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How To Stop Skunks From Digging Up Lawn

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Top 3 Effective Solutions

How To Repel Skunks From Your Yard-Get Rid Of Skunks

When skunks are on your property, get ready for digging, noise, damage, and smell they bring with them. The best way to prevent the skunk problem is to start acting as soon as you notice the first signs of their presence.

Below there are 3 effective repellent solutions to show skunks who the boss is.

Creating Homemade Skunk Repellent

When learning how to repel skunks from your yard, you now know that pungent smells and spicy ingredients are other natural deterrents. One of our favorite skunk repellents involves various components to make a strong smell that pests wont come close to.

  • Spray bottle

To get rid of skunks and keep cats off your backyard, fill a large pot with tap water and add two sliced jalapenos, one sliced onion, and one tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Bring the spicy mixture to a boil and then immediately turn the heat off and allow it to cool.

Pour the skunk deterrent into a garden sprayer. Walk around your house and yard while spraying the mixture to create a secure perimeter.

Repairing The Damage Left Behind

A lawn that has been ravaged by skunks can be repaired, but its important first to look for wildlife removal solutions to keep the damage from coming back. Once the skunk problem is under control, homeowners can start to replenish the areas which are missing grass and fix the holes. Property owners can begin by smoothing out the divots left behind by the skunks and filling them with soil. Then, they can apply grass seed and lawn fertilization products to regenerate their lawn. Its generally best to keep the lawn wet with a sprinkler or use frequent watering to continue to keep the yard skunk-free.

Skunks can cause serious lawn damage because of their natural instinct to dig while looking for tasty insects. Still, it is possible to keep them from wrecking a yard and restore the beauty of a pristine lawn. Learn more about skunk removal tips and preventative advice to keep them away from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today.

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What Urine Repels Skunks

Human urine will repel skunks. Skunks are naturally timid creatures, and by smelling human urine, they will be aware that a predator is in the area and stay away from that location. The smell of urine will dissipate anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours, so it must be frequently applied to be effective. via

Keep Skunks Out Of The Yard

How to Stop Skunks from Digging Up Lawn?

Once the skunks are gone, the homeowner may want to use some preventative measures to ensure the skunks will not return and damage their lawn further. The best way to do this is to make sure the yard is properly cared for so there arent any grubs under the grass. There are treatments that can be sprayed on the yard that will help with this. Another way is to look into fencing for parts or all of the yard. This has the benefit of keeping other types of animals out of the yard as well.

Despite how much care you put into your yard, skunks digging up lawn can lead to serious damage that will take time to repair. If youve noticed damage to your yard because of skunks, try out some of the ways to get them out of the yard and to keep them out once theyre gone. If they are still coming back despite trying the methods above, contact Animal Control Specialist so they can help you solve this issue once and for all.

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Which Animal Is Digging

The first way to determine the animals is to observe the type of holes. Moles will create tunnels and mounds, but skunks will flip over whole sections of turf. Skunks are looking for food, but moles are looking for food and shelter. Skunks, on the other hand, will dig precisely and will not leave deep holes in your lawn.

If you are careful enough, you will be able to determine which animal is digging your lawn.

Many animals can cause the same problem. However, if you suspect that skunks are the ones responsible, you have to do something about it. Many gardeners will have an issue with these animals unless something is done to reduce the number of grubs.

Seven Ways To Stop Animals From Digging Holes In Your Yard

There are several different animals or critters that like to show up on your lawn and cause a lot of issues while they look for food.

Moles will show up and create tunnels under the ground in the spring, and raccoons and skunks show up at the end of summer in the early fall months and start digging to try and fatten up before the snow comes. So, how do you stop these animals from digging in your yard?

The first thing you have to do to stop animals from digging in your yard is to figure out why theyre digging in the first place and which animal is the culprit.

Once you do, this will give you a good idea of the best avenue for you to take to stop them. Common ways to stop the digging include getting rid of grubs, repellents, live traps, regularly seeding, erecting physical barriers, and more.

If youre battling with the critters to take back your yard, and it seems like theyre winning, this handy guide can help you turn the tide and get your yard back in pristine condition.

Well outline how to identify which animal is wreaking havoc and how to stop them from digging below.

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What Does Skunk Lawn Damage Look Like

Skunks have a stronger sense of smell than humans. They usually walk on the lawn with their noses close to the ground. Once they smell some grubs, they tear up that lawn apart and pull chunks of turf to search for food.

If you see small circular holes about 3 to 5 inches with loosened soil, you might be having a skunk problem.

Excellent Electronic Skunk Repellent And Deterrent Solutions

How to Keep Skunks From Digging

Electronic repellents can crack your skunk problem immediately.

Skunks are skittish. Therefore using electronic repellents that are specifically designed to frighten passing animals are effective solutions for conditioning these pesky skunks to stay away from a certain area. Flowerbeds, trash cans, pathways, cornfields, plants, poultry houses you can protect a wide range of areas. While traditional repellents need to be regularly reapplied, eco-friendly electronic repellents only need to be installed.

So, how to deter skunks from your yard? Use the following electronic motion activated sprinklers:

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Set Up Physical Barriers

The good old rule when it comes to intruding animals is to restrain the access physically. Think about laying wire or a chain fence around your garden. Though this method requires more involvement and can cost you a bit, it might dissuade skunks from attacking your lawn.

Indeed, theres no one-fits-all solution to keep digging animals away from your yard, but a combination of these tips may prove worthwhile. Or at least you can bring the damage to a minimum. We suggest you check Good Nature, which offers efficient skunk-deterring products.

Use Strong Household Scents Around The Lawn

Even though the skunks smell bad, they hate strong odors. In particular, they hate strong scents like soap, paprika, and citrus. So to ward them off spread these items around the outside edges of your lawn. The strong scent will drive away hungry skunks year-round.

If these milder smells dont do the trick, try something more pungent. Detergent works magic when it comes to repelling skunks, mix it with castor oil, and it becomes even more effective. You can also use mothballs however, they are toxic, so this solution is only useful for people without pets or small children running around.

When choosing a scent, be sure to distribute it around the entire perimeter of your property. If you leave any gaps, the skunks will find a way in and bypass the odor barrier youve created.

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Use Sensor Lights To Scare Skunks

Skunks are nocturnal. That is why they invade your lawn when you are sleeping. They cannot stand bright lights and so using sensor lights is a plan to keep them away. Install sensor lights on your yard and watch them scamper for safety any time they approach, and the light goes on.

Sensor lights are easy to install and are affordable to buy. When installing sensor lights, it is advisable to use multiple light sources to help shock the intruding creatures by flooding the yard with light at once. Pair your lights with some noise to eliminate these creatures.

If there is no noise, the skunks might be creative enough to know its just the light, no other danger. So be sure to keep the light from reflecting in your bedroom, so you are not kept away each night the skunks show up and the lights go on.

How Do I Stop Squirrels From Digging Up My Lawn

6 Ways to Stop Skunks from Digging Up Lawn

Apart from the raccoons, skunks, and armadillos, you also got the squirrels digging up your lawns. Squirrels do this for two primary reasons to seek food and also to store food.

I guess your question right now is how do I stop squirrels from digging up my lawn?

Taking the lives of squirrels invading your garden is not the best solution for you, as you may end up messing with an endangered species that could get you fined.

Squirrels are best controlled through prevention measures, and here are some ways that could prove handy.

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What Attracts Skunks To Your Property

Skunks can be attracted to a yard or a house by certain items that might be in the yard or near the house. As stated before, bird seed and sunflower seeds are two main attractors of skunks. Pet food, garbage, grills and lumber can also attract skunks, as can openings under houses, decks or sheds. via

How Do You Keep Skunks From Digging Up Your Lawn

4.5/5stop skunksdigging up your lawndigkeep thethe

In respect to this, what will keep skunks away?

Pepper sprays, also sold to repel squirrels and other wild creatures, are effective skunk deterrents. Spray them on trees and other areas where you’ve seen skunks. Ammonia also deters skunks. Soak old rags in ammonia and place them under your deck or porch to keep skunks from coming in.

Beside above, what is tearing up my lawn at night? Just like a dog, raccoons or skunks will walk across a lawn with their nose to the ground. Once they locate some grubs, they will tear up the lawn, pulling back chunks of turf in search of more food. They may return night after night, trying to see if there are any grubs that they missed the night before.

Furthermore, do skunks dig holes in lawns?

Skunks dig up the turf looking for grubs. They move around at night and dig in grassy areas, making distinct 3- to 4-inch deep holes. Skunk activity increases in the spring and then lessens naturally, so any problems may stop all on their own. Of course, skunk spray is a common sign of damage.

What smells do skunks hate?

It may seem ironic, but skunks hate certain odors . Citrus, ammonia, mothballs and predator urine are three smells that can scare off skunks. If you use mothballs or ammonia-soaked cotton balls, be sure to keep them far away from children.

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Six: Out Stink The Skunks

Ironic, isnt it?

Skunks have an acute sense of smell, so if you use some nifty home remedies to spray the perimeter of your yard, these will help reduce a lot of skunk activity.

Sprinkle spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, or jalapeno pepper in key areas. And dont be shy- a wide application will do wonders.

As the skunks dig, it will spread the spices into the soil.

Also, applications of soap or apple cider vinegar are known to deter skunks.

Many animals, including skunks, have a strong dislike for citrus. Simply peel and cut up lemons and sprinkle them around your garden and near your garbage containers.

Then you can make your own citrus spray. Place 2-3 drops of citrus essential oil into a spray bottle with one gallon of water.

Peppermint essential oil can be used similarly and works well at stopping skunks from burrowing under buildings.

Smells work by trial and error, so if you notice its not working then slightly increase the number of drops.

Identifying The Potential Lures

Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Discourage Skunks in Your Garden

Homeowners with a skunk problem may get frustrated with the most noticeable issue, holes in their yard and garden. They may leave behind multiple divots in a yard and mounds of dirt from their digging. A determined skunk could cause significant lawn damage. If there is a garden, skunks may also tear it up to eat the fruits or vegetables that are close to the ground.

Property owners who leave garbage bags or open trash containers outside may attract hungry skunks. They also may try to get into the house if there is a pet door, looking for food. Skunks might attempt to make a nest under a deck or beneath a home or another structure, such as a shed or garage. Besides leaving behind urine and feces, they also may bring the potential for other parasites and diseases to people and pets. Humans and animals that accidentally come across and startle a skunk could get a dose of their powerful spray and smell, which is notoriously difficult to remove.

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Skunks Hate Climbing And As Such Are Horrible Climbers However They Like To Dig

How to get rid of a skunk in your yard. Thus, if you have a wild skunk in your home or yard, it is important to remove it, although you must use caution to avoid being sprayed. Solve your skunk problem in a natural way using effective repellents. Or if youre trying to keep skunks away from your yard, make sure you get rid of any of these foods from your yard.

Eliminating skunk odor from a yard can be accomplished using the proper cleaning solution. Another thing to think about is pet feeders, or if you feed your cat outdoors. These must be kept on all night to detract skunks and other nocturnal pests.

The seed you offer to attract songbirds can inadvertently make a tasty snack for skunks. Once you catch it, wear heavy clothes and gloves and take the skunk to the woods to release it, keeping your face away from the traps door as much as possible. If skunks are under a shed, porch, or house, inspect the structure, and find the entry hole.

Although the fragrance of lemons and oranges is appealing to us humans, to skunks (and. And one way to send them away is having your yard all light up. The world needs no more stupid people.

The skunk is in your yard because of human encroachment in skunk habitat not vice versa. You see where im going with this. Another great way to make sure you control skunk population in your yard is by putting up a fence.

Pin on Skunk deterent

Netting Or Chicken Wire

Raccoons want an easy meal and putting bird netting or chicken wire over the lawn can make them move onto an easier meal in the neighborhood. If you use bird netting then you can leave it on the lawn, but if you use chicken wire then it is best to move it every few days so it doesnt grow into the lawn.

Raccoons are the largest in the procyonid family. They have a body of about 70 inches and weigh about 5-26 kgs. They have a grayish coat with dense underfur to insulate the animal against cold weather.

They have many distinctive features, with a facial mask, ringed tail, and extremely skillful front paws. These animals are also known for their intelligence. Studies suggest that these animals can remember a solution to some tasks for up to three years.

Raccoons are omnivores and eat a large number of insects. Environmental changes have forced them to start living in urban areas. This is the reason why most people regard them as pests. They can cause a lot of harm to gardens as they eat plants and dig in the lawn for insects.

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Scare Skunks With Bright Lights

Critters like moles, raccoons, and skunks are nocturnal and do most of their foraging for food at night. Since skunks are nocturnal, their eyes are susceptible to light. Bright lights placed in your yard are one of the most effective skunk removal tools.

Set up a motion sensor light in your backyard. When a skunk walks into your yard, the lights turn on and scare the animal away.

Using motion sensor lights is an excellent product to combine with other skunk deterrents for getting rid of skunks in your yard and to ensure that the critters do not make a den by your house.

Chunks Of Sod That Have Been Ripped Up And Flipped Over

How to Stop Skunks from Digging Up Lawn?

Raccoons enjoy diets that are almost identical to skunks, but raccoons use their front paws like hands. They will pull and flip pieces of sod. This behavior is quite common on newly laid sod or grass with shallow roots. Ripping and tearing is easier. Since skunks and raccoons can be feeding during the night in the same area, you may wake to a powerful skunk odor. The gentle skunk is being harassed by the backyard bully raccoon.

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