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What Is The Best Broadleaf Weed Killer For Lawns

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Top 10 Weed Killers For Lawns

What Is The Best Weed Killer For Lawns | Best Weed Control

These products are great for their specific functions and thats why Ive listed them with their most effective use. Using them will get rid of different types of weeds in your lawn and flower beds.

Some are great for large areas, broad-leaf selective removal, and grassy weeds while others are great for people with kids and pets. Not sure what type of weed you have, please refer to our weed identification directory.

Here are the top 10 lawn weed killers with reviews and ratings:

Features Of Weed Killers

It may seem like a weed killer is a fairly straightforward product. They are cocktails of chemicals that are meant to kill the plethora of weeds that can affect your lawn without affect the grass itself. However, there are many different products out there.

The best defense against weeds is having a healthy, water, nutrient-rich lawn. Weeds tend to grow well in nutrient-poor, under watered soils that your grass does poorly in. Because there are so many species of plant pests, there are weed killers with a variety of active ingredients. Some types of weeds are better controlled by certain chemicals, and other types are better controlled by other chemicals.

Here is a helpful YouTube video that will show you the basics of weed control. In it, the importance of using weed killer in an environmentally friendly way is discussed, as well as how to decide which type of weed killer you need for your lawn.

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To determine which weed killer should you buy, you first need to find out exactly what type of plant pest is growing in your yard. Below, well discuss the most common types of weeds and their corresponding weed killers. Well also talk about special considerations to take if you have children or pets that will be playing near the treated areas.

Speedzone Lawn Weed Killer

SpeedZone by GBI Gordon is one of the most popular selective herbicides for controlling and killing broadleaf weeds. No matter your target pest, SpeedZone is surely to cover as its labeled for control of over 100 weeds. The combination of ingredients is designed to provide exceptional post-emergent control. The SpeedZone technology, when applied according to the label, is taken up through leaf tissue and roots for amazingly-quick results. Visible signs of effect can be seen as early as 24 hours post application and makes a great option for use on cool season turf.

Note that original Speedzone is in high demand and often out of stock. It also may not be available to purchase online in your state without an application license . If this is the case, PBI Gordon has variations of the original Spredzone that will work as effectively.

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Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer For Lawns

Ortho Weed B Gon kills clover, dandelions, and over 250 other broadleaf weeds. When used correctly, its guaranteed not to harm your grass and can be used on many northern and southern lawns.

Unlike some other weed killers that can take weeks to see results, this product delivers results in hours, depending on the weed. Dandelions, for example, are gone within a few hours though some weeds may require an additional application. Plus, it kills weeds to the root which means theyre unlikely to return.

This 32-ounce bottle covers up to 16,000 square feet. Its perfect for spot treatments, too. Spray what you want, when you want, and save the rest for later. For best results, attach the sprayer directly to your garden hose and apply during periods of active growth. Its rainproof after one hour.

List Of Weeds Vinegar Kills

What is the Best Weed Killer for Lawns, if you have Dogs ...

Crabgrass, oxalis, clover, chickweed, pigweed, dandelions, quackgrass, and many, many more weeds.

For spot-treating weeds, this 20% natural vinegar weed killer is one of the most effective organic solutions to single instances of weeds. It acts as a post-emergent, so do not expect it to act as a weed preventer.

What I like more about it is that it will get rid of both grassy weeds as well as broad-leaf plants.

Be careful when using this organic weed solution because it can easily destroy any plant it comes into contact with.

If your home has pets and kids that play in the yard, using this vinegar recipe to kill weeds is one of the best ways to guarantee their safety.

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Best Ways To Kill Weeds In Flower Beds

Some weed killing methods such as Borax, lemon juice, vodka, and vinegar work best in areas where no other vegetation is around. The acetic acid found in vinegar provides vinegar with its unique taste but also kills most plants it comes into contact with.

Use vinegar and other techniques for killing weeds in sidewalk cracks or driveways. Its an excellent alternative to chemical weed control.

For flower beds and vegetable gardens, control broadleaf weeds with organic herbicides or other natural weed control methods. Applying a generous layer of mulch to garden beds is as effective as most organic weed killers in large areas. The best part about mulch and other natural methods is you wont have to deal with any toxic chemicals.

Best Weed Killer For Clover Dandelion

For weeds such as Creeping Oxalis, Bindii, Catsear, Clovers and Dandelion, a selective herbicide is the best choice.

The Amgrow Bin-Die weed killer is a great choice as it has been specially formulated for use on Buffalo lawns such as DNA Certified Sir Walter Grass.

However, if you need a stronger weed killer for weeds such as Wintergrass or Onionweed, a non-selective weed killer such as Yates Zeroaqua is the best liquid weed killer for lawns.

As it is non-selective, youll need to be very careful while applying it and ensure that it isnt going to rain in the next couple of days.

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Southern Ag 2 4d Amine Weed Killer

This inexpensive, selective broadleaf weed control and grass killer is a classic. It uses the chemical 2, 4-D, which is highly effective against weeds. Its a simple, straightforward weed killer composed of strong ingredients and doesnt feature much filler. It avoids common grass strains like St. Augustine grass.

Eliminate Pesky Plants With These Effective Treatments

How to kill broadleaf weeds in the lawn- Simple, cheap, effective!
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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce / Sabrina Jiang

No one wants weeds taking over their yard, and if you have too many to pull by hand, it might be time to bring in a weed killer. These herbicides are extremely handy for lawn maintenance, as they can help control crabgrass, dandelions, ragweed, and other common weeds that may pop up around your home.

There are a few things to consider when buying a weed killernamely, where you plan to use it and the type of weeds youre targeting. Certain herbicides can kill any plant, which makes them ideal for walkways or gravel driveways. At the same time, you can use other weed killers to treat specific weeds in your lawn or flower beds without harming other greenery.

Here, find the best weed killers for your yard.

Volume: 1 gallon | Plant Type: Dandelions, Clover, Broadleaf, Crabgrass, and Other Listed Weeds

  • Targets weeds without killing your yard

  • Comes in various sizes

  • Can kill your grass if used improperly

Volume: 1.33 gallons | Plant Type: Annual Bluegrass, Bermuda Grass, Bindweed, and Other Listed Weeds

  • Will not harm flowers and other vegetation

  • No smaller sizes available

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What Is The Best Weed Killer For Lawns

With so many weed killers on the Australian market, its difficult to know which one will be the best weed killer for your lawn.

As well as having a wide selection to choose from, you need to make sure that the one you choose doesnt harm your lawn and is suitable for the weeds you have.

There are three main types of weed killers and each one targets weeds differently. Its important to know what type of weed you are targeting before you can choose the best weed killer.

Once youve identified the type of weeds you need to control, you can choose the right type and then determine which weed killer will be best for you.

Bonide Bnd061 Weed Killer Concentrate

This weed killer from Bonide works against clover, wild violet, oxalis, dandelions, Creeping Charlie, and more than 100 other tough-to-kill weeds but doesnt damage your grass when used as directed.

One of the best things about this weed killer is that it gets results fast. It begins working overnight and you dont have to worry about bad weather its rainproof in only a few hours. For best results, the manufacturer recommends not mowing your lawn for one or two days after application.

This formula comes in a concentrate that you mix with water and then apply using a sprayer. Be sure to pay close attention to the details mixing instructions on the label. The 16-ounce bottle should last quite a while and covers up to 5,000 square feet in all.

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Greenview Weed & Feed 13 Lb Covers 5

  • Granular lawn care product that kills over 250 weeds as listed on the label
  • Time-released nitrogen for extended feeding for up to 8 weeks
  • Promotes quick green up will not burn lawn
  • Restores nutrients to the soil and helps lawn retain water to protect against heat and drought
  • 27-0-4 NPK Formulation, no phosphates helps protect our waterways
  • DO NOT use on St Augustinegrass in Florida, or on dichondra and carpetgrass as serious lawn injury will result.
  • Covers 5,000 sq ft
  • GreenView Yard Wide Guarantee Your Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

How Much Is Weed Killers For Lawns

5 Best Broadleaf Weed Killers for Lawns of 2020 [Reviews ...

weed killers for lawns come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as weed killers for lawns.

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Understanding How Weed & Feed Products Work

Lawn and garden products known as “weed & feeds” get their name from two main components: herbicides that kill existing lawn weeds and fertilizers that feed lawn grass. Unlike crabgrass preventers, which contain “pre-emergent” herbicides that work against germinating weed seeds, most weed & feed products contain “post-emergent” herbicides, which focus on weeds that are actively growing in established lawns.

Weed & feeds vary in the common lawn weeds they target and the herbicides and plant nutrients they include, so it’s important to read your product label thoroughly. Common weed & feed products generally rely on “selective” herbicides that target specific broadleaf weeds, so lawn grasses stay unharmed. Some weed & feed products are most effective on weed parts above ground. Others kill top growth and roots, so weeds can’t spring back and repopulate your turf.

How To Apply Weed Killer To Lawns

Much like stump killer, improper application of weed killer can cause major complications to your lawn.

Proper application of weed killer to your lawn can make or break its effectiveness. There are several different application methods, and also several different considerations to make before you spray these chemicals in your yard.

First, the most common way of spraying weed killer is by putting it in a spray bottle and diluting the product with water. This both increases the longevity of your weed killer and also makes the product easier on the environment. Spray bottles are inexpensive and can be purchased at any home improvement store or online.

There are also several climate conditions that need to be right before you spray your yard. First, avoid using weed killers during drought conditions, as the chemicals in the weed killer can harm your lawn if its too dry. You should also only use weed killer when there is no rain expected for at least six hours, as the chemicals need time to be absorbed by the weeds.

Some weed killers are meant to be applied with a push spreader, as they are in solid form. Similar to how you would spread fertilizer, these solid weed killers are little pellets of chemicals that can be spread throughout your yard. You will need to buy a spreader for this, however.

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Weed Death In A Bottle: Southern Ag Amine 24

The Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer Check Price

Due to its relatively low concentration, the formula is less effective on larger properties. However, because of this, it is somewhat milder in its effects if it is accidentally sprayed on other plants. It should still be considered a strong weed killer that should be kept at a safe distance from children and animals.


  • Extremely economical use rate of 1 to 4 pints per acre
  • Formula is very strong within a confined area
  • Controls a wide variety of broadleaf weeds and woody plants
  • Priced very competitively
  • Formula is strong enough for small properties but not formulated for larger area
  • Formula can kill existing weeds but wont prevent future growth
  • Needs to be kept well away from children, animals, and other plants

First Class Lawn Control: Monterey Lg5518 Turflon Ester Specialty Herbicide Concentrate Broadleaf Weed Killer For Lawns

What Is The Best Weed Killer For Lawns [How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Lawn] [How To Kill Wintergrass]

It should be noted that this is a post-emergent formula. This means that this spray is useful primarily for killing actively growing weeds. This means that only newly emerged weeds that are present at the time of spraying will be killed. You will need to use the formula again to kill freshly emerging weeds in the future.


  • Extremely powerful formula kills a wide variety of pests
  • Excellent results on cool season turf
  • Contains 61.6 percent active ingredients
  • Covers up to 20, 000 square feet of property


  • Designed to kill current, not future, weeds
  • Needs to be kept away from children, animals, and other plants
  • Somewhat pricier than other formulas on this list
  • Limited warranty only covers use by the original owner

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Scotts 32367f Turf Builder Halts Crabgrass Preventer

Early Weed Prevention for Your Lawn

Scotts Turf Builder is a pre-emergent weed killer and fertilizer in one. It’s best applied in early spring and fall. Similar to other weed preventers, this product is specifically designed to prevent crabgrass seeds from germinating, but it also prevents weeds like foxtail, barnyard grass, oxalis, and chickweed. At the same time, it feeds your lawn to promote strong, healthy growth. This has the added benefit of crowding out any weeds that might want to grow. Plus, you can use it on St Augustine grass.

Treating your lawn just before the growing season is one of the best things you can do. This product will not only prevent weed seeds from germinating but will also fertilize your growing lawn. Plus, a lush, thick lawn discourages weeds from taking hold during the growing season.

FormCoverage AreaOrganic

Adios Selective Organic Weed Killer

No products found.

This product from A.D.I.O.S. is designed to be safe for both children/pets and other plants, making it a more realistic weed killer for your actual lawn. It is odorless and chemical free, and will kill many species of broadleaf weeds. Unfortunately, it wont work against grassy weeds.

What we like:

  • Odorless and safe for children/pets
  • Completely organic no harsh chemicals
  • Wont kill your grass or ornamental plants
  • Works very quickly–weeds will begin to die in just a few hours

This product wont work well for all types of weeds, but as an organic weed killer, it does a great job for many common species, including creeping charlie, clover, and dandelion. Its relatively inexpensive as well. If youre looking for a yard-safe weed killer thats safe for your family, this product from A.D.I.O.S. is definitely worth a look.

This organic weed preventer from Espoma comes in solid form and should be spread with a spreader. This product wont work as well as many of the other weed killers on this list. It says right in the name that its merely a weed preventer, so dont expect it to solve your serious weed infestations. However, Espomas Organic weed preventer does provide a lawn feed that will nourish your grass while inhibiting weed growth from the root, making your lawn much more healthy.

What we like:

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Who Is Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green has been working for more than 100 years to bring beautiful dark-green lawns to homeowners using only the highest quality traditional and organic products. Since 1881, we have experimented with turfgrass varietals to breed our genetically superior turf grasses, such as those found in our Black Beauty® grass seed mixtures. We supply grass seed, organics, and weed, insect and disease control products to both the independent retailer and professional lawn care markets. All of our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they perform to the highest standards in order to transform your lawn and help it thrive.

Why Trust The Spruce

What Is The Best Broadleaf Weed Killer For Lawns? Go No ...

This article was researched and written by Camryn Rabideau, who grew up on a 70-acre farm and now owns a small farmstead herself. As such, she has firsthand experience fighting weeds such as bittersweet vines and crabgrass.

  • Bullock, Fitzroy D. Lawn Weed Management. Tennessee State University, Cooperative Extension Program.

  • Shaffer, Gared. Organic Herbicides. South Dakota State University Extension.

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