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What Is The Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower

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Bag Mulch Or Side Discharge

The Tesla of Electric Lawn Mowers | The BEST Electric Push Mower ?!

You probably already know whether you prefer to mulch or bag. Here in central Florida, we usually mulch to return nutrients to the lawn and avoid stopping every 10 minutes to dump the bag.

Sometimes, however, you go on vacation or the weather prevents you from hitting your normal mowing day. Thats when side discharge becomes helpful.

Instead of keeping the grass up in the deck for finer mulching, it kicks it out. You could bag it, of course, but youd spend a lot of time emptying. For the sake of getting your cut back under control, side discharging can help keep you moving along when your grass gets long.

Look for a mower that gives you all three options and keep that side discharge chute somewhere handy just in case you need it.

How Much Should I Spend On A Riding Mower Can I Negotiate The Price

While you can pick up the most budget ride-on mowers for upwards of $1,000, good riding mowers for residential use will generally start around the $1,500 mark and can go up to around $3,000-$4,000. If you step into the more commercial-grade territory, you can be looking to spend $5,000 or more, so this is no small purchase.

Negotiating the price will be dependent on where you go to buy your mower. Youll probably find some of the best prices from online retailers, and they will be non-negotiable.

Go to your local dealer, and there may be some movement based on how old the stock is and whether youre paying cash or credit.

Dont expect significant savings, but there might be something to be gained by asking. A credible local dealer can be a handy contact when it comes to servicing your mower too.

Design And Material Quality

Admit it or not, the exterior design of lawn equipment matter a lot. After all, you wouldnt want to buy a shabby-looking mower. If you think about it, this grass-cutting tractor will have to endure harsh weather conditions, so our team urges you to purchase models with sturdy construction. Alloy steel is a common material used in these mowers, and its a good option to consider.

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Poulan Pro P46zx 46 In 22 Hp Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower

This zero-turn radius lawn mower by Poulan Pro offers the best performance, durability, and comfort. This is our top pick and the best electric riding lawn mower that you can find in the market. It comes with a powerful Briggs and Stratton Engine of 22 horsepower and offers a list full of amazing features making it the best product.

Basic Features

It comes with a dual-wheel hydro transmission that allows the user to experience maximum maneuverability. The rider can control each wheel independently so that they can move left, right, backward, and forward by just moving their arms backward and forward.

It features a forty-six inches two-bladed steel deck with a dual hydro gear drive system along with an adjustable cutting-height feature. It offers increments from one and a half inches to four inches. It also has three anti-scalp rollers and has a maximum speed of six mph.


  • The deck comes with a warranty of ten years.
  • It is equipped with a welded frame and durable caster wheels.
  • It has an easy access panel.


  • Some customers find setting up the seat of the mower a problematic process.

Final Verdict

This is a long-lasting lawn mower that is going to stay with you for years and years. The best thing about using this model is that you would be able to trim your yard most naturally without spending much time on it. With this product, you can achieve a clean and professional look.

Zero Turn Electric Riding Lawn Mower

The 8 Best Push Lawn Mowers of 2019

4, Toro TITAN 48 in. IronForged Deck 24.5HP Commercial V-Twin Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower 75301


83 x46 x 54 inches



Next on the electric riding mower reviews is a product from Toro. For those with big yards and need a powerful lawn mower that will meet your expectations, the Toro Titan zero turn electric riding lawn mower is your best friend.

This lawn mower use engine oil and electric for power type, with high quality engine and technology as pro DNA. Its cutting width is 48 inches, the cutting height is able for 1.5 and up to 4.5 inches. The 75301 Zero turn mower has the most compact size among these series, while providing the capacity for an average 2 – 4 acres yard.

Your journey on this Toro electric riding mower will be the most convenient ride ever, when it offers you an adjustable seat, with back and hands leaning, foot lift assist and even built-in cup holder. Not to mention, its canister air cleaner is also a plus that makes lots of customers satisfied with this lawn mower.


  • Use both electric and gas power
  • Has blocking fender, air cleaner and rubber chute
  • Great experience for user
  • High speed of blade to prevent clumps
  • Long warranty for 3 years
  • Wide cutting deck and serves for 2-4 acres lawn


  • Need to maintain both battery and fuel engine
  • Highly price

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Runner Up John Deere S120 42 Lawn Tractor

Why We Like It

As you continue reading, you will probably get the picture that were pretty big fans of this John Deere 42 Mower. And while the mowing deck is considerably smaller than our Editors Pick from Husqvarna, this smaller deck riding lawn mower from John Deere wins our Runner Up slot for the best riding mower in 2021.

The John Deere 42 riding lawn mower stands out as the best overall riding mower package in its class, with a V-Twin 22 hp Engine, Hydrostatic foot pedal controlled transmission, tight 16 turning radius, adjustable seat, and anti-scalp wheels.


  • 22 -horsepower V-Twin John Deere engine
  • 30-second Oil Change System
  • White-Glove Home Delivery From Home Depot
  • Lumbar-supporting seat
  • Hydrostatic transmission

Our Take Away

Thanks to its power, highly maneuverable 42 mowing deck, and range of convenience features, we find the John Deere S120 42 lawnmower is of the best mowers for any lot size up to 2 acres. The John Deere is a fantastic choice riding mower for the money, especially if you plan to use a riding lawn mower with an optional bagging attachment here.

For larger properties, areas with thick grass, and just tough jobs in general and if your budget allows it we can recommend an upgrade to the Husqvarna 54 Riding Mower See our Best Upgrade Riding Mower section below.

John Deere Editors Choice Best Riding Mower

Cub Cadet Lt42e Electric Lawn Tractor

This is a proven lawn tractor with a great cutting deck converted to electric. Same workmanship and cut quality as the highly-rated Cub Cadet LT42 lawn tractor. This mower matches its gas-powered stablemates in the quality of cut. Owner Review.

  • Class: Lawn Tractor, Great for typical suburban lawns up to 2 acres.
  • Model: LT42e
  • Type: Rear engine rider
  • Battery: 56 volt, 60 AH, 3000 Watt-hour Lithium-Ion Will mow up to 2 acres and charge fully in 4 hours.
  • Cub Cadet open high-back seat with elevated back support and armrests attached
  • 3-year unlimited hours/4-year battery warranty

Read all the details, buy online or order through a select Cub Cadet Dealer here: Buy Cub Cadet LT42e

Read more and buy through the Home Depot here:Buy Cub Cadet LT42e

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Best For Small Yards: Ryobi 16

Just because a lawn mower isn’t self-propelled doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. Case in point: the Ryobi 16-inch One Plus HP 18-Volt push mower. Even though it’s extremely compact and weighs just 34.5 pounds, this tiny machine packs a punch. It stalled less than some of the larger, more powerful mowers in my test group, and the Ryobi’s light weight made it simple for me to push.

This machine uses Ryobi’s standard 18-volt rechargeable batteries too. They’re the same lithium ion power packs that the company uses in its popular line of home power tools. The mower comes with two batteries plus a charger — in case you don’t have one sitting around.

Its 16 inch cutting width, however, is on the narrow side. Still, for those with smaller yards the surprising power of this mower will suit their needs just fine.

What Types Of Electric Lawn Mower Are There

Best Electric Riding Mower? RYOBI RM480e Review

Rotary mowers: Rotary mowers are characterised by one very high speed rotating cutting blade, which slices the grass on impact. These types of mowers are very common as they allow medium to high cut grass to be quickly cut and deposited in a rear-mounted grass box. These mowers typically have four fixed wheels for maneuvering.

Cylinder mowers: Cylinder mowers have a series of blades which tend to be exposed in a cylindrical drum structure on the front of the machine. Unlike rotary mowers, these cut grass by slicing against a fixed bottom plate, with a series of smaller blades doing the work of one. These machines work best when cutting low to medium height grass.

Hover mowers: Hover mowers are similar to rotary mowers in that they cut grass with a rotating cutting blade or disc, they differ in that they dont have wheels for maneuvering. Instead the hover mowers create a downward firing cushion of air that allows them to move easily in any direction, like a hovercraft.

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What We Think Of The Toro 20379 Honda High

This gas mower by Toro has one of the largest clearance widths we came across at a respectable 22. This is ideal for people with larger yards as it will substantially reduce the cut time. This mower weighs 75 lbs which is pretty typical for a gas mower it is still light enough to be used by most individuals. The frame on this mower is made of both metal and plastic to support both durability and efficiency.

A great feature of this machine is that it is self propelled. This takes a lot of the work off your body and will be a noticeable difference, especially for people with larger yard sizes. One of the things that sets this model apart from many others is that the handle is adjustable. There are two height options to allow you to have the best feel while cutting the grass and make it easy for multiple people to be comfortable on the same machine.

I am in love with this lawn mower. I cut lawns for a few of my neighbors all summer, so I need something reliable and up to the high workload. This machine starts on the first try every single time no matter how long Ive been using it, and it cuts great with or without the bag. I usually cut without the bag so I dont have to worry about emptying it Im all about efficiency.

Tyler B.

Comparison Table Of 6 Best Riding Lawn Mower With Bagger 2021


Tank Capacity:

Troy Bilt is one of the few companies that has been providing services to our gardens for many years. In any way, it has never disappointed its consumers. Making low cost land mowers is a win win situation for everyone.

The Troy Bilt Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower features a robust iron and plastic body that helps give the correct sharp edge through 18 inch turning radius tires and blades them straight off the base with its 30 inch cutting deck. When mowing, the ergonomically designed seat back is quite pleasant to sit on.

Physical Outlook: The Troy Bilt Neighborhood riding mower has a middling deck width for commercial usage is one of the reasons this mower is well known. In terms of mower and engine tensile strength, it falls in between Ryobi and Husqvarna. Furthermore, the handles may be readily adjusted. The wheel sizes are different in front and in back making it more stable compared to other riding mowers of the same size. We can mow around the pavements easily with 5 adjustable height settings to mow at different levels too.

OHV Troy Built Engine: The Troy Bilt Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower has a sturdy iron and plastic frame that helps provide the perfect sharp edge with 18 inch turning radius tires and a 30 inch cutting deck that blades them right off the base. The ergonomically constructed seat back is quite comfortable to sit on while mowing.


  • Bag on the small side.
  • No oil drain plug on the bottom.
  • Cord starter.

Reason to buy:

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Greenworks Commercial 82v 25

A large cutting area and dual active battery ports make the Greenworks Commercial 25-inch mower a self-propelled winner as the best battery lawn mower on the commercial side.

As the name indicates, Greenworks designed this model for professional use, giving it a more durable build. Note the steel deck, for example. It has an excellent feature set to go along with quiet operationjust 79 decibels from our operators ear.

The price might be an obstacle for some, and youll need to visit a dealer to get your hands on one to try it out.

Price: Starts at $649, $1220 as tested with two 5.0Ah batteries and charger.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers Engines Performance Comparison

11 Best Electric Push Lawn Mowers of 2020 [reviews]
Lawn Mower’s Model
21.5 HP Kawasaki engine

Cutting Width:

The cut width of the mower you choose will be determined by your yards estimate. The wider the cutting course, the better for a large garden. There are mowers with a cutting width as little as 14 inches available, as well as larger mowers with a cutting width of up to 50 inches. This has a significant impact on choosing a decision. For a small yard, you can get a mower with a 40 inch or smaller cutting deck, but for a large yard, such as a golf course, youll need a mower with a 50 inch cutting deck.

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What Is The Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower

To know what the best electric riding lawn mower is you need to know what the best option is for taking care of your garden, especially if you follow a few tips.

The mowers have blades on the bottom and can reduce a whole mornings work in a few minutes, thanks to their power and effectiveness.

To ensure that your lawn is always green and radiant, its a good idea to pay attention to the blades and change them whenever they start to rust, to prevent them from making uneven cuts that could damage your garden. There are never too many precautions if you want to have the perfect lawn. If you want to see our full buying guide for the best riding lawn mower, click here.

With Cord Or Cordless

Its also affected by the yards size. First, you should think about where your outlet is to connect with the lawn mower, is it convenient or not? Next, if you choose a corded one, how long the cord is, and will it allow you to ride through the whole yard are important factors.

In case youre having a small lawn, it wont be a problem, but if its big, cordless electric riding lawn machines will be a better option. Battery powered riding lawn mower is a cordless type that help the machine work by the energy from its built-in battery.

While a corded lawn mower provides power continuously, a battery powered riding mower might encounter a low battery situation and interrupt your task if you have charged it fully before doing your gardening task. On the other hand, one big advantage of battery operated riding lawn mower is the ability of moving easily to every part of your lawn and being ready even if your house has a power cut.

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Ryobi 38 In 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

The best riding lawn mower: the best electric ride-on version


Gas-powered ride-on lawnmowers might be the go-to for most due to the added power they offer, but electric is worth a look if you prefer lower maintenance, less noise, and better eco-credentials.

The Ryobi 38in is powered by 75Ah batteries and offers up to two hours of runtime. That should be enough to get around a couple of acres with ease, and it can be charged via a standard 120-volt outlet when it needs it, which is handy. Itll take about 14 hours to charge from the flat.

It features three brushless motors and a two-blade 38-inch deck, with 12 different cutting heights. It cuts well too, plus the ride is smooth, quiet, and fume-free.

Cruise control and automatic transmission are on board for an easy ride, plus theres a battery indicator on the control panel thatll tell you how much juice is remaining at a quick glance.

Of course, its worth remembering that for all the time and hassle youll save in servicing your mower as often as a gas one requires, the batteries of your electric mower will need replacing every now and then. They should last a fair few years though, so its far from a pressing concern.

The Troy-Bilt Pony 42-inch riding lawn mower offers all the power and features you need to manage a few acres of lawn, as the high-end versions, but does so at a very affordable price point.

Concepted to lift the grass before cutting to ensure consistent, neat cutting height.

Are Battery Riding Mowers Viable

Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2021 (Budget & Self Propelled)

There are a few riding mowers available for both professional and homeowner use. Professional crews have options such as Greenworks Lithium Z zero turn .

Homeowers have more choices with well-known brands Ryobi, Cub Cadet, and Craftsman providing a handful of zero turns and more traditional lawn tractors.

There are sure to be more coming soon for both types of users, including a highly-anticipated ZT from EGO.

The models weve tested work well and do the job theyre designed for. However, there are two key trade-offs you need to keep in mind. One, theres a big premium on the cost compared to a gas model. Two, at the moment you need to plan for long charge times.

A third consideration is simply that this class of electric lawn mower is still relatively new. Its possible to keep a gas model running for 10 years or more and repower it if necessary. With a full electric power plant, we simply dont know what kind of service life to expect with proper maintenance.

As battery technology continues to move forward, keep your eyes open for the first graphene or silicone lithium batteries. Theyre able to take a charge much faster than standard lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries and have the potential to get you back in the saddle quicker.

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