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What Are The Best Lawn Sprinkler Heads

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Guide To Selecting The Right Sprinkler Type:

The BEST DIY Sprinkler System // Lawn Irrigation // Quick Snap

Which to use, sprays, rotary nozzles, or rotors? Here are some questions to guide your selection.

  • Is your water pressure less than 40 PSI static? If so you should consider using sprays or rotary nozzles.
  • Is the area long and narrow, between 12-28 wide? Then you should look into rotary nozzles. They may also be appropriate for narrower areas, at the time I am writing this Hunter has introduced a side-strip rotator for 4 to 5 foot wide strips that are at least 12 long. More combinations of widths will likely be introduced in coming years.
  • Is the area you want to water greater than 30 x 30 in dimensions? If so, rotors may be the best solution.
  • Is the edge of the area to be watered curved? If the edge has sharp curves then rotors with longer radii will have difficulty watering the edges without over-spraying them. This may not be an issue depending on what is beyond the edge. If the area beyond the edge should not get water on it you might want to consider a smaller rotary nozzle or spray-type sprinkler.
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    Lawns come in all shapes and sizes. For the best overall pick, this sprinkler needs to be able to adapt to changing curves and dimensions that exist between different front and backyards. The Webram Lawn sprinkler is a budget friendly option that uses the standard circular, rotating spray pattern that is effective for small to medium lawns.

    The sprinkler features twelve individual nozzles mounted on three rotating arms. You can individually adjust the nozzles and arms to change the spray angle, giving you an almost infinite amount of fine control over the pattern. Larger angles will let you cover more area without creating any dead spots in the pattern. The rotating nozzles will also make sure water is distributed evenly within the coverage area.

    Which Sprinkler Heads Are The Most Common Heads For Your Sprinkler Systems

    The most commonly used lawn sprinkler head for homeowners as well as commercial gardening is the pop-up spray sprinkler heads. These sprinkler heads are compatible with several types of nozzles. You can choose the nozzle based on your watering requirement in the garden.

    They are fixed in one place except for the pop-up accessories. These sprinkler heads have a simple mechanism, require less maintenance, and budget-friendly accessories for your lawn sprinkler systems. The pop-up spray sprinkler heads release a constant stream of water suitable for landscape with ornate contours.

    These adjustable lawn sprinkler heads with low trajectory nozzles can produce different precipitation rates. With some basic adjustments, you can set the needed spray distance. The low precipitation rate is also beneficial in preventing quick and unnecessary draining retaining water to improve the infiltration in clay and hard soil.

    Pop-ups are preferable sprinkler heads to bestow an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your lawn. They are installed below the ground level and rise only at the time of watering. Once the job is done, they settle back and are almost invisible.

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    Travelers / Traveling Sprinklers

    This relatively new entrant to the sprinkler market moves because of water pressure. Guided by the placement of your garden hose, a traveling sprinkler will roll in a predetermined pattern and is powered by the pressure of its hose. It acts much like a rotary sprinkler in how it waters, except that as it moves, it can reach longer areas. This style of sprinkler requires higher water pressure to operate, as well.

    Traveling sprinklers are best used for large lawn situations, as theyre just overkill for small scale applications. But they are fun to watch as they chug along the grass. These also might not be the best solution for someone who has pets, as your dog might decide that the sprinkler looks like something to chase!

    Gilmour Pulsating Sprinkler Head

    Top 10 Best Sprinkler Heads: 2020 Reviews &  Buying Guide

    The final impact sprinkler in our Best Sprinkler Heads review, the Gilmour Pulsating Sprinkler Head is durable and best for large lawns. Its constructed with metal materials, including brass and zinc for a long-lasting product.

    It can cover up to 5,800 square feet of lawn at up to a 43-foot radius. The Gilmours sprinkler head rotation can be adjusted to the water part of your lawn or your full lawn with its 360-degree spray pattern.

    This sprinkler head is exceedingly simple to adjust and features a graphic dial on the head to set the spraying distance. To adjust the spraying pattern, you simply move the collars on the neck of the sprinkler head until you have your preferred position.

    This is an above-ground sprinkler, so you wont need an irrigation system to install it in your yard. However, it will need to be staked in the ground, which is a potential downside for some.


    • No need for an irrigation system


    • Sprinkler head will need to be staked in the ground, which may not be ideal for some homeowners

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    What Is A Traveling Sprinkler

    tractor traveling sprinklertraveling sprinklersprinkler’s

  • plot types and locations of sprinkler heads. Plan the System.
  • install an anti siphon valve. Access the Water Line.
  • dig the trench for system.
  • attach one end of valve manifold assembly to water.
  • attach risers using 90 degree connectors.
  • level sprinkler heads with soil level.
  • timer controls length and frequency of waterings.
  • Things To Consider When Buying A Sprinkler Head

    Relying on traditional sprinkling methods can be time-consuming and chances are you will not get great results. A sprinkler is one of the important tools you will need to water your crops, lawn, and large gardens while giving the same impact as rainfall. However, sprinkler heads are of different types and not every model out there will work for you. Choosing one may be at times time-consuming but with this guide, you can easily identify your right model.

    And here is what to look for in a sprinkler head.

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    A Brief Guide To Lawn Sprinkler Terminology

    If youre new to the world of gardening or youre an old-timer looking to upgrade your sprinkler system, understanding the technical jargon associated with lawn sprinklers can be overwhelming. Thats why weve created this brief guide to the most commonly used lawn sprinkler terminology hopefully, it will help make shopping for your lawn sprinkler a little easier.

    • Application Rate: The application rate is the measurement of the amount of water applied to a landscape in a given time frame. Youll usually hear this expressed in inches per week on an industrial scale, but this will vary for domestic gardens.
    • Coverage: A sprinklers coverage is the amount of space or the maximum area that it can water. If you are using multiple sprinklers, you can maximize your coverage using head-to-head sprinkler spacing.
    • Sprinkler Head: The sprinkler head is the primary component in a lawn sprinkler. Water is discharged through the sprinkler head via one or more nozzles. If you have an underground sprinkler system, multiple sprinkler heads will be situated around your lawn to provide full water coverage more expensive sprinkler heads may retract into the ground when not in use. For retail customers, lawn sprinklers usually only have one sprinkler head in the middle of the sprinkler.
    • Water Pressure: Water pressure simply refers to the force at which water is expelled from your sprinkler head.

    Hunter Pgp Ultra Rotor Sprinkler Heads 4 Pack

    The BEST Lawn Sprinkler // Big Sprinkler Heavy Sled Base Line

    Reliable, quite easily adjustable, and easy to install thats what Id say to start with the Hunter PGP ultra rotor sprinkler heads. Theyre one of the best in the business when it comes to rotor sprinkler heads.

    Its a Pack of Four

    This comes as a pack of four hunter PGP ultra heads. Nobody, either way, gets the job done with one head.

    Being a pack of four, its still quite cheaper than many single sprinkler heads out there, so its a great value to start with. The heads feature an adjustable arc and a 2.5 nozzle.

    Along with great coverage, the heads offer full-circle adjustment from 50 to 360 degrees. So you have the freedom to choose which area to water.

    Good Coverage

    Rotor heads are more efficient when it comes to covering a large area, given that sufficient water pressure is there. So you can stay quite assured that these sprinkler heads will let you water a significant area at once when you use it.

    Pre-Installed Nozzles

    All the heads come with nozzle pre-installed on them so do not have to take a lot of time when it comes to setting up the sprinklers. This is not a very easy job, to be honest, so Id thank Hunter for making our life easier, especially on behalf of the non-machine-savvy dudes.

    You get an adjuster tool in each pack of four. The tool helps you change the spray length and shape quite easily. And the heads allow for easy change of nozzles, so you get the option to customize water flow based on location.

    Dirty Water Performance

    Little Issues

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    Which Is Better Hunter Or Rainbird

    The great debate, which sprinkler manufacturer is the best Hunter or Rain Bird?

    Both manufactures provide great products for the homeowner and landscape or turf professional.

    Some things to consider is most hunter products require a special tool to adjust their rotary and pop-up rotary offerings. These tools are often provided with the rotary models but require you to buy the tool for the pop-up rotary.

    The Rain Bird offerings can either be adjusted by hand or with common flat head or phillips head screwdrivers.

    Both companies have ample offerings to fit the bill. Both are great, thats why there is debate.

    H Pulsating Sprinkler Head By Gilmour

    The well-knownGilmour brand brings in sprinkler heads that are durable and are sure to last acouple of years. This easy to use sprinkler head has s diffuser screw at itstop, which can help you adjust the spray distance without needing any tools.The maximum spray distance is 43 feet and can be covered to 360 degrees.

    This unit alsofeatures an impulse arm that can help in reducing the chances of splashes.Thus, the unit waters only in the required areas and not everywhere. Thissprinkler head even works in low-pressure situations, particularly useful incase you have limited water supply. This is one of the most affordable optionsavailable in the market as of date.

    Key Features

    • Qualitycontrol issues

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    What Do I Look For In The Best Sprinkler Heads

    • Durable Plastic Body An impact-resistant plastic housing provides longer service life.
    • Leak-Free Seals Triple washer seals provide dirt-resistance and leak-free operation.
    • Neck Design Look for long slender necks for flowerbeds or short necks for lawns and hybrid applications.
    • Adjustable Spray Angle Look for models offering the right spray angle range. Most of the sprinkler heads in this review have up to a 360-degree adjustable spray angle.
    • Adjustable Spray Distance Your sprinkler head must offer you an adjustable spray range. The best-in-class models provide ranges up to 50-feet.
    • Adjustable Spray Pattern Nozzles Most sprinkler heads come with flexible water patterns. You might get an onboard adjustment or additional nozzles you replace to change the spray pattern.
    • Spare Nozzles Look for models that offer replaceable nozzles included with your purchase.
    • Nozzle Adjustment tools This tool provides quick adjustment and cleaning of your spray nozzles.
    • Nozzle Materials Plastic is the standard material used in the manufacture of spray nozzles. However, brass and stainless steel are also high-performance materials offering leading sprinkler head models.
    • Service Life and Warranty Check on the recommended service life of the sprinkler head. Top manufacturers offer warrantys against manufacturing defects.

    Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System By Tomky

    Types of Sprinkler Heads

    The sprinkler systemby Tomky has a high-quality ABS construction, which makes it quite sturdy anddurable. There are two different nozzles in the sprinkler system in which youcan have different types of spraying patterns for various requirements. Thereis a quick connector for fixing rubber hose. With this tool, water can besprayed in 360 degrees rotation and can water your lawn between 26 to 32.8feet.

    The unit canmaintain a constant water pressure of 60 PSI, which ensures that water isuniformly distributed in the whole lawn. The three arms for sprinkling ensureeven distribution and quick watering to save your time.


    • Comesin single size adapter

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    Tomky Automatic 360 Rotating Adjustable Garden Sprinkler

    Finishing up our best sprinkler heads list is the Tomky Rotating Adjustable Garden Sprinkler. Its an above-ground option, ideal for those who dont want a permanent watering system or a sprinkler head that penetrates the ground.

    Unlike the other above-ground sprinkler on our list , the Tomky throws water in a spinning fashion, distributing water 360 degrees. It features 3 rotating arms with 4 nozzles in each, giving you a total of 12 water streams for evenly watering your lawn.

    This is an extremely simple sprinkler head to use and hooks up directly to your garden hose. Once the hose is attached, the water pressure builds and immediately begins watering the lawn.

    The Tomky wont cover much ground, so its best for small, circular yards or patches of grass. Its also made of all plastic materials, resulting in quality that unfortunately isnt as great as some of the other options in our review.

    All-in-all, this oscillating garden sprinkler is a good choice for those who dont need a high-end sprinkler and are only looking to water a small portion of the lawn.


    • Wont penetrate your lawn
    • No need for an irrigation system


    • Made of plastic materials not as long-lasting or permanent as other choices

    Nelson Traveling Sprinkler Raintrain

    If youre looking for a long-term sprinkler that is guaranteed to last, the Nelson Traveling Sprinkler is for you. It is designed to be durable with cast-iron features and powder paint that prevents chipping and deterioration within its lifespan. It also has a spray range of 15 feet to 55 feet.

    This products user-friendly features do not end there. It is also fully equipped with an automatic shut-off. This feature saves time and conserves water. Plus, it can travel in a customized path, depending on what you deem to be the perfect set-up for your unique lawn. It can also move up to 200 feet per customization, which is ideal for long-term and long-range use.

    The Nelson Traveling Sprinkler can satisfy and accommodate large lawns and areas, thanks to all the great features mentioned above.

    To keep your yard well organized, be sure to invest in some of these top-notch hose reels from our list.

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    Series Rotor Sprinkler Head

    as of December 9, 2021 10:14 pm


    • PERFORMANCE RELIABILITY – VALUE. RAINBIRD Y54007 POP-UP SPRINKLER with industry-leading Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology delivers a uniform spray pattern throughout to ensure that your lawn is watered evenly and consistently over the entire radius! Our rain curtain nozzles include 8 low-angle nozzles and 8 standard angle nozzles.
    • TIME AND COST-EFFICIENT. Our part-circle pattern pop-up rotor is ideal for medium to large-size lawns and can water from 25 to 50 feet! It produces large water droplets for greater wind resistance, prevent misting and airborne evaporation, so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place, saving you time and money!
    • FAST INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE. The sprinkler head is built with a slip-clutch mechanism that allows quick adjustment on installation. It also features convenient arc adjustment from the top, which requires only a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust. Our pop-up sprinkler has a radius adjustment screw that allows up to 25% radius reduction without changing nozzles.
    • SOLID CONSTRUCTION. Rainbird Rotary Sprinkler offers reliable and hard-wearing performance and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It is designed with heavy-duty cover assembly for extra durability, self-flushing arc adjustment port to clean out the arc adjustment slot and retract spring which assures positive pop-down!

    Orbit 58308z Brass Impact Sprinkler On Tripod Base Best For Raised Bed Garden

    Best Lawn Sprinkler Review – The Impact Sprinkler

    We are sure that you will be happy with this purchase. Orbit innovative lawn sprinklers with stable tripod base offer superior summer lawn watering for raised bed gardens.

    These tall watering heads are adjustable from 25 to 48inches to spray up to the needed height without any hassle. They are ideal for caring for super large lawns and growing gardens.

    The 3 metal, weighted legs work as a professional backer for resisting wobbling and tipping. It is also easy to move the tripod to another target position.

    The nicely machined heads can spray up to 90 feet in diameter. The brass construction can withstand high water pressures and severe weather conditions without the risk of breaking, rusting, or failing.

    You can easily set up with integral O-rings that tightly fit the screws, reducing the chance of leakage. Assembly may take less than one minute with no tools needed.

    The main defect of using an impact sprinkler is that it does not work with low water pressure. The high-pressure water output also makes it not suitable for fresh-seed gardens.


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    Best Budget Lawn Sprinklers

    Without further ado, lets start by taking a look at the sprinklers that offer the most bang for your buck. These are very affordable products that offer a balance between range, pressure, and price. In other words, theyre among the best for those of us on a tight budget.

    First up is the US Buy Lawn Sprinkler. This model costs around $8 and has a range of up to 9.99m. Thats not bad at all! There are also several additional features that make this product one of the best around, and well cover those in more detail below.

    First of all, this is a rotating sprinkler that provides far more balanced coverage than its static jet-style rivals. It can even be mounted vertically, in case you want to water a smaller area . So, what else should you know about this sprinkler?

    Well, it doesnt use a lawn spike to stay in place. Instead, it relies on weight alone, which may not be ideal if you live in an area with a powerful wind. Its made of plastic too, so while its relatively sturdy, it probably wont survive being thrown around. This spikeless construction does mean that it can be easily relocated, though.

    The US Buy sprinkler might not be ideal for those with large areas to cover or those looking for a long-term solution to their lawn watering needs. Despite this, its an excellent first sprinkler system and we recommend it wholeheartedly. Besides, for less than $10, you cant really complain too much, right?

    Were still not done.

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