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Is Sunday Lawn Care Worth It

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Do We Recommend Sunday Smar Lawn Care


So is Sunday worth it? One hundred percent. Not only did I achieve phenomenal results with Sunday, but this service also let me save money compared to my landscaping costs in 2021.

A customized, all-natural lawn program at this price is amazing, and right now plans are 20% off when you use the code GOEARTH20 at checkout. Plus Sunday is running a get $50, give $50 referral program.

We love it all the dashboard is incredibly useful, the shipping is fast, the customer service is outstanding, and best of all, the products work and work well. There are products well beyond what we have used too, including ones to defend your lawn against heat, drought, and pests including ticks, fleas, and fire ants. Plus theres an excellent stock of fruit trees, and annual and perennial plants and shrubs, with the all-important recommendation of whether or not they will thrive in your yard.

Winning the lawn wars naturally and saving a pile of money is easy like Sunday morning.

Sunday Is Convenient And Simple To Use

Every Sunday lawn care plan comes with detailed instructions, making it easy for even the novice DIY-er to dive right in.

No matter how little gardening and lawn care experience you have, Sundays approach to DIY lawn care is easy. The box comes well-packaged and clearly labeled with everything you need to get started using your custom Smart Lawn Care plan, and the application process is as simple as it gets.

Before applying, place the straw in the included sprayer nozzle. Then screw on the nutrient pouch and attach the hose to the sprayer. Turn on the spigot and begin spraying the fertilizer on your yard until the bag is empty. Easy peasy.

The included nozzles are easy to turn and tighten and can be reused for your next application. Sunday also gives you a date range of when you should apply each treatmenta helpful reminder to keep you organized while caring for your grass. You can also use a pouch after the recommended date, but for best results try to apply during the application window. Sunday recommends waiting one week between applications.

How Does Sunday Lawn Care Subscription Work

Once you’ve attached Sunday’s nozzle sprayer to the nutrient package and garden hose, it’s time to turn on the water and start applying.

The process starts on the Sunday Lawn Care website. Follow the prompts and enter your address to determine the size of your yard. Sunday uses map imagery to approximate the size of your lawn, which is important for determining how much product you need to adequately cover the entire space.

Sunday also asks about the condition of your grass, like whether its been recently seeded or sodded.

The annual plan is made up of three shipments, the first of which includes a free lab soil test and prepaid return envelope so Sunday can evaluate the samples and determine what nutrients your soil needs for optimal grass growth. Throughout the year, Sunday then sends eight nutrient pouches based on your specific needs.

Sunday uses local climate data and grass growth models to determine when its best to apply the nutrients from your Smart Lawn Care plan.

The account can be managed online, however, youll have to email Sunday if you want to cancel your plan as theres no other way to opt-out.

When the pouches arrive, make sure to open the box right away. An application timeline is included with each box and youll want to apply the treatment within the provided window. The nutrient pouches come with nozzle sprayer attachments that hook up to your garden hose for quick and simple application.

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Quick Easy And Effective Maintenance

All you need is a garden hose to get started with a Sunday lawn. This makes it accessible for most homeowners looking to take their lawn care to the next level. Sunday claim treatments only take 10 minutes to spray the necessary nutrients, and when your next box arrives, youll know its time for another round of treatments.

Sunday Weed & Pest Control

Sunday Lawn Care Review

For a while, Sunday only sold the nutrients pouches, but then they added weed control and grass seed to the product portfolio. The weed control products, including Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom, offer a new way to kill weeds.

Dandelion Doom is particularly interesting because it is basically an iron booster. The iron booster targets dozens of broadleaf weeds. The best part? It doesnt hurt your grass. In fact, it might improve lawn health in select areas and result in even more green grass.

Now they have taken it a step further to offer pest control, making the company a powerhouse in the lawn care industry.

Mosquito Deleto uses plant-based ingredients like concentrated cedar and lemongrass oil to repel pesky mosquitos. It works for up to four weeks and works on fleas and ticks too.

Pest Control For The Natural Lawn

If you are particularly concerned about ticks, you can also try Nix Ticks, which ticks , fleas, and mosquitos on contact. To distinguish between the two, just remember Nix Ticks kills existing pests, while Mosquito Deleto repels new pests.

If that isnt enough, they also offer Ant Adios and a DIY Fire Ant Fighter, making Sunday a one-stop-shop. They offer full-service lawn care plans that cover everything from target nutrients to pest control.

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How Does Get Sunday Work

Once your Get Sunday starter kit package arrives, application is simple. The package includes a custom hose attachment, a plastic siphon straw, a soil test kit, soil extraction tool, instruction and two fertilizer packs.

The Get Sunday lawn fertilizer pack attaches to the included custom spray nozzle which then attaches directly to a garden hose. A plastic straw is inserted to the custom hose nozzle before the fertilizer pack is screwed onto this custom nozzle and then hosed directly onto the lawn. Set it and forget it essentially. But does this method really work? Get Sunday is suppose to rebuild existing thinning lawns without having to overseed. In fact, no grass seeds are included with the kit. Just fertilizer packs.

Lawn specialists have devoted countless resource to develop time tested lawn care products and techniques that involves technology, fertilizer and manual labor over the course of a century. An all-in-one chemical-free solution that just sprang out of no where claiming to achieve the same time tested results with a simple hose and nutrient pack sounds quite ambitious.

Custom Lawn Fertilizer Plans

Sunday Lawn Care collates satellite data and uses it to model your lawn and create a bespoke lawn plan that caters specifically to the needs of your yard. The results are then analyzed using a personal soil test to fine-tune the plan to ensure youre getting the most from your plan and that your lawn is as healthy as possible. Using this method creates some of the most effective lawn fertilizer plans available anywhere in the world.

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Sunday Weed Warrior Weed Control & Killer Spray Review

The Weed Warrior product from Sunday is an organic herbicidal soap that comes in a spray bottle that you simply spray directly onto weeds on your lawn.

The product works by penetrating the waxy cuticle of plants, causing the plant to dehydrate and die. This is a non-selective killer so it will kill whatever you spray it on including all grass types, algae, and moss including all weed types. So be careful with it.

Does Sunday Lawn Care Kill Weeds Effectively

Thief steals Warren father and son’s lawn equipment, truck, trailer

Both the Weed Warrior and the Dandelion Doom are effective at killing weeds. Weed Warrior is meant for weeds in flower beds and gardens, or along your sidewalk. Dandelion Doom can safely be used on the entire lawn as it does not kill grass. Results for both of these products can be seen in as little as 20 minutes.

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House Method Rating & Methodology

At House Method, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. Thats why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each lawn company/service according to our methodology.

Our research team dug deep into the fine print of contracts, combed through over one hundred customer reviews, and thoroughly investigated each lawn care services costs, benefits, customer reviews, guarantees, plans, products, and a-la-carte options. Weve done the homework for you by researching nearly all of the lawn care companies on the market so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

We developed a formula to objectively determine the best lawn care companies and give each a score out of 100 based on the following criteria:

Lawnbright Lawn Care Review

The Lawnbright solution is one of the newest lawn care solutions on the market, but there are few distinct features that make it one of the most exciting products we have reviewed. The product shares many characteristics with Sunday Lawn Care, which we are big fans of, such as ingredients you can pronounce. Think of ingredients like seaweed and molasses, which both provide proper nutrition to your soil. Like Sunday, Lawnbright does better than simply shooting your grass blades up with nitrogen. Lawnbright improves the health of your yards ecosystem.

So how is Lawnbright different? Were glad you asked because there are a few main reasons Lawnbright should be at the top of your list. First is this: Lawnbright is the only company we have found to offer a natural weed control product, which comes as part of the Lawnbright subscription. Technically, it is a weed pre-emergent, but this is a


If you already have weeds in your yard, your best course of action is to pull them by hand, but then you can put down some of Lawnbrights pre-emergent weed control, and it will reduce crabgrass growth by up to 86%! Its a corn gluten meal product, so it will be safe for your pets and family, just like the rest of Lawnbrights product portfolio.

Lawnbright Lawn Care: How It Works?

Lawnbright Lawn Care: The Verdict


  • check Pet Spot Remover Available
  • check Natural Insect Repellent Available

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Sunday Lawn Care Alternatives

There are a few competitors in the DIY lawn care space, but the most notable are Rachio Thrive and Scotts Annual Program. We prefer Rachio Thrive and Sunday above all of the competition.

Sunday sets itself apart by providing a completely customized and natural solution to a healthier yard.

Between Rachio Thrive and the Scotts program, Rachio Thrive is the more holistic solution since they place a significant emphasis on watering.

Rachio Thrive is intended to be used with one of Rachios smart sprinkler controllers, so that wont work for everyone. Even though the company offers a reputable yard care plan focused on improving soil PH levels and overall lawn health.

At some points during the summer season, you probably need to run the sprinklers. But not everyone has invested in a full irrigation system or advanced sprinkler controllers.

If you happen to have a Rachio controller, then Rachio Thrive is worth considering. But otherwise, we recommend that you stick with Sunday Lawn Care.

Box-Store Fertilizer

Scotts Weed & Feed and similar products will green up your grass, but these fertilizers dont take into account the regional soil makeup and dont improve the soil conditions in a way that might result in a healthier lawn long-term.

Sunday vs. Rachio Thrive vs. ScottsComparison Table
  • check Safe for children and pets
  • check Easier on the planet than chemical fertilizers
  • check Delivered in pouches to your doorstep
  • check Only requires a hose to apply

Sunday Is Still A New Company With No Bbb Listing

Sunday Lawn Care: Hands

Sunday was founded in 2019, which isn’t all that long ago. This may not be a dealbreaker for you, but Sunday isnt a Better Business Bureau-accredited business. Since becoming a homeowner, Ive relied heavily on BBB listings to identify quality businesses to work on my old house.

Just because a business isnt listed on BBB doesnt make it bad, but it certainly helps instill confidence in people like me who want to make sure theyre hiring the right business for the job. Time also named Sunday one of its best inventions of 2019. All in all, Sunday improved the quality of my grass, and I wasnt able to find any overwhelmingly negative reviews or complaints about the products.

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Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan Review

Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan

Though my grass has been a great audience, I dont think its benefitting from our chats. With the Smart Lawn Plan, I learned that customers can give their lawns all the plant nutrition and care they need to stay healthy and greenpersonal monologues optional.

After receiving your soil, climate, and lawn test analysis, youll receive your own customized lawn maintenance plan chock full of nutrient pouches, lawn tools, and information booklets. I think its also worth noting here that this is an annual subscription service, so youll receive shipments to see you through the year.

Whats in a nutrient pouch? Oh, just everything your lawn needs to thrive like organic ingredients such as seaweed, iron, potassium, recycled produce, and even molasses. All things that ensure your grass stays greener than your neighbours side. Take that, Mr. Sanders.

I found this especially encouraging to know, since traditional home improvement nutrients may contain pesticides and herbicides that could be harmful to the environment and your family. The last thing you need it to worry about your little ones playing in the backyard.

For a yearly subscription priced at $89, the Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan makes yard work feel like a walk in the park.

Sunday Lawn Care Weed Control

Instead of subjecting yourself to an afternoon of weeding your lawn, the Sunday Lawn Care Weed Control service can easily do the job for you. How, you ask?

Is It Worth The Price

My lawn needed so much workthe Smart Lawn Plan, plus five pounds of Fescue Rescue grass seed and a mixed pack of weed control spraysthat it cost $181. However, considering Ive spent more than that on professional services with far poorer resultsand that I wont need to spend as much to maintain my lawn going forwardmy family is sold on continuing the investment.

Less than $200 a year feels incredibly reasonable for the results weve gotten, particularly given the peace of mind that were not loading our lawns with pesticides . Plus, you also have instant access to their pros to combat whatever Mother Natureor whatever aphids or mealybugsthrow your way.

Going forward, I’ll reach out to Sunday via the open invitation and 800 number to ask how to deal with the upcoming hot, hot SoCal summer, in light of recent water rationing, Dickey told me. I expect that, as my lawn life coach, Sunday is going to help me, and my lawn, work not harder but smarter. Hear, hear.

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Lawn Care Company Cons:

Cost : The downside that probably comes to your mind in hiring a lawn care service is the upfront cost. It may seem expensive at the onset to pay a professional. But the fact of the matter is that a do it yourself lawn care program can actually bemore expensive if you wind up making costly mistakes and have to pay to fix them.

By using a professional who practices proactive lawn care, they can prevent problems in the first place. The cost of lawn care may only be slightly more than what youd expect, and well worth the value it provides beyond dollars and cents.

Making a Bad Choice: Of course, hiring the wrong lawn care professional can also be a con. You simply arent going to get the professional benefits discussed if you choose a company that doesnt practice proactive lawn care.

Some companies out there only address problems as they arise, playing an endless game of whack-a-mole and never really making any true progress toward the health of your lawn. However, a company that focuses on improving soil health, knows its what lies underground that is most important to a thriving lawn.

What Is The Cost

How to Water Your Lawn

Sunday Lawn Care is actually very affordable compared to a lot of lawn programs! Basic lawn care packages start at $119 for one year of lawn care products. The price can be up to $259 per year.

The yearly cost is based on the lawn size, geographic region, and the lawns specific needs. The subscription includes all tools and nutrient pouches needed for lawn care for that year. These typically come in 1-4 boxes.

Sunday Lawn Care offers a $25 referral credit for every friend you refer. The friend will also receive $25 off their first box.

Shipping and handling are included in the cost of the monthly subscription package. Add-on items and grass seed also includes free shipping.

Receive Sunday Lawn Cares bare spot repair for free with any subscription in 2021 with promotional code PATCHIT.

Give it a try, and see if Sunday Lawn Care is right for you and your lawn!

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Sunday Lawn Care Locations

Though its headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, products from Sunday ship to all 50 states across the country. The team at Sunday monitors where products are headed and sends out the first shipment of lawn care products in early spring.

You will receive your package based on where you live, with warmer areas starting their growing seasons earlier in the year. For example, residents in Texas will receive their nutrient package weeks before residents in Maine receive theirs.

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