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When To Fertilize Lawn In Houston

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Why You Should Hire Professional Lawn Care In Houston

When to Fertilize Zoysia Grass – Houston Grass – Pearland Sugar Land Richmond TX

Creating and executing a high quality lawn care plan for your specific area can be a lot of work, especially on top of all the other duties homeowners have to take on. Houston is a humid area that attracts many mosquitoes, which can make toiling outside very unpleasanton the plus side, some lawn care companies also offer mosquito control.

Taking proper care of a Houston lawn requires extensive knowledge of the unique lawn and its individual needs, from fertilization and aeration to weed and grub control. Professional lawn care companies are equipped with the proper expertise, equipment, and products to keep your lawn in the best condition.

Where To Plant Grass

Where you plant is also a factor. Some grasses must have full sun exposure, while others can tolerate a little or a lot of shade. Be sure to choose a species suited for your location.

Tree planting in Houston is common, so your grass may be planted under trees or into an open field. Some people use a seed mix of sun- and shade-tolerant species to ensure optimal growth in any location.

Additionally, the soil under either the grass seed or sod should be prepared before the turf goes in. Check the soils Ph balance to determine the types of nutrients it needs to best support your future lush and healthy lawn.

And dont forget water levels while planting grass in Texas! Some grasses need only minimal watering, while others will wilt and die in even mild drought conditions.

The best time to water grass in Houston will depend on the species of grass you have. Be sure your location will provide the right amount of moisture for the species of grass you choose.

Finally, select a grass seed type that best suits your intended use. Areas that will have lots of foot traffic will need a hardier species of grass, while other areas that are more decorative than active will support a less hardy type.

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn After Seeding

Now that your grass has been seeded and you have your new regular fertilizer, how soon should you use it? As much as you might want to encourage growth and hurry the process along as quickly as possible, its best to wait before re-fertilizing your new grass.

How long? At least four weeks, and possibly as many as eight.

If you give in and re-fertilize too early, the nutrients will not be absorbed by the roots, and you can have runoff that, as we already mentioned, can make its way into the water supply or harm water-dwelling creatures. Moreover, over-fertilizing can actually leach more nutrients from the soil, leaving a deficiency of nutrients when your new turf is finally ready to be replenished.

Save yourself frustration and possible contamination: do not re-fertilize early. After this, you can adhere to the following regular annual fertilization schedule:

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Follow These Steps To Apply Measured Amounts Of Fertilizeran Alternative Way To Spread Fertilizer:

  • Measure each section of your lawn in square feet. You need to do this only once. This step is necessary to apply measured amounts of fertilizer to a known lawn area.
  • Calculate the amount of the selected fertilizer product you wish to apply per 1,000 square feet. Refer to Table 2.
  • Weigh out only the amount of fertilizer needed for a section of lawn. Example: A 9-?-? fertilizer would need 11 pounds of fertilizer to apply 1 pound of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. If the yard measures 2,000 square feet, it would need 22 pounds of 9-?-? fertilizer placed in the spreader.
  • The only tools you need to weigh the fertilizer in measured amounts are a bathroom scale and a large bucket.

  • Cut back the spreader setting to the smallest opening that still enables a good distribution pattern from your spreader.
  • Apply the measured amount of fertilizer by using the spreader to apply it at right angles, repeating until the measured amount of fertilizer is gone. Although this may take three or four passes, it is easy to do and applies the fertilizer uniformly, in measured amounts.
  • When To Plant Grass In Houston Texas

    When Should You Fertilize New Sod

    Posted by Zodega

    A lush expanse of soft green lawn is the perfect accent to the curb appeal of your stately Houston home, while it also cools the facades of the citys many business parks and office buildings.

    Whether seeding or sodding a Houston lawn, there are grass seed choices to make, and optimal planting circumstances to note for your landscaping and yard maintenance in Texas.

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    Rake Leaves Remove Debris And Mow

    Old leaves, sticks, and other debris left over from autumn can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which can lead to brown patch and other annoying fungal problems. Rake them up, or consider mulching them by running the lawnmower over them. This way, the leaves will break down quickly and deliver valuable nutrients to the soil that will help feed your grass. Plus, youll get that last final mow in for the season, so youre hitting two birds with one stone!

    Texas Lawn Fertilizer Guide By Season

    How often should you fertilize your lawn in Texas? Homeowners should do lawn fertilization for Texas lawns twice a season. Regularly scheduled lawn fertilization helps soil receive the nutrients it needs to grow strong, green, healthy grass year-round. Below we have created a Texas Lawn Fertilizer Guide with tips and answers about how to care for the lawn.

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    Know How Much Fertilizer To Use

    All St. Augustine grass turfs require a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. However, there are many different opinions about which ratio is best, which is why checking your soils pH is important.

    Some experts recommend 6.5lb per 1,000 square feet, while others say that 4lb per 1,000 square feet is best. That is quite a difference! The default is 1lb per 1,000 square feet.

    However, all of this depends on your soil, your sub-type of grass, your sun exposure, and myriad other contributing factors. We recommend defaulting to 1lb/1,000 sq ft, but if this isnt yielding satisfactory results, then you should always consult a professional.

    How Often To Fertilize Lawn

    What’s the Best Spring Fertilizer for Houston Lawns – Pearland Sugar Land Richmond TX

    Over-fertilizing is a thing. If once a year is right for your lawn, stick with that and dont get carried away. Fertilizer can be a valuable tool to keep a lawn healthy, dense and looking great, but it can also create environmental concerns if not used responsibly. Follow the label instructions on your fertilizer as each product has unique specifications and needs.

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    Houston Lawn Fertilizer Service

    Keep in mind that Houston lawns may have particular conditions that require variations of a standard Texas lawn fertilizer schedule, such as periodically supplementing nitrogen with iron to promote greening without weakening the grass.

    For more information about Zodega TISs commercial lawn services in Houston or our residential lawn service in Houston, feel free to contact us today!

    When To Fertilize St Augustine Grass In Texas

    St. Augustine grass is a Texas favorite, due to its resilience and its deep green blades. With broad leaves and thick roots, it provides a hardy, weed-resistant ground cover.

    With all manicured lawns, its important to know exactly what your grass type needs in order to stay healthy. Lets explore some important information about maintaining a vibrant bed of St. Augustine grass.

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    The More You Know The More Your Grass Will Grow Here Are The Best Ways To Maximize Your Lawn Fertilization Schedule

    Understanding when and how to fertilize your lawn is a major component to maintaining a healthy, lush yard. Fertilizers give your lawn a healthier root system while eating up unhealthy nutrients. With some simple steps, youll be on your way to having a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood.

    The Best Time To Apply Weed Control

    When to Fertilize Your Lawn and Other Fertilizer Tips

    Weed control is usually applied up to 7 times throughout the year to control weeds. Specific pre-emergent applications in fall, early winter and early spring address weeds before they mature, while post-emergent applications as needed treat the weeds you can see.

    Weeds can be tricky to tame, which is why youve got to stay on it if you want to maintain a healthy lawn. After applying weed control, you should water in the product and avoid mowing for at least 24 hours. The same rules apply to insect control.

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    When To Mow And Edge Your Texas Lawn

    Mowing is usually a weekly lawn maintenance necessity in Texas during the growing season, which is spring through fall. However there are some caveats to this that make it vary:

    • In the very beginning of the growing season , bi-weekly mowing may be adequate as the grass isnt growing as aggressively.
    • Later in spring through when fall arrives, when we see faster grass growth, so youll realize that your lawn needs mowing every week. Trying to mow your lawn less than weekly is going to be more work and leave your lawn looking untidy.
    • At the end growing season , bi-weekly mowing may be adequate as the grass isnt growing as aggressively.
    • From November through the end of February, we recommend mowing at least monthly.

    As you can see, mowing is a year-round activity.

    At Grassperson, we also trim the lawns edges with every service because this extra step is the difference between a lawn that looks average vs. a beautiful, neat property with clean edges. Especially during the growing season, grass edges can quickly creep onto sidewalks and landscape beds, causing a yard to look messy. Trust us, this extra step is worth it.

    It is important to coordinate the timing of your lawn maintenance with lawn care applications and regular watering. We recommend not mowing for 24 hours after a fertilization and weed control application. Ideally, you will not mow the same day that you water your yard.

    How To Choose The Best Grass Type For Your Houston Lawn

    Choosing the best grass type is a big decision and will depend on several factors. Consider these questions before you decide on the best grass type for your Houston lawn:

    • Whats the best grass type for a sunny lawn?

    Bermudagrass needs plenty of sunlight.

    • Whats the best grass type for a shady lawn?

    St. Augustinegrass is the most shade-tolerant of the warm-season grasses, so its a good choice for yards with trees.

    • Whats the best grass type for salty soil?

    Seashore Paspalum can handle salinity in soil and irrigation water better than the rest.

    • What grass requires the least amount of work?

    Bermudagrass requires the least amount of water and centipedegrass requires the least amount of mowing.

    • What is the best grass for dogs, kids, and guests?

    Bermudagrass holds up well to foot traffic, so go ahead and invite the neighbors over for a barbecue.

    If you select a type that isnt well-suited for the local environment, then it will require more mowing, fertilization, and irrigation to keep it healthy and looking its best.

    Warm-season grasses are best suited for the Southeastern parts of Texas, which narrows the search down. Though all warm-season grasses go dormant and turn brown in winter if it gets too cold, you can overseed your yard with the cool-season perennial ryegrass to improve its appearance.

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    What Should I Do To My Lawn In The Spring

    Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about lawn care. The ground is recovering from a long, cold winter, plants are starting to grow, and the earth is ready to receive new seeds. When the weather starts to warm, the first step in your lawn care strategy is deciding what you would like to achieve and what you need to do to make it happen. Your next step is to start cleaning up. Rake your lawn free of decomposing leaves, trim back shrubs and branches, and clear out all the weeds. Once your lawn is cleared of debris, tend to your irrigation system. Test your system and decide whether any repairs are necessary. Now its time to nourish the lawn. If you opt to aerate your lawn in spring, the national average cost is $70-$100. Consult with your lawn care pro, as some regions benefit from only aerating in fall. If you have bare spots, you can overseed the lawn to encourage new growth. Next youll want to fertilize the lawn to ensure it grows in rich and lush. Professional fertilization services may range from under $50 to over $200, depending on your lawn size. If you have a bad weed problem, you can apply pre-emergent herbicide to prevent a weed outbreak. Make sure the irrigation system is routinely watering your lawn, and then enjoy watching the grass grow.

    When To Winterize Lawn In Houston Texas

    When Should You Fertilize New Sod – Houston Grass – Pearland Sugar Land Richmond TX

    Winterizing means different things for different people, depending on where you live and what your local climate is like. For those who reside in areas that experience well-defined seasons, such as much of the United States, there are specific times of year during which plants should be prepared for cold weather. In these regions, soil temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during certain months of the year, making it difficult for plants to continue growing properly. Fungal growth increases significantly at low temperatures, so its important to not only protect plants, but also help soil recover after the frost season is over.

    In most of Houston, Texas ideal time to winterize lawn will be between June and August.

    Houston, Texas is considered a mild climate with very little annual change in temperature. We do, however, occasionally feel winters wrath most recently during January of 2011 when snow fell on the city for the first time in years! Soil temperatures here rarely drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit , which makes it difficult to justify taking care of lawns during autumn months. This doesnt mean that you shouldnt take advantage of fall lawn fertilizing opportunities it simply means that you might not need to increase your attention quite as much as those who reside elsewhere.

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    When To Fertilize New Grass: Secrets From Lawn Care Pros

    No one likes having a patchy lawn. So last year you decided to do something about it. You seeded new grass into problem areas and waited for it to grow. Grow it diduntil it started dying off. What happened? How can you stop this from happening again and get your lawn back to the healthy, vibrant green you remember? Lawn care professionals understand that knowing when to fertilize new grass can make the difference between a thriving yard and grass that is less equipped to handle the brutal Southern heat.

    In this post, well discuss when to fertilize new turf, the difference between lawn starter fertilizer and regular fertilizer, how often to apply starter fertilizer and the answer to the question: When should I fertilize my lawn after seeding?

    What Will I Learn?

    Let Abc Nurture Your New Grass For You

    Does implementing a year-round fertilization schedule sound like a lot of work? It can be if you do it all on your own. Plus, there are many ways that you can make a mistake, which will put you right back at square one. Avoid these problems by letting ABC Home & Commercial Services do the hard work for you. Our professional lawn care technicians have been keeping lawns all across the south looking their best for generations, and we can help your yard, too. Schedule a service today.

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    Bag And Remove Your Clippings

    Like I said, Im going to wait till the second half of March. Im going to go out there, Im going to drop my mower two notches, and Im going to bag all that dead stuff up.

    If you just cut the grass and leave it, all its going to do is increase the thatch layer thats down below the plant. You want to rake or bag that dead material. However you get it out of there, get as much of that dead material off your lawn as you can.

    How Often To Maintain Your Irrigation System

    When to Fertilize Zoysia Grass

    Speaking of watering, you rely on your sprinkler system year-round in Texas, and ideally you should get a quarterly irrigation system checkup. At the very least , get an irrigation maintenance check annually in the early spring.

    During an irrigation check, a certified irrigation technician will review all components of your system. Most homeowners are not qualified to audit and test sprinkler systems for efficiency and performance, so its best to rely on a pro.

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    We Have The Spring Fertilizers You Need

    We stock the Nitro-Phos fertilizers you need for a beautiful lawn this summer! Call Houston Grass at 281-431-7441.

    8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

    Expert Information from Houston Grass

    covering topics important to Houston area homeowners. We have videos that describe how to select the best variety of grass for your project. We also have videos that talk about how to prepare your yard for installation and then how to install your sod. Michael has also prepared videos that talk about how to water, mow, fertilize and fight common lawn diseases.

    Download the Houston Grass Tip Sheets. Our tip sheet for newly installed grass describes how to install your grass sod and how to water it during the first critical days and weeks after installation. Our tip sheet for established grass gives you tips for maintaining your grass in top condition through the year.

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