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What Is The Best Summer Lawn Fertilizer

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The Best Fertilizer For Grass In Summer

Best Summer Fertilizer for Lawns

If youre searching for the best fertilizer for grass in summer, typically the put to start. I allow you the straight conversation on what summer fertilizer to apply to each grass sort and why.

One of the most imperative things youll do for your lawn is to fertilize it. A well-fed grass is more beneficial, which suggests it has a way better root system to combat warm, cold, dry spell, cutting, foot activity, and other stresses.

Whereas bolstering your garden once a year will make strides in its condition, bolstering it 4 times a year will make it indeed more advantageous and more excellent.

How Does Lawn Fertilizer Work

If you live in a place where year-round plant growth is just a green dream, then using fertilizer could be a godsend for your parched, perishing lawn. The right fertilizers help your lawn grow big and strong, enabling the development of healthy roots and thick, green grass blades.

Why? Because fertilizer provides your plants and grass with the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins they require to survive and thrive. Fertilizer does for your lawn what multivitamins do for humans. If youre not getting enough of some nutrients, you take a multivitamin to stay healthy. The same goes for your lawn and fertilizer.

Vegetable And Herb Fertilizers

Ecoscraps for Organic Gardening Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer: available at This fertilizer markets itself to the environmentally conscious. It’s made from food waste, so it’s safe for the planet and healthy for your garden.

Jobe’s Organic Herb Fertilizer Spikes: available at With an NPK of 4-3-3, this fertilizer capitalizes on nitrogen. This makes it perfect for leafy herbs like parsley and basil. Jobe’s Organic Herb Fertilizer is also available in granular form from Home Depot. It has a slightly different NPK value but is still suitable for herbs.

Water Soluble Miracle-Gro Veggie and Herb Fertilizer: available at This quick-release fertilizer is excellent for people who want to fertilize their plants often.

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Tips For Watering Your Lawn In The Summer:

  • Be respectful of water restrictions if present in your community.;
  • The best time to water your lawn in the summer is in the early morning hours, ideally before sunrise. This way, the water has a chance to soak in before the sun dries it out.
  • Carefully place your sprinkler or hose to avoid watering the street and sidewalks. This is just a waste of water.
  • Monitor the watering to make sure that certain areas arent becoming too saturated.;
  • Dont forget to account for rain when watering your lawn. If you have had an especially rainy week, you wont have to water your lawn as much or at all, if the ground is still moist.
  • If you have an irrigation system adjust your timers as weather changes and inspect for damaged or leaking heads.

When Your Grass Roots Are Actively Growing

4 Of The Best Lawn Fertilizer For Greener Grass

If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, its because they take better care of it. Cecil Selig

; Lend Mother Nature a Hand Mother Nature has her ways of naturally fertilizing your lawns soil.; For example, did you know that during lightning storms, nitrogen atoms are released which are then absorbed by the rain, and when the rain hits your lawn, the nitrogen goes into the soil and your lawn is fertilized? There are at least 17 essential nutrients required for plant growth.; Plants get these nutrients from the air, soil and water.

Typically, even with Mother Natures best efforts to REPLENISH these nutrients, your lawn still needs help from you to be lush and green.; Commercial fertilizers contains many of the nutrients that nourish your grass as it grows, including the 3 nutrients at are most crucial to plant growth:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium ;

On bags of store-bought Fertilizer, you always see 3 Numbers that represent the N-P-K Rating.; If you want to learn more about these N-P-K numbers, check out this Wikipedia article. ;Basically, each number is the percentage of N-P-K in the fertilizer.

For example, a 50 pound bag of 25-0-10 fertilizer is made up of:

Cool Season Grasses vs. Warm Season Grasses

Q: What type of Grasses are best suited for the climate here in Indiana?;A: If you guessed Cool Season Grasses, you are CORRECT.

Image Source:

Image Source:


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Why Is Potassium Important For Your Lawn

Potassium is essential for physiological process regulation in grass. It also allows the grass to more effectively use nitrogen. Like phosphorus and nitrogen, potassium is a macronutrient, and is one of the three big numbers youll see on any lawn fertilizer bag.

A macronutrient is a nutrient that plants need in large amounts for healthy growth. Potassium helps your lawn have better nutrient and water uptake. It is also key in starch and protein synthesis.

With potassium, your grass is better able to grow thicker cell walls and grass will stay strong and healthy. This makes your lawn more effective at withstanding stress from cold, heat, disease, and drought. Giving your lawn more potassium in the spring can put it in a better position to handle brutal summer heat.

If your lawn has a potassium deficiency, it can develop symptoms of stress, including chlorosis . This can cause defoliation and shedding.

There will also probably be poor stem and root development, and slow growth. Grass that is deficient in potassium can also lead to lower resilience in harsh weather.

The First Number Listed Represents The Percentage Of Nitrogen In The Bag

Nitrogen helps your grass to appear green, lush and thick. Nitrogen aids in the creation of chlorophyll, which is responsible for producing the green pigment in the grass and is the compound by which plants use sunlight to produce sugars from carbon dioxide and water.

Nitrogen or N stimulates new root growth. Many early spring fertilizers will have a higher Nitrogen level to give the lawn a kick and get it growing early. It can help turf recover from environmental stresses and injury. An application of nitrogen in the spring, and then timely spreading throughout the growing season will help fortify turf to better withstand environmental stresses such as heat and insects.

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Best Lawn Fertilizer For Established Lawns

WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the most recognizable names in fertilizers is Scotts Turf Builder, and this is one of their most effective fertilizers.

This lawn food revives your lawn, helping your grass build stronger roots which reduces how frequently it needs to be watered to be healthy. With plenty of nitrogen, this fertilizer produces lots of top growth quickly. Its good for warm and cool-season grasses, although it should be applied more gently on the latter.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT:;With no phosphorous and plenty of nitrogen, this is the best fertilizer for established lawns.

Compare With Similar Items

The BEST Summer Lawn FERTILIZER // SPOON FEEDING with FloraGreene
This itemScotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food, 12.5 Lb – Fall Lawn Fertilizer Builds Strong, Deep Grass Roots for a Better Lawn Next Spring – Covers 5,000 Sq Ft
4.6 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars
Price $16.87$16.87
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16 x 12 x 3 inches 15 x 9.5 x 3.25 inches 18 x 3 x 12 inches 18.5 x 3.5 x 12.5 inches 11.5 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches 16 x 12 x 3.25 inches

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Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard Fall Lawn Food

The first on our list comes from one of the most trusted brands out there, Scotts. So much so that Scotts is the choice of many as best fall lawn fertilizer. This fertilizer has been specifically created to cater to the needs of the lawn during the fall season.

A season that both us and Scotts believe to be the best time to feed the lawn. Lawn food has an NPK ratio of 32 -0 10. It means the fertilizer boasts of active dose nitrogen and potassium. It will result in the roots to grow stronger and more profound. The blade of the grass will spring out much faster and healthier.

This winter, Lawn Food is perfect for all sizes being able to cover 5000 sq. Ft. to 15000 sq. Ft. The application is not so time-intensive either.

It has to be applied once during the fall season and again after 6 8 weeks depending on the local weather pattern. Scotts turf builder is a granular fertilizer that has a slow-release formula that creates a sustained source of nutrition for your lawn through half the season with just one application.

Yo may utilize this versatile fertilizer with any grass, may it be summer grass or winter grass. Its winter guard formula helps prepare the roots for the harsh winter. The easy application and limited feeding rounds take away all the stress of lawn nurturing.

Prepping Your Lawn Leads To Success

Before you apply fertilizer, take the time to prep your lawn properly by doing some soil aeration. Through the strategic creation of the holes in your grass, especially in thick thatch areas, you provide access to the roots. This means your lawn gets the full benefit of your fertilization regimen. If the thatch layer in a particular area is larger than a half-inch thick, it definitely needs aeration before fertilizer application.

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Tips For Best Results When Fertilizing Your Lawn

Its best to deeply water your lawn a few days before you fertilize, but make sure the blades of your grass are dry before you apply the fertilizer.

With most kinds of fertilizer , trying to apply it to damp grass can cause burns and damage.

After you apply the fertilizer, you should water it in very lightly to help it settle down on the soil, to wash the grass and get a bit of hydration into the soil so the granules begin to feed your turfgrass.

Q: How Often Do I Need To Fertilize My Lawn

Scotts Turf Builder 9 lb. 4,000 sq. ft. Summer Lawn ...

A: How often you feed your lawn depends on the grass type and your climate. Essentially, there are two main grass types, namely cool season and warm season grasses.

  • Cool-season grasses. Cool-season grasses tend to remain green throughout the seasons when grown in cooler areas. Such grasses do best in climates where winters are cold and summers remain moderately warm . A rule of thumb is to feed cool-season grasses twice in autumn and then again in the spring – after the first flush of growth.
  • Warm-season grasses. Warm-season grasses flourish in regions with higher temperatures and they generally turn brown or go dormant in winter. Its recommended that you feed this grass-type during active growth periods but not during the hottest months. Ideally, you want to apply the fertilizer in three phases: when the grass starts to green during early spring, again in late spring, and then one more time at the end of summer when the temperatures are not as extreme.

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Scotts Green Max Lawn Food

Are you looking for grass food that is going to work in just three days? The Scotts brand can help. Its Green Max lawn food makes the grass greener in a few days.

This product uses a dual-action formula with iron and essential supplements. Therefore, youre going to get the results you want without any stains if you use it correctly.

Its possible to apply to all grass types in the fall, spring, or summer months. In fact, you can use it in conjunction with other Scotts products as a full maintenance routine.

Once it is spread on the lawn evenly, you can immediately walk in the yard. This means your children and pets can play and roam without fear of harsh chemicals. Plus, you arent going to risk moving the food around or tracking it into the house where it doesnt do any good.

There are two types available, including a standard one and one for Florida residents. You can also find two sizes: 5,000 and 10,000 square feet bags.

How To Apply Lawn Fertilizer In Summer For Grass

There are crucial items to learn about when it comes to spreading your lawn fertilizer during the season. You will ask what type of grass you have, what the environment is, what sort of fertilizer you need, and how you want the lawn to look like.

Every part of the world has its own special atmosphere. In Illinois, for example, its very humid and dry, with temperatures fluctuating all day long. Temperatures are fairly unchangeable in areas like Idaho, so there is also less humidity.

Or how the fertilizer functions, the atmosphere will make a difference. You might also have a particular form of lawn owing to the climate you reside in.

The main forms are warm-season and cool-seasonal grasses. Hot season grasses can, of course, include Zoysia and Bermuda.

They flourish throughout the season and are really bright. Besides, grasses are spreading, and they scatter across the lawn and appear like vineyards.

Those grasses typically have brown leaves throughout the autumn. But in the spring and summer, they light up again. You need to apply the fertilizer just before that greening happens.

With cool-season grasses, you may notice that they can tolerate the changes in the weather. They have a stronger immunity to famine and illness, too. Examples of cool grasses from the season can include rye, fescue, and bluegrass.

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What Makes The Best Fall Fertilizer For Lawn

The most important thing to understand is that there is no one Best Fall Fertilizer for Lawns. Every lawn is unique. The nutrition levels in the soil, the weather pattern, kind of grass, everything changes.

So, to answer the question, what we are looking for is What is the best fall lawn fertilizer for YOU? We will help you ask the right questions that will help you understand the needs of your grass and your soil. More than anything else, your quest for the best fall fertilizer for lawns is ultimately a matchmaking process.

The Final Number Is The Percentage Of Potassium

Best Summer Fertilizer | Summer Lawn Care

Potassium is important to overall plant health. Potassium or K supports the internal process of the plant cells that affects photosynthesis, water absorption, respiration and protein production. A deficiency of potassium weakens a plant and increases its vulnerability to drought, temperature fluctuation injury and disease.

Adding soluble potash to the soil helps grass withstand stress, drought, and disease. Specifically, potassium helps maintain pressure in the cells of the plant, resulting in a positive influence on drought tolerance, cold hardiness, and disease resistance.

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Scotts 44615a Green Max Lawn Food 5000 Sq Ft

List Price:
$17.99Get Fast, Free Shipping with &Return this item for free

  • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Feeds for deep greening in just 3 days
    • Dual-action, 2-in-1 formula feeds and supplements with iron
    • Guaranteed not to stain when used as directed
    • Apply to any grass type
    • Recommended for many lawns as part of the Scotts Lawn Care Plan
    • OK to re-enter lawn immediately after product is applied
    • Not sold in FL

    Consider this Amazon’s Choice product that delivers quickly

    Best Summer Lawn Fertilizer

    Bermuda lawns actually need a summer lawn fertilizer, however the key is to apply lightly and combine natural and organic fertilizers for a mild feeding.; Doc walks you through his summer fertilizing program that has great success in the warmer summer temps.;; The PGF Complete particle size is critical to this application rate.; It allows for great coverage even at these lower rates.; The organic matter helps our soil microbes and releases natural nutrients as well.; The HUMICHAR helps improve our soil.; A true winning combination.

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    Is There Really A Best Lawn Fertilizer Ratio

    Yes, there is an ideal ratio of fertilizer for most lawns. The ratio of nitrogen , phosphorus , and potassium in a fertilizer is the N-P-K ratio. The ideal lawn fertilizer ratio for most lawns is 3:1:3 or 4:1:2, but every lawn is unique and evaluating your soil with an accurate soil test kit is the best way to understand exactly what your lawn needs and unlock the full potential of your yard .

    Milorganite Garden Care Organic Fertilizer

    Scotts Turf Builder 12 lbs. Summer Lawn Fertilizer

    For those who are both environmentally conscious and looking for a lush green yard, Milorganite 0605 is a top-notch organic nitrogen fertilizer that will boost the lushness of your lawn. Milorganite is not the best smelling product out there thats the price you pay for going organic. But it does work. ;If you cant find it, Milorganite 0636 is another great choice.

    This Earth-friendly lawn food is made of organic composition, which is just a fancy way of saying heat-dried microbes;from waste matter. Dont worry, its not from human waste, but rather byproducts of Milwaukee establishments, such as the MillerCoors plant. Milorganite is heated to kill microbes and tested for safety, and it works for new lawns and established lawns alike. Few things will bring out the green in an eco-friendly way like Milorganite. ;Pair it with blood meal and your lawn will look incredible.

    • Granules

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