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When To Apply Pesticide To Lawn

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How To Tell If Your Lawn Has A Fungal Disease

How to use Herbicides, Pesticides & Fungicides on your Lawn

Your lawn is an ecosystem comprised of a vast multitude of organisms, including fungi. When everything is in balance, fungus will not grow. However, several factors may disrupt this equilibrium, causing fungi to overrun your lawn and consequently become a problem.

Various factors have been found to encourage fungal overgrowth on lawns. These include:

  • Improper mowing, particularly very low mowing
  • Overwatering
  • Planting grass strains that are susceptible to fungal diseases
  • Elevated temperature and humidity
  • Drought

The most obvious sign of lawn disease is a dead or dying segment on your lawn. However, not all dead and dying spots are attributable to fungus, so you should consider other possible causes as well.

Classical signs of fungus in a lawn include:

  • Brown, white or yellow rings or patches that seem to grow in diameter over time
  • Parts of the lawn that may appear darkened, slimy, wet or gray
  • Black, purple, grey, orange or red spots on the blades and/or stems of the lawn grass
  • Grass blades which may appear frayed, discolored and/or distorted

Lawn disease thrives when:

  • The grass species on the lawn are susceptible to the disease-causing fungus
  • The environmental conditions favor fungal growth and proliferation
  • The homeowner fails to take the appropriate countermeasures against the lawn fungus in good time

What Is Pesticide Toxicity

Pesticide toxicity refers to a productscapacity for causing injury or illness. Pesticide toxicity is determined bytesting the active ingredients in pesticides on animals at various dosages.There are two levels of pesticide toxicity: acute and chronic. Acute toxicitydescribes a products capacity to cause injury or illness after one instance ofcoming into contact with the product. Chronic toxicity describes the effects oflong-term contact with the product.

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When To Apply Pesticides

Responsible pesticide use in gardens is important, regardless of whether you use a chemical form or a natural homemade combatant. The very fact that it is used to kill something means it requires respectful and smart handling. You should always dress protectively and follow the manufacturers instruction regarding mixing, application rates, and timing.

Pesticide application timing for a direct strike relies upon the product catching the insect at the correct stage. Many insects have several instars and go through metamorphosis. They may be more susceptible to the pesticide as nymphs or as larvae. The literature on the product can help you decide at what point of the insects development it is most effective so you can decide when will be the best time to use a pesticide.

Other factors in application would be wind, rain, and proximity to wildlife.

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Pests Digging Up Your Yard

Just because you cant tell that there are grubs underneath your yard just by looking at it, doesnt mean that various wildlife cant tell either.

Raccoons, skunks, armadillos, and some birds all feast on grubs, and they all have their own ways to find them. While you might think that these pests would act as a natural grub control method, the problem is that they cant get enough of them, and theyll tear up your lawn looking for more.

So, not only will you have dead patches everywhere from the grubs, but youll also have holes and other kinds of lawn damage from the animals trying to eat the grubs.

But they at least will give you a good idea that you have a problem and what that problem is!

Adverse Health Effects Of Pesticides On Humans

Peer Pressure Linked To Fertilizers And Pesticides On Lawns  Could ...

The chemicals present in pesticides have been identified as endocrine disruptors, which are a category of chemicals that interfere with the bodys hormones, or the endocrine system.

This disruption can cause a wide array of medical problems, from cancers to immune system problems to birth defects to neurodegenerative disorders, including Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease.

In fact, a certain herbicide has been the subject of many lawsuits recently filed in the United States. This controversial pesticide is sold under the brand name Paraquat, which is widely used by farmers as a weed killer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , Paraquat is a highly toxic chemical herbicide that can cause pesticide poisoning in case of severe exposure.

Several famers and agricultural workers who applied the pesticide on farms or worked on farms where Paraquat was used also subsequently developed Parkinsons disease, which prompted them to file the first Paraquat lawsuit in 2017.

Similarly, you are also at risk of pesticide exposure if your pets have been on a pesticide-treated lawn and brought traces of these pesticides into your house on its paws and fur. As pesticide residue is tracked indoors, the chemicals may be transferred to the ground, the carpet, your dog or cats favorite spot, or even to you.

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Economic Advantages Offertilizers And Pesticides

The use of synthetic fertilizers andpesticides in modern day agricultural practices have numerous economicadvantages as well. Due to the use of fertilizers and pesticides, harvestyields are significantly increased each growing season, which in turn, lowersproduction costs and makes food more affordable. Plus, sufficient food can begrown to help support a consistently growing population, which keeps people healthyand productive. Synthetic fertilizers supply nutrients more efficiently anduniformly, are less expensive and can be transported more easily than organicsoil amendment alternatives. Pesticide production is a multibillion-dollarbusiness that significantly affects the US economic picture. Over 40 percent ofagricultural goods that are manufactured in the United States are exported andsold elsewhere.

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Alternatives For Safer Lawn Care

Fall is the best time to start transitioning your lawn to organic, as our fall organic lawn care guide and leaf pile factsheet discuss. The key to a healthy lawn is healthy soil and good mowing, watering and fertilizing practices. Healthy soil contains high organic content and is teeming with biological life. Healthy soil supports the development of healthy grass that is naturally resistant to weeds and pests. In a healthy, fertile and well maintained lawn, diseases and pest problems are rare. But doesnt it cost more you ask? If your lawn is currently chemicallydependent, initially it may be more expensive to restore the biological life. But, in the long term, it will actually cost you less money. Once established, an organic lawn uses fewer materials, such as water and fertilizers, and requires less labor for mowing and maintenance. More importantly, your lawn will be safe for children, pets and your local drinking water supply.

If all else fails, you can always hire a safe lawn care company and learn about least toxic products that will provide you safe lawns for yourself, your neighbors and family. Safety Source: Identify Least Toxic Products & Lawn Care Companies, is an important resource for those need.

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The Development Of Different Fungi

The characteristic arrangement of the fungus in the form of charcoal circles results from the fact that the mycelium grows circularly. Its gradually enlarging the area covered. The hat fungi always grows on the edges of the mycelium formed on the enlarging circle.

During the first period of development, the circles may be invisible. They can also reveal themselves as a clump of grasses with an intense green color or a clump of hat fungi. In the later period, the circles of different sizes are observed. They can reach up to several feet in diameter.

This circle of fungus can grow on the lawn for years. It does so until it encounters an architectural barrier such as the wall of a building or environmental factors unfavorable to the further development of mycelium. Sometimes the fungus on the lawn disappears, only to reappear after a year or two.

Hat fungi most often appear on perennial lawns that have not been regularly or properly maintained. Their appearance is favored by the presence of rotting, slowly decomposing organic matter. These can be the remains of uncut mown grass. They are forming the so-called felt and limiting the access of air to the grassroots.

Very often these are also plant residues and pieces of branches that have not been removed from the ground before the lawn is established.

Important: Use A Registered Product

How To Best Apply Liquid Fertilizer, Weed Control, Fungicide, Insecticide Based on Lawn Size

Only use a product registered for use in Canada. You can recognize a pest control product authorized by Health Canada by the Pest Control Product number on the label, for example:

  • Reg. No. 00000 P.C.P. Act
  • Registration No. 00000 Pest Control Products Act

Some provinces and municipalities have placed restrictions on the use of certain lawn and garden pesticides. Check with your city or province for more information.

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Can I Purchase Pesticides That Are Registered In The United States But Not Canada And Use Them In Canada

It is an offence under the PCPA to import, sell or use a product that is not registered in Canada. Look for the Pest Control Product registration number on the product label to ensure that the product is registered for use in Canada.

However, for the benefit of Canadian farmers, the Grower Requested Own Use program authorizes the import of the US version of a Canadian registered product, with an approved Import Certificate. The GROU products must be purchased and imported by growers for their own use on their land, and for one growing season only.

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What Is A Fair Price For Pest Control

The treatment cost per month can range from $100 to $300 depending on what plan you select. There are often several treatment trips and annual pest inspections as compared to a single visit treatment that costs $300 to $500. It varies based on what type of pest you are dealing with as well as pest control.

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What Natural Pesticides Should You Avoid

To make this question more specific: Which organic pesticides dont work as well as people claim? Sheldon at Dirt Doctor has a bone to pick with one widely used pesticide in particular: insecticidal soap.

When asked if insecticidal soaps work, Sheldon said, Yes, but there are much better products today that target specific pests. He mentioned research in 2017 showing that insecticidal soaps simply dont work well as a broad-spectrum pest repellent .

Insecticidal soaps can help decimate soft-bodied pests when applied occasionally. They arent as good against hard-bodied ones.

The real scoop from the research: The more you apply insecticidal soaps against the same population of lawn interlopers, the more resistant they will get to the applications. With repeated use, youll have to switch to something else.

What to do? Save the hot-pepper-cooking-oil-garlic spray for your pizza. Experts say its best to try more-vetted biopesticides, including neem oil and diatomaceous earth.

Abc Can Care For Your Lawn

Herbicides Used to Control Woody Stem Plants

Still feeling overwhelmed? Theres no reason why you have to deal with lawn problems alone. Reach out to ABC and well have our lawn experts come out to determine what the issue is and how best to handle it. We can also provide you with seasonal fertilization treatments to keep your yard nourished and healthy.

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How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Weed Killers

To increase the effectiveness of herbicides, apply them with nitrogen-based fertilizers. There is an alternative. You can apply herbicides and ammonium nitrate mixture that would be more effective. Apply the solution of 0.2-0.4% ammonium nitrate several days before the treatment with herbicides. Otherwise, spread 0.02 0.03 pounds nitrogen-based fertilizer per 10 square feet on the lawns after the irrigation and one week before applying.

Suppose you do not get a promise from the weather forecasters about suitable weather after applying herbicides and dont have enough time to delay the treatments. In that case, you add adhesives with your pesticide mixture to get the expected result.

Perhaps, using adhesives is the only way to decrease the herbicide dose without reducing their effectiveness. But those adhesives should have a biological origin, and Liposam is an example of it. If you use it with selective herbicides, it will prevent chemicals from spreading to the cultivated plants and soil.

Truthfully, herbicides, along with adhesives, increase the effectiveness of herbicides dramatically.

When To Treat Your Yard With Granules For Insects

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Your home’s lawn may be the ideal area for relaxation and play, but insects often want to share your space the soil beneath the grass blades provides habitat for a pesky ant or flea population. One of the most effective ways to rid your lawn of any insect activity is granules. Typically made of pyrethroid-derived chemicals, these grains attack the insects’ nervous system and kill them. Proper timing is imperative for a safe and effective granule application.

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Can You Apply Grub Control Too Early

While you want to apply grub control early, theres definitely a thing as too early. Most grub control products will work for about four months, so if youre applying it before that, you wont see the results youre looking for.

Also, keep in mind that grubs dont just lay their eggs for a week or two. They lay eggs for about one to two months, which means the earliest you can apply grub control is two months before they start laying eggs.

While early applications will yield the best results, you can definitely apply grub control too early and not get the results youre looking for.

Chemical Dependency How They Damage Your Lawn

How To Use Reclaim IT (Supreme IT) Insecticide From Solutions Pest & Lawn

Its got to be one of the great ironies of modern life: the stuff we dump on our lawns not only isnt good for us, it isnt even good for the grass. How can this be? After all, whatever it is that most lawn companies do, the grass certainly stays green doesnt that mean its healthy? Youd think, wouldnt you.

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How Long Do I Have To Wait Before Harvesting Edible Crops Treated With Sevin Insect Killer Granules

Different types of fruits and vegetables require different waiting periods, so follow the Pre-Harvest Intervals chart on your Sevin® Insect Killer Granules label. Each PHI reflects the number of days a given plant needs between treatment and when it’s ready for harvest and consumption. This allows time for any pesticide residue to break down, so your edible harvest is ready for you and your family to enjoy it.This FAQ is not a substitute for reading the label. Please read the product label before using Sevin® Insect Killer Granules, and follow all instructions closely.Sevin is a registered trademark of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.

Weed Spray Can Have Long Lasting Effects

One of the worst things that people do to combat the weeds in their yards is to apply Weed and Feed fertilizer that has the herbicide already mixed in. That way youre applying herbicide all over your entire lawn when you really only have a few dozen weeds.

The best way to apply the herbicide is to get a small spray bottle and only spray the weeds you want to kill. Your lawn will then only receive about 1% to 3% of the amount of chemicals that it would have had you broadcast sprayed or covered it with fertilizer mixed with weed killer.

Some of the weed killers have been possibly linked to hormone problems in young girls and they persist in your lawn for nearly a year. Thats something to be aware of if your children like to play in the lawn or walk with bare feet. Whenever possible, spot treat your pests whether theyre weeds or animals.

Now that you know how to deal with some of your pests, you also know what questions you should ask if youre going to hire a pest control company.

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What Is Spring Pre

Without herbicides, it can be impossible to remove weeds permanently. Even with regular maintenance and lawn mowing, the new weeds pop up and take over the yard.

However, your lawn stands a chance if you can stop them before they emerge. The spring pre-emergent is essential for homeowners who want to get rid of the weeds such as clover, spurge, or crabgrass.

The spring pre-emergent herbicides penetrate the top two inches of the soil and form a protective barrier.

When the springtime comes and the ground heats up, this barrier will prevent the growth of weeds. Essentially, an efficient spring pre-emergent will kill the weeds before they appear above ground.

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Treated Seed Vendor Licence

Castlegar residents want city to stop using pesticides

A Treated Seed vendor licence authorizes the holder to sell, offer to sell or transfer Class E pesticides.

The Treated Seed vendor must provide a list of each treated seed sales representative to the ministry as part of the licence application. The Treated Seed vendor must also ensure that each treated seed sales representative receives training on the requirements set out in O. Reg. 63/09. The Treated Seed vendor must keep a record of the name of the treated seed sales representative, and the date of training.

A person who does not sell treated seeds but provides the service of treating the seed with a pesticide that contains imidacloprid, clothianidin or thiamethoxam must follow certain requirements as per O. Reg. 63/09

Forms and guidelines can be downloaded by visiting Neonicotinoid rules for seed vendors.

For more information and resources, refer to:


  • Stored in such a manner that the pesticide is not likely to impact the health or safety of any person.
  • Stored in an area maintained in good repair and in a clean and orderly condition with sufficient precautions taken to prevent the pesticide from contaminating the natural environment or any other pesticide stored in the same area.
  • Stored in an area where a Chemical or Pesticide Storage warning sign is prominently displayed and at all entrances to the area where pesticides are stored.
  • Stored in an area where emergency telephone numbers are prominently displayed.

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