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What Is The Best Lawn Tractor On The Market

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What Is The Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills

What’s the Difference Between a Lawn Tractor and a Garden Tractor?

A sloping or hilly landscape might add tons of character to your property, but its certainly not easy to mow. In fact, a lawn with hills can be up to 20 times tougher to maintain than a flat yard, especially if youre using a walk-behind model to mow uphill or downhill. Trusty push mowers wont be able to deal with it. You need to look at riding mowers such as self-propelled mowers or zero-turn mowers to tackle hills.

Luckily, this is why these mowers are so convenient for tidying up your lawn and collecting grass clippings. While these powerful models make mowing the grass easy, its best to make sure you purchase one thats perfect for uneven terrain. This will ensure that your rider is both efficient and not prone to slipping or tipping over.

One of the best options for tackling hilly areas is the Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 42 Zero Turn Mower. With a command center optimized for comfort, youll find this riding mower a breeze for mowing over rough terrain.

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Best For Bigger Lawns: John Deere E120

The John Deere E120s powerful 20 horsepower V-Twin gas engine is among the top engines in this class. It has the power and torque to handle many different types of cutting situations, and it blends all that muscle with a smooth, agile ride and cruise control.

A redesigned mower deck lift lever makes it easy to lift heights from one to four inches. The ergonomic design of the control compartment makes the tractor comfortable, and John Deere loyalists love the easy 30-second oil change system. You also get a choke-free ready-start system, and the fade-resistant composite hood wont rust or dent.

What Else We Considered

What else we recommend and why:

Ryobi RY48ZTR100 : This mower combines the maneuverability of a zero-turn mower with the convenience and hassle-free operation of a battery-powered machine. Its 100 Ah battery provides a 2-hour runtime, and the 42-inch deck can handle yards up to 3 acres in size. The digital battery level readout is my favorite feature, ensuring that you always know how much juice you have left, so you’ll never be stranded out in the middle of the yard. It’s on the higher end of the price spectrum though, which is why we decided not to include it as one of our options.

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Best For Ease Of Use Lawn Mower

Why We Like It: This riding mower focuses on ease of use and comfort for the user. It is evidenced by the powerful engine being equipped with ReadyStart technology, which means an easy start every time.

The tight, 16-inch cutting circle means that you can navigate easily around any obstacles in your lawn. The pedal-operated transmission means you can change speed AND direction without letting go of the steering wheel.

The 54-inch cutting deck is impressive on its own. But whats more, is that this mower includes 3 blades to do the cutting. The mower deck does not engage when the engine is turned on. Instead, the operator can activate the cutting deck via a switch on the control panel. It ensures enhanced safety as well as lengthening the life of your blades.

Who Should Buy It: This is the mower for you if you want a hassle-free lawn mowing experience. The large cutting deck paired with the tight turning circle means you can mow your lawn in fewer passes.

How To Properly Choose Your Lawn Mower

10 Best Lawn Tractor For 5 Acres â Buyerâs Guide &  Reviews 2021
  • Price.
  • The price of the lawnmower will most likely be one of the top three factors governing which model you are going to purchase.

    The more features you want and the larger the size, the more expensive the initial investment is going to be.

    While you can expect to pay a decent amount of money no matter which lawn mower you purchase, it is definitely important to weigh out the pros and cons to ensure you are not spending more money than you need to on features that arent important.

  • Cordless vs. Corded.
  • When it comes to electric mowers, you can find them in both corded and cordless models. Corded models are great because they can cut for as long as they need to, whereas battery powered models are reliant on the battery life.

    The last thing you want is to be in the middle of the yard and have your mower die.

    Battery powered mowers do have the advantage in maneuverability though they can go longer distances and get around obstacles way easier than corded mowers dragging around an extension cord. The best option will really depend on your yard shape and décor.

  • Electric, Gas, or Manual.
  • There are many models for electric, gas, and manual mowers on the market. Before deciding which model you want, deciding on the overall category that is best for you and your property must e the first step.

    There are many factors that go into this decision since each mower type offers different benefits and drawbacks. For help making this decision, check out our Things to Know section above.

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    Best Riding Mower For Large Lawnsjohn Deere Riding Lawn Mower

    Other riding mowers arent as safe or, quite frankly, as sexy as this John Deere lawnmower. Its 60-inch gauge steel deck is designed for lawns over four acres, and its zero-turn capabilities make it versatile enough to be used on heavily landscaped lawns, flat, or even sloped grounds. The electric start, adjustable handlebars, cup holder, and easy-to-clean deck on this John Deere Mower bring a level of luxury to cutting the grass.

    One satisfied customer explained of this impressive mower, This things amazing. I went from a 42-inch tractor-style mower to this beast, and as soon as I did, I wished I’d done it years ago. I now have six hours on it and actually look forward to mowing day. This more than cut my time in half.


    Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Garden Tractor Review

    If you’re in the market for a new garden tractor, it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. There are many different models and brands available, and each one has its own unique set of features.

    In this blog post, we will discuss 4 things to consider before purchasing a garden tractor. We’ll also provide a review of some of the best models on the market today!

    1. Need

    When shopping for a garden tractor, the first thing you need to consider is what your specific needs are. Do you need a tractor that can handle heavy-duty tasks like plowing snow or hauling dirt?

    Or do you simply need something to help with basic lawn care? Once you’ve determined what your needs are, it will be easier to narrow down your choices.

    2. The size of your tractor

    Next, you’ll want to consider the size of your tractor. Garden tractors come in a variety of sizes, from compact models that are easy to maneuver around tight spaces, to larger models that can handle more heavy-duty tasks. Choose a size that will be appropriate for the area you plan on using it in.

    3. The type of transmission

    Another important consideration is the type of transmission your tractor has. Some garden tractors have hydrostatic transmissions, which offer infinite speed control and are very easy to operate.

    Other tractors have gear-driven transmissions, which are more durable but can be more difficult to operate. Choose the type of transmission that best suits your needs.

    4. The engine size

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    Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

    Now that you know our top picks, its time to unpack each offering in further detail. All of the models in this review are a good buy. However, each of them has a unique offering to suit different size lawns and operating conditions.

    Well give you everything you need to know about each model, and what you can expect from its performance. If you need some more information to help you settle on your purchase decision, then check out our buyers guide later in this review. We also have a useful FAQ section to help you make your final choice.

    Buying Guide For Best Riding Lawn Mowers

    BUYERS GUIDE | Choosing the Best Zero Turn Mower / Lawn Mower

    A riding lawn mower is a wise investment, but finding the right one can be a daunting process. Advice abounds on the internet and elsewhere, but much of it comes from manufacturers themselves.

    When faced with questions about a large purchase like this, it helps to get an unbiased opinion. That’s where the BestReviews team steps in. Were proud to deliver a complete, balanced view of the options available to you.

    We identified five riding lawn mowers, also known as lawn tractors, that deliver top performance and superb value. Each hails from a respected manufacturer, and each provides an excellent fit for particular needs. Please see our product list, above, for information about these fine products.

    And if you want more in-depth information on the subject, please delve into our shopping guide, below.

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    What We Think Of The Worx Wg779 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

    Worxs WG779 battery powered mower offers one of the quietest operations of any mower on the market. Battery power removes the need for gas purchases and extensions cords and eradicates the range limitation typically seen with electric mowers. The battery life can run this mower for up to 5500 sq. ft. An eco mode for light jobs saves on battery life, while the turbo mode allows this mower to cut through long/thick grass with ease.

    This mower has a 14 clearance width although pretty average for the industry, it does suit smaller properties better since it will take more passes to get the job done. Combine the small clearance width with the limitation of battery life, and you may have a hard time using this machine for large lawns. The last thing you want to do is charge the batteries halfway through a cut, so take your yard into consideration before purchasing this model.

    This cordless electric mower is the best mower Ive ever owned. The batteries really simplify things for me, I dont have to worry about having gas on hand or dragging a cord around. There is much less hassle and I love how quiet it is. I can cut the grass while my young children are sleeping, and it doesnt wake them up. For me, it doesnt get better than this battery powered mower.

    Krista L.

    How Much Will A Garden Tractor Cost

    Garden tractors are more heavy-duty than riding mowers, so you can expect to find a higher price tag. Depending on the size and features of the garden tractor, the average price range starts at $2,000 for basic models and can go as high as $8,000 or above for bigger machines.

    One thing to keep in mind is that many of the attachments that are used for other outdoor tasks will come separately. You will need to buy each one individually, and the cost will vary depending on which one you buy.

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    Types Of Riding Lawn Mowers

    There are essentially three types of riding mowers to choose from: rear-engine mowers, front-engine lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers. What type of mower you want depends on your property size, terrain, budget, and preferred method of mowing. We recommend a rear-engine mower for up to two acres and a tractor or zero-turn model for up to four acres. Although lawn tractors might have convenient attachments to help with other yard work, zero-turn mowers have a better turning radius to accurately follow edges and efficiently turn around on passes when cutting large amounts of flat land.

    All three types are available in gas- or electric-powered machines. Battery mowers are quieter than their gas-engine counterparts, whereas the latter can more easily handle extreme mowing conditions, such as tall, thick grass. Regardless of the power source, riding lawn mowers come with multiple cutting height settings, typically from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

    Which Is The Right Riding Mower For You

    Best Garden Tractor Review Guide For 2020

    Other than your budget, there are a lot of features and scenarios you have to consider while shopping for a new riding mower. The size of your yard will determine how wide the cutting deck should be, though either a 42 or 46-inch version will be more than enough for most yards.

    You can choose either a manual or hydrostatic transmission. A manual model lets you “set and forget” your speed so you can focus, while hydrostatic models operate more like cars, going faster the harder you press the pedal. This makes them more intuitive to operate, but also more expensive.

    Zero turn mowers are designed for mowing in oddly-shaped areas or around lots of obstacles like trees, lamp posts, and lawn ornaments. They’re called “zero turn” because they have a zero-inch turn radius you pivot around either rear wheel for ultra-tight turning.

    Choose this riding mower

    A commercial-grade mower for a landscaping business or large rural property

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    Most Inexpensive Lawn Tractor On The Market: Troy

    The most inexpensive lawn tractor of all the ones available on the market is the Pony 42X by Troy-Bilt. It has a cutting deck width of 42 inches and a turn radius of 18 inches. This is easy to operate since it includes a bagging and mulching kit.

    The 17½ horsepower engine has a displacement of 547cc with a manual transmission that offers seven gears. You can achieve a max speed of 5½ mph with the gas tank holding 1.36 gallons of fuel. It gives all the features and conveniences of a luxury model but without the high price tag.

    Seven speeds and excellent power

    How Do You Decide Which Riding Mower To Buy

    Assuming you have a budget in mind, the first thing you need to do is find out how big your lawn is. You can either find your lot size on your memorandum deeds if you’ve bought your house, or you can check your city’s website to see if you can request lot measurements if you’re renting. If your lot measures about an acre, you’ll be able to use a 30 or 42-inch cutting deck without any issues. For lawns up to two acres, a 42 or 46-inch deck is ideal. And if your lot is over two acres, you can get a mower with up to a 72-inch cutting deck to handle larger areas.

    The transmission type is also important. Many newer models have what is known as a hydrostatic drive. This means that they operate similar to how a car drives: you push the pedal and it moves forward or backwards. And the harder you push, the faster you go. This makes it easier to learn how to drive, but that also makes the mower more expensive. More stripped-back models have variable speed manual transmissions, which allow you to “set and forget” your speed so you can focus on paying attention to obstacles and people who may be nearby.

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    Tips On How To Best Use Riding Mowers

    Many models are versatile and can effectively be converted from mower to autumn leaf/debris cleanup or winter snow removal by just changing, removing and/or replacing the power deck with a different attachment. You can seed, de-thatch, plow snow or perform other operations quickly and efficiently using a powerful unit that has easy-change attachments that adapt it to a variety of conditions.

    These devices reduce the time and effort it takes to mow your yard or acreage. They may be small affordable rear engine models, heavy-duty lawn and garden tractor models, or more expensive zero-turning 360-degree, high performance commercial models. Heavier tractor type models are best-suited for mowing 5+ acres. Smaller rear engine riding options are best for ½ – ¾ acres or more. offer the fastest maneuverability on flat lawns.

    Their technologies include more power and versatility upgrades as well as a variety of luxury attachments such as adjustable seats, stereos, automatic transmissions, and cruise control. New solar and battery-powered robotic models are being developed. Biodiesel and hydro-cell engines are being improved as alternatives to gas and electric engines.

    Be prepared to spend $500 or more for a riding lawn mower. A low-end, 14HP model starts at $1,000. Small garden tractors range between $2,500 and $4,500. Larger tractor options can run as high as $9,000 or more.

    What Size Mower Should I Get

    âRiding Lawn Mower: Best Riding Lawn Mower (Buying Guide)

    It’s up to you how big of a mower you’re comfortable handling or paying for, but the general rule of thumb is, the larger your lawn, the wider you probably want your mower deck to be. This is because the wider your deck, the more grass you’ll be cutting with each pass, and the fewer passes you’ll need to finish the job. That being said, extra-wide mowers can sometimes struggle with hills and steep inclines and can have trouble maneuvering around landscaping features, ponds, and garden beds. A mower with a smaller deck might be a more practical choice in these cases, and even though they cut less grass on each pass, their superior mobility could get the job finished quicker in the end.This can be a lot to think about, which is why Blake mentioned the importance of consulting with an experienced outdoor power dealer, explaining that “whether you have 1 acre or 20, let your dealer help you with size so you don’t buy too small or too big, since you want your choice to last you for years.”

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