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What Is The Best Lawn Mower Battery

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Worx Wr150 Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Battery Lawnmower and Gas Mower Head to Head – 24 Models Tested

Best Robotic Battery Powered Lawn Mower

This is a robotic battery powered lawn mower that works just like a Roomba for your yard! Keep in mind this model is best for short-grassed residential lawns, not for rough turf. Owners can skip weekend mowing chores with their Landroid, cutting 9-inch-wide paths with customizable boundaries, random algorithms, and even the ability to auto-schedule mowing times through the accompanying app. To keep lawns neat and trim, schedule to have your lawn clipped multiple times a week.

This is the best battery powered lawn mower for those with big budgets but not a lot of time. If you can afford a convenience like this, youll never want to go back!

Cutting WidthCutting Height OptionsVoltage

How We Picked And Tested

As a result of our years of lawn mower evaluation, were sure that most people will be happiest with a self-propelled, electric cordless option. Honestly, it all comes down to convenience. Every single element of a gas mower that is considered a nuisancefrom the fiddly start-up to the annual maintenance scheduleis gone. Cordless mowers start with the push of a button, are easier to maneuver, and dont need oil changes, gas, spark plugs, or air filters. Theyre much quieter, they dont smell, they dont produce emissions, and theyre easier to store in the off-season. The run time has limitations, and charge times can be slow, but the latest models close the performance gaps between cordless and gas.

All that said, there are many capableand several excellentgas mowers available. Whatever type of mower you need, here are the criteria we feel matter most in making a selection:

Performance as a mower: We researched which mowers could perform the best from a lawn-care perspectivewhich could make cleaner cuts in grass or promote turf health. Weve measured this performance firsthand over years of long-term testing and in tests of new contenders against our established recommendations.

Charge time and run time: For cordless candidates, we looked at these two primary factors, which determine whether a battery will be adequate or frustrating. Because these two elements are so important, we looked only at mowers that used at least a 40-volt battery.

Who This Is For

If you want to be able to stand the sight of your yard this summer, youre going to need a lawn mower. Anything larger than a half-acre gets into riding-mower territory, but a self-propelled push mower is perfect for a half-acre or less. Going at a pace of about 3 mph , it will take about an hour to cut this amount of grass.

If you already own a gas mower thats less than a decade old, you will probably not notice a tremendous difference by upgrading to a newer gas mower. Upgrading to a cordless model is a more noticeable change you could immediately appreciate.

The Original Cordless Mower

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Expert Power Exp12180 Battery

It is another best product from the manufacturer of ExpertPower with 12-volt 18 Amp 20 Hour sealed lead acid rechargeable battery with nuts and bolts and has T1 type terminal.

It has rugged construction in which the high impact resistant battery case is made up of a non-conductive ABS plastic that has strong resistance to heat, shocks, vibration and chemical.

More durable, resilient and well-constructed battery that works well for lawn tractor by promising a long life, if used heavily in a rough environment.

It utilizes AGM technology and has a wide temperature range . Also, it is very easy to install and handle.

Production information: Dimension 7.1X3X6.6 inches, Weight 12 pounds, Warranty 1-year warranty for quality related issues and 90 day money back guarantee.


  • Durable and easy to install
  • AGM technology that ensures spill proof and safe to operate in any position.
  • Surge resistant


  • Some users say that this model battery is not suitable to use in other equipments, as it does not hold the charge for longer time.
  • Make sure to recharge the battery regularly after its usage.

Best Group U1 & U1r Battery Equivalents And Replacements

[5] Best Lawn Mower Battery Reviews [2020]

BCI Group U1 and U1R batteries are mostly general purpose/deep cycle batteries with only very few models being designed as dual-purpose and/or starting batteries.

Groups U1 and U1R batteries physical dimensions are 7 3/4 x 5 3/16 x 7 5/16 inches with the U1 battery having a positive terminal on the left side, and U1R having a positive terminal post on the right side of the battery .

Average lead-acid U1/U1R battery 10-20h capacity is usually in the 33-37 Ah range and average weight around 23-26 pounds.

As starting batteries, best U1/U1R batteries feature CCA ratings in the 300-320 range, while most of the batteries are able to provide at least 300 Amps for 3-5 seconds, with some models being able to provide 500+ Amps for 3-5 seconds.

The following cross-reference chart lists the most popular U1/U1R batteries with their most important features and specifications.

350 Amps 20.4 Amps, 60 minutes, down to 10.5 volts 23.2 lbs 10.5 kg

Note: Amazon affiliate links in the table open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

Best BCI Group U1 and U1R AGM batteries include:

VMAXTANKS V35-857 battery which features a CCA rating of 300 Amps and an RC value of 75 minutes at an acceptable weight of 25 pounds .

– Mighty Max ML-U1-CCAHR battery is a specially designed U1 lawn mower and tractor battery. It is lighter than other U1 batteries and weighs only 14.57 pounds and features a 10h capacity of ‘only’ 18 Ah.

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Best Riding: Ryobi 38 In 75 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

Cutting Width: 38 inches | Weight: 595 pounds | Run Time: 120 minutes | Cutting Options: Bag or side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1/22 acres

  • Great performance, even in thick grass

  • Quiet operation

  • No gas and limited maintenance required

If you have more than an acre of yard, its probably worthwhile to upgrade to a riding lawn mower, and believe it or not, this battery-powered riding mower from RYOBI is on-par with gas models. It has a 38-inch cutting deck and three brushless motors for superior power, and it can run for up to two hours per charge, allowing you to cut two acres worth of grass.

This mower charges through a standard 120-volt outlet, and it has a host of useful features, such as LED headlights, cruise control, USB charging ports, and more. Its extremely quiet during operation, and it has a 12-position height adjustment that lets you cut your grass just the way you like. Plus, theres no oil changes, spark plug or belt replacements, or harmful emissions, making it extremely easy to maintain.

Cutting Width: 42 inches | Weight: 580 pounds | Run Time: 90 minutes | Cutting Options: Side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1/22 acres

  • Compatible with various accessories and attachments

  • Runs for up to 90 minutes per charge

  • Deluxe seat for added comfort

  • Batteries charge fairly quickly

  • Only able to side-discharge as is

  • Expensive

Toro Recycler 21 Inch Smartstow 60v: Best Electric Lawn Mower For Speed

The Toro Recycler 21 inch SmartStow 60-Volt Cordless mower excels when it comes to small, flat lawns. This is all down to its cordless design and self propelled operation. The only drawback is that it takes a while to fully charge, and can only be used for 45 minutes at the time when the battery is finally full.

There is an added bonus when it comes to storage though, as it can be placed upright when it is not in use. You can also choose from three different options when it comes to discharging grass clippings. The warranty on this model is two years, which is average for a mower of this type.

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These Are The Lawnmowers I Actually Bought And Own

Below youll find a list of the biggest and strongest battery powered mowers that Ive found on the market this year. I own some of these and others Ive simply researched.

Ill add my personal thoughts on each on and review and compare them as best as I can.

For you internet readers I want you to know that Im a real dude with kids in the yard at my side. I love lawn care and you can trust that all thoughts on this page are meant to help you out in your lawn. I will be adding affiliate links below to products but in no way do I want to make you buy one product over another. Thats your decision.

Now lets get to the list.

What Are The Benefits Of A Cordless Lawn Mower

What is the best cordless self propelled lawn mower? Masterforce Greenworks 80 Volt Brushless Mower!

There are a variety of benefits to buying a cordless lawn mower in comparison to the more traditional petrol or electric models.

These benefits include:

  • Easy to manoeuvre: Without a cord, cordless lawn mowers are typically easy to manoeuvre. Most cordless mowers are lightweight, too, because there are fewer moving parts compared to a petrol mower.
  • Quiet: Cordless lawn mowers are powered by a lithium-ion battery making them much quieter than petrol-engine mowers.
  • No emissions: The lack of an engine means cordless lawn mowers do not emit emissions.
  • Minimal maintenance: Cordless lawn mowers do not need regular servicing like petrol mowers do.

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Expertpower 12v 7ah Lawn Mower Sealed Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery


ExpertPower has come up with this lawn mower battery, which is the most trusted with the highest-reviewed because of its outstanding features. Like other models, it runs with a power of 12 volts. Besides, it comes with a capacity of 7 AH, which can be crucial when considering all other things. The model is easy to use because it is valve-regulated and maintenance-free.There is a highly impact-resistant case, which is made from non-conductive ABS plastic to make it strong, durable, and resistant to vibration, chemicals, shock, and heat. Also, it has become the highest quality material that can be available in the market. Its external casing plays a significant role in protecting it against leaks and spills.I really appreciate the small size because it can make it convenient to carry from one place and have many popular applications. There is a unique design, which can allow it to be trouble-free and safe when operating during any orientation. The plates absorb the acid inside, thereby immobilized by a fine fiberglass mat. Also, it has glass mat technology that can ensure a leak-proof design.


  • It has a high-quality material
  • It is resistant to shock, vibrations, and heat
  • It is leak-proof
  • It does not last for long

How High Should You Cut Your Grass

Although it might seem simple at first, choosing a cutting height for your lawn actually depends on the type of grass you have. If you live in northern parts of the US, your grass will typically be cool-season grass. Select a cutting height of between two and three inches high.

If youre based in the southern regions, aim for a cutting height of two inches. Wherever youre based, dont be tempted to cut the grass shorter than two inches as this can damage it and youll end up with a sad looking lawn.

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What I Think About The Powersmart Ps76417

Equipped with a powerful brushless motor that offers a speed of 3600 RPM, this battery mower is quite impressive. It can handle tall and tough grass quite easily with its 17-inch steel mowing deck creates. It is good quality, efficient, and durable mower that can help you mow your lawn easily.

However, the mower does have issues with battery life and the fact that the additional battery is rarely in stock can make things quite annoying. But if you have a small lawn, the battery might not be an issue for you.

I really liked that the lawnmower is easy to assemble. Also, it is quite lightweight but does not seem too flimsy or wobbly. It gives a sturdy and tough feeling. It also comes with a good quality grass bag which might be small for some. But, as mentioned earlier, this mower is best suitable for small mowers which makes the small grass bag acceptable.

It does not have self-propulsion which can be a downside but it is quite lightweight so pushing it around would not be an issue for most of the buyers. Overall, the PowerSmart PS76417 is a good and affordable mower.

Similar Options: PowerSmart PS7682

Bosch Citymower 1: The Best Cordless Mower For Small Gardens

Lawn Mower Batteries At Tractor Supply

Price: £177 solo/£233 with 18V battery and charger |

Boschs mower for smaller gardens is a cracker much smaller than the mighty UniversalRotak 36-550, but also much cheaper and lighter. Whats more, you still get Ergoflex handles for good steering and a comfortable push, plus easy cutting-height adjustments and twin power triggers on the grips. Its one easy mower to work with, and it runs from a single 18V 4Ah battery, which charges to full in 1hr 35mins and lasts for a little over half an hour. You can either buy it complete with 18V 4Ah battery and charger, or solo if youve already got compatible Power For All products.

Your neighbours will definitely love this mower, as it makes so little noise we actually had to check the grass box to make sure it was cutting properly because it was so quiet. In fact, the cut is brilliant, with great results on flat areas, and a close cut next to walls and edges. The small-ish wheels and compact size mean its not the best mower on a rough or sloping lawn, while the minimum cutting height of 3cm wont be low enough for those who want the astroturf look. Yet the CityMower 18 can handle small areas of long, wet grass that youd expect to choke it up in seconds. With some of Boschs top technology in a cheaper, smaller mower, it all adds up to the best option for a smaller plot.

Key specs Size: 103 x 36 x 121cm Weight: 9.9kg Height of cut: 3-6cm Grass box capacity: 31l Power: 18V 4Ah lithium-ion battery Width of cut: 32cm

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Maintenance And Use Of Battery Water

Just like with any lawn care equipment, its important to practice proper maintenance of the battery. Well expound on this later on, but some general points include checking connections, cables, and terminals. They should be properly placed and cleaned to stop dust and other debris from affecting the batteries.

Also, there are lawn tractor batteries that utilize battery water. These particular models need checking the battery water levels to ensure an optimal operation.

The 12 Strongest Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Of : Real Reviews + Mower Comparisons

I have a super thick lawn and Im going to guess that you might have a dense patch of grass yourself so only the strongest battery powered lawn mowers will do for us.

Most cordless electric mowers will do the job alright for the typical homeowner but only the strongest mowers will perform well in all situations and environments. Only these battery mowers rival the power of gas.

The mowers Ive featured on this page are the best, the strongest, and the most feature packed options available. For the most part they all:

  • are self-propelled
  • have the largest and most powerful motors
  • can cut large lawns on a single charge
  • will not bog down in thick or tall grass
  • can mulch just as good as gas-powered mowers
  • can cut wet grass if needed

When shopping for a cordless electric mower the strength of your mowers battery and motor is very important.

Nobody wants to mow their lawn in stages where they have to wait for a battery to recharge just to finish the job and nobody wants their mower to bog down in thick turf just because they missed a regular mow and the grass got a little over grown.

This page is long Ive personally purchased and tested most of the mowers featured below. Ive invested thousands of dollars on these units and I will give you a lot more info on them than you can find on the side of the box or on a stores sales page.

The Strongest Cordless Mowers: Last Updated Winter 2021

Yes 20

You can jump straight to my reviews by clicking this link.

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How To Recycle Your Lawn Battery

When the lifespan of your battery has run its course, it’s important to find a safe way to dispose of it. That’s why every Batteries Plus Bulbs location offers a drop-off point for your used lawn tractor and mower batteries. From 12-volt lawn mower batteries to heavy-duty riding mower batteries, we’re happy to take care of your personal and commercial .

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2021

EGO VS RYOBI – Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower Review

Our round up of the best lawn mowers, as tested by our experts.

Choosing the best lawn mower can be a tricky task, with so many models on the market and such a wide range of brands. There are four main types of mower available at hugely varying prices and all with different features that need to be considered.

To make things easier, we focus on some of the key points to look for when choosing a lawn mower and explain some of the benefits and drawbacks of the different types.

Weve also included a list of ten of our best lawn mowers across the board, as tested by our experts. All the models on our list have been awarded Best Buy status after being thoroughly put through their paces. Every one of them has scored a minimum of 4.5 out of 5 overall, so you can be assured that youre looking at one of the best machines in its category.

There are a range of styles on the list including both corded and cordless mowers, all of which offer various functions and additional features. To make things as clear as possible, weve included a list of pros and cons for each model, so you can make an informed choice on the best lawn mower for you.

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