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Where To Get Lawn Mower Blade Sharpened

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Environmental Benefit Of Sharp Mower Blades

How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade | This Old House

Theres another reason to sharpen lawn mower blades, Hentschel pointed out: the environment.

Gas-powered lawn mowers especially older ones can pollute more per hour than several of todays gas-powered cars, he said. Sharp mower blades make the job easier for the engine. It pollutes less when it doesnt have to run as long or strain as hard. Hentschel also recommended owners perform other routine mower maintenance at the same time. Changing the air filter, cleaning the inside of the mower deck and oiling moving parts also lower pollution by making the mower run more smoothly and efficiently.

How Often Should Mower Blades Be Sharpened

Lawnmowers will all get different amounts of use. During the summer, the average homeowners mower probably gets used once a week. Still, if you mow lawns for your profession, theres a good chance that youre mowing multiple lawns a day, which means your mower gets much higher mileage than your suburban neighbors lawnmowers do.

This means we need to come up with a standard that accounts for the time mowed, not time that has passed in general. For example, every couple months wouldnt work, because everyone mows for different amounts of time. This means that we have to come up with an average that accounts for that. Milage would work, but nobody wants to figure out how much ground they cover when they mow.

Instead, lets use total time spent mowing! Everyone generally has at least an average idea of how much time it takes them to mow the lawn, and how often the lawn is mowed, making it decently simple to track.Generally speaking, the blades on your mower should be sharpened for every 25 hours spent mowing. So figure out how long it takes you to mow your yard and go from there!

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades For A Better Looking Lawn

  • May 21, 2021

Its that time of year across most of the United States. With colder weather giving way for spring, lawn mowing season is back in full swing. Keeping your lawn looking nice comes down to a few key elements. Of course, taking the time to care for your lawn isnt always easy. That means when you do mow, you want to make sure youre getting the best cut possible. Therefore, you need to be keeping an eye on your lawn mower blades.

Worx cordless lawn mowers are some of the best value mowers on the market, but even top of the line equipment still requires regular maintenance to run the best it can. Lawn mower blades dull over time, and depending on the size of your lawn they might need regular care. Plenty of hardware stores will offer to sharpen your lawn mower blades for you, but theres no need to take them to someone else. Here are the best tips for sharpening lawn mower blades at home so anyone can get the job done!

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Easy Instructions To Sharpen A Riding Lawn Mower Blade

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Riding mowers have a deck mounted on the bottom that contains one to three blades for cutting the grass. The blades are flat with a sharpened side on each end, which become dull from normal use and contact with hard surfaces, such as roots and rocks. Sharpening mower blades on a riding lawn mower periodically helps ensure an even cut and promotes the health of the grass in your lawn.


Park the riding lawn mower on a hard flat level surface, such as a driveway. Raise the mower deck to the highest setting. Leave the mower in gear and set the parking brake.


Locate the spark plug and pull the rubber boot attached to the spark plug wire off and away from the tip of the spark plug to prevent accidental starting.


Put on gloves to protect your hands while working. Lie down on the ground and look under the mower deck. Mark the bottom of the blade with a wax pencil or marker to make installing the blade easier. Locate the spindle bolt located in the center of the mower blade.


Wedge a 1-foot-long piece of 2-by-4 between the inside of the mower deck and the blade. Loosen and remove the spindle bolt from the center of the blade with a socket wrench and socket. Remove the blade from underneath the mower deck.


Brush any rust, debris or mud from the mower blade with a wire brush. Place the blade on a solid surface, such as a work bench, so the cutting edge extends beyond the bench edge and is easily accessible.



Our Products Were Created To Provide A Cost Effective Quality Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener This System Is A Unique Design That Clamps The Blade In Place At The Preferred Angle While Using A Guide Arm And Pin That Attaches To Your Angle Grinder Giving You The Edge You Want Every Time Skillfully Designed And Crafted Using Anodized Aluminum And Stainless Steel Our Sharpeners Are Built To Last So Whether You Are A Commercial Lawn Mowing Business Or A Homeowner Our Sharpeners Can Handle The Job

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener
  • Our consistent grind angle means that you will remove less material when sharpening.

  • Our products can be utilized for a wide range of lawn mower blade sizes . Please refer to our Blade Guide page for more information.

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  • Faster sharpening time which allows you to mow quickly and efficiently.

  • Designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

  • Our products are designed for optimum performance and ultimate quality.

  • In-depth and easy to use product manual along with online video tutorials.

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Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening Tactic #: The Sharpening Drill

A third method you can consider using to sharpen your lawn mower blades is with a blade sharpening drill. These drills are less expensive and smaller than bench grinders. If youre thinking of buying equipment to sharpen your blades and want to keep things inexpensive, then this is a great option. Because of its smaller size, it takes longer to learn how to sharpen lawn mower blades this way, but youll rarely ever make a mistake. Its easy, affordable, and quick to do with this dynamic drill.

No matter the age of your lawn mower, sharp blades make all the difference. As you maintain your mower for the long haul, make sure to keep the blades sharp. Removing them for sharpening also gives you a good chance to clean them off and avoid rust. Keeping a lawn looking pristine isnt just about keeping the neighbors happy. Its a point of pride for you and your home. Take time to learn how to sharpen lawn mower blades and ensure the best looking lawn possible this year.

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

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Have you noticed ragged edges and browning grass when you cut your lawn? Does your mower seem to be under-performing lately? Have you had your mower for a while and/or used it more than roughly 20 hours? If so, then you might have a dull mower blade slowing you down!

Depending on usage, mower blades should be sharpened at least once or twice a year. Dull blades don’t just slow your mower down: they can also leave your lawn susceptible to browning and withering. The good news is, it’s relatively easy to sharpen your blades.

This quick guide will show you how to sharpen lawn mower blades with minimal hassle so you can keep your yard looking great and your mower running smoothly.

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Yellow Hornet Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

This sharpener can sharpen your blades quite professionally at an angle of 30-degree. It is one of the best tools to use at home for sharpening all your mower blades and other farm tools and knives.

With a high rating, many people love this sharpener and it is affordable. So, you dont need to break a bank to get it. Moreover, the tools guarantee you value for your money since it will come in handy when sharpening your blades.

Another thing, this tool is made in the United States by a team of professionals who have been producing sharpeners for many years. You can rest assured that it will be of high quality and last for long.

Speaking of durability, the sharpener adds life to your blades, making them provide effective service for decades. And its base measures 9 feet by 12 feet which makes it a stable tool when sharpening your farm tools.

As a buyer, you will also love it since it comes with a video that shows how you should operate the sharpener. This means that you have a zero chance of messing things when sharpening your knives. It is a great product that is safe to use.

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Faqs

5 second Mower Blade Sharpener – Under $7 on Amazon

Q: How do I sharpen my lawn mower blade?

A: When sharpening your lawn mower blade or blades, follow these steps:

  • Remove the blade from your mower.
  • Remove the rust with a bush.
  • Choose a firm sharpening surface.
  • Use a grinder if the blade is damaged.
  • Run your blade at an angle on the grinder.
  • Balance the blade.
  • Check if it sharp.

Of important, ensure that you use the right sharpening tool to sharpen your mower blades. Some blades should be sharpened by specific sharpeners while some can easily be sharpened by all sharpeners.

Q: Which is the right sharpener for sharpening my mower blade?A: The right sharpeners should last long and be affordable. It should also be suited for your specific blade.

Q: How long does a blade sharpener last?A: This will depend on how you take care of it and the frequency of use. Some sharpeners will last longer than others.

Q: Where can I get the right blade sharpener?A: You can find blade sharpeners in different places, including online store and your local store.

Q: How Often Should I Sharpen My Lawn Mower Blade?

A: It depends on different factors, but most lawn mower blades need to be sharpened every 20 to 24 hours. That means sharpening it once or twice per year.

However, if you are a commercial mower, then you should sharpen these blades once or twice a week.

Q: How Tight Should Mower Blades Be?

Q: Should I sharpen a new mower blade?

Q: How to use an angle grinder to sharpen lawn mower blade

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Cost Of Grinding Mower Blades With An Angle Grinder

Approximately $50-$100

You may have everything you need to do this already effectively making it ‘free’ to start sharpening your blades in this manner.

Angle grinders run from $15 to $100+ and a vice grip is going to be $30 and up.

You will probably want to consider grabbing some replacement grinding discs. 4.5″ disc diameter is a great size for grinding blades with an angle grinder. Also, consider purchasing a ‘flap disk’ instead of the metal grinding wheel to keep your blades cooler during the sharpening process.

Where Can I Get Lawn Mower Blades Sharpened

Sharpening your lawn mowers blade is a necessity, and you can do this by taking it to a lawn mower repair shop, a large or small hardware store.

Ever since the creation of the first lawn mower, fathers worldwide have been waking up on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m to engage in one of the most male pastimes. They grab a cup of coffee and head to the garage, where they rev up their loud grass-slicing machine and beautify their lawn. It is almost like a ritual to them, and many people cant remember how the grass cutting happened before the invention of the lawn mower.

But this excellent lawn maintenance device does break down from time to time, and its blades do dull from use. So, like any other appliance, you must repair the lawnmower, and have the blades sharpened. But where in the world would you get the blades sharpened in the first place? Also, what signs should you look for to know if it is time to sharpen them?

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Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp is a brand that makes sharpening tools that have a high user rating. This is also true for the lawn mower blade sharpener from Work Sharp that is a powered model.

Work Sharps Knife & Tool Sharpener is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is one of the best affordable powered options out there. Even though this tool is made for sharpening knives, you can also use it for sharpening the blades of your lawn mower without any issues. This is possible because it comes with three different abrasive belts.

It comes with a p80 coarse, p220 medium, and a 6000 fine abrasive belt that can be easily changed. You can use this tool sharpener to grind the blade of your lawn mower at an angle of 40 degrees or 50 degrees. One of the best things about this blade sharpener is that it offers an excellent build quality along with a 1-year warranty. As a result, it should easily last for a long time.

Best Features:

How To Sharpen Your Lawnmower Blade

TSV 1 Lawn Mower Blade Balancer &  Lawn Mower Blade ...

Learn different ways you can sharpen the blade on your lawnmower.

Emily Fazio

A flat file is an easy tool that’ll sharpen a dull blade Apply pressure to the file, and run it perpendicular to the edge of the blade to grind down imperfections in the metal and hone the shape of the existing edge. Once youve done one side, reposition the blade in the vice to do the other side. The process is slower than using a hand file, but it works!

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Where To Sharpen Lawnmower Blade

You have two options when it comes to mower blade sharpening. You can do it yourself, or you can take it into a business, generally some mechanics shop or repairman. While there arent any big, name-brand businesses that generally sharpen the blades on lawnmowers, we can help you know how to find one for yourself locally.

How Do You Know That Your Lawnmower Blade Needs Sharpening

The best way to determine when your lawnmower blade needs sharpening is to notice the performance of the mower. When you see that the lawnmower has begun leaving behind grass blades poking up here and there, your blade has probably gone dull and is pushing them rather than cutting through it. If you did not sharpen the blades last mowing season, you should do it this year.

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Buy New Lawn Mower Blades Or Sharpen Old Ones

After mowing a lawn for a while, you have a pretty good idea of where all the stumps and roots are. That being so, I still find myself grinding down a small tree stump every few months. Even if you’re easy on blades, they still wear down and need to be replaced or sharpened regularly.

Why does it matter?

Dull mower blades shred grass, leaving frayed ends or even failing to cut it. This makes your lawn uneven, white or brown at the tip, and susceptible to disease.

How To Sharpen A Lawnmower Blade

How to ? Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade ? short and sweet !

To get a quality finish and a healthy lawn, your mower needs to be able to make a clean cut across the grass as it mows. This guide will walk you through inspecting and sharpening your mowers blade to ensure your mower will slice through blades of grass instead of bruising and breaking them.

Removing the Blade

1. Disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent an accidental start.2. Tip the lawn mower up on its side so that the carburetor is facing up to prevent flooding.3. Mark the side of the blade facing out with a permanent marker or some spray paint. This way youll know which way the blade will need to be installed after sharpening.4. Unbolt the blades. On some models, including all Twin Blade mowers, there are two bolts that hold the blade onto the engine shaft. Remove these bolts, but do not loosen the smaller center bolt. If the blade wants to spin, wedge a piece of wood between the blade and the deck.5. Remove the blade, paying attention to the order of any washers or other fittings on the mounting bolts.

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When A Current Set Gets Blunt You Should Not Stop At That For Sharpening

Lawn mower blades sharpening tools. Finish one edge of the mower blade. Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Reviews. How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades With a Drill Attachment.

Always keep extra blades sharp and within reach. Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade with an Angle Grinder. 1Magna-Matic MAG-9000 Best commercial lawn mower blade sharpener.

For some owners that may seem unnecessary as even with dull blades theyll still cut your grass. Welcome to All American Sharpener. For safety take off the spark plug wire so that the lawn mower cannot start up accidentally.

To do this unplug the spark plugs and power source of your mower before turning it on its side. Flip the mower over and remove the lawn mower blade with a wrench. Clean the underside of the lawn mower.

We provide high quality lawn mower blade sharpeners at an affordable price. If needed make one or two more passes with the sharpener. Disconnet the ignition wire.

On average lawnmower blades should be sharpened twice a year depending upon the usage. Smiths 50603 Mower Blade Sharpener. Lawnmowers are one of the most used garden tools but they need to be sharp to give a stunning look to your lawn.

How to sharpen your lawn mower blade the easy way. Our products are made in the USA and built to last. A nut or nuts holds the blade up against the underside of the mower deck.

Oregon 88-023 Professional 12 HP Lawnmower Blade Grinder. Note the side of the blade. The other essential requirement is to have the right wheel on the grinder.

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