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Which Is Better Gas Or Electric Lawn Mower

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Think About Ease Of Use

Gas vs Battery Lawn Mower – Which is better?

Ease of use should be a top priority when you’re considering gas vs electric yard tools and other power equipment. Ease of use includes numerous factors ranging from the weight and heft of a tool to how convenient it is for completing the task at hand. Electric power tools are generally lighter than gas ones. This makes them easier to move around and maneuver at work. Cordless electric tools are easier to use than corded models because they’re not tethered to wall outlets. You can take them anywhere and use them out in the yard away from the house.

A cordless electric drill, for example, is ideal for a job site without readily available power. Similarly, a cordless lawn mower is easier to move around a yard than a corded one as it has no cord to get in the way and can cut to the farthest corner in the yard because it doesnt need to plug into an outdoor wall outlet. Convenience is a big factor when considering which is better: battery or gas lawn mower? In addition to being heavier, a gas-powered mower requires that you pull its starter cord to turn it on. This takes more effort than pushing the power switch on an electric model.

Do Electric Lawn Mowers Use A Lot Of Electricity

Electric mowers dont actually use a great deal of electric power. In fact, you can use an electric lawn mower to mow a third of an acre using only the power from a single charge. This will cost about 3.5 kilowatts. Since the electricity rate is $0.11 per kilowatt-hour, you have an expense of $0.38 for each charge.

Noise: Electric Is Better

Combustion engines are loud. So in turn, so are gas mowers. Electric mowers, while still capable of noise, are notably quieter. Theres no combustion to make a racket. This is great if you live somewhere with particular noise regulations or anything of that sort. You wont even need headphones or earplugs while running it.

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Don’t Forget Maintenance Time And Costs

Maintenance is a big part of running powered equipment and should feature prominently in your purchasing decision. Electric power tools are easier to maintain than gas-powered ones. Maintenance costs for electric models are also usually lower. With gas powered tools, you need to change oil, replace oil filters, clean up oil spills, clean and replace spark plugs, fix ripped pull cords and make cable adjustments. These maintenance needs don’t apply to electric power tools.

Maintaining an electric power tool requires replacing the batteries repairing and replacing motor brushes replacing frayed cords and sharpening blades, drill bits and other metal parts .

Consider power output, ease of use, environmental impact and maintenance when comparing gas vs electric yard tools and power equipment. Make sure to give more weight to the factors you deem important when making your selection. Use this power tool buying guide as a handy reference to find the right tools for routine tasks and big jobs.

Which Has Better Energy Efficiency

Which is Better  Gas or Electric Lawnmower?


Electric mowers are good for the environment because they dont create greenhouse gas emissions, like their gas-guzzling counterparts. In the long-term, you will likely find that an electric lawn mower is actually cheaper than a gas lawnmower. This is because many of the little costs that will make a gas mower expensive over time are eliminated or greatly reduced. Even though electric mowers are more expensive initially, you will save money over time with an electric mower, making them a solid investment.

However, they do have their drawbacks. There are two main varieties of electric mowercorded and battery-powered, each of which raises a different obstacle. Corded models have a limited range, which makes them impractical if you have a large lawn. Battery-powered mowers, on the other hand, generally dont have a long battery life, usually requiring a recharge after roughly an hour. This, too, can make mowing a large lawn troublesome.

Finally, electric mowers simply arent as powerful as gas mowers. So, if you expect to cut especially thick grass, opt for a gas mower.

Which should you choose?

So at the end, which kind of mower should you go with?

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Cons Of Gas Lawn Mowers

Gas lawn mowers can be loud and smelly, and they can also produce emissions that are harmful to the environment.

1. Maintainance costs: Theyre also more expensive to maintain than electric mowers, and they require regular tune-ups.

2. Noise pollution: Gas mowers can be very loud, which can be annoying for your neighbors and anyone else who happens to be near you when youre using it.

3. Carbon footprints: Another downside of gas mowers is that they produce emissions that are harmful to the environment. If youre concerned about your carbon footprint, an electric mower may be a better option for you.

An Electric Mower Is Healthier

I wont fail to mention the health of the person running the mower. According to the EPA, particle pollution and volatile organic compounds, which are released from the combustion of gasoline in the mowers, can be lodged into the operators lungs causing respiratory problems, cardiac arrhythmia , and heart attacks. An electric lawn mower does not produce emissions.

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Friendly To The Environment

If being ecologically friendly is an important consideration for you, then you will be happy to learn an electric lawn mower motor is especially capable in this regard. Whether its corded or battery-powered, these use electrical energy, which is not costly to run, therefore drastically reducing carbon emissions.

Gas-powered models are not good for the environment due to their smoke emissions. It can also be harmful to your health if you constantly inhale it and will give you nausea.

Battery-powered models do not expel smoke emissions whenever mowing, but they need electricity in charging their batteries, which incurs an environmental price. But its not as high as gas-powered ones, except when renewable energy is utilized.

Battery-powered models might be potentially harmful because they contain lithium. So to avoid any possible harm that may arise from it, be sure to recycle it if not used anymore.

Ego Power Electric Mower

Which Lawn Mower Is Best? Gas VS Electric!

While horsepower is relevant, its a mowers torque that youll see most commonly as a marketing spec. Torque measures how much energy is used to rotate the mowers blade, with most mowers capable of producing anywhere from four up to 10 feet per pound.

In a side-by-side comparison, gas mowers produce both greater horsepower and torque than electric lawn mowers, making them ideal for bigger lawns, yards with tough grading and wet grass.

Corded and battery-powered mowers are best suited for lawns with less real estate to cover. While it might be enticing to save a few hundred bucks, cutting a big or tough lawn with a less powerful mower may lead to a breakdown of your mowers vital components, which will end up costing you more in the long run.

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Which Is Better: Gas Or Electric Mowers

Its hard to say. While electric mowers tend to be better in more categories, the ones that gas outperforms are more vital to mower operations.

All things considered, we would say that electric mowers are better for homes in more urban, populated areas that have average or below average sized yards. Gas mowers are better for large yards that need extended work.

Lawn Mowers: Gas Vs Electric

You wanted a mower with a lot of power or had a vast yard that stretched beyond a safe distance for an electric corded lawnmower. Gas-powered mowers were the only viable option.

Thankfully, advancements in lawn mower technology have resulted in the development of electric battery-powered mowers. They have, at least in terms of power, are virtually indistinguishable from gas-powered mowers.

For most of us, an electric mower is more than enough to keep a standard-sized lawn in good shape. Only those with a lot of grass to mow or lawns that are particularly steep, uneven, or covered with rocks should consider a gas-powered mower.

Before you go to the store, how can you tell which mower is the best? Our simple guide will assist you in making the best decision and keeping your lawn in tip-top shape.

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Electric Lawn Mowers Battery Powered


No Gasoline RequiredEver gone to mow your lawn and then remembered that you had no gas left? Pain in the bum, isnt it!

While you still need to make sure you have a charged battery, it doesnt require a trip to the gas station to fill it up! Simply plug your charger into a standard power outlet at home to charge the battery!

Gas is also smelly, requires special storage containers, and can be dangerous. Battery powered lawn mowers are generally much cleaner and safer.

Low MaintenanceWith a rechargeable lawn mower, gone are the days of needing to change the oil and spark plug on your mower.

You will still need to make sure the blades are sharp and that the mower is kept in a generally clean condition, but overall, the required maintenance is MUCH less than a gas model.

Easy To PushBattery mowers are much lighter than their gas counterparts .

This means that they are much easier to push around the yard and maneuvering around garden beds and garden ornaments is a breeze.

If the user of the mower suffers from strength issues, then a battery powered mower is probably the best choice for them.


Batteries Require Replacing

Yes, the batteries are rechargeable and they can be recharged quite a number of times. But they do still run out of legs and need to be replaced this will depend on how well you look after your batteries and the brand you use but generally happens after 2-3 years of use.

Typical run times of a battery mower are between 30-60 minutes.

Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mowers: Which Is Right For You

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower: Top 10 Battery Powered Lawn Mowers ...
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When it comes to lawn mowers, there are two main types: electric and gas. Both have their pros and cons, making it difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this article, well take a closer look at both types of mowers and help you make an informed decision.

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Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mower Which Is Best

It wasnt all that long ago when choosing a mower simply consisted of deciding which brand of gas mower to go for. Sure, electric mowers existed, but they were pretty much useless and a bit of a gimmick.

Not so any more! Technology has come a long way in the past 10 years and battery and corded electric mowers are now viable alternatives.

Which is best for you really depends on a number of considerations. Read on to learn more so you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a gas or electric mower.

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Electric Lawnmowers Arent Suitable For Wet Lawns

One of the major downsides to electric lawn mowers is that they arent suitable for wet lawns.

Electric lawnmowers are usually only suitable for dry grass, this is because of the inherent danger of using something powered by electricity in a wet environment.

If you wish to utilize an electric lawnmower, you should never cut your grass when its wet. The old saying that water and electricity never mix is one to bear in mind.

If you have a wet lawn, then its probably best to invest in a gas-powered mower or some other type of cutters if you want your yard looking good on the weekends.

This is particularly true if you live in a state with particularly high levels of rainfall during the summer. Electric lawnmowers are at their most useful in drier climates.

Outside of the obvious electrocution risk, in drier areas, youre less likely to have wet grass clumping up on your blades and making it harder for them to cut through properly, which can massively increase the drain on the battery.

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Which Is Better Between Electric And Gas Lawn Mower

The most important thing to look at when choosing a lawn mower is the work to be done. Electric lawn mowers are efficient if you have a small yard. Youll need a gas lawn mower if you have a large lawn but be ready to spend slightly more on fuel and maintenance. If you have environmental interests at heart, then electric lawn mower carries the day.

Gas Mowers Have Better Motor Power

Gas-powered vs electric lawn mowers – which is right for you

When it comes to power output, gas or electric lawn mower have different capabilities.

Lets talk about the electric mower first.

Yes, it can handle a strong power for exertion, even trim the lawn with the battery it has in store. Even when the mower is corded, it can do the same job as a gas mower.

But, electric mowers are not as versatile as gas mowers.

While gas mowers can handle minute obstacles in the yard like pebbles, tough grass sprigs, and any uneven surface, the electric mower is sensitive with this part.

Electric mowers are efficient and eco-friendly, yes, but when you take them in tough spots, it could be a bit of a problem, and you might need to bring your mower for a check-up constantly.

Both battery-powered and gas mowers do an excellent great job in the yard, but gas mowers are a little ahead in points.

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Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Cons

The cord itself

Well, to be honest, the cord of the lawn mower can be the problem you can start having. In that it needs to be connected to electricity every single time you have to mow your lawn. If you have trees and the likes, they could serve as obstacle mowing around them.

Also, if the cord gets snapped, there is this danger of having frayed and exposed wires lying around. Thats a hazard!

Weather conditions

It is never advisable to mow your lawn when it is wet, or when the weather is rainy, with a corded lawn mower. This is because electricity and water are not friends. So lets be guided!

Gas Lawn Mowers Are Usually More Expensive

When it comes to price, gas lawn mowers are usually more expensive than their electric counterparts. This is because of the cost of producing the engine, as well as potential maintenance costs.

Electric lawnmowers are much easier to maintain because you dont have to worry about spark plugs or any other complex mechanism that could require servicing down the line.

Electric mowers are both cheaper to buy and cheaper in the long run.

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Best Electric Lawn Mower Overall: Ego Power+ Select Cut Lm2135sp

Were pretty sure when it comes to ranking household chores, mowing the lawn comes in close to the bottom of the list, right there with scrubbing the toilet and cleaning the gutters. Shudder. But when you add a self-propelled electric lawn mower to the picture? Turns out cutting grass doesnt have to be such a pain after all.

After testing six electric lawn mowers, the Ego Power+ Select Cut LM2135SP came out on top for its ease of use, simple and useful interface and high-performing dual-blade design. Its simply easier and more comfortable to use than the competition, and has a better-thought-out set of handy features that make mowing simpler.

Now, as far as cutting our grass went, every mower we tested did a great job both when mulching and bagging and required very little assembly, and all had many similar features .

First, the Ego Power+ Select Cut is practically ready to put to use right out of the box. Fully assembled, you need only put the included bag grass catcher together and charge the included 56-volt lithium-ion battery. Battery runtime will differ based on how long your grass is, moisture, density and other factors, but on average it lived up to its promise of about 60 minutes of run time on a single charge.

Finally, when youre done mowing, the handle easily folds down and can be stored upright, taking up little space. It also gets bonus points for front and rear handles on the body that make moving it extra easy.

How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Last

{Top 10} Best Electric Lawn Mower Review and Buying Guide in 2020 ...

This is a question whose answer will depend on the model that you buy. Most electric lawn mower batteries can last for up to an hour before needing a charge. The life of the average electric lawn mower battery will be an average of about 5 years. The service life of an electric lawn mower can last up to 10 years.

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Duration Of Use Is Important

How quickly you need to complete given tasks is imperative for choosing the right equipment. Gas-powered tools usually run longer than battery-powered ones because fuel has a higher energy density than batteries. Therefore, gas power tools are better suited for extended outdoor work. If you have a large yard, settle the battery-powered lawn mower vs gas model debate by going with the latter.

While battery-powered tools and garage equipment have shorter runtimes, it’s possible to mitigate this drawback by having extra battery packs on hand and ready to swap. The extra cost of replacement batteries is worth considering when weighing the pros and cons of gas vs electric tools. Furthermore, replacing batteries may introduce downtimes that make the task at hand take longer than planned. For indoor tasks, a corded or plug-in electric power tool provides superior runtime benefit to both gas- and battery-powered equipment. Using power from an outlet means your tool will run as long as you need without recharging or refueling.

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