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How To Get Rid Of Flying Ants In The Lawn

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What Are Flying Ants And How They Look

How to Get Rid of Small Flying Insects in the Lawn

The flying ants you see are not a unique species. They are members of different ant species like carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants, and many others that develop wings when they are ready to mate.

Such ants are regarded as the reproductive members of the colony. Every ant species usually have the flying members who come out for a brief period to mate and increase their population.

The flying ants are usually made of males and females . After mating, the males die while the females lose their wings and look for nests to start a new generation. Its common to see flying ants swarming in thousands because colonies send out many flying ants at one go.

This is because only a small number out of these will survive the mating stage and start a new generation. The majority of them are eaten by predators like birds, while some end up dying from lack of food and water.

So what do flying ants look like? Well, most people confuse flying ants with termites due to their size and wings. But identifying flying ants shouldnt be hard for you. Winged ants have a pinched body between the thorax and the abdomen, whereas termites have a straight-sided body.

Also, ants have four wings with unequal lengths with the two front wings being longer and the two back wings being shorter. The termites wings, on the other hand, are of equal length.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Ants: 6 Tips After Britain’s Summer Insect Invasion

We bring you six top tips after people have been going crazy on social media about the seeming invasion of the pests

  • 20:23, 2 Aug 2015

Social media has become swarmed with people ‘creeped out’ by the invasion of flying ants over Britain.

Celebrities such as Eamonn Holmes and McBusted singer Danny Jones have joined hundreds in complaining about the pests.

Panic no more. Here are six top tips to help you tackle the little creatures head on.

How To Distinguish Flying Ants From Termites

Flying ants and termites have very different body shapes. They also have different types of wings.

  • The body shape of an ant has three distinct segments including a defined waist while a termite has a head and thick waist.
  • Ants have one pair of long wings in front and one pair of short wings in back.
  • Ants have bent antennae while termites have straight antennae.
  • Termites have two pairs of equal length wings.

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Nothing Kills An Afternoon Of Outdoor Leisure And Grilling Like A Swarm Of Flying Ants In Your Face

Ok, so you’ve got this beautiful patio installed in your back yard, and you have an epic cookout planned for summer. You’ve got your menu ready, your guests have RSVPd, and you’re days away from the big event.

Then BAM. The uninvited guests show up. Dozens, if not hundreds of pesky flying ants swarming all up in your face every time you go outside. You can’t have people over with this nuisance, they’ll leave early and never show up again! It’s time to take action.

Flying Ants Vs Termites

How to Get Rid of Ant Hills in the Lawn

The Spruce / Brianna Gilmartin

Flying ants take flight to mate, gathering in massive clusters, then return to an existing nest or seek out a new one. Flying ants do not bite, and they pose no danger to humans. However, winged ants look a lot like termitesa pest that can be a significant problem if you don’t treat them properly. Identify the insects by looking for key features:

  • Termites: The wings are an equal length, the antennae are straight, as is the abdomen.
  • Flying ants: The wings are unequal in length, the antennae are bent, and the abdomen is thin, with a clearly visible “waist.”

While carpenter ants will carve out tunnels and galleries in decaying wood in order to nest, termites actually consume the wood, which means the damage they cause can be much more severe.

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Soil Drench Powder Granules Baits

N.C. State;offers some advice for how to;get rid of ants yourself via soil drench, powder or granules, and baits, and the characteristics of each product type.

Soil drench:

  • Fast-acting, best applied in high-traffic areas with low tolerance for ant activity
  • Must apply with at least two gallons per mount to reach the queen in the nest
  • Best applied mid-morning when ants are closest to the surface
  • Do not physically disturb the mound before or after application


  • Apply to the top of the mound and follow up with irrigation
  • Make sure irrigation is significant enough for the active ingredient to reach the queen


  • Slow acting, may take three days or up to two weeks
  • Do not place bait stations on top of the mound, but within a two-foot radius around the mound
  • The product must be fresh and kept dry

Bachman doesnt recommend the home remedy of using instant grits as ant bait and killer. Folks think the ants eat the grits and the grits then expand inside the ant and kill it.

But worker ants dont eat solid food, he explains. They give the food to other ants still developing inside the nest, who vomit up liquid food that other ants then eat.

So using instant grits is essentially feeding the ants.

The insecticides that Bachman recommends using are carbohydrates with the poison attached. That means when those other ants vomit up the food, it contains that insecticide that then kills the ants.

Chili Or Cayenne Pepper

To exterminate ants, surround the ant mound with chili or cayenne pepper.

Some homeowners mix chili or cayenne pepper with coffee grounds to make the repellent more efficient. But, the coffee grounds effectiveness in getting rid of ants is yet to be proven. While this is a natural alternative to repelling ants, avoid pets from digesting the pepper.

Chili or Cayenne pepper mixed with water repel ants. The mixture masks ants trail and can be poured inside the ant mound.

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Did You Get Rid Of The Crane Flies

The best approach is to use a natural way to get rid of them, then try using a lawn pesticide if you cant get anything to succeed.

After that, consult a professional if youre still not seeing the crane flies disappear.

Questions? Drop a comment and let me know.

And if you found this guide to be useful, please let me know also =]. Please tell a neighbor or friend who may get some use out of it.

Thanks for reading.

How To Get Rid Of Crane Flies In Your Lawn


So, you need to know How To Get Rid Of Crane Flies before they hatch in your lawn. And destroy your grass.

In this article, well talk about these topics:

  • Why you have crane flies
  • Why there are so many out of seemingly nowhere
  • Ways How To Get Rid Of Crane Flies
  • What to spray to kill the larvae
  • When to hire a professional exterminator
  • How to keep them out of your home
  • And more

Use the table of contents to quickly find the info you need.

If you have any questions, leave a comment.

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Ant Control And Treatment

Are you wondering how to get rid of ants in the house and in the garden? Here weve listed a few different ant pest controls, ranging from cultural and biological to chemical. All the suggestions aim to get rid of the ants nests, but ant controls should be used only where the nests are causing a real problem.

Ants in the house

  • Sprinkle ant granules where you see ants in the house. The ants take the sugary granules back to the nest, destroying the entire colony.
  • Spray with an ant stop spray insecticide which can be used on cracks and crevices on indoor and outdoor walls where ants travel.
  • Install an ant trap next to ants nests or runs. Worker ants collect bait from the bait station and take it back to the nest where they share the bait with other ants in the nest, including the queen ant.

Ants in the garden

When Is Flying Ant Day

This annual swarming event usually occurs in July or August and coincides with a period of hot and humid weather. Winged ants appear at different times around the country and local weather conditions are critical for the coordination of swarming activity.

Ants tend to fly earlier in urban areas than rural areas, probably because temperatures are generally warmer in urban environments, known as the urban heat island effect.

In summer, a spell of good weather often leads to sightings of winged ants, called alates, which emerge from their nests © Clint Budd via Flickr

It can be unfortunate timing for tennis players at Wimbledon. There are years when flying ants plague players during their matches, causing so much disruption it makes the news. However, swarms of flying ants can appear any time between June and the start of September.

A multi-year citizen science project by the Royal Society of Biology found that the widely held idea of a ‘flying ant day’ is actually a misconception: there is no single day when ants fly all at once. Rather, there is a ‘flying ant season’. Winged ants actually emerge over several weeks, although there are often several peaks in appearances, each lasting only a few days. The precise pattern of swarming varies from year to year.

Swarming is triggered by the weather: the study found that ants only flew on days when it was warm, not windy and conditions had improved compared to the previous day.

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Spray Em As You See Em

Insecticide sprays are highly effective in killing these ants upon contact.;

However, this is only an advisable option if you are dealing with just a few flying ants at home. Spraying aerosol insecticide can only kill ants one by one as they fly into the mist unless theirs a residual effect.

Below are a few tips you can use to maximize your success when using an aerosol spray to take down the carpenter ants in your home.

  • If you have children or pets at home, make sure to buy an ant insecticide spray composed of chemicals marked for indoor use.
  • Spray when you have the house to yourself. If this isnt possible, corner yourself in one spot in the house to avoid accidental contact with other family members.
  • To make sure that your spray is highly effective in killing ants mid-flight, purchase a spray nozzle with a wide coverage range.

If you prefer to use a milder formula, you can easily make one on your own. Simply mix water and soap with essential oils known as effective ant repellents. These include peppermint, cinnamon leaf, pine oil, and lemon juice.;

How Can I Control Flying Ants

Controlling Ants In The Lawn

Flying ants can become extremely detrimental to your property and home. When you know that youre dealing with flying ants, here are ways that you can control them:

  • Vacuum You can immediately vacuum the swarm to remove them from the nest or hiding place.
  • Fix Damaged Wood Obviously you want to make sure your house is in good shape, but by fixing the damaged wood youre preventing them from furthering the damage that they caused.
  • Seal Cracks Make sure no spaces are open for the ants to fly indoors and cause damage.
  • Apply Treatment Terro® Outdoor Ant Killer Spray can help you eliminate flying ants on the spot.
  • Prevention and Prep When it comes to dealing with pests, its much easier to deal with them before they come into your house. Use our Terro® Spring Kit to make sure youre protected from all sorts of pests this season.

If you see some bugs flying nearby, safely grab one of them and check it out. That way, you’ll know when to use TERRO® Ant Products, and when to break out our arsenal against carpenter ants and termites.

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Why Are The Ants Swarming

Are your flying ants swarming? When an ant colony is first starting up, all the ants it produces are sterile, female worker ants. But when a colony decides to expand, it starts producing winged, sexually mature males and females. These ants take off in a swarm called a nuptial flight and begin to mate. When female ants have been fertilized, they start a new colony. So, that’s why you see all those ants flying around. These ants aren’t as destructive as carpenter ants or termites, but they’re still annoying.

What Is A Flying Ant

Flying ants are not a unique species of ant, but rather one developmental phase common to all ant species. Flying ants, or alates, are male and female ants;that have reached sexual maturity. These ants fly;out of their colonies with the goal of mating. They are normally most active in the warm days of late spring and summer, and the behavior often leads to new colonies being formed.

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How To Pavement Ants Get Insidehome

If you see pavement ants in your house, definitely theremust be an entry point. They can come inside your house through those tinyopenings in foundations or gaps in door and window frames. Once they areinside, they tend to seek for food and moisture.

In your business premise, these ants are likely to be seenin dining tables, bars and restaurants which are the main source for steadymeals. They can use foundation cracks, wiring pipes to enter the building andspread out.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Ants In The Garden

How to kill Lawn Pest plus how to get rid of Fire Ants

You can grow herbs like rosemary, peppermint, lavender, and lemon balm around your house to keep ants away. These herbs are great for repelling ants and other pests around your home. However, you need to be careful with plants like mint since they can become invasive if not contained and overtake your garden.

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What Do Pavement Ants Eat

This is a crucial question? Pavements ants eat leftovers,dead matters, honeydew, sugary and greasy foods, meat, pet food, seeds,insects, meat, etc. They can eat almost many foods the humans eat. While insearch of these food, they have the ability to travel back to their nestefficiently.

They move in discipline in taking the food back to the nest.When moving back to their nest, the release a scent though a stinger whichhelps the worker ants to find food and later take it back to the nest.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Ants Nest Outside

Step 1 Use a stationary bug zapper to lure and kill flying ants.;You can also use an insecticide spray intended for outdoor use to kill individual flying ants.

Step 2 Purchase ant bait intended for outdoor use. This will exterminate any ant colonies living on your property.;

This product;works especially well for flying pests.; Just press a button on the side of the handle, and bring the paddle in contact with the flying ant.;An electrical impulse will kill it immediately.;This product contains a built-in safety feature, so you dont need to worry about using it around kids or pets.;

Hoont 1 Robust Electric Indoor Ant Zapper;also uses electricity to kill flying ants. It includes a fan that will suck in flying ants and other bugs. A removable tray at the bottom collects the dead bugs, allowing easy cleanup.

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Create A Trap Using Borax And Sugar

Borax is toxic to ants. So, you can create flying ant bait using borax and sugar. By mixing the borax with sweet-smelling sugary bait, the ants will not notice the borax. As a result, they carry it to the colony for every ant to feed. Once they feed on the borax, the queen, together with the worker ants die.

To make this trap work, make a paste of borax and sugar and place it in the infested area. This trap can be used inside the house or outside. However, ensure the borax is kept away from pets and children as it can be toxic in high dosage.

Home Remedies For Flying Ants

How to get rid of ants in lawn? Get Rid of Ants in Grass ...

If you prefer a greener solution to your flying ant problem, there are a number of options available that are safe and effective. Here are a few ways to kill flying ants naturally:

Kill Flying Ants With Vinegar

Mix a half-water, half-vinegar solution into a spray bottle and spray it on flying ants. This will not only kill the flying ants, but it will also deter other members of the colony, as ants hate the smell of vinegar.;;

Essential Oil for Flying Ants

Tea tree oil is known to kill and repel flying ants.;Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil with two cups of water in a spray bottle, and spray the mist directly onto the flying ants.;Just be careful when using tea tree oil around pets, as it can make them sick.

DIY Flying Ant Killer

Mix liquid dish soap and water into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the flying ants.; The soapy mixture will cling to the ants exoskeletons and suffocate them.

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