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What Does My Lawn Need

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Can Lime Kill A Lawn

Does My Lawn Need Water? How Do I Know?

The good news is that if you have overdosed your lawn with a lime application you probably wont kill.

The pH level of your lawn will now spike massively which will make your grass unhealthy and it will probably turn yellow for a while.

If you want to partake in a battle of chemicals you could apply sulfur as that will lower the pH level of your lawn but its up to you whether you want to have a battle of chemicals on your lawn.

If you have overdosed your lawn with lime the best solution I feel is just to wait and ride it out and give it regular water as that will help flush the excessive lime out.

So the good news is you wont completely kill your lawn but you will cause it damage that will last for a while.

Maybe its best to get professionals in when its time to put lime on your lawn.

Wear Aerator Shoes While Mowing

Sure, its a time saver, but its not doing an effective job of aerating your lawn at all. If you break down the math, youre only going to be able to aerate about .04 percent of your lawn by doing it this way. In reality, your need to aerate at least 5 percent of your soil to effectively reduce compaction of your soil. This type of coverage will be difficult for just one person to do, which is why hiring a service may be your best bet.

Rhonda Roth/Shutterstock

Seeding Or Sodding Your Lawn

Overseeding may be needed to increase the density of your lawn. A dense lawn has fewer weeds and is healthier.

Pests, extreme weather conditions and neglect can also damage lawns, even when the soil is in good condition.

If your lawn is a little thin, proper mowing, fertilizing and watering may be all it needs. If that doesnât help, overseeding with a quality lawn seed may be the answer.

Choosing your seed

Choose a grass seed high in Fescue content and low in Kentucky Blue content , remembering to use cool season varieties.

Select a seed mixture that is high in physical seed attributes, such as purity and germination, and also contains the best composition of grass for the use intended.

Soil fertility, moisture availability, sunlight levels and traffic affect the tyope of blend that will provide the best results for your yard.

Look to sow your lawn with a blend of grass seed varieties. Check our local nurseries and garden centres in Calgary for drought tolerant blends of lawn seed.

Adding seed to your lawn

Before you spread the seed over the thin areas, make sure there will be good soil-to-seed contact, and rake away any dead grass or debris.

Dethatchers, aerators or vertical mowers can also be used to prepare the lawn prior to overseeding.

Time your overseeding with a day before rain. Donât do before a hot weather forecast. The seed will need water to germinate.

Apply 900 grams per 1,000 square feet or more if the lawn is thin .

Using sod for your lawn

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What Are The Benefits Of Putting Lime On Your Lawn

First of all, you should be aware that not all lawns will benefit from putting lime on it and some lawns will never need to be treated with lime to alter the pH level.

If you have tested your soil or have hired a professional to test and apply lime then there are a number of benefits you will see for your lawn, however it wont be immediate and it will more than likely be several months before you start to see any change.

  • You should start to notice less weeds growing as weeds normally only take over where the soil is not ideal for grass, making your soil ideal for thriving grass will naturally result in fewer weeds.
  • After you have applied lime to your lawn you will see the benefit of fertilizer being highly effective again, this means adding fertilizer will not seem like a waste of time anymore you will see a benefit.

Leave The Grass A Little Long

Does my Lawn Need Dethatching?

Although it may go against your instincts, mow high during the summer months. Taller grass blades encourage the roots to grow deeper, and deeper roots are better for seeking that all important water. Plus, tall grass actually helps to shade the soil and keep it cooler which means less water is needed. And who doesnt love a lower water bill?

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Aerate And Overseed Your Lawn When Needed

Water and nutrients need to reach lawn roots in order to lead to thicker and greener grass. Over time, lawns can become compact, whether its from traffic or harsh weather, limiting this easy access of water and nutrients.

The solution is annual aeration. This practice breaks up the soil and enables the lawn to breath. Also, those small holes aeration creates can provide the perfect access for overseeding in thin, bare areas. Aeration and overseeding are key elements that shouldnt be forgotten on the journey to greener, thicker grass.

Is Too Much Potassium Bad For The Lawn

Excess potassium is not harmful for turf grasses nor is it a ground contaminant so you shouldnt have to worry about putting too much on your lawn on accident. Of course you shouldnt put an excessive amount down on purpose either because that would be wasteful.

A little excess potassium doesnt really affect the plants in any way although if its mixed with nitrogen and you get too much on the lawn then it will burn, but not because of the potassium. Potassium is water soluble and so it gets washed away if too much is there which is why you have to apply a little bit 2-3 times throughout the year.

It is worthwhile to mention here, however, that in high concentrations, doses of potassium can have serious effects on human beings as well as animals but in typical lawn settings these extreme doses are unlikely to ever occur.

From an environmental view as well, potassium is not considered to be a pollutant. This is mostly so owing to the fact that it does not reduce the air-content in water as much as pollutants to.

Because other fertilizers can be bad in excess I like to put potassium down by itself or with specialty products to minimize the risks of putting too much of the other ingredients on the lawn.

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How To Properly Mow Your Lawn

Improve the appearance and health of your lawn. Whether you use a lawn mower or lawn tractorfor larger yards, youll need to know techniques for proper trimming.

  • Mow Your Lawn Tall : Longer grass blades are more drought tolerant, encourage deeper roots, and grow thicker to crowd out weeds. Shorter cut lawns need more work to stay healthy, weed-free, and attractive.
  • Don’t Cut More Than a Third: Cutting off only one-third of the grass blade length reduces stress and helps to conserve moisture in the plant.
  • Keep Your Mower’s Blade Sharp: A dull blade frays grass blade ends, which allow moisture to escape and causes tips to turn brown.

Tip: Leave the clippings on the lawn to conserve moisture and add organic matter back into the soil. And dont forget to use a string trimmeror lawn edger for a crisp, clean finish.

What Is Top Dressing And When And How Should It Be Applied

60 Second Lawn Facts #4 How Much Water Does My Grass Need?
  • Top dressing is a mixture of well-balanced organic matter and weed-free soil. A thin layer should be spread on established lawns between and , if necessary. Its applied to level an uneven surface or help a lawn recover after a serious disease or a very cold winter by replenishing nutrients.
  • Buffalo grass, LM and all cool season lawns dont tolerate lawn dressing at all. If the lawn needs to be leveled, remove the areas of uneven grass carefully, level the soil and replace the old lawn.
  • The amount of top dressing you use depends on your lawn type, but as a rule of thumb, the recommendation is to cover 100m² of lawn with 1m³ of sterilised lawn dressing.

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Want To Identify The Lawn Spots

It almost goes without saying that it is impossible to answer this question without additional information. Knowing something about the lawn itself is the first step:

  • Where is the lawn located? Specify the city and state.
  • What type of grass is in the lawn? If unsure, ask a neighbor or take a sample to a local nursery or garden center.
  • How old is the lawn? Certain diseases are common to sod that is 2 to 5 years old.
  • Was the lawn sodded, seeded or sprigged or a combination of these methods? Some insects and diseases are more common in sodded versus seeded lawns.
  • Is the lawn in full sun, shady or a combination of the two? Turfgrasses need sunlight for 70% of the day to grow well.
  • The next thing to discover is something about the physical symptoms:

  • Are there any spots, lesions or fruiting bodies present on the grass blades? These can all be signs of disease activity, such as red threads from the disease called as Red Thread or spots on the leaves that could indicate Leaf Spot or Brown Patch.
  • Does the damage form a shape or is it just random dead areas? Circular patches are a good indicator of disease activity. Irregular or random dead spots are much more difficult to diagnose without being on the lawn.
  • Are there any signs of insect activity? Turf that pulls up easily could indicate grub activity. Birds feeding on a lawn could indicate sod webworm or armyworm activity. Small trails through the lawn could indicate mole cricket activity.
  • Types Of Potassium Fertilizers

    I use two versions of potassium products to apply to a grass lawn. You can also view your compost and compost teas as alternative options for getting potassium to apply to your lawn, but they are not exact and will provide an unknown quantity to the grass. Using a granular fertilizer or a liquid soluble fertilizer that you spray on the grass with the garden hose is perfect for applying to a potassium deficient lawn. If you conduct a soil sample before applying you can be exact in your application of a granular product and like granular potash. This is the best way to get a lawn up to specs quickly after performing a site soil assessment.

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    Wasps Nesting In Lawn

    Recognizing &  Treating Lawn Fungus: What You Need to Know ...

    Q: What can I do to get rid of the yellow jackets living in the ground around my house?

    Ken McGarry, Chicago

    A: Roger Cook replies: There are many kinds of wasps and bees that nest underground. Most are beneficial, not aggressive, and valuable as pollinators. But if you are sure that you have yellow jackets, the following strategies might get rid of them.

    First, try flooding them with water in the evening, after they’ve returned to the nest. It may take several attempts over a period of days to drown them or encourage them to move elsewhere. Or you could try covering each hole with plasticagain, in the early eveningand seal it against the ground with bricks or blocks for a few days.

    If that doesn’t cook them or discourage them, you’ll probably have to use an insecticide. There are many formulations of these chemicals, including some poison-free products such as mint oil. Availability varies from region to region, but you should find what you need at a garden center or home supply store.

    Dealing with white grubs, chinch bugs, or other such pests? We’ve got you covered in How to Deal With Common Lawn Problems

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    My Lawn Need Help What Should I Do

  • Lana Hassell on May 26, 2018Agnes, we live in Texas, too. Is your lawn yellow all over, in spots, or in circles? It really sounds to me that you used the fertilizer and then did not water your lawn enough. In other words, it burned. After fertilizing, you MUST water every day in 103 deg heat. I have lived in West Texas for 35 years and our lawns do get thirsty. If it is circles, it is grubs there is an insecticide for that. In spots, I don’t know. . Good luck
  • on May 26, 2018We’re in North Texas and often go through drought conditions in high heat. Think of all-purpose fertilizers it this way: it’s like taking a multivitamin for an iron deficiency. You get LOTS of things you really don’t need and not enough of what you do need. Yellow grass is often do to iron deficiency. Try a small bag of timed-release Ironite and see if the situation improves. If it does, then you’ll know what to do for the rest of the yard.
  • Why Fertilize Your Lawn In Fall The Best Fall Month And Time Of Day To Fertilize

    Summer heat is stressful on our lawns. Falls cooler temperatures provide the perfect setting for lawn to regain strength.

    Fall is the best and most important time to fertilize your lawn because:

    • Falls morning dew delivers moisture to help turf absorb the fertilizer.
    • The grass has a chance to build stamina before a chilly winter.
    • Supporting root growth in fall leads to a healthier, greener lawn in spring.

    While fall is naturally good for feeding our lawn, you can deliver an extra oomph by fertilizing as best as you can, too.

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    Killing Moss Without Killing Grass

    Q: Is there away to kill the moss in my lawn without killing the grass?

    Jake, Nashville, Tennessee

    A: Roger Cook replies: There are several moss killers on the market that you can apply to the lawn. These work for the short term, but moss will return. Moss is an indication of an acidic lawn or too much shade on the lawn. Do a soil test on the lawn and apply lime to reduce the lawn’s acidity. To reduce shading, check trees around the area and prune or remove them as needed.

    For more on the soil-testing kit shown here, see How to Seed a Lawn.

    Maintenance Decisions: To Restore Or Not

    How Often do I Need to Overseed my Lawn? | PPLM | (804) 530-2540

    In spite of your best efforts, your lawn might begin to look a little worn. That might be a seasonal issue. Fescue and bluegrass are both cool-season grasses. They prefer the milder temperatures of spring and fall, so they can decline a bit during the hot summer stretch. The reverse is true of warm season grasses like zoysia as they go into dormancy. You may just need to wait things out to see if your lawn recovers as the weather turns.

    If the decline continues, go back to the fundamentals listed here and renovate your lawn. Try aerating the area and applying seed and organic materials. Prune shade trees to let in more light. Take a fresh look at your watering habits and make adjustments.

    Lawn decline may be seasonal or it may be that conditions arent good for turfgrass. This shady area is perfect for this moss lawn.

    Your lawn may need to be replaced altogether if 50% or more of the area is dead, dying or infested with weeds. If replacement looks necessary, consider a grass alternative.

    Maybe the conditions where youre trying to grow a lawn are better suited to an alternative like moss. Moss loves shade, compacted soil and a low soil pH, so if your landscape offers those conditions, it may be best to work with your environment rather than against it. Moss is beautiful and zero maintenance. Check out an episode of my TV show, Growing a Greener World®, where we featured moss as a grass replacement.

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    When To Apply Lime Your Yard And Why Is It Important

    Beautifully green, rolling lawns are more than just grassthey are a thing of pride! That said, a beautiful lawn takes a lot of work grass needs food, cutting, watering, and aeration. It also needs the right soil pH. This is where liming your lawn comes into play. Lime for lawns helps adjust the soil pH to a state where the dirt is slightly acidic. Lawns love good earth, and when you get the pH right, the grass that makes up your lawn will thrive.

    Charlotte homeowners know a lot about fertilization and aeration, however lime lawn treatment in Charlotte is a lesser well known. Yet, its just as important to the health of your landscape. When the soil pH is perfect, grasses utilize fertilizer much more efficiently, which means the grass grows fuller and richer.

    A Garden Hose Is More Cost Effective Than A Sprinkler System

    In theory, but not in reality. If youre watering your lawn with a hose, you probably arent watering the lawn evenly. This leaves certain areas of your lawn thirsty, while others are overwatered. This not only causes brown patches in your lawn but can increase your watering bill if youre not watering properly. Plus, with technology advancing, sprinkler systems can now help to conserve more water compared to before, leaving this theory in the pile of myths.

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    Improve Your Lawn’s Water Drainage

    If your lawn has ever been waterlogged for hours or even days after a heavy storm, you may need to fix your lawns water drainage. Poor drainage is usually either caused by the soil or the layout of your lawn or garden.

    A lawn with thick areas of thatch or compacted soil can prevent water from being absorbed. In this case, it is best to aerate the lawn to improve the flow of water.

    The layout of your lawn and garden should naturally slope away from your house, however any dips can allow water to pool and cause damage to your grass and roots. In this case, you should consider adding gutters and drains to divert rainfall away from your lawn to prevent water-logging.


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