heavy Equipment

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Additional Information On Our Turf Protection Mats

Ground Protection Mats – Lawn Protection Mats
  • Charcoal gray polypropylene absorbent upper side and non-penetrable black vinyl backing.
  • Top side is a universal absorbent and will absorb all types of fluids.
  • Water or melting snow will not damage the mat. Just let it air dry.
  • The mat is non-flammable in its original state. Depending on what is absorbed, it may become flammable.
  • Dispose of the mat according to local, State, and Federal Regulations.

Ground Protection Mats & Accessories

Driving heavy equipment over lawns, loose surfaces, or concrete? Then you need heavy-duty ground protection mats from Mytee Products! Installing and using these temporary roadway mats is easy: simply lay them on any surface you need to drive heavy machinery on and get to work. Our Ground Protection Mats have a 120,000LB working load limit and a crush rating of 240PSI, meaning our grounding mats can withstand even the heaviest machinery! You dont want to mess up pristine lawns or surfaces or damage your equipment due to rain or mud. Use ground mats for heavy equipment from Mytee Products. Get the job done quickly and safely, then leave without a trace!

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Driving heavy equipment over lawns, loose surfaces, or concrete? Then you need heavy-duty ground protection mats from Mytee Products! Installing and using these temporary roadway mats is easy: simply lay them on any surface you need to drive heavy machinery on and get to work. Our Ground Protection Mats have a 120,000LB working load limit and a crush rating of 240PSI, meaning our grounding mats can withstand even the heaviest machinery! You dont want to mess up pristine lawns or surfaces or damage your equipment due to rain or mud. Use ground mats for heavy equipment from Mytee Products. Get the job done quickly and safely, then leave without a trace!

Can Lawn Mowers Damage Hearing

Lawn mowers are actually quite a common source of hearing damage, one that gets overlooked very often. In fact, some people even develop hearing loss earlier than normal in their life simply because they started mowing their lawn without any kind of protection: the more lawn youve got to mow, the more damage it can do since you will be exposed to the mower noise for longer.

It might seem silly, but look at it this way: some lawnmowers can produce noise up to 90dB, which is the same as a Boeing 737 one mile away, more than a freight train passing by, and less than a jet taking off from only about 300 meters away.

If you are mowing lawns often, you should definitely get some kind of hearing protection. Even if it is just basic ear muffs, it can make a massive difference in the course of your life, especially as you get older.

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How Do You Install Lawn Matting

Fold back perimeter edges of the mats and dig a wedge shaped channel into the soil/surface approx., 4 inches deep. Unfold the mats back down and into the channel. Pin each corner into the sloped side of the channel, then refill the channel to bring it level to the surrounding area..

How Do You Drive On Grass Without Damaging It

Greatmats Specialty Flooring, Mats and Tiles: Protecting ...

The best way to protect your grass when driving your car over is to use heavy-duty lawn protection mats. These mats are designed to take the pressure off your cars wheels while protecting your grass at the same time.

Heavy-duty mats are made from heavy-duty recycled rubber and can withstand more than 1,000 lbs. of weight, so theyre up to the task of handling your cars weight.

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Use Plywood To Protect Your Lawn

Plywood is another excellent way to protect your grass from heavy equipment. Plywood material provides a stable, durable surface on which equipment can move.

For effective results, lay the plywood on the grass before you secure it with landscaping staples. Once the wood is in place, drive heavy equipment over it without damaging your yard.

Note that while plywood provides an excellent foundation for heavy equipment, its not a practical solution you can use every day. Moreover, its expensive and may break, warp or splinter if the equipment is too heavy.

Protect Your Equipment And Reputation

Anyone in the rental business knows turf disasters come in many forms. From a homeowner project to contractors driving heavy equipment over a grassy area creating a wet, marshy mess to clean up later.

Traditionally, when customers had projects requiring that equipment drive over lawns or unstable ground, plywood was a common option. The problem is, it can break, lead to cross contamination and result in an unstable surface causing expensive equipment to slide out of place. The constant cost of replacing the pieces after a single use adds up. As a result, ground-protection or roadway mats are becoming the product of choice. Not only do these composite mats protect soft lawns from the damage of tire tracks, they offer a safe, stable surface for heavy vehicles, equipment and people.

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What Are Ground Protection Mats

Ground Protection Pads are commonly used in the construction and landscaping industries. Oftentimes on the worksite, youll have to drive heavy vehicles and machinery onto the worksite to get the job done. However, these heavy vehicles can leave a path of destruction wherever they go. They can tear up lawns, mess up concrete, and more. You never want to cause more harm on a worksite than help.

Thats why lawn protection mats are being widely used all across the country! Simply lay them down on any surface you want to protect and get to work. Another benefit of ground protection matting is that they also create an even surface for you to drive and walk on!

Choosing A Lawn Care Company

Professional Landscapers Use AMSOIL To Protect Their Expensive Landscape Equipment

If you don’t want to do it yourself, there are many companies that maintain lawns and control pests. Some may include services marketed as organic or pesticide-free.

To choose the option best for you:

  • Find out what programs and prices companies in your area offer, and what results you can expect.
  • Avoid lawn care programs that apply pesticides even when pests are not present.
  • If pesticides are used, make sure that they are used as part of an Integrated Pest Management program.

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How Tree Experts Protect Your Lawn And Turf

Tree care experts use many different types of equipment to do their jobs. Arborists need to climb trees, cut and remove branches or limbs, pull trees, remove stumps and split logs. All of this specialized work needs the right piece of equipment. In many cases, tree exports drive heavy equipment or vehicles over the grounds of your property. The heavy loads can cause problems for your grass or turf.

How to Protect Lawns and Turf

Tree professionals who care about leaving your property in better condition than when they found it, take steps to minimize damage to your lawn. By placing mats on the ground, walkways, or driveways, you dont have to worry about damage to these areas. The ground protection mats are a necessity and manufacturers often guarantee them to protect the surfaces of your property. The temporary ground cover mats also prevent the equipment and vehicles from getting stuck in muddy, wet, or swampy areas. The mats are designed to help arborists do their jobs more efficiently.

See a Demonstration of How Mats are Turf Friendly

Going to the Salem County Fair? This event is being held August 9 to August 12 in Woodstown, New Jersey. Admission is free.

When its time to have the trees on your property inspected for vulnerabilities that can cause damage to your property, contact Bergholz Tree Experts by phone or email. The company has the expertise and knowledge to take care of the trees on your property while also protecting your lawn and turf.

Ton Working Load Limit

With a 60 Ton working load limit, ground protection mats from Mytee Products can handle even the heaviest machinery and vehicles. From dump trucks to cranes and lifts, these protection mats are durable and built to withstand the weight of vehicles and machinery one would find on a construction site or standard roadways for days, weeks, or months at a time! Just be sure to never exceed their working load limits, and these grounding mats will help you get the job done for a long, long time!

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Hearing Protection For Lawn Mowing Buyers Guide

Buying hearing protection for yourself is tricky since there are so many different types. Thankfully, even the most basic option can prevent hearing loss and damage if you get the basic features right. Finding the best hearing protection for lawn mowing isnt that difficult if you know what to look for.

Lay Down Lawn Protection Mats

Greatmats Specialty Flooring, Mats and Tiles: Protecting ...

Lawn protection mats are a great way to protect your lawn from heavy equipment. These mats come in several different types and offer varying levels of protection.

Manufacturers specifically design lawn protection mats for different kinds of equipment, including heavy machinery.

It is important to understand what type of equipment youll be using on your lawn and select a mat thats best suited for the job. For example, a mat designed for a grader will be different from a mat designed for a lawnmower or a mat designed for a car.

Ground Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is often used in construction and landscaping, making these industries the perfect market for durable lawn protection mats. Such equipment include graders, trench rollers, skid steer loaders, site dump trucks, and more.

For such heavy use, the mat must meet your equipments specific weight guidelines. In addition to weight, you should also consider height and compatibility when making your selection. Not all mats are the same size, so make sure to check your equipments specs before buying or renting a mat.

Heavy-duty ground protection mats are anideal solution to protecting your lawn from heavy equipment. They are also a safer alternative to plastic sheeting and plywood.

While plastic sheeting and plywood can easily tear or break, heavy-duty lawn protection mats are durable and made from thick materials that will not easily puncture.

Check out this Rubber tuff heavy-duty protective mat:

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What Is Noise Reduction Rating

Noise reduction rating is the value, in decibels, that the ear plugs or ear muffs are able to reduce a noises volume by. The best types of hearing protection will have an NRR of at least 25, perhaps even 30. While NRR isnt always exact, it is generally the best way to tell how effective the protection will be for you, and finding the best hearing protection for lawn mowing will definitely require some NRR comparisons.

Expert Tip

You can sometimes use ear plugs and ear muffs together, as long as they dont put too much pressure on your ears. This gives you far more noise reduction, which can be useful for really loud sounds that are only going to last a short while. If it is a long-term problem, dont do this if you can help it: they might damage your ears in the long run.

Did you know?

Some ear muffs come with built-in radios that work just like a normal portable radio, playing audio directly into your ears. These arent as common but can work well for people who dont like Bluetooth devices or want to cut out the need for a second device.

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Benefits Of Cemetery Ground Protection Mats

  • Protect yards and other sensitive areas during excavation.
  • Access any area with gear. Even if working across lawns that are soft from rain, they keep grasses safe.
  • Create a temp composite roadway over difficult surfaces, like sand, gravel, and bare soil.
  • Prevent soft mud from becoming an issue in portable roadways.
  • Keep huge trucks and bulldozers from sinking in wet lawns and maximize traction for simple maneuvering.
  • Reuse them numerous times, maximizing the investment and maintaining a professional look.
  • There’s none of the frustration of using plywood.
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    Absorbent Ground Protect Mats With Non

    Our ground protection mat has a polypropylene absorbent upper side that is bonded to a non-penetrable vinyl backing. The matting material is heavy duty and built to last for years. Rain or snow wont affect the mats performance, either. Each mat is available in 3 and 6 widths with a large selection of lengths. Not seeing the size you need? We can do custom sizes to fulfill your needs! Just reach out.

    What Is Polyethylene Ground Protection Mats

    Heavy Equipment Mud Mats – Ground Protection and Stability

    Ground protection mats, access mats, heavy-duty plastic mats, or HDPE matsthey have a lot of names and even more uses. Light in weight, but heavy duty, the secret is the HDPE plastic. HDPE is designed to bend but not break and, depending on the terrain, can withstand up to a 60 ton load. Each of these mats measures 4x8x1/2 and weighs just 70 lbs. They are tough, flexible, durable, and affordable.

    Polyethylene ground protection mats are heavy duty plastic mats that can be laid down on grass, sidewalks, or other sub surfaces to help support your equipment as well as protect the lawn underneath. They are made out of composite polyethylene . They can come in black, clear or any other colors you want. Surprisingly, these super strong mats are capable of supporting up to 90 tons with an adequate sub surface underneath the equipment!

    These mats work extremely well for getting equipment into areas that would never allow it on a normal day! Whether it be pulling the crane far into a backyard to remove a hazard tree or getting the bucket to an enormous prune job, using these mats in the right place can not only save you money with reduced property damage costs, but also make you more money because the jobs can be completed with less man hours involved!

    So, Im sure you are thinking, why not just buy a bunch of plywood and use that for ground protection? Well, you could, but you should also think about the differences between composite ground mats and plywood.

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    The Positives Of Ground Protection

    When working with heavy equipment in challenging settings, you often need a more solid working surface than the worksite provides. Whether youre protecting the environment or a delicate surface, or if you just need a strong foundation for your equipment, ground protection mats can help you get the job done. Learn more about the benefits of heavy equipment mats and the options that are out there.

    They Cost Less Per Use After Multiple Years

    To simplify the impact of the investment, if you bought one $300 mat and it lasted 50 jobs over the course of 10 years, that would equal about $6 per job. With plywood, if you bought one $40 board and it lasted two jobs before you replaced it, then by the end of ten years you would have spent $400, which is about $8 per job. Apply that concept with the costs and job quantity thats relevant to you, and note that after a certain number of years, mats are clearly the smarter investment because they dont need to be replaced anywhere near as frequently as plywood.

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    Create A Theft Prevention Plan

    Ultimately the effectiveness of most if not all anti-theft precautions depends on how well they are used and followed. Training your employees in theft prevention best practices is critical. Many companies find that having a written protocol helps keep employees on track.

    If you already have an employee manual, you can easily incorporate your anti-theft measures into it. Otherwise you can create a manual just for this purpose. Some of the things you may want to implement include:

    Determine who is responsible for what. For example, you might want to require that every employee lock down their equipment inside the truck when they are not using it. Supervisors may be held responsible for making sure all equipment is returned and locked up at the end of the day.

    Use sign-out sheets. These not only allow you to track who had a piece of equipment last, but signing their names to an article can also make picking up a piece of equipment a conscious act. This may help your employees be more aware of how they use the equipment, and less likely to misplace it.

    Systematize inventory records. Have a system for keeping and updating equipment records, including serial numbers and locations. You might want to take advantage of one of the several tool and asset management software packages on the market.

    Implement equipment security training. Make sure every employee is aware of the danger of equipment theft, and inform them of the best practices for preventing it.

    M H10a Peltor Optime 105 Over The Head Earmuff

    Grass Mats

    These over-the-head, streamlined earmuffs are built for comfort and utility, using a twin-cup design to provide maximum hearing protection while still having a fairly flexible padded headband that can adjust to your head shape.

    The NRR rating of 30 decibels means that they offer better sound dampening than many other ear muff models, and the stainless steel used as an internal frame ensures that they won’t warp or bend over time, allowing them to stay comfortable and well-fitting without making them weaker as a result. Not only that, but the cushions are filled with a liquid and foam mixture that seals off noises extremely well, making it hard for sound to slip in.

    These earmuffs are soft, durable, and very easy to use, making them an excellent choice for anybody who wants to stay safe and happy while they are using their lawn mower or taking on jobs that require a lot of noisy tools.

    TypeNoise Reduction Rating

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