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Who Makes Ariens Lawn Mowers

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Common Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems

How to Make an Ariens® APEX Zero Turn Mower Drive Straight | Ariens
  • They are unstable

You might encounter being shaken off your seat while mowing. The reasons for this could easily be items getting stuck in the mower, loose parts, uneven tire pressure, a problematic deck, or bad bearings. This results in terrible jerks or vibrations of the mower while in use. This problem is usually followed by a broken drive belt which often gets reported.

  • The decks are problematic

Shakey decks are a common problem encountered with these mowers, especially when you tend to sloping or elevating lawns. This could be a result of loose knots or uneven tire pressure.

  • They are difficult to control

This is like the counterfeit of maneuverability. The levers are sensitive and take a long while to master and that is a bummer especially when you want to get to work right away, but it just makes the mower a lot easier to swerve around when you finally get a hang of it. See How To Start a ZTR.

Also, bad dampers and uneven tire pressures will cause the zero-turn mower to tilt to one side while mowing, making it unsafe in some cases. See Are Zero-Turn Mowers Dangerous for more information about the danger of z-turns.

It is not built for angles higher than 15 degrees or deep steeps. This is a good point to consider before owning one.

  • The signature orange paint of the mowers
  • The mowers smoke a lot

This problem is not entirely unique to Ariens zero-turn mowers, but they do pull the brand down the chart enough.

Average Price Of An Ariens Lawn Mower

The price of an Ariens lawn mower differs significantly between walk-behind and zero turn mowers. Additionally, in the walk-behind category, the self-propelled and push lawn mowers vary in price as well. There are also additional costs for mower bags and other optional accessories consumers must average into the price.

This House Was Built In

We employ over 1,400 specialists who make the Ariens name what it is. Designers, tool and die makers, metal stampers, welders, powder-coat painters, assemblers. Its all done in-house and at the highest level. So when a machine reaches the end of our production line, we know its strong enough to bear the Ariens name.

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Which To Buy: Ariens Or Husqvarna Zero Turn

Both companies offer a variety of models designed to suit any needs, both commercial and residential.

For commercial zero-turn mowers, Husqvarna stopped using the Briggs and Stratton engine. They switched to Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Kohler instead. However, they dominate the commercial market compared to Ariens by offering more power spread over more products.

Ariens chooses to cater more to the residential market and only offers one commercial mower that lacks power compared to what Husqvarna offers.

So, today I think it is only fair to compare residential zero-turn mowers Ariens and Husqvarna offer.

What To Look For In A Zero

Ariens Lawn Tractor 42"  Riding Lawn Mower 936051

Zero-turn mowers are all about comfort and size. If you are a commercial landscaper, you will likely want a mower with a large deck. The deck houses the blades and the wider the deck, the wider the blade.

For us residential mowers, we will want to take into account yard-size into our selection process. For those with less than one acre of land, I dont often recommend zero-turn mowers. They take up too much space for smaller lots and are difficult to store. For those with more than one acre, zero-turn mowers are great. The larger the acreage, the wider the deck you will want.

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Ariens Lawn Mower Comparison Table

No products found.

Lawn care and maintenance is something every homeowner dredges. However, its essential to maintain the houses curb appeal and prevent unwanted critters from turning up outside the home. Therefore, homeowners must take the time to find the best lawn mower and lawn care tools for yard maintenance. A lawn mower should have a powerful engine, it should be usable, and it should feature multiple cutting options. Furthermore, it should provide you with optional features to do edging and trimming work. These design pieces allow you to create a unique outdoor environment and one that stands apart from the neighbors yards.

Ariens Lawn Mower: Buyers Guide For The Best

Mowing the lawn is probably the last thing most homeowners want to do. Especially on a nice weekend or a day with the perfect weather conditions. An Ariens lawn mower might help cut back on the time it takes to complete your lawn work. So, you have less work to do. This design allows you to get back to all the more enjoyable things youd rather be doing instead.

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Which Is Best Ariens Or Toro Zero Turn

To answer the question of whether Ariens or Toro makes a superior Zero Turn lawnmower, you need to determine which features and values are best for your situation.

As an American homeowner, I take my lawn seriously and once mowed my back lawn twice on the same dayuntil I got the crosshatch just right.

Ill take you through the twists and turns of the Zero Turn lawnmower comparison, so you can decide whether you want to go to low-end commercial or high-end residential.

Putting Our Name On Something Means Everything

How to Push an Ariens® EDGE Zero Turn Lawn Mower | Ariens

From etching Ariens onto our first rototiller in 1933 to stamping our logo onto zero-turn mowers today, putting our name on a machine is a very meaningful moment. It means we believe in that machine, we stand behind it, and weve put everything weve got into it. Because we dont just put our family name on machines, we put our family name on the line.

Dan Ariens, CEO

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Best Zero Turn Mower For The Money

If you have a large yard with trees, rocks, and other trouble spots to mow around check out the 10 best zero-turn mowers for 2022. These Zero-Turn mowers quickly maneuver around trees, and tight obstacles, and will help you reduce your lawn care time to less than typical riding mowers.

The Zero-Turn Riding Mower is in fact, considered the most efficient lawn mower on the market by homeowners and professional landscapers alike. So, how do zero-turn mowers work, and what is the best zero-turn lawn mower to buy? Keep reading to find out more about the 10 best Zero-Turn mowers, and to find the perfect-size zero-turn mower for your needs.

Note: Dont miss our FAQ section at the end, where we provide a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Buyers Guide to help homeowners make a well-informed choice before buying a riding lawnmower.

How Does a Zero-Turn Mower Work?

Zero-turn lawn mowers differ from Riding lawn mowers, based on their Steering Methods. A zero-turn mower steers by the use of two independent Wheel Motors and lap bars, unlike riding lawnmowers which use a traditional steering wheel. Zero-turn mowers use lap bars to pivot the mower up to 180 degrees, by pushing one lap bar forward or backward more than the other.

The Steel Frame Of The Ariens Ikon Xd 52

When it comes to durability, the steel frame matters. There are some lower-end zero turn mowers that I have reviewed and looking at some of the comments the thing is cheap. I have heard about the frame SNAPPING. Yep, these mowers are heavy as all get out, carry a lot of power, and drive vibration through the steel frame. For those that skimp on the frame material, you may end up with a totaled mower.

The Ariens IKON XD 52 has a tubular steel frame with thickness that will give you comfort. Looking up close at the thicker steel deck on the IKON then comparing it to a rival, you will notice a distinct difference. Other mowers will feel like simply sheet metal or recycled metal.

When I first stepped foot on this mower , the first thing I noticed was how it didnt rattle around or shake. It truly felt like stepping onto the bed of my truck a solid, unmovable, heavy beast.

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Best Value: Cub Cadet Ultimate Zt1

As our best zero-turn residential mower last year, The ZT1 with its 50-inch mower deck includes the dependable and powerful 23 HP Kawasaki engine, with dual Hydrostatic transmission, making the Cub Cadet ZT12 your best choice for any residential lawn up to 2 acres in size.

In fact, Cub Cadet rates this gas-powered mower ideal to cut up to 4 acres of grass in 1.5 hours.


  • Bagger and mulching kits are sold separately
  • 3-year warranty

Our Take Away

This is in our opinion is the best 50-inch mower for the money. With sharp, responsive steering and enough power to tackle larger terrain efficiently, Cub Cadet gets our pick for the best overall zero-turn mower.

The 15 Mowing height Dial Knob setting also guards against scalping lawns, allowing you to get the setting height just right for your terrain.

If you need a great zero-turn model that will deliver a precise, quality cut, all the features you really need, and not break the bank look no further than the Cub Cadet ZT1 zero-turn mower.

CUB CADET ZT1 50 Zero-Turn Mower

Latest Zero Turn Mower By The Troy

Ariens Razor SP Self

Recently in 2019, The Troy-Bilt Company launches an upgraded model of their best-selling and most reviewed piece Mustang42 zero turn mower. The Troy-Bilt Co. propelled it with some modifications and improvements and featured it as Mustang Z42 zero turn mower.

  • Mustang42- Best Selling Zero-turn mower
  • MustangZ42- Updated/ modified zero turn mower

We have tried to cover the specifications, features, and modifications in both of them in this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Is driving a zero-turn mower challenging?

Even though the zero-turn mowers seem very complicated to ride, theyre not. Ariens zero-turn mower comes with a lot of advantages that you cant even think of. Unlike traditional mowers, it lets you control the steering on both sides. The levers let you control the steering better than the steering wheel. The swift performance, high-back seat, and deck ensures safety with swag.

How do Ariens riding mowers perform on slopes?

Like random riding mowers, Ariens riding mowers do not rattle or jerk on slopes. The high-back seat ensures that you enjoy the ride in safety measures.

Ariens Riding Mower Review: Your Ultimate Guide In 2022

Do you make faces while cutting your lawn grass even in winter? Maybe its time for you to buy a riding lawnmower! When it comes to lawnmowers, nothing can beat the Ariens.

If youre a newbie, you should go through the Ariens is a brand that has been serving its customers since time immemorial. No matter if your purpose is personal or commercial, it can deal with all.

If youre looking for a heavy-duty, mobile, and classic riding mower, Ariens riding mower is the best choice. So, weve brought to you some of the top-coat creations of this mind-boggling brand. We also attached a buying guide for better convenience. Without further explanations, lets jump into it!

Here are our top recommended Ariens riding mowers:

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Who Makes Ariens Mowers

Ariens mowers are made by an American company named Ariens. It was founded in 1933 in Wisconsin, USA. Since then, they have been producing lawn tractors, zero-turn lawn mowers, and snow blowers for the global market and still growing each day.

Essentially, they manufacture products for commercial and high-end industries. The company is also renowned for producing efficient and advanced lawn mowers. Although, sometimes people get confused between Ariens and Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Outdoor Products made Ariens tractors, but Ariens owns the brand now. Maybe youve heard the name Gravely mowers as well? This brand is also owned by Ariens company.

Fabricated Vs Stamped Cutting Deck

How to Install a Zero Turn Lawn Mower Mulch Kit | Ariens®

Fabricated steel usually has more strength than stamped steel because manufacturers form stamped steel by using extreme heat to press the steel into a shape and let it cool. Stamping steel is fast and cheap. But for a rugged zero-turn mower deck, fabricated steel is superior.

The Ikon XD line from Ariens offers a fabricated 4.5 IN deck, allowing for the best airflow in tricky conditions to ensure a good cut.

The Husqvarna MZ line goes a step further by offering the Clear Cut fabricated cutting deck system on certain models, featuring airflow control baffles that aid in discharging, bagging, or mulching.

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Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower

Since 1689, Husqvarna has been a leading manufacturer of tools and machinery. Despite its consistent ability to provide highly efficient and durable tools, Husqvarna Group continues to be one of the most significant power tool and cutting equipment manufacturers in the world.

Power and comfort go hand in hand with Husqvarna. For residential use, its mowers are perfect. You can even get an even cut on uneven terrain with select models that feature ClearCuts proprietary technology. The company offers a reasonable warranty of three to five years on its products.

In addition to the zero-turn mowers, Husqvarna also offers commercial and semi-professional models. Zero-turn mowers are available in various levels of sophistication, including the Husqvarna Z254. Residential users may find it lacking some features, however. The system handles grass effectively and can be used in a residential setting.

Who Makes The Most Reliable Zero Turn Mower

While it is interesting to learn about the tires, the cutting deck, the engines, etc. Nothing is more important than reliability. None of the specs matter if the mower breaks down. Ariens vs Husqvarna zero-turn mowers have good reputations, but are they reliable?

Ariens does not do so well because owners report a range of problems, small to large, some shortly after purchase, and experience difficulty getting repairs in a timely fashion. Also, when owners reviewed their Ariens, I noticed nobody mentioned its reliability in terms of years.

Husqvarna runs away, in this category, with a clear win due to its reliable Briggs and Stratton engine. With proper maintenance, these zero-turn mowers last for many years or many thousands of hours.

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Latest Zero Turn Mowers By The Husqvarna Group

Their progressive belief for innovation, development, and precision, lead them towards the invention of brand new technology in the era of mowing with the zero turn mowers.

Recently, The Husqvqrnq Group has launched its 3 new zero-turn mowers range for the residential, semi-professional, and commercial grade to make it easy for us to discover that Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers.

  • Husqvarna Z254- Residential zero turn mower.
  • Husqvarna MZ54- Semi-professional zero turn mower.
  • Husqvarna Z560X- Commercial zero turn mower.

Lets watch these closely by having a close look at their features one by one.

The Husqvarna Group has launched them with some specific features

  • Zero-turn steering system.
  • Maintenance-free transmission.

Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers

Ariens Razor Walk

Today we are going to discuss an unusual topic for our readers and crackdown one of the most challenging questions regarding zero-turn mowers and their manufacturing companies. Who makes the best zero turn mowers? YES! Its difficult to answer such a query because everyone has personal preferences. So, were going to enlist the top three mower manufacturers based on user reviews, prices, features, usability, reliability, and brand image, which are best in manufacturing the zero-turn mowers.

Mowing is not the task its the love of passionate mowers. For mowers, mowing is not about the start of the work It is all about the finishing. And finishing all depends upon the mower used for mowing. Here the point matters a lot is who makes the best lawnmowers.

During recent years mowing market is entirely controlled by the zero turn mowers. And with no offense, mowers also love to do mowing with zero-turns. Now the question arises who makes the best zero turn mowers in the market.

Many companies are manufacturing the mowers, some are focusing on features, and some are targeting the price factor. But few ones are considering both elements. Lets have a look at them.

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Ariens Ikon Xd : Experts Guide

  • May 21, 2022

The Ariens IKON XD 52 is a zero turn mower that is an absolute beast. Ariens IKON XD series has a range of different options they offer depending on your yard size and goal, but the 52 inch is one of the most popular. If you have a larger yard and are wanting to cut your mowing time in half, then you have stumbled upon the right review. There are a lot of things people love about these mowers, so lets jump right in.

Today we will cover:

Are Ariens Mowers Good Enough

Well, of course, if you have read this far just to know about these mowers, then the answer should be yes. Not only are they good, Ariens makes high-quality lawn mowers and also offers other gardening equipment too. For over 70 years, they have been one of the leading brands in this market.

They are known for their long-lasting design and excellent performance. The blades of Ariens lawn mowers are strong enough and capable of cutting the grass easily. These mowers are more efficient than most other available mowers too.

The engine is always a primary concern for a lawn mower. So, Ariens, of course, doesnt compromise on this. They use Kawasaki engines, which are great for power and dependency. The medium size engine produces perfect power for moderate size lawns in residential areas.

They also have larger mowers that can cover multiple acres of lawns. Even after heavy uses, consumers have said, the engine or other parts of mowers lasted long enough. So, if no problems occur, one can run these mowers for years, without taking that much hassle.

Recently, Ariens mowers popularity has been growing beyond just the USA. From a four-employee company to a multinational brand of 1,500 people from different countries, this was not an easy journey of course. They are still producing new models and upgrading features.

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